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Her pussy was tight and hot. Gianni began to rock back and forth. Leah moaned softly and pressed her hips back. She was irresistible. With his hands at her waist, Gianni fucked her. As she clenched around him, and pushed back, he moved faster.

Holding her tight, Gianni moved into her with wild abandon. Leah’s wrists were in the cuffs, and she made her hands into fists. Moving faster, he slapped against her. Each time he buried deep, Leah tightened around him. As he pounded into her, Leah cried out.

Her back stiffened, and she exploded into orgasm. As she pulsed around him, Gianni closed his eyes, absorbing the feeling. Mustering his restraint, he did not come yet. Leah whined with release, then slumped and went still.

Gianni ran his palm over her spine and cupped her ass. His cock filled her, and his loins were on fire. He reached under her and fondled her breasts, flicking her nipples roughly. She whimpered. Cupping her breasts in his hands, he slipped in and out of her sopping pussy.

Leah stirred, and rocked back against him. Reaching around between her legs, he touched the tip of her clit. She groaned with pleasure. He hadn’t had the luxury of touching her there sooner. But now he didn’t care how many times she came. The more the better.

He tapped her clit, wanting to drive her crazy. And he did. Relentlessly, he tapped until Leah cried out. Another climax shook her, and she panted from its force. Her muscles stiffened, and she made the most erotic sound. Then she relaxed against his hand.

Holding under her abdomen, Gianni lifted her up slightly, changing the angle. He stroked into her, and pulled her back against him. The sound of their bodies slapping together was sexy. Leah’s heavy breathing told him that it felt good.

Gianni was close, and he slowed his motions for a few minutes. With his cock buried deep, he throbbed. Pulling back until he was nearly out, he teased her. Then in one powerful stroke, he filled her again. He repeated the process several times.

Leah’s steady whine echoed in the room, just before her inner muscles tightened. The pressure escalated Gianni’s sensation. His cock spurted inside her, and he didn’t even try to hold back. He let his orgasm explode, crazed with the need for release.

As he poured into her, Leah came hard. She screamed in a shrill voice, and Gianni closed his eyes. He rocked into her until he was exhausted, and looked to see Leah collapsed on the padding under her. Even then he was reluctant to withdraw, and soaked in the feel of her for a few more seconds.

When he pulled out, Gianni undid the buckles, releasing Leah from the cuffs. Sitting her on the table, he rubbed her ankles and wrists to restore the circulation. The fur lining had prevented any chafing, but he assisted her to restore motion to her limbs.

Without a word, he carried Leah out of the playroom and into the master bath. He sat her on the edge of the tub, and filled it with warm water. She had done well, and Gianni hadn’t held back.

First he lowered her into the deep tub, then got in beside her. Leah put her head on his shoulder, and he wrapped his arm around her. With the back of his head resting against the side, he closed his eyes and let the warmth of the water invigorate him.

For a few minutes, Leah didn’t move. He wasn’t sure how she had tolerated the intense scene. Her pleasure had been clear. But afterwards there was a need for care. He stroked her cheek, and she looked up at him.

He didn’t want to make her speak until she was ready. Gianni moved her through the water until she was on his lap. In a secure embrace, Leah rested her head against his neck. Her breathing calmed, and he wondered if she had dozed off.

Holding her in his arms, Gianni was touched. The mood between them had shifted. He felt closer to her, and didn’t reject the feeling. He rather liked it. Although it was new. The trust and intimacy between them deepened the emotion they shared.

Leah lifted her head, and gave him a tiny smile.

“How are you feeling?”

“Kind of floaty,” she said. “I just need you to hold me in your arms a little longer.”

Gianni smiled at her. “I will hold you for as long as you need me to.”

Wrapped in each other’s arms, they stayed in the bath until the water cooled. Then he dried her, and they got into bed. Leah snuggled into his arms and fell asleep. He liked holding her, and feeling her close. A sense of peace settled over Gianni, and he closed his eyes, knowing Leah was secure in his arms.



Chapter 10

Leah made a trip to Portland to talk with her parents. The results of Ava’s actions were unpredictable, and she wanted to prepare them for whatever was to come. In her absence, Gianni focused on business, but she was not far from his thoughts.

When he had told her about the situation, Leah had handled it very well. Even though she had portrayed a tough exterior, Gianni knew it had to be hard on her. It was difficult enough to have Ava appear, and deal with all the emotion that entailed.

But now Leah would be affected by the drama of the lawsuit. While she was away, Gianni kept an eye on the media. It was like the calm before the storm. Nothing surfaced right away. But the silence was misleading.

