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And speaking of nipples… Her attention was drawn back to her
own body as Merlin’s rough hands fondled her breasts, rubbing her nipples until
they were so sensitive she thought she’d scream. And each of his long, slow
thrusts drew sighs of delight from her throat.

Queen Willow was sighing in delight as well. Tentatively,
she reached out and tangled her fingers in Sebring’s hair. He worked on her
with his tongue and fingers, and soon Kyla could scent her arousal. Her own
arousal was such that juice spurted out with each of Merlin’s thrusts, which
were coming faster and harder now.

She dipped her hand between her legs and felt Merlin’s
balls. Taking them in her hand, she squeezed and fondled them gently. He
lowered his head and kissed her shoulder then bit it, holding it firmly with
his teeth, growling like a tiger behind her.

Sebring had laid the queen on her back on the towels on the
side of the bath. He looked so much like Merlin it was like seeing double. Same
long, graceful body, same long, thick cock. He hesitated for a moment then
plunged between her legs. The queen uttered a cry then moaned deeply. From
where she was, Kyla could see his cock as it entered her cunt, and another rush
of blistering passion enveloped her, making her dizzy. Her own cunt started to
throb and clench and she knew she was about to come.

Then Merlin cried out, and the cry turned to a pure, low
note that rose and fell, pulsed and filled the air. A startled cry came from
the queen, turning into elf song as well, soon joined by Sebring, his voice
rough, as if the song was forcing its way past his lips. The song pushed Kyla
over the edge. With a strangled cry, she abandoned herself to her orgasm,
letting it sweep over her and shake her until her teeth chattered and her eyes
filled with tears. Afterward she slumped back into the water, lying against
Merlin’s strong shoulder, incapable of moving or speaking.

Sebring thrust one last time into the queen and Kyla saw the
base of his cock twitch as he emptied his seed into her. The queen’s voice rose
then fell and she flung her arms around Sebring, drawing him to lie by her
side. He stayed like that, his leg thrown over her hips, his cock still in her,
until she stopped shaking. Then, slowly, he pulled out of her and helped her
slide into the bath. There he held her tenderly while she buried her face in
the crook of his neck and cried.

Kyla didn’t understand why she was crying, but Sebring didn’t
seem to mind. He nuzzled the back of her neck and stroked her back. After a
while she stopped sobbing and just cuddled with him. The cuddling turned into a
long kiss, and then Sebring took the queen’s hand and put it on his cock, which
had grown hard again. The queen reddened a bit but kept her hand on him, and
even started to play with it, a smile tugging at her lips.

Sebring nudged her out of the bath and went down on her
again, sucking and slurping at her pussy until the queen was writhing and
panting. Then he had her turn over and get to her knees and slowly he thrust
into her cunt, her juices spurting a bit from her tight hole as he eased into
her and then thrust. He also reached between her legs and fondled her clit,
rubbing it with his forefinger. They didn’t last long. The queen started to
shudder and collapsed on the floor, her fingers digging into a soft towel as
elf song once again filled her throat.

Merlin fondled Kyla’s breasts, his hands sliding softly
across her nipples, making her feel both hot and shivery at the same time. She
couldn’t get enough of his touch, his taste or his body. She pulled him onto
her, opened her legs and guided his stiff cock into her already inflamed
passage. He didn’t last long and neither did she. Her body was already excited,
her nerves drawn tight. The slightest touch, the feel of his cock buried deep
inside her, and she came with a cry of sheer delight. Panting, she glanced to
the side.

Sebring hunched over Willow’s body, his cock pumping into
her harder and harder until he too came with a long, drawn-out song. It echoed
in the chamber for long minutes after they had finished.

The queen rolled over and kissed her lover, her body loose
and relaxed.

Kyla knew how she felt. Her body was sated but her mind
still churned. How long would they have to stay here? Would Merlin have to
sleep with the queen next? Would Sebring want to sleep with her? For some
reason, she felt no desire to make love to Merlin’s twin. As much as they
resembled each other physically, they weren’t the same person, and Kyla only
felt passion for Merlin. But at the same time, she wouldn’t mind making love to
Merlin while watching Sebring and the queen again. That had been quite exciting
and brought to mind the fancy late-night dinner parties at the royal palace
before King Branagh and Queen Melflouise had arrived. The fairies had loved to
have sexual encounters during the dinners—some subtle and some not so subtle.
But since the new court had arrived things had become more elflike—that is,
more decorum and less debauch.

