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“You will feel that more before I am done. Can you take it?”

“I…I don’t know.”

Gianni kissed the soft skin of her inner thighs, waiting. His cock was hard as steel, and it would have been easy to come. But he resisted. Leah hadn’t spoken, and he didn’t press. After a few moments, she seemed to relax.

“It’s more than I’ve felt before,” she said, “and especially because I can’t see.” She paused. “I want to feel everything, Gianni. As long as you take care of me, when I come apart.”

“I have you, baby,” Gianni said, and began moving the instrument again. Leah’s hands rested over her breasts, and her cheeks were stained pink. He moved in just the right way, exactly where it would be the most intense. He stroked slowly and precisely, watching her closely.

Leah’s belly flattened, and the muscles in her thighs flexed. She whimpered as if in pain. Gianni could have stared at her for hours. She had not looked more lovely, or sexier. “Come, baby,” he said, relentlessly stroking. “You will have no choice.”

Panting harder, Leah arched against the sofa. Her body stiffened, and she cried out. Gianni moved in a steady rhythm and watched her shatter. With her hair falling wildly around her face, Leah clawed at the sofa.

She exploded into orgasm. Moisture seeped out of her pussy, dripping down the toy Gianni held, and then over his hand. Leah came for what seemed like minutes with her head pressed hard against the cushion behind her. Then, gasping for breath, she slumped into the sofa.

Quickly, Gianni untied the ropes and removed the blindfold. The look in her eyes rocked him all the way to his soul. Kneeling before her, Gianni wrapped her in his arms. His hand was still wet with her cum, and his cock ached with need.

Leah dug her hands in his hair and kissed his chest. “I need you inside me.”

Gianni needed no more encouragement. With Leah’s legs around his hips, he plunged his cock inside her sopping pussy in one powerful stroke. He groaned loudly, like an animal caught in a trap, at the feel of her stretched around him.

The intense scene that had just played out had him crazed with need. The urge to have Leah was so strong it threatened to tear him apart. He fucked hard and deep, knowing she wanted it. And Leah rocked into him with all the strength she had left.

Her breasts touched his chest with each stroke, and her pussy was so hot Gianni’s resistance crumbled. Reaching between their heated bodies, he fingered her clit, finding it tight and ready. Leah whined in a sexy voice, and caught Gianni’s lower lip in her teeth, tugging.

Then orgasmic waves rolled through her, and Leah’s pussy gripped Gianni like a vise. He moaned loudly, and his cock stiffened. As she pulsed over him, he came hard. The force of the climax was so intense it sapped the strength from his muscles.

Climaxing hard, Gianni held onto Leah, moving his hips until the last. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and he could feel her heart pounding in her chest. When at last his body relaxed, Gianni managed to stand.

On shaky legs, he guided Leah to the bed and got in, pulling her beside him. She put her head on his shoulder and draped a leg over his thighs. Gianni put his hand around her shoulders, holding her close.

Leah placed her palm on his chest, and her breathing began to quiet. He held her securely, knowing she needed him. She needed to know he was there, that she could count on his strength. And she could. Gianni had no doubt. He held Leah tighter, and she gradually calmed in his embrace. He closed his eyes, deeply satisfied.



Chapter 5

The hotter Gianni’s relationship with Leah became, the more he thought of her journal. Although he tried to push it from his mind and believe it didn’t matter anymore, it did. For one thing, he was unable to let go of it.

He treasured it. The sensual writings were what had brought Leah to him. He couldn’t forget that, and such confessions of sexual fantasy were too special to destroy. Gianni preferred to keep the journal locked in his safe, and the memories of what Leah had written on the pages secure in his heart.

The words she had written in lovely script were a window into her passion. Then, and now, Leah needed what Gianni had to give her. And he had learned that she had what he craved. That was more evident with each scene they played out.

Unlocking her emotions, showing Leah how to give into sensations that she had only dreamed of before, gave Gianni deep satisfaction. He hadn’t known what he had been missing. In the recesses of his mind, his darker urges had lingered. But he had nearly forgotten the deep need. Having women had not been an issue.

However, submission such as Leah’s was rare. Before her, he had dominated, given pleasure, and satisfied his need. But not as he did now. It was different. Leah was different. She was the embodiment of the journal.

