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“What about ‘us’?” I ask breathlessly, putting emphasis on the last word. 


“I don’t know yet,” he tells me, leaning his head down towards mine, “but I can’t wait to find out.” He then closes the gap between us, shutting my mouth in a kiss.  He’s caught me off-guard but I kiss him back hard and my arms go around him almost automatically as the kiss gets deeper, hotter, full of need.  After what seems like an eternity of his lips against mine, Brian pulls away and I can see he’s as affected by the kiss as I am.  “Let’s get out of here,” he says, taking hold of my hand and not letting go of it until I’m sitting behind him on his bike.  I wrap my arms around him and we speed off into the darkness. I don’t even think to question where we’re going.


After around 20 minutes we pull up outside what looks like a warehouse and I hear a warning bell sound in my head. I’m in the middle of nowhere with a guy I’ve only just met and who my brothers have warned me not to see.  Either I am really stupid, or Brian has completely addled my brain.


“Where are we?” I ask, looking around me before I get off the bike.


“My place,” he replies holding out his hand for me to take it, which I do without even thinking about it.  He unlocks the door and leads me inside and far from being a run-down place, it’s an amazing house.  The floor is a gorgeous polished wood, the walls are exposed bricks, it’s completely open plan and there’s so much space; it’s beautiful.


“Wow,” I say as I take in the place. “It’s not what I’d expected.”


you expected?” he asks, looking at me in amusement as he heads to the kitchen and pulls out a couple of beers from the silver refrigerator.  Everything in his house seems to have been chosen with an eye on design and detail.


“I’m not sure,” I tell him truthfully. “I guess I hadn’t expected
,” I say as he hands me the beer and I feel a spark of electricity when our fingers touch.


“Ditto,” he replies, smiling and shaking his head like he can’t quite believe it.  We sit together on the big leather couch and he reaches around my shoulder, pulling me close to him as I snuggle down into him.  It’s as if we’ve known each other for a long time, we’re so easy and comfortable with each other, but there’s a definite feeling of sexual tension rippling under the surface.  We start talking about our lives. I ask him about how he became a member of Eagles, he asks about how I lost my parents. We both want to see the world, not just the state.  I knew he was older than me but I’m surprised when he tells me he’s the same age as Aaron. They were at high school together; they were even friends back in the day.  I don’t ask what happened, because it doesn’t seem like he’s ready to tell that story yet.  We talk for hours and I feel completely relaxed with Brian, like I could tell him anything.


“It’s late,” he says eventually. “You take the bed, I’ll take the couch.” It’s the last thing I had expected him to say.


“Is that what you want?” I ask, leaning in closer to him, knowing exactly what I want.


“I don’t want you to think I brought you here expecting anything,” Brian says slowly, looking at me curiously.  “I just wanted us to get to know each other.” He shrugs and smiles and I just want to bite the dimple on his cheek.


“Well I’d like us to get to know each other a whole lot better,” I whisper, leaning in to him and kissing him softly. My words have the desired effect and Brian responds to my kiss, turning it deeper and harder.  I have to hold on to him, I’m so turned on. 


He breaks away after a few minutes and I’m panting, I’m so out of breath.  “Not here,” he growls, and then picks me up as if I don’t weigh anything and he carries me to the other side of the warehouse to his bed.  He lays me down and slowly, deliberately, he starts to undress me.  He unbuttons my jeans, pulling them off, quickly followed by my black panties.  Then he turns his attention to my shirt, which he pulls off and throws behind him.  He rubs his hands over the lacey material of my bra, making my nipples perk up instantly.  I let out a little sigh at his touch and Brian looks at me as if I’m the best present he’s ever had. 


I pull him down to me hungrily and he kisses me deeply, unclipping my bra and twisting my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, making my pussy ache.  I’m completely naked and he’s fully clothed.  “There’s something wrong with this picture,” I joke breathlessly, moving my fingers underneath his t-shirt and pulling it up over his head.  I run my hands down his muscular torso, over the ridges of his abs and down towards his jeans where I can feel how aroused he is.  I unbutton his jeans and reach inside his boxers to feel how hard he is and he groans as I take him in my hand.


“I want to take this slow,” Brian tells me, panting, trying to control himself.


“I just want you,” I reply looking deep into his eyes so he can see how serious I am. 


“I’m so hot for you,” he tells me as he dips a finger between my thighs and a smile spreads across his face as he feels how wet I am.  I moan as he draws slow circles and strokes up and down, putting pressure on my clit and I feel like I’m going to come right there in his hand.  “It seems like you’re pretty turned on too,” he says, and then his lips are against mine and I let out a whimper as he slips his fingers inside of me.  “I want you to come like this first,” he tells me, his voice full of heat and fire as he moves his fingers and my hips buck as I do exactly what he wants me to and I climax around him.   “You’re even more beautiful when you come, Casey; do you know that?” he asks, pulling his fingers out of my pussy. Then he does something which just drives me wild: he puts his fingers in his mouth and tastes me, and then he kisses me.  I taste my own salt on his tongue and I feel like I might come again.


“I want you… inside,” I say breathlessly, tugging at his pants until his length is throbbing in my hand.  Brian leans over me and I guide him inside and we watch each other as he fills me up.


Brian starts slowly and then speeds up, pumping his hips, thrusting into me harder and then softer, harder and then softer, and all I can do is enjoy the ride.  “Fuck me,” I plead with him and he buries himself inside of me as I groan his name.  I whimper as Brian closes my nipple in his mouth and his teeth graze the sensitive skin.  We’re both desperate for each other, we’re biting, licking, sucking, covered in sweat, and I know I’m not going to last for much longer.  “I’m close,” I tell him, and he looks down at me as he thrusts hard into me once, twice, and as he enters me the third time I feel like I’m falling over a ledge and I scream his name and I hear him grunt mine as we come together.