The queen slipped back into the bath with a little smile now
on her face, started to wash. She tugged Sebring’s hand and he climbed in next
to her. He took the sponge she gave him and washed the queen’s back. They
seemed at ease with each other now, not so stiff and nervous. The queen even
laughed as he tickled her.

Kyla felt squeaky clean inside and out, and the water had
started to cool, so she climbed out of the tub and searched for some dry
towels. There were some on a heated bench, and she carried some over for Sebring
and the queen.

The queen took her towel with a thank you and another
pink-faced smile.

Kyla gave one to Merlin, who looked at her with hooded eyes.
He dried himself and stood as far from her as he could go and still be in the
same room. Kyla tried not to be hurt. She was too tired to dwell on it though,
and as soon as the queen had let the servants in and showed them to their
rooms, Kyla fell onto the bed and dropped off to sleep.

* * * * *

Merlin watched her sleep. Just looking at her gave him a
hard-on and he groaned. He was exhausted but wanted to speak to Sebring. He’d
been assigned to a room across the hall. He’d not been able to talk to his
brother since they’d entered the bathing room, and he was worried about him.

He went to Sebring’s room and knocked.

“Come in.” Sebring was lying on the bed, his arms behind his

Merlin sat on the end of the bed. “Are you all right?”

Sebring shrugged. “I’m fine.”

He didn’t look fine, but Merlin didn’t say that. Instead he
said, “Kyla gave me a potion before we left. She slipped it in my wine. Only
she had a sip of it too.”

Sebring sat up. “What kind of a potion?”

“Some sort of love potion.” Merlin sighed. “I didn’t mean to
keep anything from you.”

“As if I could miss the way you and Kyla looked at each
other.” Merlin snorted. “Or acted. A potion! What do you plan to do?”

“Get an antidote. Maybe there is a potion master in the city

“I’ll ask the queen if someone can help.”

“How do you feel about the queen?” Merlin asked carefully.

Sebring started to shrug again, then looked at Merlin. His
face twisted. “She and I sang together,” he said, then he put his face in his

Merlin wanted to comfort him, but could think of nothing to
say. By rights, elf song was reserved for lovers in love. That he sang it for
Kyla was bad enough, but for Sebring and Willow to share it, when they had not
even spoken together, was humiliating. So he knew what Sebring felt like when
he raised his head and said, “I have to talk to her.”

“Do you want me to come with you?”

“No, I don’t.” Sebring got up and pulled on a clean white
tunic, belting it with his worn leather belt. His hands rested on the buckle,
and Merlin saw it was the one that his wife had given him.

“Is it because of Holly?”

“No, that’s not it at all.” Sebring hesitated. “I never
wanted to fall in love again but when I made love to Willow and we sang, my
heart seemed to crack in two. I couldn’t help it. I don’t love her,” he added
quickly, “it’s too early to speak of love. But I swear, there is something
about her. I don’t know how I feel, but it’s like I was in the darkness and
suddenly I’ve found daylight again. There’s hope. I no longer want to die.”

Merlin was shocked into silence. He had known his brother’s
pain, but not the extent of it. Finally he said, “I’m glad you found Willow

“So am I. But at the same time, I feel as if I’m betraying
Holly. I don’t know what to do. I hope I can figure this out before we have to
leave.” Sebring departed from the room without another word, and Merlin went
back to his room, where Kyla still slept.

He was tired, so tired his bones ached, but the sight of
Kyla stirred him. Absently he stroked the hard ridge of his cock then, with a
sigh, he lay down on the bed beside her. In her sleep she moaned and stirred,
and he put his hand on her arm to comfort her. The contact made her open her
eyes sleepily and then, with a smile, she pressed against him and fell asleep

The scent of her skin and the steady sound of her breathing
lulled him to sleep in an instant.

