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Carter wished they had someplace nicer to take her, but she probably would have no recollection of anything but the toilet anyway. He had a feeling as soon as the alcohol hit her fully, she’d become intimate with the porcelain throne.

Her weight over his shoulder felt just right, and he longed to cradle her against his chest. But the minute he made this less about getting her safely into a bed was the minute he lost control. As it was, her tormenting ass riding high in the air had him as hard as steel.

Need pounded him as her sweet scents filled his nose. By the time Quint got the door open, he was burning.

“Take her,” he grated out.

“Too heavy for you?” Quint quipped, drawing her into his arms.

“Who you calling heavy?”

“You’re not heavy at all, sweetheart, but you are driving me crazy.”

Quint shot him a look that said he understood exactly what Carter was experiencing. Yet he carried Bella to the bed and gently lay her down. She popped up immediately, her eyes fever-bright. The alcohol was definitely keeping her rowdier than usual.

Quint pressed a hand on her shoulder and guided her back down onto the mattress. “Just rest, darlin’. Let some of that tequila wear off.”

“What about the whiskey?”

“Jesus, how much did you drink?” Quint scrubbed a hand over his face. Carter felt the same—as if he’d been smacked over the head with a fluff of angel wings. Bella stared up at them each with a cherubic expression on her face.

“Not much. People kept putting them in my hand. What was I supposed to do?”

“Turn them down. Here, lie back.” Carter propped up two pillows and Quint eased her down on them. With her hair spread over the cotton and her lips looking as if she’d just been kissed for half an hour, Carter was at his snapping point.

“I can’t stay in this room tonight,” he choked.

“Then don’t.” Quint sounded all too cheerful.

“On second thought, I’ll be fine.”


“Dickhead.” Neither of their insults held any heat. Quint sank to the edge of the bed as if prepared to force Bella to stay there.

But she made no move to get up. In fact, she snuggled down and curled on one side. God, how was Carter going to get any sleep when she was in his bed looking like a goddess? When her eyelids closed, each dark lash seemed to stand out.

“She was sexy as hell on that bull.” Carter sounded as if his throat was a size too small.

“Christ, she did.” Quint rubbed his hand over his face again, his shoulders slumping.

“I did great,” she murmured.

Carter and Quint reached for her at the same time. Carter smoothed the hair off her brow and Quint stroked her cheek. For some reason it felt as natural as breathing, and not a hint of the green-eyed snake reared its head.

Another sort of snake wanted to come out and play, though. Carter rubbed a tendril of her silky hair between his thumb and forefinger before stepping back. If he touched her for another minute, he didn’t trust his primal instincts not to take things further.

He crossed the room and dropped into the hard chair. Quint got up too and pulled out the other chair surrounding the small table. It wobbled as he sat, sending an old bottle of water rolling. Quint caught it and set it carefully on the surface.

Both of them stared at the sleeping woman for a long minute. A small stuttering sigh left her, and Carter’s chest felt too tight. He swallowed hard. “How are we supposed to deal with this attraction we both have for her?”

“I don’t know, man. It’s apparent she likes both of us, but rather than choose, she’ll walk away from us both.”

Carter watched her chest rise and fall, an unbelievable tenderness weaving through him and winding up around his heart. Time ticked by. A few doors down, someone started having noisy sex.

The corner of Carter’s lips twisted up, and Quint shot him an amused smile. “At least someone’s getting action tonight.”

“Maybe we keep her trapped here until she sleeps off her hangover, and then we make our move.” The words popped out unbidden. Carter blinked, and Quint gave a small jerk.

make our move?”

He met his friend’s gaze. Was he seriously considering sharing Bella with his friend?

He slid his attention to the sleeping woman. She’d thrown one arm outward, and her fingers curled up like the vulnerable petals of a flower.

With everything in his being, he wanted her. Quint wanted her too.

a team, and we work well together. Why don’t we ask her when she wakes up?” he asked.

Quint raised a brow but didn’t reply.

* * * * *

If Quint got any harder, he’d pass out from lack of blood flow to his brain. He needed to strip off his clothes and stretch out alongside Bella, to shape her body to his and give her all the pleasure he suspected she’d never had. Not many men could handle a woman like her.