Each word she had written portrayed such honesty and openness that Gianni was moved. Now that he had played out much of it with her, he was even more affected. Opening Leah to her passion, and showing her that Gianni could provide what she desired, was a joy that he could not relinquish.

Phrases from her journal came to mind even as they plunged into the most intense sexual encounters.
Sensation I want so badly can only be mine with a man who boldly takes me to the edge. A man who controls me, and gives me no choice but to give in to the pleasure I crave with my body and soul

Gianni was that man. And his urge to challenge Leah, to take her deeper into the pleasures of submission, was strong. It had become an obsession. He had no desire to leave her, and even conceived of permanence in the relationship.

Bend me over. Hurt me. Heal me. Take my heart
. The words carved in blue ink burned into the paper. She wanted Gianni to take her heart. Yet when Leah had professed her love, he had not returned the sentiment.

The concept was foreign. In the times he had been with women, Gianni had not fallen in love. He didn’t know why that was. He just hadn’t. The connection he felt was through sex. That was a bond he understood. And something he was equipped to deal with.

Being in love was something else. That was for men with more vanilla tastes. A man who wanted to marry and do all the normal things. Yet Gianni’s tastes had an edge, and fell outside commonly accepted boundaries.

That Leah’s also did was fortunate. But she wanted him to be in love with her. Could he? Gianni had asked that question many times. He did want to give her the deep joy she sought. But he hadn’t envisioned that it included being in love.

Dominating required skill, but it also required emotional strength. When scenes were intense, Gianni had to be in control. Being in love seemed purely emotional, and if such should happen to him, he might fail Leah.

Just when she needed him to dominate her completely, harden his heart and command her, Gianni might weaken. And that would ruin it all. Leah may not fully realize it, but the reason she thought she was in love was because he was strong for her.

It was easy to misinterpret. Something he knew from experience. And understandable. But as it was, Gianni knew it was best to err in the direction of harshness than to fall in love. The type of sex he enjoyed—and Leah did too—didn’t seem to fit with any romantic notions.

In Rio, the nights with Leah had been memorable. Visions of her after intense play filled his mind. And each scene they’d shared made him want more. Gianni had pressed her, tempted her, and each time Leah had begged for more.

She was impossible to resist. Too big a temptation. And as greedy as he was, Gianni took all she would give. But not without giving back. He had made it his mission to satisfy her, continually take her to the edge of pain and drown her in forbidden pleasures.

It had not been difficult to seduce her into his lifestyle. And now that he had, Gianni sought to care for her and protect her. Leah meant a lot to him. He had no intention of losing her. Or of seeing her do without anything he could provide.

It struck him that the journal Leah had written so long ago had merged with reality. Tantalizing visions she had longed for were the foundation of Gianni’s sex play with her. He wondered if she had known then that she would find the man she sought.

He couldn’t ask her. Gianni couldn’t risk giving away his secret. The lust that surfaced in her early writings matched the passion that simmered within her now. Wanting only to fan the flames of the fire that burned inside Leah, he remained undeterred in his decision not to tell her of his possession of her lost journal.


The trip to Rio gave Leah new zest for her work. She had gleaned many ideas from the fashion show, and from the culture of Brazil. Inspired, she put Aida to work developing background for a couple of strategies she had worked out during the flight home.

Working with Gianni proved to be a temptation. And it took discipline, which Leah feared she lacked, to keep her eyes off him when she should be working. Fortunately, Gianni was the ultimate professional, and focused on business when at GR Showroom.

That was not to say he didn’t turn his attention to her when they had the chance to go to lunch together. Or that he ignored any opportunity to shut his office door and give in to his urge to kiss her. Knowing that his staff were near, and that Gianni wanted her so much that he couldn’t wait, made the interludes thrilling.

Admittedly, she did gaze out her office window at times, reminiscing. It couldn’t be helped. The intimate nights they spent molded her. Leah’s need for what Gianni offered increased by the day. He had lured her into temptations that she was ill equipped to refuse.

Nor did she want to refuse him anything. The pain, the pleasure, the torture, the craving—Leah needed it all. And if she hadn’t been addicted before, she was now. A couple of times after playing out a scene, Leah felt high, as if on some exotic substance.

It was similar to a runner’s high, an exhilaration that made her vulnerable. Sometimes she felt like crying or laughing for no reason. It was all just emotion welling up inside that was nearly more than she could deal with.