He knew that Ava was plotting with her attorney and would burst onto the scene in full attack mode. But he couldn’t sit around worrying. He would deal with it when such happened. It would have been nice if things had blown up while Leah was away. It would have given him a chance to get a grip on the media flurry with Leah out of view.

Yet it didn’t happen. And exactly when things would turn ugly, Gianni wasn’t sure. The legal process was notorious for dragging out. He was sure Ava preferred it that way, so she could milk it for all she could get.

If he could have settled with her, Gianni would have. Money wasn’t an issue. Being in the right didn’t matter either. If a lump sum would silence Ava, he would pay without question, with the proviso that she could not take action against him again.

He would do it to protect Leah from a messy public battle. He discussed the situation with his team, and with his attorney. If a settlement sum couldn’t be negotiated, then keeping Leah out of the limelight was going to be impossible.

Unless Leah left the city permanently. That wasn’t going to happen. He didn’t want to destroy her career along with her reputation. Gianni was determined to see things through and come out on top. And he missed Leah after she had been gone less than a week.

She phoned to let him know that everything went well with her parents. They assured her that they would support her in any way they could, and promised to steer away from the media. If possible, they would avoid reading about the case as long as Leah kept them informed.

“I’ll stay a couple of more days, since they haven’t seen me in a while. Aubrey is on a short vacation with her boyfriend, but my parents will fill her in when she returns. And Jena may be home from Greece soon. I’ll call her when she gets back, and if all this is still going on then, I’ll get her up to speed.”

It was good to hear Leah’s voice. “I’m relieved to know it went well. Let your parents know that I regret not meeting them sooner. Once all this blows over, we’ll plan a visit.”

“They would like that. And what’s been happening there? I’ve purposely stayed off social media. I didn’t want to know. I’d rather hear it from you.”

“It has been quiet. But that is no reason to let our guard down. The story will likely show up soon, and in a big way,” Gianni said.

“I want to be there with you. I’m happy to see my parents, but I miss you.”

Gianni felt the loss of her. “I miss you too, baby. I had hoped you’d be away when the media attack starts, but I can’t predict when that will be. You can’t stay away forever. You’re coming home Saturday, right?”

“That’s the plan.”

“The jet is scheduled. Roston will pick you up and take you to the airport.”

“You don’t have to do all that. I can fly commercial. I have a good job now, you know.”

“Yes, I know you could. But I feel better knowing you are safe.”

“You protect me too much.”

“Maybe I do, but allow me this indulgence.”

“Okay. See you soon, then.”

In a few days, Gianni would see her again. He looked forward to Saturday. He’d have to plan something special. He worked early and stayed late, but it didn’t take his thoughts away from Leah. When Friday night came, he couldn’t get her off his mind.

The final evening alone seemed long. After heating up a meal Roselyn had prepared, Gianni sat in front of the window studying the night scene. Without Leah next to him, his condo was too big, too empty, and too lonely.

Gianni had not experienced loneliness before. He had his business to occupy most of his waking hours. And before Leah, it had been no problem finding a woman to share the evening. Then there had been Ava, the longest relationship he had before Leah.

But when he was without a woman, Gianni hadn’t felt any sense of loss. There was always another woman. It wasn’t difficult to satisfy his need. Yet Leah filled another need he hadn’t been aware of. One he still struggled to put into words.

Alone, and thinking only of her, Gianni retrieved her journal from his safe. It was a way to fill the void. Sitting in front of the huge windows with the dark of night not far off, he began reading the words he had read so many times.

He did not tire of them. Nor did he tire of Leah. The more he was with her, the more Gianni wanted her. It touched him to read what she had written so long before. He didn’t like to think of her in need, and him not being there for her.

What she had written was passionate, but also expressed a deep longing for a man she feared she would not find. If only Gianni could have been there then. If only he could have taken her into his protective embrace, and provided for her.

Like he did now. The journal was a reflection of Leah. It portrayed in flowing script what was inside her. What had been inside her, even then. Gianni had led her into his lifestyle, but he had really given her what she already wanted.

Gianni read for a while. Then he marked his place with the ribbon, and put the journal on the side table. He went to the kitchen to put his dishes in the dishwasher and to get something to drink. He would have dessert later, as he would probably be up late. Without Leah in his arms, he didn’t think sleep would come easily.


Leah was excited. She had really missed Gianni. And since everything went smoothly at home, she decided to come home early. The plan was to fly back on Saturday. But she couldn’t wait. As she had told him, she could afford to fly commercial.

