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A vision of getting on his knees and sucking Carter’s thick cock was a firework bursting in Quint’s mind. She’d bewitched them.

He pumped his cock through his fist once more, pulling another thick drop from the tip.

Bella stilled, her sparkling gray eyes glazed with passion. “Take him, Carter. You like the way he tastes.”

“Fucking hell,” Quint moaned. His ab muscles leaped as Carter opened his mouth over the tip of Quint’s cock.

The burning hot feel of a man’s mouth on him raised a full-body shudder in him. He pushed deep into his mouth, and Bella’s lips tipped at the corners with a soft smile.

She liked this. Hell, things were going fast here, and Quint couldn’t keep up with all of it. He watched his friend suck his cock like a fucking pro.

Bella stroked her nipples, teasing the tips into hard peaks. Carter released him with a flash of his eyes that Quint didn’t quite understand.

But he rolled with it. Carter got up and tossed his condom. Then together, they stretched out with Bella and each took a breast. She arched, a constant quiver running through her. Like a low hum of electricity. Quint sucked her nipple into his mouth, flicking the tip with his tongue.

His balls felt heavy with the need to blow. Between the two mouths that had been wrapped around him, he was ready for more.

Bella wrapped her fingers around his wrist and guided his hand downward. He expected her to draw his hand to her bare pussy, but a rigid cock bumped his knuckles. He lifted his head and looked into her eyes. Yeah, she held the reins—for now.

She wanted him to stroke his best friend. Carter lapped a circle around her nipple with his tongue, and Quint took Bella’s lead.

He closed his fist around Carter’s shaft.

His friend stiffened. Something passed between them, dark and animalistic. They shared so much—why not this? He rolled his cock through his fingers, pulling a groan from Carter.

Bella shifted to see better. Damn, the way she zeroed in on what he was doing—the total absorption on her features—it was a fucking turn-on like no other.

He stroked his fingers low over Carter’s balls. He pushed upward, thigh muscles straining. Quint knew just how to please a cock, and he wasn’t going to give Bella anything but the best.

He lunged over her body and took Carter in his mouth.

The initial surprise returned. Then Carter made a noise, half growl, half breathlessness, and Quint knew what to do. He worked him in and out of his mouth with sure pulls. Bella quaked as he palmed her pussy.

She cried out, and he spent the next few mindless minutes tormenting two lovers at once. Need built inside him, and soon he was aching for his own release. But not yet.

He trapped Bella’s clit under the heel of his hand and licked Carter’s shaft. Hands covered his nape, his shoulders. Carter pulling him down, Bella caressing. When she started to release long, throaty moans, Carter stopped him.

“You’re fucking great at that. But she’s ready for us again.”

Quint pushed to his knees and located a condom packet near the foot of the bed. With one long stroke he rolled it over his thickened cock.

Bella’s eyes burned up at him. “I want one in my ass, one in my pussy.” Her demand was the hottest fucking thing he’d ever heard in his life. A whip of heat curled around his balls and shot through his cock.

“We’re pretty evenly matched. You say who gets your ass.”

“I think Carter, since he already knows how I like it back there.”

Quint trailed his finger through the creamy wetness coating her outer pussy lips. “Then I get this sweet, hot cunt.” Rolling into the mattress, he pulled her down atop him. With her ass positioned perfectly for Carter’s claiming, they got right down to business.

She sank over Quint’s shaft in one quick glide. Tossing her head back, her warm brown hair grazing his knuckles as he held her in place. The mind-searing feeling of her body gripping his every inch threatened his control.

“Give me a…second.” He looked deep into her eyes, and she leaned over and kissed him. A soft melding of mouths that meant much more than a sex romp. She wasn’t fooling anybody.

He plundered her lips slowly, while he heard a
of a plastic cap. Who knew what else the man had in his travel bag, but at this point Quint wouldn’t be surprised by anything. Carter had some lube and was easing his way into her ass.

Quint’s cock lengthened a bit more at the idea of them both filling her at once. The changes of his relationship with Carter hadn’t sunk in fully yet, but he was ready to accept anything this pair threw his direction.

When Bella reared back and caught Carter’s hip, drawing him where she wanted him, his gaze met his friend’s over her shoulder. Fuck yeah, Carter had been right to suggest that they share her.