But he could.

Carter too.

For the hundredth time that night, Quint considered what his friend had said. Share her? Had Carter actually meant they should take her…together? He wasn’t ready to ask for clarification.

He’d heard of some guys sharing women before. Hell, it might take both of them to tame the feisty cowgirl.

He rested his elbows on his knees, aching. Watching. Bella was getting restless in her sleep. When she woke, he planned to ply her with coffee and hangover cures. He didn’t know how she handled her liquor, but she was a tough chick. She probably would pop out of bed, ready to argue with them.

A ghost of a smile passed over his face.

“She’s fucking beautiful.” The reverence in Carter’s voice had also been bouncing around Quint’s brain for several hours while Bella slept.

“I know.” He pushed off his knees and sat back in the hard chair. There was an extra double bed which neither of them were willing to use. He didn’t want to fall asleep and awaken to Carter getting down and dirty with Bella. Then again, if she wasn’t with Quint, he’d want her to be with Carter.

His mouth was dry, so he opened the old bottle of water and drank it. Carter rubbed his hands through his hair, leaving it sticking up in spikes. Quint eyed him.

“I know you want to ask something. Just say it, man.” Carter sounded as weary as Quint felt. At least their rodeo goddess was getting some rest.

“Okay,” he said slowly, trying to organize his thoughts. “Did you really mean…we should share her?”

“Yes. Maybe. Hell, I don’t know.” Carter got up and paced the short distance between the table and the foot of the bed where Bella lay.

“Let’s discuss this like the rational people we are. Sit,” Quint said.

Tossing him a look that was part glare, part agreement, Carter strode back and dropped into his seat. They both leaned forward and rested their elbows on their knees. When Carter realized how much alike they really were, he sat upright again.

“You think you could actually watch me touching her, kissing her?” Quint asked.

“I don’t know. But it seems like a bad idea to make her choose. She’s not a woman you tie down.”

“No, but we could tie her up.”

They shared a grin, and suddenly things were a bit easier between them.

“She’s just wild enough to maybe try two men at once, you know,” Carter said quietly.

“Yeah, she is.”

She was waking more. Her breathing changed and her eyelids started to flutter. She rolled onto her side facing them and pulled her knees up to her chest. During the night Quint had gotten up and removed her boots. They were lined up beside his and Carter’s. Funny how they didn’t look out of place.

“So if she agreed to this insane idea of yours and we both have her in bed...” Quint glanced sidelong at his partner. “How does that work?”

“Um, you’ve seen a porn or two, buddy. I’m sure you can figure it out.”

“But what about…” He waved between them.



Carter’s voice was low when he said, “Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it. At night when I hear you jacking off in the next bed?” When you were as close as he and Carter were—living, sleeping and working together almost every day of their lives, it was easy to let his mind wander to that type of relationship.

“Have you thought about it?” Quint sounded strangled.

“Look, don’t get uptight. We’d focus all our efforts on her.”

They both looked at the bed and their sleeping beauty. She groaned and then grabbed her head as if the sound had hurt.

It probably did.

He jumped to his feet and went to her. She moaned again, cradling her skull.

Carter shot into the bathroom. Running water sounded. He came back with a cold cloth, which he handed to Quint. He folded it neatly and draped it over her forehead.

“Oh God,” she whimpered.

“Does this make it worse?” he asked, leaning over her, careful not to rock the mattress.

“No, it feels good,” she barely whispered.

“I have pain reliever in my bag.” Carter rummaged around until he came out with a pill bottle. He dumped two in his hand and held them out for her.

Cracking a bloodshot eye, she waved a hand. “More. Two won’t do it.”

He gave her four pills and she sat up. Quint grabbed a new bottle of water from the mini bar, uncaring if they were charged five bucks for it. Her comfort was first.

“The room’s spinning.” Damn, she was cute when hungover. She was always such a strong woman who knew her mind, and seeing her remotely vulnerable fed that vein of tenderness in Quint.

After uncapping the bottle, he handed it to her. She sat there in a daze as if unsure what to do.

“Go on and take the pills, sweetheart. Then you can sleep it off some more.”

