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“Help!” Maria started screaming at the top of her lungs. A number of people turned, looking in our direction with concern.

By the time she was shrieking at the top of her lungs a second time my cousin and I were already in our car, burning rubber out the parking lot. As we were leaving we saw an older white lady trying to help Maria up.

Daisy had to get twelve stitches in her arm to close the cut and that trick Maria had the audacity to call Delco talking about she was going to press charges. He told her ass to go ahead and do that and then we’d press charges in return and with her record we’d see who the judge sympathized with. She dropped that shit like hot bread but I knew the drama with her wasn’t over yet. She seemed like the type of crazy bitch who knew how to hold a grudge and wouldn’t give up until
she got what she wanted.




















I smiled flirtatiously at some of the patrons as I walked around the club but most of them just averted their eyes as though they didn’t see me. A lot of these men were the same niggas whom a couple months ago would have given their left kidney just for me to give them the time of day. More so offer them the pleasure of my company. Now they were acting as though their shit was brand new. Well fuck them. If they didn’t want to buy the pussy I’d eventually find someone else who was willing.

“Trying to make th
at paper Keya?” Trina asked as she came up to me wearing a friendly smile.

I frowned at her. I didn’t know why this trick couldn’t get the point that I didn’t want to be her friend because I didn’t trust her ass. “What does it look like bitch?” I sucked my teeth and turned my back on her.
I wasn’t in the mood for a chat with her when I was trying to make some money.

Trina was a new addition to the club. She was also the mother of Boss’s son. I didn’t understand why she was working in this joint when I could have sworn I heard Angel say that Tyga was taking care of his twin
brother’s son even though Boss had betrayed him. I also couldn’t understand why Trina wanted to be my friend when we used to fuck the same nigga. She was always acting friendly towards me but I wasn’t about to let that bitch stab me in the back.

She slapped
me on the ass as she went by. “One of these days you’re gonna see that you and I have a lot in common.” She smiled flirtatiously over her shoulder as she strutted in the direction of one of the club’s patrons. And I had to admit that the bitch was looking good. She stood around five seven, with dark brown skin, a thick sexy body and she wore her hair in a long black weave that reached all the way down to her huge booty. And with those dreamy dark brown orbs and those thick locious lips she could seduce a man just by looking at him; too bad that even though she kept flirting with me I just wasn’t into women.

I cut my eyes at her and returned to trying to catch the attention of one of these no good niggas.
I really needed to make some money tonight.

I finally spotted
one of my regulars across the room chatting with Delicious. His name was Tommy and he was a tall dark skinned dope boy who liked spending a lot of his money on strippers. I immediately saw dollars signs and strutted over to them, swaying my hips in an exaggerated motion.

“What’s up Tommy
?” I purred, interrupting their conversation. Delicious was sitting on his lap, whispering in his ear as he felt on her booty and nuzzled her cleavage.

He looked up at th
e sound of my voice then threw me a questioning look. “What?”

“It’s been a minute
since you asked me for a dance.” I smiled at him, licking my lips seductively.

He glower
ed in return. “Bitch get the fuck outta my face. You think I didn’t hear that you’ve got the monster and is handing out death sentences left and right.”

I was a little shocked by his response. How the
fuck did he know that I had HIV? “What are you talking about?” I pretended ignorance.

“Look at you.” H
e waved his hand in my direction, with a look of revulsion on his face. “You look disgusting. You ain’t nothing but skin and fucking bones. Someone should put you out of your fucking misery before you infect even more people.”

I immediately step
ped into his space. “You want to be the one to try that shit nigga.”

He seemed as though he was
about to rise from his seat but someone intervened by pulling me away. I immediately rounded on the person, ready to cuss their ass out.

“Chill ma,” he held up his hands in surrender
. “I’m just getting you away from that nigga because I require your services.”

He was a short, skin
ny nigga with acne scarred skin and he was wearing a wrinkled suit. He definitely didn’t look like he had any money to pay me and I really needed some so that I could get myself my next hit.

“How much
are you paying?” I wanted to know.

He retrieved a fat knot from hi
s pocket, then started flipping through it and I saw nothing but twenties. “How much do you want?”

I smiled at his money.
Now we were fucking talking. “Put that away daddy and let’s find ourselves a room.”

I smirked at Delicious and Tommy as my trick and I walked away. Tommy was acting like he was
now too good for the pussy but I’d obviously pulled a nigga who was even more paid than him. Tommy glared at me in return while Delicious turned her head away. That bitch has been scared of me since I gave her the beat down of a lifetime.

I took my latest victim to one of the back rooms and got
right down to business. He wanted his dick sucked, so after he dropped his trousers I got down on my knees and took him in my mouth. He smelled a little funky and the odor almost had me gagging, so I eased back a bit. But when he saw that I was pulling away he grabbed onto the back of my head and forced his humongous dick down my throat. I gagged on it but thankfully I didn’t choke.

“Oh shit that feels so fucking good,” he moaned. “Damn bitch, you’re good at this shit.”