Chapter Six


The next day dawned bright and clear. Sunlight came in the
window at the same time a hundred trumpets sounded and a hundred bells pealed.
Kyla, used to a quieter morning, sat up with a start.

Merlin too must have been startled, because he bounded out
of bed, dragging covers and sheets behind him. “What a horrible noise,” he
said. “Do you think they ring like that every morning?”

“I hope not. It would ruin the rest of the day for me, and
the night too, just knowing they would be blaring, blasting and ringing again
the next day.” She sighed when the noise finally stopped. “And if they’ve done
that just in our honor, then the good people of this city will be happy to see
the last of us.”

Merlin chuckled. “I thought you liked pomp and ceremony.”

“Oh, I do, only not so loud.” She went to look out the
window and gasped. The view was incredible. She could see past the city to the
port and out to sea, where fishing boats sailed and where hundreds of other,
smaller islands dotted the water. “How lovely.”

Merlin came to stand beside her, but was careful not to
touch her. Even so, the heat and scent of his body, so close to hers, sent her
heart racing. “Was it like this where you grew up?”

“Not quite as big, not quite as rich and not so high up. I feel
like a seagull.” She laughed and he laughed too. She was suddenly conscious
that it was the first time she’d heard him laugh. The thought made her wince.
He’d poured his soul out to her in elf song, but that was all she really knew
about him. Oh, what did it matter? Today she was determined to get the antidote
and get over him. He turned and his arm brushed against hers. That was all it
took to make her knees go weak.

He must have seen her discomfiture because he pulled back as
if he’d been burned. He looked at her and said, “Wait here. I’m going to find a
potion master.” Then, in a hurry, he put his clothes on and left the room. She
sank down on the bed and rubbed her arms. This had to stop.

He didn’t take long. Only an hour passed before he was back,
carrying a small flacon of liquid and a basket of apples. “I thought you might
be hungry.”

“Thank you.” She took an apple, her eyes on the potion. “Is
that it?” She pointed.

“Yes. There is a potion master right at the castle gates. A
soldier took me. He had to mix this up from scratch—it seems there is more of a
demand for love potions than antidotes.” He didn’t quite meet her eyes.

“Did you drink?”

“Not yet. Half for you and half for me.” That said, he
pulled the cork from it and drank, then handed her the flacon.

She finished it, making a face at the bitter taste. Then she
wiped her mouth and tossed the flacon into the wastebasket. “It’s over then.”
She tried to dredge up some enthusiasm but only felt depressed.

“I’m going to go see my brother,” said Merlin. “I’ll be back
in a while. Maybe you should go see if you can get something else to eat.” He
hesitated, then turned and left.

Kyla sank onto the bed, her heart beating strangely. She
felt a hollowness in her stomach, as if she’d lost part of herself. “Don’t be
stupid,” she scolded. “You had nothing in common with him, and it’s for the
best.” But she didn’t feel like eating the rest of her apple and she tossed it
away. She spent another hour washing up, dressing and fixing her hair. Then,
just as she was about to leave the room, a knock sounded.

When she opened the door a woman dressed in a red dress and
apron came in and curtseyed.

“I’m Lucy, and I’m in charge of guests. Lunch is served in
the dining room. If you follow me I’ll show you the way.”

“Pleased to meet you, Lucy. It was kind of you to come fetch

They hadn’t gotten very far when Lucy asked, “Excuse me, but
is it common for people of Hivernia to have slaves?”

The woman sounded kind yet curious, but Kyla couldn’t tell
her the truth—that there were no slaves in Hivernia—because it might get the
twins in trouble. They had claimed she was Merlin’s slave to explain her lack
of proper identification. “There are a few. Not many.” She hoped her lie would
never be found out by the people of Hivernia. They would be furious with her.
Hivernia despised slaves, and had outlawed them eons ago.

“Oh, are you exclusive concubine then? Were you terribly

That didn’t sound too bad. An exclusive, expensive slave.
Well, if she was lying, she might as well go all the way and invent a story. “Yes,
Sir Merlin paid for me in rubies.” She tried to look modest as she said this.

“Well, that’s interesting to be sure. You know, when the
court saw you last night, they were quite fascinated. Certain gentlemen even
spoke between themselves and said they would make offers for you if you were
for sale.”

