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Melting Ice (6 page)

BOOK: Melting Ice

Isaac did what he always did. He hardened his heart and told himself he didn’t care. In truth, he couldn’t care because he had an uncanny talent for destroying those he cared about most. That’s why he didn’t make friends in the locker room and why he only had sex with women, never a relationship. It was better for everyone that way. His sister Karen had once accused him of being cowardly because he was afraid to go all-in with his heart. Those were the last words she’d ever uttered to him. Instead of heeding her advice, he built prison walls around his heart complete with razor wire. Those few determined enough to get in were cut so deeply they gave up.

Isaac knew the secret no one else knew—he wasn’t worthy of anyone’s love. He’d proven that fact time and time again, the last time with tragic, life-altering consequences.

Yet, none of this slowed his pace as he hurried down the dirt road to the barn, his path illuminated by a dull moon partially obscured by clouds. The closer Isaac got, the faster his pulse raced and the harder his cock got. Damn, he really had it bad for this woman.

He ached for a taste of her, and if she was willing, he would do more than taste.


He’d strip off her clothes and bury himself deep inside her, forgetting temporarily all those things he longed to forget, agonizing emotions he used to drown in alcohol until he passed out.

He’d bet she was tight, the kind of tight that surrounded him with moist heat, hugged him in all the right places, and brought him to an incredible climax. Oh, yeah, he could feel her now, her body milking his dick and driving him crazy with lust.

His penis pressed almost painfully against the fly of his jeans. He hoped like hell she’d give him the relief he sorely needed because his hand would be a damn sorry replacement.

Chapter 4—One and Done

Avery escaped the torture of the family dinner as soon as she could. Her oldest sister, Izzy, who was engaged to be married to hockey star Cooper Black, had spent the entire evening dropping not-so-subtle hints that Avery should return to college and finish her last few semesters of pre-med. Avery would rather ride a rocking horse in the Olympic games.

Once she returned to the barn, she did the thing she always did when she was sad or stressed. She hung out with the horses, doling out treats, kissing their soft noses, and stroking their soft coats.

After paying attention to Riot and getting the usual minimal response, Avery moved on to another stall where a big black gelding paced back and forth in his stall. Onyx had come to them from a stable back east where he’d been extremely abused by a well-known horse trainer, and he hated life, hated being ridden, just plain hated everything.

Because of Sam’s experience and success with talented, problem horses, she’d bought the horse for next to nothing a short while ago. He was the absolute opposite of Riot. Nyx could be dangerous, and he wasn’t an amateur’s horse. He kicked and lunged at people who went in his stall, sulked in the corner when he wasn’t pacing, and all in all just hated his life. When Sam rode him, he tried every trick in his extensive arsenal, such as rearing, sucking back, and refusing to move forward. Other times, he’d shy at anything and bolt. But Sam was good. Really, really good.

If anyone could get through to this damaged soul, Sam could. She’d turned her talented mare, Gabby, into a sound competitor, and everyone had insisted the stubborn mare couldn’t be salvaged.

Avery worshipped Sam and Sam’s German trainer Hans, fortunate to be in this situation to learn from both of them. When Sam had offered the small apartment over the barn last fall, Avery had jumped on it, quitting college, and alienating her big sister in the process.

Yet the sacrifice was worth it. She was in heaven surrounded by the animals she adored, doing what she loved, and learning from the best. How many people got to do that? If only Izzy truly understood, but Izzy never would, which probably explained the tension Avery couldn’t seem to shake. She loved her sister and hated disappointing her.

Perhaps Bella, for once, had a point. Isaac was all kinds of naughty and all kinds of sexy. She already felt this insane attraction to him. Why hold back? Why not grab the bit in her teeth and run with it. She’d seen lights in his house across the pasture. It’d take her only a few minutes to walk down their shared driveway and knock on his door.

Then again… What if he wasn’t alone? With Isaac’s dark, bad boy looks, he probably had an entire flock of women at his disposal. Despite their
unfinished business
, she hadn’t seen him in two days. If he’d truly been interested, wouldn’t he have finished their business by now or at least picked up where he left off?

