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Authors: Mickey Erlach

Lover Boys Forever

BOOK: Lover Boys Forever


An Erotic Anthology

Edited By

Mickey Erlach

Herndon, VA


Copyright © 2013 by STARbooks Press

ISBN 13: 978-1-61303-055-4

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, situations and incidents are the product of the authors
’ imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.

Published in the United States by STARbooks Press, PO Box 711612, Herndon, VA 20171. Printed in the United States

Many thanks to graphic artist John Nail for the cover design.

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Herndon, VA


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By Rob Rosen

Rob Rosen (, author of the novels
Sparkle: The Queerest Book You’ll Ever Love
Divas Las Vegas
Hot Lava
Southern Fried
, and
, has been published in more than 175 anthologies.

I was asleep in bed. Well, napping, anyway, being lazy on a peaceful Sunday afternoon. The house was silent, the sun blasting through the still
-drawn curtains. And then, I heard the noise, a scraping, a squeak. “Joel?” I managed, in between a raucous yawn. “That you?” Only, there was no answer.

I started to fall back into slumber when I heard it again, louder this time, coming from somewhere out back.
“Joel?” I said again, louder this time, propping myself up on my elbows. But still there was no answer, so I jumped up, heart rate quickening as I tied the drawer strings to my pajama bottoms tighter. Shuffling down the hallway, I made my way to the living room. “Joel, you home?” I half-croaked

I tilted my head up, my ears listening for the sound again, trying to figure out where it was coming from. And then there it was, metal scrapping wood, emanating from the kitchen, toward the rear of the house. Tiptoeing now, I quietly headed that way, reaching the kitchen just as the door flung open, a man rushing in, mask over his face, a bat in his hand.
“Fuck,” he spat, stopping in his tracks a mere foot away from me.

Fuck,” I echoed, hand over chest, legs instantly quaking at the sight of him.

I saw you go out,” he added, bat raised up high.

That was my boyfriend,” I replied, frozen to the spot, waiting for his next move.

He paused, hand gripping the wood.
“Gay, dude?” he asked, as opposed to what one would expect, namely hand me your wallet.

Hence the whole boyfriend thing,” I replied, my eyes locked to the bat. “Who’ll be home soon.”

He nodded, clearly calculating his next move.
“How soon?” Then he moved in closer, closer still, the bat even higher now, his mask puffing out in front of his mouth.

Soon,” I managed. “Very soon. Any minute.” My bare chest was rapidly rising and falling now, belly as well, nearly panting as I stood there watching him.

His head tilted down. He was eyeing me, face suddenly pointed midsection.
“Show me,” he said, voice thicker now, laden with something new.

What?” I replied, inching in reverse. “My wallet, watch? What?” I repeated.

He chuckled.
“Your cock, dude,” he said. “Show me your cock.” The bat swung in a circle above his head. “Or else.”

I gulped.
“He’ll be home any minute,” I said again, barely above a whisper, a trickle of sweat dripping down my forehead.

Then show me your cock fast, dude,” he amended. “Or else.”

Again I froze in place, the silence around us nearly deafening, save for his heavy breathing, not to mention my own.
“And then you’ll leave?” I managed, hands on the pajama strings.

He chuckled.
“I have the bat, dude,” he said. “Meaning, no promises. Just show me. Now.”

I nodded, the gulp repeating. I untied the drawstrings, my pajama bottoms instantly falling to the floor, cock exposed. Balls exposed. Bush exposed. All of me exposed.
“Can you please leave now?” I asked, voice breaking as I stared down at my nudity.

Nice dick,” he replied, instead. “Wanna see mine?”

Now it was my turn to pause.
“Um, no,” I said.

He chuckled.
“That wasn’t a very convincing no, dude.”

No,” I repeated, louder this time, more forceful.

He shook his head, his free hand slowly zipping down his zipper.
“Oh, too slow, dude. Besides, you showed me yours, my turn to show you mine.”

You made me show you mine,” I countered with.

