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Authors: Kylie Hillman

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Making Choices (Black Shamrocks MC Book 2) (5 page)

BOOK: Making Choices (Black Shamrocks MC Book 2)
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“I’d hate to fucking interrupt you, Timber, but you need to swap with Murray.” He gestures to the smaller, brown-haired man standing behind him, one jet-black eyebrow raised and his top lip curled as he takes in our position. “I’ve called Church, and I want you there for it.”

Lucas nods, and with one last—hopefully subtle—squeeze of my ass, he puts me back on the ground. I adjust my scrubs and my hair before facing the two newcomers.

“Good morning, Mr O’Brien,” I address Joel’s father.

“It’s Beast, girlie. How’s my boy this morning?” he replies in a tight voice.

Damn, this man is intimidating.

“He’s doing as well as can be expected. Still sedated, and will continue to be for the next six or so days.”

“Good.” He dismisses me by turning to Lucas.

“You ready? We need to get this done.”

“Yep, Beast. Gimme one minute.”

Beast—what’s up with all these names—lifts his chin in reply, and leaves the room with the guy he called Murray. Lucas looks down at me, his expression serious.

“What time do you finish up, Doll?”

“I thought we agreed you weren’t going to call me that anymore.”

“I think it’s too late. It’s stuck.” He grins at me.

“Well, I guess Lucas is going to stick as well.” I flash him a cheeky smile, making him laugh. “I finish at five today.”

“Pretty sure I’m already getting used to the way my name sounds falling from your sexy mouth. I’ll survive.” He winks at me and my core clenches. I haven’t had such uncontrollable responses to a man since I was a teenager in the first flush of puberty. “I’ll pick you up from the foyer.”

Making an impulsive choice, I decide that I’m going to take whatever this sexy man offers me tonight. Just for tonight, though, because there’s no way anything long term could happen between us. I’m
a healer
, and he’s for, all intents and purposes,
a butcher
. A butcher of our fellow humans, if the newspaper articles I read last night are to be believed—maybe a killer as well.

“I’ll see you then.”

Grasping me by the back of the neck, he pulls me onto my tiptoes. I stretch as far as I can when he leans down, planting a kiss on my lips before he pats my ass as he leaves.


Six Months Earlier

he meeting with management went as well as it could be expected.

Ollie glared at me the whole time I was telling the truth, although he stayed silent for the most part. His initial protest was quickly shut down by the director.

I thought Ollie was going to have a Class III embolism when the director said he’d send me the appropriate paperwork should I decide to take the matter further. Declining at this time, I had to stifle my laughter at the relief that flooded everyone’s face.

The whole meeting was quite comical, the reach of the Black Shamrocks very evident. When it concluded, I was left feeling dirty—my moral outrage at their tactics vying with my excitement at beating Ollie at his own game.

My day deteriorated further after the meeting when I’d assisted Ollie with three surgeries. Each operation was more uncomfortable than the last as Ollie’s mood became worse. The only thing that stopped me from falling into his trap and apologizing, or something equally stupid, was the hope that Lucas would be waiting for me if I managed to tough it out.

A big part of me doubted that he’d be waiting. The tiny
hopeful part that could still feel him pressed against me this morning was being beaten down by my reservations that a man who looked like him would be interested in a woman like me.

Walking into the foyer forty minutes later than I said I would, I’m genuinely surprised to find Lucas waiting for me, one red rose lying on his lap. He’s sprawled in the seat, his head hanging back as he snores quietly. I’ve only known him for a day or so, and the whole time he’s looked commanding and intense that it stops me in my tracks to see him looking so young and innocent as he sleeps. I would put him in his early thirties at most, not that much older than my twenty-seven, but when the authority and masculine potency that he exudes is stripped from his demeanor, he looks in his early twenties.

He’s an impossibly good-looking man. Handsome and built—his looks are in a league of their own. I’m not insecure in my looks, but I don’t see how someone like him could be interested in a tiny, red-headed, green-eyed woman who’s slightly above average attractiveness at most.

