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Master of the Circle

BOOK: Master of the Circle
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Master of the Circle
Seraphina Donavan
Cobblestone Press (2012)
Product Description

With a high powered job and a privileged but scandalous background, Jenna had always struggled to fit int. Fear of being judged has kept her from exploring her fantasies and indulging her desires. But an invitation to "The Circle", the most exclusive sex club in the city, gives Jenna the opportunity to explore her most secret desires with the promise of anonymity.








Master of the Circle




Seraphina Donavan



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Master of the Circle

Copyright© 2012
Seraphina Donavan



Cover Artist:
Sable Grey

Deborah Bailey


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced electronically or in print without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in reviews.


Cobblestone Press, LLC










Jenna’s hands shook as she emerged from the elevator, clutching the invitation. Her heels clicked on the marble tiled floor as she walked towards the ornately carved door. Kamikaze butterflies nose-dived in her stomach.
You want this,
she admonished herself.
Stop being a coward!

The elite sex club was frequented by some of the most influential people in the city. Completely exclusive, the club ensured its invitations were all but impossible to get. For years, Jenna had thought it nothing more than an urban legend, titillating stories swapped at parties. Still, the idea had lingered, spurring dozens of erotic fantasies. Unable to stop thinking about it, she’d begun the arduous process of seeking out members. A few sly questions here and there at cocktail parties and events had eventually led her to a reliable source of information. Now, she was finally here, on the brink of exploring her darkest desires.

Jenna didn’t truly fit the clientele, of course. She moved within society, but as a tolerated oddity. The illegitimate daughter of a wealthy businessman and a maid, Jenna couldn’t say that her father hadn’t supported her. She’d been given the best of educations as well as a job in a high-profile company. In the business world, she was powerful.

But business only counted for part of it. In the social scene, she always felt petrified of saying or doing the wrong thing and embarrassing her father. She lived in fear of his disapproval when, in truth, he hardly paid any attention to her at all. The true sticklers in society much resembled her father. They merely tolerated her presence while waiting patiently for the day she’d commit the ultimate faux pas.

Perhaps that was why she’d never been in a satisfying relationship. Her past sexual experiences had been tame and mundane at best. She’d been too afraid of being judged to let her deepest desires loose. But no one stood in judgment here. Instead, everyone had the same goal, the same motivation: pleasure. And, sweetest of all, it came with totally anonymity. The gilt-edged invitation had included a simple black mask as well as a black silk dress that barely covered her. Jenna donned the mask as she rang the doorbell to the penthouse in the city’s most luxurious high-rise.

A tuxedoed butler opened the door and Jenna recognized immediately that he was not one of the hotel staff, but a private employee. She handed him her invitation and he indicated that she should follow. Music drifted through the large apartment. Its sensual, insistent beat made her body move in time without conscious thought.

The butler paused before a set of double doors. “Once you enter, Miss, you must remain until dawn unless escorted out by a master.”

Jenna’s heart pounded a bit faster. This was also part of her fantasy. She’d never been able to give up control before, not with people judging her every move. “I understand,” she replied.

“You must remove your coat. It is not permitted.”

Jenna blushed beneath the mask but untied the belt of her cashmere trench coat and slid it from her shoulders. The servant took it without glancing at her, though the silk dress was cut nearly to her navel and barely touched her thighs. He merely opened the door and stepped back to allow her to pass. Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, Jenna crossed into the room.

Jenna paused just inside the doorway as her eyes adjusted to the dimness. The room was large, its walls lined with gilt mirrors. Music poured from speakers placed discreetly about the room, providing a low hum that allowed for intimate conversations without worry that others could listen. Not that overhearing appeared a likely problem.

Only a few people were present, couples cozied up on luxuriously upholstered chaises and couches that were situated in small groupings throughout the room. The men wore black silk trousers while the women wore garments similar to her own. Everyone wore masks. One couple sat in a chair, positioned in full view of several couples watching from a black leather couch. The woman sprawled across the man’s lap, feeding him bits of fruit as he fondled her breasts.