His pants came unbuttoned next, the white of his briefs exposed.
“Semantics.” And then he pushed down on the denim, the briefs lowering with them, blond bush revealed, then the base of his cock, which just as quickly sprung out, hard as the bat he was still wielding. “Guess it wanted to come out and play.”

Again I gulped, my eyes suddenly glued to it, at the wide, bulbous head, already leaking, at the shaft, curved to the right and slightly up, thickly veined. Suffice it say, my own cock stirred and instantly started a rise on its own, eager to meet its playmate. I stared from it to his and back again.
“This doesn’t change anything,” I said.

His chuckle returned.
“No? You sure about that? Looks like you’re outvoted, two to one.”

I tried to cover my burgeoning prick, but there was only so much I could do.
“My boyfriend …”

Broken record, dude,” he interrupted. “Besides, maybe he’d like to play, too.”

No he wouldn’t,” I protested. “Please, just take whatever it is you came for and leave.”

He shrugged.
“Suit yourself. Wallet please.” I went to lift up my pajamas, but he stopped me. “Nope. Let’s see that aft side of yours as you get me your wallet. Make it a win/win.”

I grimaced and kicked them off as I made my way back to the bedroom. He followed close behind, whistling at me as I walked in front of him, dick swaying to and fro as my heart galloped through a furlong. Back at my bed, jeans on the floor from the previous night, I bent down to retrieve my wallet. His hand quickly flew out and grabbed my pole from between my legs. Again I froze as a jolt of adrenaline shot up my spine.
“The wallet,” I said, handing it back to him.

In a minute,” he replied, crouching down for a sniff of my ass as he continued to jack my prick. “Damn, that’s a nice hole, dude. You got yourself one lucky boyfriend.”

I forced back a moan as his hand rose up and down.
“Who won’t be happy finding you here.”

He released his grip and spanked my ass, the sound pinging all around us.
“Then let’s make sure he doesn’t,” he told me, roughly grabbing my arm after he snagged my wallet, and then dragged me from the bedroom, back through the living room, and over to the kitchen door, all while I fought for escape. But he was bulkier than I by a good fifteen pounds, and all I managed to do was work up a sweat. “Out,” he said, flinging open the back door.

Let me get some clothes on first,” I replied, eyes wide as I watched him remove the mask, revealing the handsome face behind, eyes as blue as the sky outside, bluer even.

He grinned, revealing a row of blindingly white teeth.
“Now where would the fun be in that?” he said, shoving me out as the door slammed behind us. “Besides, you can’t get far like this, I figure.”

Far?” I coughed out, shrinking from him as he again lifted the bat. “Where … where are we going? You have my wallet already. Can’t you just leave?”

He grabbed my prick, which was still semi, still swinging, balls hanging low in the warm summer air.
“It’s not stealing, you know, if it’s payment for a job well done,” he replied, cryptically, the grin rising on his face as my belly lurched. Then he pushed me forward, toward the rear of my property, to the line of trees and out of sight of any prying eyes.

Seconds later, we were in the woods, silent save for the leaves crunching beneath his sneakers and my bare feet. It was cooler in there, a row of
Goosebumps forming up both my arms as he marched behind me, slapping my ass if I dared slow down. Eventually, he did stop, though. “What … what now?” I squeaked out, watching as he set the bat down and kicked off his sneakers.

I started to run, but again he grabbed my arm.
“Dude, I was all-state in track, and I lettered in football. You run, and, trust me, you’ll be down on the ground in no time flat. Got it?” He released my arm.

I nodded.
“Got it,” I replied, rubbing my now-aching limb.

Then I watched him as he grabbed his
T-shirt, hiking it over his head, torso revealed, mounds of muscle, tan skin, a matting of blond chest hair nestled in between two pert, pink nipples. A six pack with an extra set of cans steadily rose and fell, faster as he reached for the top button of his jeans, the zipper again sliding down. The jeans fell and were kicked off, leaving him in nothing but his socks and tenting briefs. My Adam’s apple rose and fell as the last vestiges of his clothes slid down, got kicked off, his cock again free, slick with precum.