Gathering her hair into his fist, Quint placed nipping bites along her throat. She already wore a hickey—from him or Carter? Didn’t matter. She was going to be thoroughly loved and hardly able to walk when she got out of here.

If they ever let her leave.

He withdrew slowly from her pussy. Bella gasped, and he knew Carter had breached her tight hole. As he sank each inch into her body, she tightened around Quint’s cock. Sharp rasps of air escaped her, and he stroked her hair, soothing her until she relaxed enough to take them both to the roots.

“Okay, darlin’?” he asked.

“Y-yes. It’s just so…much.”

“She’s so fucking tight, I won’t last long.” Carter gnashed his teeth.

Quint took the control, easing into her pussy. She shook in his hold. When he withdrew, Carter took the cue and sank in—balls deep.

Bella’s lips opened in an O of pleasure, and then they slowly, carefully, began to move in counterpoint to each other. One in, one out. But as her noises grew louder, Quint lost his rhythm and plunged deep at the same moment Carter did.

The thick feel of his partner’s cock through the thin barrier separating them stole every ounce of control he’d held so tightly to.

He withdrew. Thrust again. Carter groaned, and Bella screamed Quint’s name. The next stroke, Carter’s name was on her pretty lips. Then she was coming apart in their arms, quaking as her body clamped so hard on Quint’s erection he thought he’d died and gone to heaven.

The sweet release rushed up from his balls. One hard spurt and he was emptying into her body.

When he came back to his senses, Bella hung limply between them. Her hair draped around her face. With as much care as they’d filled her, Carter pulled out. She gasped and collapsed atop Quint.

He wrapped his arms around her, holding her near. Cherishing the feel of having her in his arms at last.

Carter sprawled next to him and buried his face in the crook of her neck in that most fragrant spot Quint had spent countless minutes kissing.

“Guys?” she asked, startling him.

“Yeah, darlin’?” he responded.

“Please tell me you have a big stock of condoms.”


Chapter Six


“I hope you guys don’t think for a minute you’ve tamed me.” Bella paced back and forth in nothing but her skin and a glow of total satisfaction. Both guys stretched on the bed, their hard cocks already stiff and those bad-boy smiles on their lips.

Of course, this strange ménage couldn’t progress past today. But if she only had a few more hours to enjoy herself, she was damn well taking advantage.

“Never, darlin’. We don’t claim to have tamed you.” Quint’s drawl sent desires skittering over her bare skin. She stopped at the foot of the bed and folded her arms. Aware that her breasts were pushed high and on display, she smiled at her victims.

“That’s good, boys. Because you can’t turn me into one of those sappy romantics who loves getting flowers and trinkets.”

“Would never dream of it, sweetheart.” Carter folded his arm beneath his head, and in the dim light streaming through the crack in the ugly striped curtains, the dark hair on his jaw seemed even blacker. “No flowers or trinkets. Not for our girl. We’d bring you leather and new spurs.”

She eyed them. Maybe they really did know her. “What kind of spurs?”

“Maybe those ones with the antique copper posies on the sides and the crystals?”

Okay, those were flashy, but she might be guilty of coveting a pair. “You’re warming me up.”

Carter crooked a finger at her. “We haven’t even started yet. Come to bed and see what we can do.”

She looked between two dark gazes, amazed that she was still so insatiable with two men to take care of her. Her nipples pinched into hard pebbles and her pussy throbbed. “Maybe I haven’t seen anything to convince me to come to bed with you.” She started pacing again.

The weight of their stares were welcome caresses. When had she ever felt so beautiful, sexy and desirable?

When has any man let me feel I have a choice in how I play in the bedroom?

She threw them a look from the corner of her eye. They weren’t paying any attention to her, though. No, some silent communication was going on between them. Was this a team ropers thing? As by unspoken agreement, they rolled to their feet and circled the bed from either side.

She froze.

“There’s no escape, darlin’. Just let it happen.” Quint closed the gap first and caught her against his hard, heated body. His muscles chiseled to perfection, the set of his square jaw sexy as hell. She squirmed, but Carter clasped her hands and raised them high above her head. Quint released her for a second, and in a blink her hands were bound.

With a gasp, she drew her hands in front of her face. A short length of rope bound them. “Where the hell were you hiding that? Do I want to know?”

“We’ve got a few tricks. Now come back to bed, you sassy wench.” Carter tugged her bound hands. When she dug in her heels to resist, Quint didn’t waste a second plucking her off her feet and tossing her onto the bed.