Jenna’s examination of the room stopped when she caught sight of the figure at the far end of the room. Instead of the “guest” uniform, he wore a tuxedo tailored to show his broad-shouldered frame to perfection. He wore a mask as well. From a distance, his hair appeared midnight black. Looking at him made Jenna’s pulse pound and increased the dampness already growing between her thighs.

He beckoned her, a slight motion of his fingers, and Jenna was helpless to resist. She strolled toward him, trying desperately to appear casual and not like an eager fool. When she reached him, she could smell the spicy scent that he wore and feel the heat emanating from his body. His dark hair was shot with silver at the temples and that little detail only made him more appealing. She wanted to wrap herself around him.

“I am so pleased you accepted my invitation. I am the only person here who knows who you are. It will remain that way, yes?” he asked. His voice, deep and rich, held a hint of an exotic accent.

“Yes,” she said.

“Yes, Master,” he corrected her.

“Yes, Master,” she repeated. She wasn’t a docile person by nature, but subservience seemed appropriate at the moment.

“I shall initiate you tonight, but first, I want you to observe. Sit there,” he said, pointing to a small chair beside a much larger one. His chair was throne-like and she would sit at his feet. Every detail was intended to remind her of her place.

Jenna seated herself as he directed, and he settled in the elaborately carved mahogany armchair. Her shoulder brushed his thigh and her breasts pressed against his calf. She wanted to lay her head on that rock-hard thigh, to stroke her hands over him, but she held back. Her master had not yet granted permission. Master. A thrill went through her at the word.

“That couple in the corner,” he said. “What would you like for them to do?”

Jenna swallowed nervously. Uncertainty coursed through her. In a tremulous voice she hardly recognized as her own, she replied, “I don’t understand, Master.”

He smiled, the predatory gleam of his teeth making her shudder. His hand stroked over her hair, a soothing gesture much like one would grant a distressed child. “You are my newest pet, and I find that I am in the mood to please and entertain you. Would you like to see them fuck? Or perhaps you would enjoy watching him lick her cunt until she comes?”

Jenna’s pussy clenched and her nipples pebbled with desire. “I would like to see both, Master.”

“Greedy,” he said. “I like that.” He patted her head again and then clapped his hands.

Immediately, the couples stepped forward and formed a line before him, standing shoulder to shoulder like sentries. Jenna didn’t recognize them, but she didn’t try to either. Part of the excitement came from wondering if these people were the ones who’d shunned her at parties. They wouldn’t dare shun her now. She watched as the Master pointed to the couple that he’d selected. They stepped closer as the other couples formed a semi-circle around them in a graceful flow of movement that looked like a well-choreographed dance.

“Yes, Master?” the blond man inquired.

“Eat her cunt until she screams, then fuck her.”

The man dropped to his knees before the woman, lifting the silk of her garment to display her shaved pussy. He licked and suckled at her mound before dipping his head lower and flicking his tongue along the slit.

Jenna leaned forward for a better view. She hadn’t thought she was a voyeur, but she’d been wrong. For never having played a part in her fantasies before, it was certainly having a profound effect on her now. When the woman spread her legs and her lover parted her swollen labia to reveal a glistening clit, Jenna wanted nothing more than to reach between her own legs and stroke herself.

The woman moaned, and her head fell back as her lover’s tongue lapped at the hard bud of her clit. Her red lacquered fingernails dug into his shoulders as she shuddered and moaned. He moved lower and Jenna leaned forward to watch as he made a point with his tongue and drove it into her sheath again and again, fucking her with it.

Jenna whimpered, unable to look away. She wanted to feel it instead of just seeing it, but at the same time, the knowledge that this sight was her Master’s gift made her want to savor the experience.

The woman’s moans intensified as her partner once again closed his lips over her clit, suckling it into his mouth.

“Are you enjoying the show, love?” the Master whispered into Jenna’s ear.

“Yes, Master, I am,” she replied, stunned at the husky sound of her voice.

He reached out and stroked his hand over one silk clad breast, his fingertips brushing her distended nipple. “Do you wish he was doing those things to you?” he queried, his fingers closing over her nipple, tugging gently.

Trembling, Jenna replied with a gasp, “I do, Master, but I’m also enjoying watching him, knowing that you’ve done this for my pleasure.”

“Very good,” he said with a smile. “Part your thighs, and touch your clit for me.”