But she kept it a secret. Leah got a flight on Friday, and when she arrived in New York, she took a cab. Gianni might be miffed that she traveled without security, but he would get over it. Surely the pleasure of seeing her sooner than expected would more than compensate.

She arrived at the condo Friday evening. It was already dark. She paid the cab and rolled her luggage to the entrance. The attendant helped her bring it inside, and she told him not to buzz Gianni. He agreed.

“I want to surprise him.”

She went up the elevator. Since she had been over so often, Gianni had given her a key. Sometimes it was convenient to arrive before he did. Leaving her suitcase in the hall, Leah slipped her key into the lock.

She gently turned it. The condo was so big it was unlikely Gianni would hear the door opening. Still, she opened it slowly and stepped inside. The foyer was dark, but she could see light coming from the main room.

Quietly, Leah went in that direction, but when the room came into view, it was empty. Maybe he was in the kitchen. She would sneak up behind him and wrap her arms around him. She could only imagine what would follow.

Muted light guided her way. As she walked past the windows, Leah noted one ceiling light pointed toward Gianni’s chair. It was where he liked to sit and read. She smiled at the image of him reading in the evening. But she didn’t like to think of him alone.

She took another step toward his chair, quiet as a mouse. Then something caught her eye.
Her journal
. Leah’s heart pounded. How did Gianni get her journal? Did he miss her so much he went to her apartment and got it? And why didn’t he just ask her if he could read it?

Then the shock hit her. Leah recognized the cover. It was her
The one she had lost
. How in the hell was it in Gianni’s condo? And how long had he had it? It made no sense. The universe seemed to shift. Her hands shook.

Leah reached down and picked up the journal. She held it like a lost friend. Letting it fall open to the page Gianni had marked, she glanced at the words.
I will be his slave. He is the man whose control and dominance I crave. Only this man. His torture of me is my agonized pleasure, and I cannot get enough

Seeing her own words and realizing Gianni had read them, Leah was embarrassed. What else had she written? It had been so long. She might have said anything. It had been before Gianni, at a time when she ached with unsatisfied need.

She had opened her heart and soul on those pages. Maybe if he had asked to read them, Leah might have agreed. She had vowed to find a way to share how she felt with Gianni. The written word was easier than the spoken.

But seeing that he had read her journal without permission, Leah felt violated. Her hands shook, and she snapped the book shut, clutching it to her chest. Looking up, she saw Gianni standing in the doorway with a horrified look on his face.

Then she knew.

“Where did you get this?”

Gianni strode across the room and stood in front of her. “I found it.”

Leah tried to think. “I lost it. I didn’t know where.” She looked at him, puzzled. “But I didn’t know you then.”

He looked devastated. “No, you didn’t. I found it at a coffee shop where you must have dropped it. And not long afterwards, I met you at that event.”

Leah couldn’t speak for a moment.

“Leah,” he said, and grasped her arms.

“No.” She shook him off. “Don’t touch me.” The magnitude of what she had just discovered hit her full force. “It was all a lie. All of it.”

“No, Leah. It wasn’t.”

She glared at him. “You seduced me. You had my private journal. You knew everything I liked, everything I wanted. And you

“It wasn’t that way.”

“How could it not be?” Grief rose inside her. “And all this time, you said we have to trust each other. Everything we did was based on trust.”

“Leah, please.”

“If I can’t trust
, then…” Tears streamed down her cheeks, and she choked when she tried to speak.

“I couldn’t tell you,” Gianni said.

? Or you
?” Her chest heaved with sobs. “It’s everything I tried to avoid. I swore we wouldn’t keep secrets from each other.”

Gianni looked so sad. But she didn’t care. “I gave you everything. I trusted you. I loved you.” She covered her eyes. “And you betrayed me.” Leah glanced up. “You

Her grief turned to fury. “I’m leaving.”

Gianni looked stricken. “No, Leah. Don’t do anything crazy. Please.”

She laughed, and it was a morbid sound. “Oh, don’t worry. I’m not like your last submissive. I won’t try to
kill myself
over you.” Leah headed for the door, but she looked back. Through blurry eyes she said, “You aren’t
sexy or awesome.” But even as she said it, and even as angry as she was, Leah knew it wasn’t true.

She would not find another man like Gianni. But he had ruined what they had together. Leah stormed out and slammed the door behind her. She shook, and couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. There was a gaping hole where her heart had been.


BOOK: Leah's Seduction: 7 (Gianni and Leah - Leah's Seduction)
12.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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