I tried not to breathe through my nose, as my head bobbed up and down on his shaft. Only thinking about the money I was gonna get paid and the beautiful white substance I was going to buy with it, got me through that blowjob. As soon as he released his babies down my throat I was up off the floor. I wished I could spit that shit out but I swallowed it even though it tasted as funky as he smelled. I didn’t want to offend him, not when I was this close to my money. Turning tricks in this club wasn’t easy anymore.

“Pull up your skirt and bend over on that chair,” he ordered as he massaged his dick, trying to get it hard again.

I reluctantly obeyed his command. I had thought that after sucking him dry he would’ve been happy and not want to fuck too, but obviously I was wrong. It seemed I was going to have to work a little bit longer for my cash. I didn’t hear a condom wrapper ripping before I felt him pushing inside me. Dumb nigga, I guess he was another fool who was going to be biting the dust because of his stupidity. If these fools weren’t worried about themselves I wasn’t going to worry either.

Although he wasn’t much to look at and tasted and looked like shit, the niggas dick game was on point. As he pounded inside me from the back, my pussy got wetter than a motherfucker as
my muscles spasmed around his dick.

“Oh damn that feels good.” Now I was the one moaning like a bitch. “Fuck this pussy nigga, fuck it harder,” I demanded.

He grabbed onto my hips and pounded into me like he was the energizer bunny. And I threw the pussy back at him, clenching my inner muscles on his dick every time he withdrew. It wasn’t long before we were both groaning our simultaneous releases.

n bitch, that’s some good pussy,” he complimented me as he pulled out and then wiped his dick off on my ass.

“And that’s some good dick too,” I admitted. I walked over
to a table in the corner and grabbed a couple of paper napkins then used them to wipe up his cum.

know my shit is good,” he winked at me as he buckled his belt. “And I’m glad you enjoyed it. Maybe next time we can do this at my house.”

“As long as the money is as good as the dick I don’t mind.”

He frowned at me. “You still want me to pay you? I thought we just had a moment. Didn’t you feel connected to me when we came?”

I gave him an incredulous look. The dick was good but not good enough for me to turn stupid and forget about my money. “Nigga stop playing and give me my money.”

A look of anger overcame his face and before I knew what was happening he had me hemmed up against the wall with his hands wrapped around my neck, squeezing the life out of me.

“It’s bitches like you who make a nigga do shit like this,” he ranted as I gasped for air. “Why can’t ya’ll act right? I thought we had a moment
but you were just thinking of me as a trick and trying to play me.”

body had used up the last of its air supply and I felt as though I was about to pass out, but before that happened he finally released me. I slid boneless to the floor, coughing as I pulled air into my starved lungs.

When I looked up
again the trick had already left, taking my money with him. A scream of anger escaped my mouth as I realized that I wasn’t going to get paid after putting in all that work. Which meant I wasn’t going to get my fix. Security ran into the room asking what was wrong but I couldn’t even find the fucking words to answer. Tears of frustration spilled down my cheeks. While those fools were busy fussing over me, my money was probably escaping into the night.

I was still
drowning in my despair when Trina entered the room and crouched down beside me. “Are you ok?” she asked in what seemed like genuine concern.

“That motherfucker nearly killed me and he didn’t even pay me,” I cried. “How the fuck am I gonna get my fix now?”
At the moment, I was too mentally fucked up to think about filtering what I was saying.

“Girl don’t worry, I got you,” she reassured me. “I already told you that you and I had a lot of things in common.”

She discreetly slipped a small dime bag, containing a white substance, from her pocket and as I looked at the product I immediately began salivating. I may not have trusted the bitch but I sure as hell wasn’t going to say no to her drugs.






















I came home to find my wife lying in bed watching TV. She was looking so damn sexy in nothing but a tank top and underwear. And I immediately felt my dick rise at the sight of her thick thighs and firm high booty. Every time I saw Sexy I was happy that I was smart enough to put her ass on lock. At five and a half months pregnant my wife was still one of the baddest bitches I knew. But even greater than the way she looked, was the love that she carried in her heart for a nigga like me. In the past, I had done Sexy dirty a lot of times but thank god she never gave up on me.

I sat on the bed beside her and she had a smile
for me on those beautiful pink lips.

“What are you doing home in the middle of the day?”
She asked, leaning over to give me a quick kiss. Usually at this time of the day I would be at one of the clubs doing paperwork or making rounds in the streets to ensure my empire was running smoothly. A nigga like me had a lot on his plate but today I had taken the afternoon off to spend it with my wife.

“I got something for you,” I smirked
, knowing she would love what I was about to reveal.

I pulled my T-shirt over my head
, exposing my newest tat and it provoked a startled gasp from my wife’s lips.

h bay,” she whispered with joy in her pretty green eyes. She softly traced the inked lettering with her index finger. “When did you get this done?”

“Last week.” It was hell hiding it from her because I usually slept naked and when I started going to bed in a T-shirt and boxer
s she would eye me with suspicion even though she didn’t voice her distrust.

Almost five days ago
, I had gone to the tattoo parlor and had her name inked on my left peck. It was a symbol of how close to my heart I carried her. She had gotten my name inked on herself months back and I’d been thinking about returning the favor since then. Now that we were having our new beginning, I thought it was the perfect time to prove to her just how committed I was to our relationship.

BOOK: Loving Angel 3
3.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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