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Luscious Love (2 page)

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With that settled, Caleb asked many of the questions Wendell expected, which Wendell answered as best he could. He even explained what he knew about chocolate. Caleb seemed very impressed with Wendell’s answers.


Caleb smiled as he typed, ‘I’ve a last question to ask. When can you start?’


Wendell’s eyes were wide open when he read the question. He stuttered, “I’m h—hired?” He couldn’t move his fingers to type what he just said, hoping Caleb would understand him.


Caleb nodded and mouthed, “When?”


Wendell tried to get his mind moving. His fingers were frozen on the keyboard. He was hired, just like that. At last, he typed, ‘Wow, sorry, how about tomorrow? If that’s okay with you?’


‘Absolutely! I need help badly and I think you’ll do just fine. I start at six in the morning. Will that be a problem for you?’


‘I’ll be here,’ he typed with excitement ready to burst out of his body. He stood up and shook Caleb’s hand and quickly spoke, “Thank you so much.” He gathered his stuff, putting it in his bag as he left Luscious Love.


As soon as Wendell was away from the shop, he shouted at top of his lungs, “I got the job!” It had been a year since he actually worked. Being so excited, he ran the entire way to his small studio apartment. To make it all even better, his was only a couple miles away.




It was five o’clock when Wendell woke up. Unbelievable, I’m working for real. He was thrilled as he got ready and rode his bike to Luscious Love.


Caleb was already there. Wendell let himself in and greeted him.


Caleb mouthed, “You’re here.” He gestured for Wendell to come into his office.


There was a stack of papers on his desk for him. Apparently, Caleb spent time the night before writing the general information about Luscious Love, and the duties Wendell was expected to perform.


Caleb wanted Wendell to start his day in the backroom where they could make the various chocolate candies. Wendell tried his best to follow the directions Caleb wrote for him. Caleb remained patient throughout the process, offering encouragement.


The backroom was an organized flurry of machines and equipment, ranging from a huge machine that melted the chocolate, to a vast number of chocolate molds organized by category.


‘So, I put the chocolate in the glass and press the start button?’ He typed on his iPhone, turning it to show Caleb.


Caleb pressed the touch screen button, ‘Yes, let me show you first, then you can do the next one.’ Caleb was careful to show Wendell each step before allowing him to try it on his own.


Once Wendell understood what he was supposed to do, Caleb went back into his office. A huge knot in his stomach made Wendell cringe. He worried that the shiny machines would cost a fortune if he broke one.
Get a grip
, he scolded himself.


When he finally calmed down, Wendell surveyed the table that contained the chocolate types: dark, sweet, semisweet, milk, and white. The directions told Wendell to mix the dark and white chocolate in the melting machine.


He put the chocolate in a big pitcher that was connected to the machine. When he saw how many buttons were on the machine, he became confused. He read the directions again, trying to find the one that explained which button to press. It didn’t mention that step in the directions, so he guessed a button and pushed one.


Wendell had forgotten to put on the cap that closed the pitcher to prevent chocolate from splashing out as it melted. He realized this as the chocolate melted, splattering all over his face and clothes. He cursed without thinking, but was relieved that the chocolate wasn’t as hot as he thought, or he’d been burnt.


Apparently, Caleb heard Wendell cursing. He rushed from his office to the backroom. Wendell was wiping the chocolate off of himself. He apologized to Caleb for making a mess, but kept his eyes on the floor, afraid of Caleb’s reaction.


After a moment, he felt a hand on his chin and looked up. He expected Caleb to be upset, but instead he just looked amused. He mouthed, “You missed a spot.” He reached to Wendell’s cheek to brush off the smudge of chocolate, and licked it from tip of his finger. The act went right to Wendell’s cock, making him hard in an instant.


Caleb’s smile was mischievous. “I’ve been watching you down at the beach for weeks.”


Wendell understood each word Caleb was saying, but it took him a while to process what the words meant. His eyes were wide open by the time he got what Caleb was saying. He stuttered, “Wh—what? You’ve been wat—watching me?”


Caleb took out his cell and typed, ‘I’ve always noticed you. I liked your eyes, very sexy.’ Wendell looked up and Caleb smiled hesitantly.


Wendell was at a loss for words. He searched the room waiting for a camera man to jump out, everyone laughing at a joke on the poor Deaf guy. Caleb stopped his panicked thoughts with a tender kiss on the lips. Wendell’s eyes were still open, and he slowly closed them as he kissed his fantasy man back.


Wendell opened his mouth, inviting Caleb's tongue. As their tongues wrestled, he enjoyed the taste of chocolate in Caleb's mouth. The combined aroma of chocolate permeating the shop, together with the chocolate on Caleb’s tongue filled Wendell with thoughts of throwing Caleb to the floor and covering him in the rich brown batter.


As much as Wendell wanted to continue the kissing, he had to stop Caleb. The job was new, and he wanted to keep it. Getting involved with the boss probably wasn’t the best idea, no matter how tempting.