Kyla started to find the deception far less amusing. “Are
there many slaves in the Southern Isles?” she asked.

“A few. Mostly they are concubines, such as yourself, living
in wealthy households. The men seek to have children, so they take as many
concubines as their wives will allow. Some women forbid their husbands to take
one, and others insist on three or four, hoping for children to rear.”

“Oh.” Kyla felt a bit faint. Perhaps it was just the hunger,
but the thought of buying women to try to breed with them made her sad. What
kind of a country had the Southern Isles become? Too much isolation had nearly
ruined it.

The dining room was empty, but there were several platters
of fruit and pastries on the table. “Have a seat. I’ll go get you some tea,”
said the woman.

“Thank you.” Kyla took a piece of fruit and nibbled on it.
Something felt out of place here. This big, empty room reminded her of her aunt’s
drafty old castle that the war had emptied. The paintings on the wall all
seemed to stare at her avidly. In fact, their eyes seemed to follow her every
movement. She got up, uncomfortable now. The tea was taking a long time. She’d
headed for the door, intending to leave, when she heard a noise behind her. She
whirled around in time to see something dark rushing at her, and then something
swooped over her head and enveloped her.

She tried to scream and struggle but her captor was too
strong. She was overpowered and the next thing she knew she was being carried

“Put me down!”

“If you cry out, you’ll be hurt. Be quiet. Nothing is going
to happen to you.”

Something dreadful was already happening to her. She was
being kidnapped! She struggled some more and let out the loudest scream
possible, and something hit her on the head.

* * * * *

She woke up with a huge headache. For a minute she forgot
what happened to her. Then she remembered being caught and clobbered. She
rubbed her head and felt a large, extremely tender bump. Well, whoever had
taken her didn’t know Kyla very well. She’d grown up with two older brothers
and she knew how to fight. They’d taught her how to defend herself. The next
person to come in this room would get a taste of her fist. She got up, groaned
as her head ached even more, but managed to walk around the room. She looked for
a weapon. There was nothing she could use.

She was naked, the bed had soft satin sheets, the walls were
bare except for some filigree sconces holding tall, thin candles. There was a
bookcase, but books made terrible weapons and these were slender tomes, not
even nice thick books to drop on someone’s head.

There was a closet, but it was empty. Not even a hanger to
twist into a claw. The rug beneath her feet was soft and the chair next to the
bed was a delicate antique.

Kyla took the chair and smashed it, then hefted one of the
flimsy legs. It wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing. She stood by the
door and waited.

The doorknob turned.

The door opened.

A person stepped into the room and Kyla smacked her over the
head with the chair leg. Her? Oh Mistral! “I’m sorry!” gasped Kyla, as the
woman fell to the ground, clutching her head.

Tears poured down the woman’s face as she stared at Kyla. “That’s
all right, I would have done the same thing if I’d been sold into slavery, but
I promise, I mean you no harm. I want to be your friend.” She wiped her hand
over her face and Kyla saw she was young, maybe a few years older than herself,
and pretty. She was a fairy too, a little smaller than Kyla, with fairy pink
hair and violet eyes, except her hair and eyes were curiously faded, as if left
too long in the sun.

“Sold into slavery?” Kyla backed up a step. “What do you
mean? Who are you?”

The woman got to her feet and said, “I’m Jemina. My husband
bought you from the slave dealer yesterday for an astronomical sum.” She gave a
hollow laugh. “I didn’t know about it until this morning when my husband told
me what he’d done with my inheritance.” She made a face. “I don’t mind though,
if you give us a child. That’s all I really want.”

Kyla felt as if she’d fallen into a bad dream and hadn’t
woken up yet. How long had she been knocked out? A glance out the window told
her only it was day. Wait a minute. Child? “Give you a child? What do you mean?”

“Why, getting pregnant of course. The slave dealer said you
came from Hivernia, and that you were a concubine there. He claims that you’re
not sterile.” She gave another nervous laugh. “With the price we paid, I should
hope you’re not sterile.”