Avery sighed. Another one bites the dust. Men didn’t stick around long, not that she usually cared, because she had her horses. Yet this man had been different.


Avery instantly recognized that deep, rough voice. She turned and squinted into the darkness. Isaac stood several feet away, as if in answer to her prayers. He wore a tight black T-shirt, gray hoodie, and faded jeans. All of which made him as delectable as hell and immediately her body perked up. She smiled, unable to help herself.

“Speak of the devil,” she blurted out, then cringed as she realized she’d admitted he’d been on her mind.

“The devil at your service.” He bowed low, and she laughed.

“So you were speaking of me?” He glanced around, as if looking for another person.

“Yes, I tell my horses everything,” Avery teased, finding it easy to tease the man.

“I hope it was all bad, ’cuz I like being bad.” He arched a dark brow. His mouth quirked in amusement.

“Maybe.” Avery gave him her best sultry smile, the one she used to convince a reluctant party guest to dance with her when she was working for the Party Crashers.

“I’m glad you’re around tonight.” His eyes glittered with interest, and she knew exactly what he was interested in.

“I’m around every night.”

“Not much of a partier?” He cocked his head and studied her, his mouth turned up in a small smile.

“Not much.”

“Not even a private party of two?” He asked hopefully as he stepped closer.

“Is that an offer?” Avery held her ground and looked at him through lowered lashes, playing her part and making him work for it. She suspected Isaac never worked to get a woman in his bed.

“Oh, yeah. I want between your legs,” he said matter-of-factly. His bluntness didn’t exactly score points in the romance department. But this would be a booty call, not a romantic liaison. He raked his gaze up and down her body, taking his time, as if enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

Before Avery could accept or reject his offer, Isaac closed the space between them. He backed her against a stall and placed his hands on either side of her shoulders, imprisoning her between his muscular arms. His minty breath washed across her face as he bent his head to rub his stubbled jaw across her cheek. “Where’s your sister?”

“She’s working tonight. I have the place to myself.”

“Good, because I really want to take you deep and hard until every part of you aches for every part of me.” He watched her face, as if reading every nuance of expression and grinned this adorably endearing lopsided grin.

She already ached for him. She’d been aching since the moment he appeared in her life. To deny the raw chemistry would be lying, and Avery didn’t like to lie.

When she didn’t respond, he chuckled. “Honey, I’m going to give you the ride of your life.” He leaned in close, licking the side of her neck and planting little kisses along her jaw. She titled her head to expose more skin. He licked then kissed, then he took a little fold of skin at her nape between his teeth and bit down. Hard. Almost painful. Lust slammed through her body and settled between her legs, making all her sensitive parts even more sensitive, and her girlie parts waving pink flags in surrender. She groaned, putty in his obviously capable hands.

She wasn’t making him work for it. In fact, she was laying her body out on the banquet table so he could feast on any dish he wanted.

“Tell me, tell me you want me.” His husky voice betrayed his need. He pushed her coat open and off her shoulders. She should’ve been cold in the chilly air, but she wasn’t. She was burning up. Avery shrugged off her coat and kicked it out of the way. He slid his hands under her shirt.

When his rough fingertips contacted her bare skin, her world tilted, leaving her off-kilter and beyond reason. She buried her fingers in his spiky hair and gazed into his piercing eyes, imprisoned by their intensity. The man had killer eyes. He also had killer hands. And she’d bet all her blue ribbons, other parts of him were killer, too.

He pressed his lips against hers, teasing her at first, avoiding her tongue until she cried out in protest. With a chuckle, he slipped his tongue inside her mouth and kissed her, long and deep. She kissed him right back as she pressed her body against his. The barn was cold, but she didn’t care because their bodies were so hot; it could have been sixty-below, and she’d wouldn’t notice.

Dragging his mouth from hers, he unbuttoned her shirt with surprisingly shaking hands to expose her practical sports bar. He licked his lips and stared at her for so long, she started to squirm.

“I know my bra isn’t very sexy, and I’m not very big.”

Isaac glanced up at her before focusing on her breasts again. “It’s damn sexy, and they’re perfect, absolutely perfect,” he spoke with conviction. He pushed the sports bra upward and exposed her tight, hard nipples. “Cold?” he asked with a smirk.