“What day is it?”


“We don’t have to compete till tomorrow.”

“That’s right,” he assured, resting a hand on her shoulder, his need mounting just by being near her.

“Thank God,” she grated out and carefully slid a pill onto her tongue. She swallowed it with a sip of water, wincing between pills. “It hurts to drink.”

“Good thing we stopped you when we did then. You’d be in worse shape.”

When she looked at him, all grumpy poutiness, he couldn’t help but smile. “I didn’t get all my free drinks. How did I get to your room? Did we…?” She looked down at her fully clothed body. “Guess not.”

“Of course not. We don’t take advantage of women who aren’t clear enough to make a decision. Now lie back and sleep, sweetheart.”

Carter, standing on the opposite side of the bed, smoothed the messy hair on her brow. “Sleep, darlin’.”

She closed her eyes before she eased herself back on the pillows. In seconds she was out cold again, leaving them to stare at each other.

“Dammit, I want her bad,” Quint said.

“Bad enough to share her?”

He wasn’t ready to answer that but looking down at her, he thought that yeah, he wanted her that bad.

But in the end, Bella held the reins.


Chapter Five


When Bella opened her eyes, she blinked into the dimness. Was it night?

“She lives.” The deep voice caressed her senses.

“How do you feel, sweetheart?”

Recognition flooded in. Carter and Quint. Where was she and what was she doing with them?

She tried to push into a sitting position but her muscles felt too weak. The scents of freshly showered male surrounded her, and she carefully turned her head from side to side. Big, broad man on her right. Tall, muscled on her left.

“Am I dead?” she asked.

Two chuckles sounded.

She wet her dry lips. Her mouth felt filled with hot sand and her head hurt, though not as much as the first time she’d awakened.

Wait. I’m in their room. They gave me pain relievers.

“How long have I been here?” she managed.

“You’re not dead, for one. You’ve been sleeping for about nine hours.”

“Oh jeez. I have to get out of here. My horse—”

“Relax. We took care of her. She’s tucked up with our stock, happy as can be.” Quint’s eyes twinkled with so much mischief that she looked at him more closely.

“Does ‘happy as can be’ mean she’s being mounted right now and I should be expecting a foal in the spring?”

Carter burst out laughing, and surprisingly, the noise didn’t make her teeth hurt as she expected. Pushing into a sitting position, she looked between them, awaiting an answer.

“No, your mare’s safe.”

“Maybe your horses aren’t safe from my mare.” She swung her legs out of bed and grabbed her head to hold it on her shoulders.

“Here. Have some more pain relievers and drink this full bottle of water. It’ll help with the dehydration.” Carter thrust a wide palm beneath her nose, the little white pills in the center. She stared at the calluses riding across each finger, and a shiver began low in her belly, moving up her spine.

“Can I…take a shower?”

“Drink that water first.” Carter wasn’t about to take no for an answer.

She accepted the pills and water while trying to untangle her legs from the twisted covers. Quint sank to the edge of the bed and tugged the sheet and blanket until she was free. As he straightened, his knuckles brushed her forearm.

Goosebumps broke out on her arms and caused her nipples to pucker. She sucked in a harsh breath and fought her reaction to him. He’d touched her arm, not fingered her into a screaming orgasm. What was the matter with her?

The guys waited while she drank the water. Only when the last drop tipped into her mouth did they move. Two hands reached down for her. She looked between them, ignored them both, and crawled down the mattress to the foot of the bed. Avoiding each.

She sauntered toward the bathroom. “I don’t suppose you two studs have a complimentary toothbrush for me?”

“Actually, there’s one on the sink along with some of those little bottles of shampoo.” Carter shot her a crooked grin that made her legs feel wobbly.

She walked into the bathroom and closed the door. She had to admit the hotel room had a few luxuries compared to her cramped trailer. The hot water alone lured her to the shower. She cranked on the taps full blast and let the steam gather while she brushed her teeth.

Seeing the guys’ toiletries scattered across the counter was far too interesting. Not as distracting as staring at the men themselves, though. Between their muscles and dark hair that invited her to run her fingers through it, she was pretty bad off even without a hangover.