Especially interested enough to bring a rose.

“Are you gonna keep staring at me, or are we gonna actually leave this hellhole tonight?”

I jump when his sleep-roughened voice interrupts my ogling, and he laughs at me as he pushes himself out of the chair, handing me the rose.

I put it to my nose and inhale. It smells divine.

As his long frame unfolds in front of me, I take a step back so I can see his face. The mirth covering his features makes me laugh with him, helping me shake off the residual tension of the day.

Clasping his hand in mine, I drag him toward the front doors.

“Let’s get out of here, Lucas.”


fter a small negotiation, we finally settle on taking Lucas’s bike. He refuses to tell me where we’re going, simply winking at me when I give in. Sliding his spare helmet over my head, I climb on the back. I’ve never been on a motorcycle before.

My father would have a heart attack if he could see me now.

I don’t know where to put my hands, so I place them gingerly on his hips.

Wrong move. He grabs them and brings them together in the middle of his waist, his action pulls me tight against his back, my thighs encasing his hips. My smallish breasts press against his broad back.

“Hold on tight, Doll.”

We ride for a good twenty minutes, and after a few scary moments at the beginning because I wasn’t sure what to do when we turned corners, I start to feel comfortable behind him. The sense of freedom that overcomes me as we weave in and out of the end-of-workday traffic is nothing I’ve ever experienced. I feel like holding my arms out at my sides a ’la Rose at the bow of the Titanic, but I don’t. I’m not quite that brave.

Once the city traffic has thinned out, we pull into a quiet, suburban street, and then into the driveway of an expensive-looking sprawling, single-story house.

Lucas turns off his bike, motioning for me to climb off.

My legs are wobbly from the vibrations, and he grins at me when I hold my arms out to steady myself.

“Is this your house?” I ask him after he’s removed first my helmet and then his.

He nods, leading the way to the front door. I follow, pulling the long strap of my satchel over my head so I can hold it as we walk.

Once the front door’s unlocked, Lucas gestures for me to enter first. His house is much nicer than I expected a biker to have, with classic oak furniture, random touches of forest green, and expensive-looking artwork hanging on the walls.

“Nice place,” I tell him, emitting a low, impressed whistle. “This outlaw biker stuff is obviously more lucrative than I’d have thought.”

He doesn’t answer, instead dropping our helmets onto the hallstand just inside the entrance. Taking my satchel out of my hands, he pushes me toward the wall next to us.

Lifting me, he presses my back against the wall, stepping between my legs in one fluid motion, and grinding his growing erection against my throbbing pussy.

I feel even smaller than usual in his big arms when he holds me easily in the air.

It’s a potent feeling—one that sets my pulse racing.

“Fuck. I was gonna cook you dinner, then have you for dessert, but I can’t bloody wait. Feeling you pressed against me on my bike has me rock hard, so I’m having dessert first.”

“Is that right?” I purr, rubbing myself against him.

I have no idea who this brazen woman is, but I hope she stays. I’ve had my fair share of sexual partners, especially when I was at university, but I’ve never played coy before. The effect adds another element to the buildup. “What if I’m hungry now?”

“Oh, I can tell you’re hungry all right, Doll. Your hot cunt rubbing against my cock is a dead giveaway.”

Damn, but his words make my core clench, and then flood with warmth. Hearing my vagina being called a cunt would normally be a turnoff, yet Lucas saying it in his gravelly, sexy voice sends my arousal into overdrive.

Gripping the back of his head, I guide his mouth to mine and kiss him with every morsel of lust I’m feeling. I’ve given myself permission to enjoy one night with this dangerously seductive man, so I’m going to make the most of it.

Tomorrow I’ll be the good, rule-following daughter my parents raised.

“Fuck—” He groans against my mouth after our scintillating kiss.