Isaac bent his head and took a nipple in his mouth while he pinched the other one. He wasn’t gentle, not even close. In fact, prickles of pleasure and pain shot through her body as he sucked a nipple deep into his mouth and held it between his teeth, tugging on it, stretching it, teasing it. She whimpered, begging him to stop but not to stop. He kept at it until he left her nipple sore and hyper-sensitive. He switched to the other nipple giving it the same treatment. His stubble abraded her delicate skin. She loved the textures of this man, all hard and powerful.

Isaac lifted his head, his eyes scalding her body and his breathing coming in hard gasps. “I like it hard and rough. You good with that?”

“Yes,” she breathed harshly. She’d like it any way he wanted to give it to her.

Still, he hesitated. “Avery, I don’t do repeats. One and done. This is just hooking up for a quick screw. Nothing else. I want to make sure you’re good with that.” His eyes searched hers for the answer. His concern only endeared him all the more to her.

“I’m good with it,” she answered with a breathy moan.

“Just don’t want any false expectations with us living so close to each other.”

“Damn. Just quit talking, and do it.” She dug her fingers into his shoulders and pushed her crotch against his, rubbing her lower body over his erection. It was his turn to groan.

“Okay.” His voice came out strangled, shooting satisfaction through her.

“Where? Where can we—” He grabbed her hand and pulled her down the aisle, his movements jerky and desperate, as he looked for a place to do the nasty.

Avery pointed toward the closed door to the barn’s lounge. “In there,” she panted.

Isaac dragged her inside the room and kicked the door shut with his heel. He paused long enough to take in the layout of the room. The lounge had large windows on one side for viewing riders in the arena. A couch and few chairs were scattered around the room, along with a small kitchen on the opposite wall.

Isaac headed for the couch and tossed her on it as if she weighed nothing. Faster than she could manage to gather her wits, he had her pants around her ankles including underwear.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” He hovered over her, gritting his teeth from the supreme effort it took to hold back.

Okay? Okay?
She was more than okay. He’d lit a fire in her body only he could quench.

Avery reached out for him. He grinned through bared teeth and yanked off his jeans and underwear, revealing one very large, very aroused penis. He was definitely hung like a horse, and she should know.

“Oh, my.” Avery sucked in a breath as she watched him roll a condom down the thick length. He was far bigger than any guy she’d ever had. He didn’t say a word, just pulled her to the arm of the couch and positioned her so that her ass was perched on the arm and her legs hung over the side. He spread her legs wide and paused, looking down at her wet pussy, a smug smile on his face.

“I should take more time but I can’t. The beautiful sight of your moist pussy is killing me, sweetheart, and I need inside you now. I promise next time, I’ll take it slow.”

There wasn’t supposed to be a next time, but Avery didn’t remind him of his own rules. He made them; if he wanted to break them, who was she to argue?

“You sure you’re ready for me?” Veins stood out on his neck from the strain his temporary abstinence put on his quivering body.

“Yes.” Of course she was ready. She’d been waiting a lifetime for this man.

“It might hurt at first.”

She’d take that risk and experience that pain, just to feel this virile, gorgeous man thrusting inside her. “Do it. Now. Hard. Don’t hold anything back.”

He stepped between her legs and guided his big cock into her tight entrance. She gasped as he stretched her wide and closed her eyes as she willed her body to relax and accept his size. Despite his claims of wanting it rough, he took it easy with her, pushing inside little by little, pausing to let her adjust before he went deeper. She’d never felt so full, never felt like she couldn’t take a man inside her. His patience and care warmed her heart. It couldn’t be easy for him.

They were close, so very close now. Somehow she’d managed to take ninety percent of him inside her body. He met her gaze with a tortured one of his own.

“You don’t need to be careful. I’m ready.” She arched into him, taking him a little deeper.

With a primal snarl, whatever control he’d had snapped. He pushed into her with one final hard thrust until he was buried inside her deeper than any man she’d ever been with. Hell, deeper than her dildo. White, hot pain radiated through her body and mingled with all-consuming pleasure until she couldn’t tell where the pain ended and the pleasure began.

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