She picked up each bottle of aftershave and sniffed them. Feeling out of her element, she shot a glance at the door and then stripped down.

The mirror fogged, which was good because she didn’t want to look too closely at the shadows under her eyes. She slipped into the shower with a sigh.

The hot water struck her face, and she closed her eyes against the pleasant sting. Several minutes later, the cobwebs washed from her mind.

Was she really standing in a hotel shower with two sexy cowboys right outside her door?

A clicking noise.

She twitched the curtain aside to peek out. Gasping, she plastered a wet hand over her chest.

Not standing right outside the door—standing inside the bathroom.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

“Claiming what all of us have been wanting for weeks. You’re finished leading us on this merry chase, Bella.” A big, naked Carter stepped into the shower with her. Quint crowded in from the other side.

“You guys have lost your minds!”

“Maybe, but we found something much, much better,” Quint drawled, skating his gaze over her nude body. Water scudded down his carved chest and caught in the love trail leading to thick, dark, curly pubes. When her gaze lit on his long, hard cock, she gulped.

“This can’t be happening.”

“It will if you say the word, sweetheart.” Carter trapped her against the wall with his muscled body. Between his powerful thighs, rippling abs and the dark, dangerous glint in his eyes, she was in trouble.

She looked to Quint and noted the tension in his jaw and his roped biceps. She lifted her own jaw. “I’m no prude.”

“Have you had two men at once before then?” Quint’s amused tone called her bluff.

“I’m enough woman for two men.” The breathless lilt in her voice made her want to scream. They were throwing her off balance, and she didn’t like it one bit.

But she did like the inches of steel pointing her direction. Her core clenched, and she reached for them. Looping an arm around each thick neck and drawing the guys against her.

The feel of two scorching men surrounding her made her groan, which they echoed. Carter cupped her jaw and kissed her. As soon as he slipped his tongue between her lips, Quint nestled his cock against her hip and cradled her breasts in his big hands.

Need sliced through her. Her pussy squeezed hard, and juices ran down her lips.

“My turn for a taste.” Quint gripped her by the arms and turned her into his arms. When his minty flavors struck her, mingling with Carter’s earthier one, she moaned. Her body was a live wire pumping with electric want. She wiggled closer to Quint as his partner plucked at her nipples. Pinching them into taut peaks. Twisting them until she cried out.

Panting, she met each of their gazes. “Can you handle me?”

“Don’t rightly know, but we’ve got enough rope to give it a shot.” Quint claimed her lips again, lazily twirling his tongue through her mouth. She slid her hand down his chest and curled her fingers around his length.

He groaned, rocking his hips. A deep-seated desire stole her senses. She needed to be filled, stretched—by both men.

She reached for Carter’s cock. Both men stilled as she linked the three of them. A bead of pre-come oozed from the tip of Carter’s, and she swiped her thumb through it.

“Fuck,” he grated out.

A heady and powerful feeling swept over her. She stroked two cocks from roots to tips while four hands landed on her body. She had no idea who was touching her where. She was too dizzy with the sensation.

Carter kissed a path over her throat while Quint ducked his head to taste her nipples. Biting each gently, then grazing them with his teeth until she writhed. As a rough finger nestled between her pussy lips, she lost her mind.

“Spread for me, darlin’,” Quint demanded.

When her mind refused to activate her body, Carter slipped his hands over her thighs and parted them.

She cried out while Quint circled her stiff clit with his forefinger. Around and around, each pass wetter than the last.

“So fucking wet for me.”

“For us,” Carter corrected, and it was true. She wanted both with equal fervor. The need pounding her system was doubled. Quadrupled. A deep ache low in her belly made her grind her hips.

“Are you a virgin here?” Carter murmured in her ear. He dragged a fingertip down the seam of her ass and settled it over her pucker. She pushed back.

“You’ll have to find out for yourself.” She arched her back to give him better access, whimpering when Quint buried his fingers in her pussy. He fingered her hard and fast, his thumb striking her clit on each deep stroke.

Carter circled her anus with his finger and then pushed inside. Her mind floated, and she came with a hard pulsing that stole her breath.

Shaking, supported by two of the most beautiful cowboys she’d seen in her life, she gave them her first orgasm.