“I’m not really a slave,” Kyla protested. “I hid on the ship
coming here because I was bored because of the war. I don’t belong to Merlin, I’m
a free person. I have to go back to the palace right away, Merlin will be
frantic with worry.”

“If he’s not your master, why should he worry? Is he in love
with you? Are you married?”

Kyla’s stomach clenched. He wasn’t in love with her. He
drank the antidote. He wasn’t her master either. But she wasn’t a slave to be
bought or sold. “I am not a slave,” she said firmly.

“You are now.” Jemina’s voice became distinctly less
friendly. “If you behave, you’ll have wonderful robes and jewelry. Come, let me
show you your new room.” She took Kyla’s arm and led her out of the room and
into the most gorgeous house Kyla had ever seen, and Kyla had been to the
king’s court in Hivernia and had seen some very impressive houses. House? It
was a manor! The halls were lined with portraits, the furniture was gilded and
the rugs underfoot were made of silk.

The views from the window showed magnificent flower gardens,
a carefully tended wooded park and a view overlooking the sea. Jemina opened a
door with a flourish and said, “Here is your room. I hope you like it.”

It was like something out of a fairy tale. As she walked in,
three ladies’ maids stood and curtseyed. The bed was huge and covered in blue
silk. Blue silk curtains hung on the tall floor-to-ceiling windows. The windows
opened to reveal a vast courtyard with potted plants and beautiful tables and
chairs set up around a bubbling fountain. The closet that Jemina flung open was
full of the most splendid dresses, and there was a dressing table covered with
perfume, makeup and jewelry. Everything she’d ever dreamed of was in that room.

As she stood, staring, one of the maids rushed over with a
filmy blue dress in her arms. She put it over Kyla’s head, smoothed it over her
hips and tied it just under her bosom with satin ribbons. Another maid came
over with a brush and more ribbons and did her hair for her, while still
another picked out a dazzling necklace made of precious, pale blue sea-stone.
When she caught sight of herself in the mirror her heart leapt. She looked like
a princess! Her hand lifted to her neck and she fingered the glittering stones.

“This is beautiful,” she gasped.

“It’s yours now. And we have parties and dances almost every
week. There are horses in the stables and pools to swim in. There are hundreds
of young men and women who come to play, dance and sing with us. We could have
so much fun together!” Jemina sounded almost desperate. She took Kyla’s hands. “All
I ask is that you take my husband as your lover and bear us a child. Please!”

Parties, dancing and beautiful gowns. Jewelry that she could
only dream of. No more being bored. She could flirt and sing and wear pretty
clothes to her heart’s content.

So why did she feel so ill? She put her hand to her stomach.
She felt like vomiting. It was probably because of the blow to her head. She
was lucky she hadn’t been seriously injured. Anger grew then ebbed. What could
she do? Merlin was probably glad to get rid of her.

“All right,” she said with a sinking heart. “I’ll give it a

Jemina’s smile was blinding, but it found no echo in Kyla’s

* * * * *

Merlin came back into the room and found Kyla missing. Where
had she gone? He thought she had gone to find something to eat, but when he
checked in the kitchens and dining rooms no one had seen her. He asked the
soldiers at the front gate if she’d left the palace and was told no.

He started to worry when one of the maids said they’d seen
her in the hallway in the company of a woman she had never seen, heading toward
a deserted part of the palace. He went back to the room but she hadn’t
returned. He decided the only thing to do was go see the queen.

Sebring wasn’t in his room. He hadn’t been there all night,
and Merlin hadn’t seen him since the day before. Merlin wasn’t familiar with
the castle, and it was huge, so he had to find a guard willing to take him to
the queen’s quarters. Apparently she had left orders for the guards to take
Merlin wherever he wanted to go, including the queen’s own quarters, because he
was escorted there in no time at all.

“Here is her room. You may enter,” said the guard. He bowed
and then he left.

Merlin stared at the door, then knocked. No one answered.
Perhaps this was the door to the antechamber then? He tried the handle. It was
open. He pushed the door open and stepped into a vast room. The curtains were
drawn, making it dark. For a minute his eyes had trouble focusing. Then he
heard a slight whisper and, intrigued, he went deeper into the room and looked
around the portion of the wall sticking out on his right.

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