Sit down,” he said, pointing to the forest floor.

Again I nodded, crouching down before my ass was flush with the ground, leaves tickling my balls, cock rising at the feel of it. He watched and waited for it to go full
-on erect, the head quickly thick as a plumb. And then he sat across from me, feet up, legs wide, bent at the knee so that I could see his asshole, his balls, his prick, all at once. His finger rose again, pointing to my crotch. Meaning, in a flash, I was sitting like him, two holes winking at one another.

My boyfriend is probably home already,” I told him. “He’s probably worried, calling the police.”

He chuckled and grabbed for his cock.
“He probably figured you went for a jog, just like he did. Maybe in an hour, he’ll call the cops. Maybe two,” he said, spitting down, the saliva dripping over his hand and his prick, glistening in the sunlight that managed its way through the trees. “I’ll be long gone by then.” Again he pointed at my crotch. “But clearly not forgotten.” Then he lifted his index finger and gave it a mid-air loop. “Front is nice. How about the back side again?”

I grunted and got on all fours, legs wide, balls dangling, ass jutting out. He hopped up and kneeled by my side, his hand caressing my shoulder, the small of my back, my right butt cheek, and, lastly, my hole. And now that he was preoccupied, it was my chance at last to make my move.

I rolled over and then quickly whipped around him, catching him off guard as I pinned him to the ground, grabbing for the bat before pressing it to his windpipe. “Varsity wrestling,” I informed him, grunting as he choked, a gagging tear streaming down his cheek. He tried to get out from under me, but I pushed harder. “I wouldn’t if I were you.”

He stopped thrashing, the only sound
s – that of both of us panting, the leaves crunching beneath his back and my knees. I stared down the length of him as I fought to catch my breath. His cock was remarkably still solid, a fifth limb jutting straight up. I gave it a smack with my free hand, sending it reeling as he moaned and arched his back. My hand reversed, slapping the underside, the moan even louder this time.

Let me up,” he panted, another tear joining the first.

I grabbed his dick, which pulsed in my grip.
“You’re already up, asshole.”

He groaned and stared at me.
“Yeah, so what are you gonna do about that?”

Again I pushed down on the bat.
“Seems we’re at a standstill,” I told him, eyes locked. “I let you go, you come after me. Or I keep pressing down on your throat until you pass out.” I forced a smile. “Or possibly accidentally kill you.”

His groan returned.
“Or you can get me off, and I’ll let you go.” Then he, too, forced a smile. “Call it a draw.”

You’re getting off is a draw?” I asked, another smack on his shaft, another moan from him, another back arch.

Fine,” he panted. “You can get off, too.”

Though his logic seemed somehow flawed, I removed the bat from his throat and quickly moved away, tossing the weapon far into the distance, evening the playing field just a tad. Because at least he couldn
’t go for it and me at the same time, I figured. “Fine,” I reluctantly agreed. “But I call all the shots.”

He shrugged.
“Just so long as we both, um, shoot, then I couldn’t give a flying fuck.” He rubbed his neck and sat back up. “Where would you like me, dude?”

Up against the tree,” I told him, pointing to a wide, old oak that stood directly behind him.

He nodded and moved toward it, his back against the wood a second later, panting as he watched me, cock still steely stiff, aimed my way. I closed the gap between us, my hand crashing down on his chest, on his belly, across his cock. Each smack elicited a groan from him, a fluttering of the eyes.
“Fuck, dude,” he moaned, legs buckling as I grabbed for his balls for a hard tug and a cruel twist. “Fuck yeah.”

Turn around,” I told him, watching as his ass came into view, covered in the same blond down as the rest of him, muscular, alabaster white. My cock pulsed at the sight of it. Thwack went my hand on one cheek, then the other, back to the first, the red quickly rising to the surface. His head titled up, legs even wider, ass further out, hole again visible. I craned my neck down, hocked a loogie at it, watching my saliva drip down. And then in a finger slid, his hole clenching down around it before allowing the intrusion, a second digit soon joining the fray, both of them reaching deep inside, all the way to the back.

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