She bounced but before she could scramble away, they were pinning her. Big male bodies, hard lips and harder cocks. She was combusting under all these hands and tender kisses. As Carter sucked on her nipples, Quint finger-fucked her slow and deep.

When he pulled his fingers free, Carter said, “Gimme a taste.”

She raptly watched as he sucked Quint’s fingers clean. God, did they know what a turn-on it was that they didn’t have any inhibitions with each other? Seeing them pleasure each other was as good as being pleasured by them.
Well, almost.

Tugging on her restraints, she said, “Untie me.”

“Don’t worry, you’re still in control. You just can’t touch us. Or yourself.” She didn’t like the teasing glint in Quint’s eyes.

Hovering over her, he trailed his lips back and forth over hers, a breath away. Not close enough.

“Quint,” she warned.

His chest rumbled with a laugh he didn’t release. But his eyes danced as he skated a fingertip over her collarbone and down to the tip of her breast. Except he didn’t circle her nipple or twist it the way she needed.

She mewled, arching upward for more that never came. Instead, Carter eased a finger down her stomach. She sucked in on a sharp breath, waiting for him to touch her where she needed it most.

With a dark look of invitation, he got on his knees, cock in hand. She wet her lips, eager for a taste of his fat cock. She strained toward him, but he turned to Quint. “You want a taste of this?”

“Fuck, yeah.”

They fell upon each other. Sixty-nining. Their mouths working each other until their muscles strained and she knew they were about to blow. She must have made a noise of disappointment, because they broke apart and stared at her.

“You want in on this, sweet thing?” Carter pronounced it as

“I sure as hell don’t feel in control here,” she grumbled.

“Oh you are. You get to tell us what you want. Do you want us to keep doing this?” Quint gripped Carter’s cock at the root. “Or do you want something else?”

She felt her eyes glaze over. They
look fucking hot sucking cock. And she enjoyed the burn of having her orgasm withheld. But she wanted what only they could give.

“I want you both inside me.” Her voice sounded smokier than usual. Damn, she really was affected by them far more than anybody she’d been with yet. Her ex was a distant memory. What they’d done together seemed like boring missionary now.

“You heard the lady. She wants us to fill her up.” Quint rolled away, and Carter went for the condoms. Her clit swelled at the thought of both men deep inside her, moving together again.

She tugged her bonds again.

“Carter, get that condom on because that hot, tight pussy needs you.”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

When he stretched out and rolled her atop him, she realized just how much she really was calling the shots. The only difference was she didn’t need to say it aloud all the time—they knew what she needed, wanted.

She sank over Carter’s veined shaft. As each inch filled her, he kissed her into soft submission. She looped her arms around his neck, bracing herself, and Quint pushed at her backside with his cock.

The spongy head breached her pucker, and a deep quake began in her core. She wanted them so bad. When she was between them, she’d felt totally adored. She was never one to dwell on her past, but Frazer wasn’t going to ever fill her head with nonsense about never doing better. She’d done it times two.

Her breath hitched as both men stretched her. Stealing her mind. She met Carter’s gaze, and something passed between them, a slow and sweet honey she wanted to savor. He cupped her face, brushed her hair out of her eyes and kissed her with a deep passion that sent her into another world.

“Fuck.” Quint pushed into her.

“So tight.”

“More,” she whispered, her mouth suddenly dry again.

As each man found his place and she let them take over her pleasure, she felt herself sinking into a headspace. A spot where pure joy took over. Their arms kept her safe, their bodies supported. And a few dirty words didn’t hurt either.

“Take that cock. That’s it.” Quint sank deep.

Carter palmed her nipples as he jerked his hips. Her pussy contracted around his length. Her mind was spinning like a top, her temperature ten degrees hotter.

Quint licked the perspiration off her throat, and she angled her head to give him total access to that spot she loved kissed. He was so damn good at it too.

He latched onto the tender area and sucked.

“I feel you gripping me so tight, sweetheart. Are you ready to come for me?” Carter grazed the other side of her throat with his teeth.

Crying out, she nodded. “Yes!”

“Good. Come for us. Come on our cocks like a good little cowgirl.”

His words sent a brand new heat to her insides. She rocked between them, reaching toward that end that was a bright star in the sky of her mind. Her whimpers grew louder, throatier.

“Right there.” She could barely rasp the words through the pleasure haze smearing her mind.