Consciousness starts to return slowly and I feel deliciously drowsy and completely satisfied.  “Well, we definitely need to do that again.” Brian laughs and I smile at him, wondering at how gorgeous he looks collapsed on top of me.


“I think that could be arranged,” I joke back.  Brian kisses me hard and we start all over again.




In the morning I wake up and notice that the other side of the bed is empty, and for a split-second I don’t remember where I am. Then the events of the night come rushing back and I stretch out feeling my aching muscles.  I can smell coffee and I scrabble around on the floor looking for my clothes. I pull on my jeans, but can’t find my top, so I settle for one of Brian’s T-shirts that are thrown over the rocking chair.  I follow the smell of cooking and the sound of pots and pans and I find Brian busying himself cracking eggs and looking perfectly at home in the kitchen.


“Well you’re just full of surprises aren’t you?” I ask, taking in the domesticity of the scene.


“I hope you like eggs,” he replies, smiling at me as he stirs and adjusts the heat.  “Coffee’s fresh.” He nods over at the pot.


I pour myself a cup and lean against the kitchen counter, watching him work.  He divides up the scrambled eggs he’s made and kisses me softly on the lips as he hands me a plate. “Morning gorgeous, I could definitely get used to waking up with you,” he says.


We take a seat at the kitchen table and the reality of the situation hits me like a ton of bricks.  “What are we going to do?” I ask him. 


“I don’t know,” Brian says quietly, looking at his plate rather than at me.  “How much do you know about what’s happened between The Eagles and The Stones?” Brian asks, looking at me warily.


“I know that you guys are rival gangs and you don’t like each other very much. There’s a lot of dick-measuring, but that’s about it,” I tell him.  “What else is there to know?” I ask, ducking my head so Brian has to meet my gaze.


“There’s a little more to it than that,” Brian starts to say and then stops, getting up from the table like he’s heard something.


“Brian, what?  What’s going on?” I ask before I hear it too. It’s the unmistakable noise of motorbikes—a lot of them—and it sounds like they’re heading towards us.


“God Dammit,” he curses, looking between me and the door.  I can only watch as he heads into the kitchen and pulls something out of a drawer. As he turns around I see that he’s holding a gun.


“Brian, what the—” I start, but his expression makes me stop.


“Jimmy, it’s me, we’ve got a problem,” Brian says into his cell.  “I don’t know, a lot of them,” he adds in reply to whoever he’s talking to.  “Get as many as you can and get here now,” he barks into the phone and hangs up.


“Looks like we weren’t as careful as we thought,” he tells me, his expression softening.  “Whatever happens from here on out, I just want you to know that I’m not going to give up on us, not without a fight,” he says, and the certainty in his eyes makes me feel a little less scared.


“It’s my brothers isn’t it?  They’re the ones who you think are outside,” I say, and I watch Brian nod slowly.  “Before I go out there I want to know what all this is about—it’s more than just a fight over turf.  What happened?”


Brian pauses for a moment and then clearly sees the determination in my face; he knows that I deserve the truth.  “The Eagles and The Stones have never gotten along, but we used to do some business together.” He looks at me uncertainly.  “I’m guessing you don’t know much about the Stone business,” he says, and I shake my head.  “The Stones run protection for one of the big meth suppliers. They patrol the warehouses and drop points, and they provide protection for some of the top guys. Sometimes they would draft in The Eagles for overflow work,” Brian says, and then takes a breath.  I’m trying hard to process the information he’s just given me, but it’s not every day you find out that your family is comprised of serious criminals.  “Anyway it turns out a member of The Eagles was on the take with the cops. He told them about one of the warehouses and there was a shoot-out.  One of The Stones was killed and they demanded that the Eagle that had ratted them out be handed over to them for punishment, but the head of our MC wouldn’t agree to it.  He insisted that we deal with the problem internally, that it was Eagle business, but The Stones said they couldn’t trust us anymore.  Since then we’ve had an agreement not to bother each other. We stay out of each other’s way, and if we don’t…”


“If you don’t, then what?” I ask. I’ve come this far; I need to hear it all.


“Then bad things are going to happen,” he tells me simply.


Right then my phone rings, and Aaron’s name flashes up on the screen. I answer without looking at Brian.  “Come outside, Case, we know you’re with him and if you don’t come out now then we’re coming in to get you,” he says, and then hangs up straight away.  His voice doesn’t brook any argument.  Since our parents died Aaron has taken the place of the head of the family and the head of the MC. He’s used to everyone falling into line when he says ‘jump’.


“I’ve gotta go,” I say to Brian dully, still shocked by everything he’s told me.


“Casey, wait.” He grabs my hand but I shake him off.


“You knew what this would mean, how serious it would be if anyone were to find out. You knew that,” I say angrily.  “You should’ve told me!”


“Would it have changed anything if I had?  Do you regret what happened?” he asks, and I can see the hurt in this eyes.


“No, you know I wouldn’t take last night back,” I say looking straight into his baby blues, and he tenderly moves a strand of dark hair out of my eyes, brushing his fingers against my face.  “But we have to fix this,” I tell him. “Before things get any worse.”


Brian nods slowly, cupping his hand around the back of my neck and pulling me close so that our foreheads are touching.  “I’ll fix it, trust me,” he says, and he seems so sure of himself that he makes me believe that everything will be alright.

BOOK: Love Me an Angel: A Biker Erotic Romance
10.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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