Jenna’s breath caught. Could she do that? Could she touch herself so intimately in front of others? Did she have any choice? Slowly, trying not to show her hesitation, Jenna parted her thighs, revealing the slick folds of her sex. She slid one hand between her legs, parting the damp lips to expose her engorged clit.

“You are very obedient, my pet. You will do very well here,” he said. “Now, you may touch yourself, but you may not come until I say. Watch your show.”

Jenna tapped her clit lightly, sending shocks of pleasure through her body as she turned her attention back to the couple. The woman moaned and then began to shudder as she came. Jenna fought the urge to delve her fingers into her aching sheath. She had not been given permission for that, only to touch her clit.

The couple in the center of the tableaux shifted, the man helping the woman to lie down on the floor. He placed pillows beneath her hips, angling them upward. Jenna’s gaze never wavered from the couple as he lifted her legs, placing one ankle on each of his strong shoulders. He loosened the ties of his pants, and the black silk parted to reveal an impressive erection. Long and thick, it bobbed with his every move as he guided it to his partner’s slick entrance. Jenna shuddered, her fingers moving more quickly over her clit.

“No,” the Master said, leaning in close to her ear. “You must stop now. You cannot come yet.”

Jenna’s breath escaped on a little sob as she reluctantly drew her fingers away from her throbbing clit. “Yes, Master.”

“You are doing so well,” he said. “Such a good, obedient girl. A good slave must always trust her master, my sweet. Delaying your fulfillment now will only make it sweeter later.”

Jenna couldn’t speak, so she nodded. Her body ached with need, her pussy clenching in anticipation of having a hard cock inside her. Her nipples were so hard they hurt. Still she couldn’t stop herself from glancing at the Master. The bulge at the apex of his muscular thighs was unmistakable. She couldn’t wait to feel his cock inside her. Would he be gentle, or would he take her roughly?

“Watch them,” he admonished softly.

Jenna turned back to the couple in time to see the man’s cock slide, inch by inch, into the woman’s glistening cunt. As Jenna looked on, the woman’s back arched, her head pressing into the pillows. The man continued his controlled movements until he finally penetrated the woman fully. Jenna’s breath caught as she watched him withdraw almost completely before ramming his cock into her again. The force of it shocked Jenna, and the woman’s scream echoed throughout the room.

Jenna heard a soft moan escape her own parted lips and she couldn’t look away. The other woman’s breasts bounced as her partner used her roughly, thrusting into her again and again. The sounds their bodies made, a wet slap of skin on skin, echoed in the room, drowning out the music. Above even that, Jenna could hear her own ragged breathing and the sound of her blood pounding in her veins as her need ratcheted higher.

The couple continued to fuck, having found their rhythm. Each thrust of his massive cock into her was met by the arching of her hips as she welcomed him into her body. Jenna surveyed the man’s straining muscles, appreciating the perfection of his body, noting how those muscles flexed as he gripped the woman’s ankles, plowing his cock into her again and again.

The woman brought her hands up to her breasts, pinching her own nipples as he fucked her. Her moans became screams, then her screams, obscenities. “Fuck me!” she demanded “Harder! Harder!”

Her partner complied, his thrusts becoming almost violent. Jenna could see the woman’s stomach clenching, signaling the beginning of another orgasm. Jenna’s cunt twitched empathetically. The man stopped mid-thrust to withdraw in one graceful motion. He flipped her onto her stomach, hauled her back against him, and thrust his cock into her from behind.

Jenna shivered. How would it feel, that angle of the penetration and the delicious brutality of his movements as he surged into her?

The man brought his hands down on the other woman’s ass, the sound of his hard slap reverberating through the room. The woman let out a keening cry and then slid her hand beneath her, rubbing her clit while her partner spanked and fucked her. Each ear-splitting smack of his hand left a red print and elicited a rasping sob of pleasure from his lover.

The woman came first. Her whole body shuddered with the force of her orgasm as her keening cries faded into soft sobs. Seconds later, he thrust into her one last time then went rigid, pouring his hot seed inside her. When he withdrew, cum glistened on his cock. Jenna could only stare. Involuntarily, she licked her lips.

BOOK: Master of the Circle
3.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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