I’ve barely regained my bearings—the man can kiss like no one I’ve ever met—when Lucas pulls back from the wall and strides into his kitchen area. Depositing me on the kitchen island, he tugs my shirt above my head and unclasps my bra, freeing my breasts. He tosses my clothes on the floor behind him. My nipples peak under the heated stare he bestows on them before he nuzzles my cleavage with his entire face. Sucking my entire left nipple—areola and all—into his mouth, he lavishes it with attention before letting it go with a loud pop.

Wrapping my fingers in his man bun, I find the elastic holding it and pull it out. I run my fingers through his thick locks as they fall free, enjoying how it slides between them like silk, while Lucas undoes my pants. He drops to his knees, pulling my pants and my lace thong down my legs, burying his face between my thighs, and licking me from my opening to my clit in several long, strong laves.

“Oh, God. Yes. Lucas...oh.” I moan as he smothers my clit with attention prior to impaling me with his strong tongue. My thighs begin to shake, my pussy clenching around his tongue.

The man is talented. So, so very talented.

Flicking my clit with his fingers, he fucks me with his tongue. The quivering in my thighs extends to my whole body after a while. As the pleasure he’s giving me crests, my orgasm flows over me like a wave—a wave I ride until the delicious end.

After one last thrust of his tongue, he rises to his full height, and pulls his wallet from his back pocket. Pulling out a condom, he unzips his jeans, pulling them down his ass and releasing his cock.

It’s hard and angry looking—pulsing and red.

Pointing toward the ceiling, it stands tall and proud as he rolls the condom over the head and down his shaft. Lucas has the nicest cock I’ve even seen. It’s in proportion with his gigantic body.

My mouth runs dry when I think about it sliding into me, making me stretch as he opens me up.

I can’t wait.

“Like what you see, Doll?” he asks me with a drawl, one dark blond eyebrow raised.

“You bet I do...” I trail off when he pushes into me.

His entry feels every bit as good as I’d anticipated. Throwing my head back, I mewl with delight as he thrusts home.

Breaking out of my good daughter mold is paying off in spades tonight.

“Jesus fucking Christ, you fit all of me. I can feel you wrapped tight around every inch.” He groans as he pulls out and thrusts back in—harder this time. I feel a small, sweet, tinge of pain as he bottoms out inside of me.

“That’s it, Lucas. Give it to me. Make it hurt.”

My words must give him all the encouragement he needs because he picks me up off the island with strong hands around my waist and drives himself back into me, holding me in the air with his bulging arms. His eyes on mine, he stares deep into them, as he lifts me up and down on his cock with deliberate precision, each stroke harder than the last.

Damn. If he keeps this up, he’s going to ruin me for other men for a long time.

This is shaping up to be the best fuck I’ve ever had.

Turning toward the dining room behind us, he kicks one of the chairs out of our way and lays me down on the table. Throwing my legs over his shoulders, he bends me in half, curling his frame over mine. I’m pinned in a ball, unable to move or meet his thrusts with my own. Screaming with ecstasy when he drives himself all the way into me over and over, I’m a quivering mess and about to climax again.

My channel begins to pulse around his cock as I reach my peak. I feel his thrusting quicken as he comes.

“Fuck, yeah. Take it all.
Take it all
,” he rasps as he finishes with short, sharp jerks of his hips.

Breathing heavily, Lucas lets my legs slide off of his shoulders. They hang uselessly over the end of the dining table because I don’t have the energy to move them. After placing a small kiss on the end of my nose, he moves off of me and removes the condom.

“Wow, I wish I’d known bikers fucked like this years ago,” I tell him as he pulls up his pants and walks to the trash to dispose of the condom. “I’d have been knocking on the door of your Club, asking for names and numbers.”

I’m joking, my tone light and playful. The frown he sends my way makes me rethink my words. He looks upset.

“Yeah, thanks...I guess,” he replies as he walks back to me.

Pushing upright, I slide to the floor and stand in front of him. I run my finger up and down his bicep, smiling up at him.

BOOK: Making Choices (Black Shamrocks MC Book 2)
13.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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