The light above the door leading to the main counter area blinked, letting them know a customer had entered the shop. “Chocolate. Customers.” The two words were enough to stop Caleb and get him back to reality.


“Right.” Caleb chuckled as he adjusted his cock in his pants, trying to make it less obvious.


Wendell couldn’t help but stare. He wanted to get rid of Caleb’s boner right there but…he wanted to get to know Caleb better before moving things too fast.




As days went by, Wendell managed to quickly pick up how all the machines worked. He also worked the front, taking orders from customers. It wasn’t as difficult as he thought it’d be. A dry erase board was placed in front of the cash register, informing the customers that Wendell was Deaf. If customers had any questions, they would write them on it.


So far, not one customer was upset by any miscommunication with Wendell. If there was a problem with an order, he’d call for Caleb to solve the situation. Having to call for help when facing a tough situation with a customer was what Wendell loathed the most. He wanted to prove to Caleb that he could handle it and so far he had.


One customer refused to buy anything from Wendell, insisting on being served by Caleb instead. Wendell knew not to take it personally. She claimed to be Caleb’s best buyer, Colleen, and she demanded the owner. As the candies were Caleb’s creations, and Wendell was a new employee, he called Caleb over.


As soon as Caleb came in, he immediately rolled his eyes and mouthed, “I’ll take care of it.” The conversation between them was too fast for Wendell to understand. Whatever Caleb said had pissed Colleen off. She was screaming something, including several curses. She stormed out a few seconds later.


“Everything okay?” Wendell asked, looking concerned.


Caleb finger-spelled, ‘E-X’


Wait a minute, did Caleb just finger-spelled to me?
“You know some sign language?”


Caleb shook his head and gestured that he knew little of finger spelling and then he signaled Wendell to come over to his office to see something on his computer.


Caleb clicked on a video and it showed a person signing words. That video signed ‘handsome.’ Caleb glanced up at Wendell, looking bashful and endearing. Wendell smiled and noticed that Caleb was looking at one of the well-known websites for people who were interested in learning sign language.


-I wanted to talk to you better.-
Caleb attempted to sign to Wendell, and got it almost all right. It warmed Wendell’s heart that Caleb was trying.


“I’ll help you.” It came out of Wendell’s mouth before he could think. It didn’t matter though, Wendell wanted to get closer to Caleb and teaching him sign language would do for a start.


In return, Caleb was willing to turn his shop into a deaf-friendly place. Wendell was in charge of that part. He added a touch-screen computer in front of the register where people could place their orders. A television had the captions on so the sounds from the TV weren’t necessary. On every table, there was a notepad and several pencils in a cup. That way, everyone could communicate. Wendell even got a video phone in the office so he could take orders over the phone.




“No.” Wendell tried to show him how to sign
May I take your order
. “ASL doesn’t follow English rules.”


-It’s too confusing!-
Caleb signed in frustration.


“I know it’s confusing. I told you it’d not be easy. Sign this: Eat What.”


-Eat What?-
Caleb’s eyebrows arched showing that he was asking a question.


“Yes! That’s right. You’ve got it.” Wendell hugged Caleb with excitement.


Caleb’s lips met Wendell’s in a soft kiss. Wendell’s heart was beating as fast as a hummingbird’s wings. He didn’t want to stop, but a customer rang at the counter and the light flashed in the backroom.




Weeks passed as Caleb finally began to master sign language. Every time Caleb raised his arms to sign, his shirt lifted high enough to show his hairy belly. It made Wendell want to rip Caleb’s clothes off and make love to him. Wendell was falling harder for him every single day.


-What’re you looking at?-
Caleb asked, seeing he had caught Wendell staring at him.


-Oh, nothing. Just admiring the view.-
Wendell chuckled and kept staring at Caleb.


-Let’s close up early.-
Caleb suggested with a sneaky grin.


-Sounds good. I’ll clean in the shop.-
Wendell went straight to the front, cleaning everything in record time. He was grateful there weren’t any customers in the shop. He locked the door, while changing the sign from open to closed. He had no idea what Caleb was doing in the backroom. Probably cleaning.



Wendell went to the back and saw that Caleb wasn’t there. He found Caleb in the office, finishing up some work on his computer.


-I’m almost done. Had to turn in the balance before tomorrow.-
Caleb said before Wendell had his chance to say anything.


-Sure, take your time. Front’s cleaned and door’s locked.-


He didn’t have to wait long before Caleb shut the computer off and stood up.


-I’m done. Wanna ride with me?-
His expression clearly said he wasn’t just offering a ride.


Wendell had been ready for the next step in their relationship for weeks. No longer did he fear getting fired, and he really adored spending time with Caleb.
-Sure, will my bike fit in your car?-


Caleb laughed and trailed his fingers down Wendell’s cheek.
-I drive a truck, so yeah it will fit in the back.-


“Right, I knew that.” He chuckled nervously and went out to load his bike in the back of Caleb’s truck.




BOOK: Luscious Love
9.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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