“Oh God,” she whispered.

“Feeling that hangover now, sweetheart?” Carter asked, gliding his finger in and out of her ass. Her inner muscles gripped him, wanting something bigger and thicker, say eight-and-a-half inches long, to fill her.

“What hangover?” She jacked off each man until their cocks were purple and straining. Quint added a third finger to her pussy, and she stopped breathing.

“I have to taste her.” Quint dropped to his knees before her. Carter’s wet chest slid down her spine and suddenly she had two men spreading her. Hardly able to stand, she braced a hand on the wall and one in Quint’s hair as he lapped at her still-pulsating pussy.

When Carter snaked his tongue over her pucker, she lost all ability to think. Two warm, wet tongues driving her crazy. She moaned and swayed between them. But four hands locked her in between them as they licked and sucked her into oblivion.

A second orgasm smacked her out of nowhere. Her scream echoed off the walls. Quint plunged his tongue into her cavern and drew on her as if sucking her dry. Carter poked his tongue in and out of her ass, extending her release.

“Mmm. She’s more beautiful when she comes.”

“I…can’t stand anymore,” she whispered.

“No need. We’ve got you.” Quint lifted her. The water switched off, and Carter started rubbing her down with a thick white towel.

The cobwebs were back in her mind, but this time they were made of maple syrup, thick and sweet.

And she was starving.


Carter’s cock bobbed against his abs, nearly bursting. The rich flavors of Bella’s body lived on his tongue, exciting him almost beyond his control. He fisted his cock, fighting the pending explosion.

They’d laid her out on the big bed. She was damp and glowing from the two releases they’d given her. Once he got a shot with her, he wouldn’t last two seconds. He could see the advantages of having a partner in this event—he and Quint could spell each other.

Quint tossed him a condom and he snagged it out of the air. Bella’s lips were red and swollen from their kisses, her nipples just as pink and bitten-looking. He was going to worship each breast for an hour…but first, he was going to sink into her tight pussy.

He got his condom on first and lowered himself over her body. She let her thighs fall apart to accept him. Trapping her face in his hands, he kissed her first. All the passion and need inside him poured into their kiss.

With a mewl of desire, Bella gripped his partner’s cock and drew it to her lips. As each inch disappeared into her hot mouth, Carter sank into her pussy. Balls clenching, an orgasm pounding at the shores of his system. If he didn’t slow down, this would be over too soon.

He wasn’t nearly done with her.

She hollowed her cheeks as she sucked Quint. He threw his head back, and Carter gyrated his hips, lifting her on his cock. Her pussy was so wet and tight, he was going to lose his mind.

She moaned. Quint grunted, and Carter knew he was close.

“Keep doing that with your tongue and I’m a goner,” Quint ground out.

She made a show of swirling her tongue around and around his shaft. When she dipped her tongue into the depression at his tip, the show was too much.

Carter lost it. He pounded into her. She tensed and released around him, making the hottest, most feminine noises imaginable. Sliding his hands under her ass, Carter lifted to meet each of his thrusts.

She cried out as he hit a deeper spot. She sucked on Quint harder, her beautiful lips moving faster on his length.

The tingling in Carter’s spine shot upward and a wild roar left him. He pumped his hips, lifting her on his spurting cock as she came apart around him.

“Take it. Take my cock,” Quint chanted. His movements grew disjointed, and a long groan rumbled from his throat.


Quint had barely gathered his wits when he saw the bead of his come drip out of the corner of Bella’s mouth.

Carter swooped in and opened his mouth over the rivulet.

Shock tore through Quint even as he registered Bella and Carter’s groan of excitement.

My buddy just tasted my come.

Fucking hell, he’d never for a minute imagined such a thing turning him on, but he couldn’t help it. His cock hardened to full mast again.

While Carter kissed her, Quint’s eyes hooded. Her mouth held traces of Quint’s come. And Carter was taking her with big, gulping, openmouthed kisses.

Quint’s stunned mind grew quiet for a long minute as Carter ran his tongue over the corner of her lips where that bead of come had traveled. Maybe…

BOOK: Lipstick 'n Lead
9.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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