Yet Gianni was always there. In his strong arms after an intense experience, she felt cared for and protected. As much as he riddled her with anxiety before particularly challenging play, he would take care of her in its wake.

And the care afterwards was as intimate as the sex. The closeness, the feel of Gianni near with her as his sole focus, had become like a drug. Leah craved it like she craved the thrill of his domination. Together they were all she wanted.

Nearly. Leah couldn’t help but ponder his inability to fall in love. After what they had shared, it seemed impossible that he didn’t feel what she did. Sometimes she was convinced he did, but hadn’t said so. He didn’t want to commit.

But after a particularly harsh scene, when Gianni’s sternness and emotional distance begged her submission, she doubted. Leah doubted that he would allow love into his heart. Even though he provided for her and cared for her.

It seemed that he would not fall in love. That it would be counter to the man he was: the dominant, the alpha always in control. No matter how she agonized, Leah couldn’t voice any argument. She understood, and wouldn’t have given up her time with Gianni. But she still hoped. It’s just the way she was. Romance was part of her, and she couldn’t change that.

Besides Gianni and her career, there was something else that had her attention. It had been subtle, and at first Leah thought she was imagining it. But she had the feeling that she was being watched. She stuck closer to Roston whenever she left the office.

Little things made her wonder. It was weird, and a bit odd to mention to Gianni. So she kept it to herself. Yet sometimes Leah felt someone watching. It was as if a person behind her was looking intently, and she sensed it.

A few times she had turned around, but found nothing out of the ordinary. The sidewalks were filled with throngs of people bustling to their destination. Many were in business attire, some casual. But each seemed focused on conversation with another, or intent on getting somewhere.

If any of them noticed her, there was no sign. Still Leah fretted. She hadn’t had such an eerie sensation before, and was unable to put it out of her mind. Possibly it was her imagination, but she didn’t really believe that.

It started occurring more frequently. Goosebumps raised on her skin when the unknown eyes were on her. A certainty that she was being watched by someone forced her to consider telling Gianni. If something happened, he wouldn’t understand why she hadn’t told him of the situation sooner.

But she felt silly. There was no reason for anyone to take an interest in her. None that she could think of. Leah had ruled out Vadim. It wasn’t his style. And she was unable to envision any reason he would have her followed.

Thus it remained a mystery. The next time Leah was alone with Gianni, she vowed she would tell him. If it was nothing, then it would be no loss. And if there was any basis for her suspicions, Gianni would know what to do.

One day she attended a fashion industry event with Daniela. The theme was trends in fashion and makeup, so they went together, planning to have lunch when it was over. The meeting room was packed with hundreds of attendees.

Leah sat near the front with Daniela. The speakers were interesting, and she jotted notes as they spoke. When it was over, they shuffled toward the door through the crowd. It had been stuffy in the windowless room, and once free of the throngs of people, Leah took a deep breath.

The marble hallway led to the lobby. The white plaster walls went up to an arched ceiling with ornate chandeliers hanging every few feet. Leah glanced up to admire them, and when she looked ahead again, a woman was staring at her.

The woman was striking, with long, shiny black hair, and a beautiful face. She was dressed in a red suit, and was tall enough to be seen above the flow of people exiting down the hall. Her look was intimidating, and Leah’s first reaction was that she had done something wrong.

She didn’t know the woman. Had not seen her before. Yet the woman’s eyes bored into her, and for a second Leah was unable to look away. Her pulse raced as adrenaline pumped through her veins. She recognized the feel of those eyes on her.

Distracted, Leah bumped into the person ahead, and staggered.

Daniela touched her arm. “Are you okay?”

Leah moved to the side so she was hidden by the tall businessmen in front of her. The crowd was slow moving in the narrow hall. “Daniela, do you see that woman?”

Daniela glanced around. “What woman? Where?”

“Up ahead. Look down the hall. The tall woman with jet-black hair. The one looking this way.”

Leaning around, Daniela looked up the hall. “I don’t see anyone,” she said.

Leah didn’t want to meet those blazing eyes again, but she timidly looked past the man in front of her. The woman was gone. Stepping around, Leah looked around frantically. Where was the woman? And
was she?


BOOK: Leah's Seduction: 7 (Gianni and Leah - Leah's Seduction)
4.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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