“Here?” Carter did something with his hips that sent his cock right into her G-spot.

She contracted once…twice. And came with a cry. As her walls clenched around Carter, his rugged features shifted. He was close, but she wasn’t finished with him yet.

She slowed to extend her orgasm, but the guys were having none of that. Quint buried his cock in her ass at the same moment Carter plunged back in. The double action sent her flying again.

“So fucking beautiful when you come, darlin’. That’s it. Come for us.”

“We’ve got you.” Carter’s eyes were as dark as night as he held her gaze.

Yes, this was what she’d needed. In the bar, she’d hoped to get a thrill from riding that bull or having a night of tipsy fun, but in the end, these guys knew exactly what to give her.

Passion lifted in her, and she locked her body more firmly to Carter’s as she rode out her orgasm. As the last traces flowed away, Quint spattered her shoulders with kisses.

“Ready for more?” he asked.

She nodded, panting already. By the time she left this room, she’d have a hard time walking let alone racing. But hells to the yeah, she looked forward to the memory of these moments.

* * * * *

“Congrats on your win.” Coming from Jeb Anderson, the words sounded smug and backhanded.

Carter eyed him and gave a nod of thanks. Whatever the guy was up to, he didn’t want a part of it. He started to walk away.

“Hey, can I get some advice, Fallon?” Jeb took off his gloves and slapped them against his thigh.

Leerier than ever, Carter walked back. “Sure.”
I’d better get some brownie points for this in heaven.
Every single second talking to Jeb deserved a fucking medal. The guy was an arrogant dick.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“It’s a sensitive topic. I’ve got a date with…” Jeb jerked his head toward the stalls some distance away where Bella and a toad-faced barrel racer stood, preparing for their races.

“A date with the one in the blue hat?” Carter’s heart was pounding out of his chest but he didn’t let on. If Jeb told him he and Bella had a date, he needed the element of surprise when he bashed Jeb’s teeth out.

Jeb chuckled. “Uh, no. With Miss Roberts.”

Stay calm. He might be lying.

“Yeah? So where’re you gonna take her?” His words came out flat.

“That’s the million-dollar question. I’m not familiar with these parts and I hoped you’d be able to tell me a place to go.”

Shooting a look toward Bella, he noted that she didn’t seem to give a damn that the man she was supposedly going out with later had just come off a great run himself. Sure, he hadn’t won, but there was only one winning team, and that was him and Quint.

If she was really interested in Jeb, wouldn’t she be looking at him?

A voice in the back of his head shouted that she wasn’t glancing his way either.

Scrubbing a hand over his jaw, he said, “I’m not the right person to ask. I don’t know this area either. I hear there’s a Chinese buffet up the road. Passed it on the way in, actually.”

He chuckled. “No, I don’t do Chinese food. Makes me gassy. Know of a steakhouse?”

“No, I don’t.” He caught Quint striding his direction, a huge grin on his face that faded the minute he spotted who Carter was speaking to. “Hey, I gotta go. Good luck with…” He waved toward Bella.

His gesture caught her attention. The minute she saw all three of them standing together, her look turned serious.

Then thunderous.

Whirling away, she strode off, ducking into the crowd.

Carter watched until she was out of view, and then he walked away too. Quint caught up to him. “What the fuck’s that about?”

“Which event are you talking about? The fact that Bella looked pissed when she saw us and walked away or that Anderson claims he has a date with her?”

Quint went dead still. The hardening of his shoulder muscles alerted Carter of his temper rising long before his dark brows drew downward. “Like hell,” he grated out.

“That’s what I thought—before Bella saw us talking to him and left. An innocent woman doesn’t run.”

“A stupid one would go out with a jerk like Anderson. She’s not stupid.”

“I know. But maybe she’s trying to prove something.”

“Like what?” Quint’s underlying nervousness was something only Carter would pick up on.

“Maybe she’s trying to show us that last night meant nothing.”

“Like hell,” he said again, louder this time.

Carter echoed the feeling, but he masked his features when he noted the cameras surrounding them. A reporter thrust a mic under his nose and started rifling questions about their win and how they felt about the next city. Whether or not they’d make it all the way to the finals in Vegas this year.

He and Quint took turns answering, always playing off each other. When they finished, a group of fans flocked them, waving papers and T-shirts for them to sign.

BOOK: Lipstick 'n Lead
4.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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