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He caught sight of the bed at the same time Sebring sat up.
He’d been in bed with the queen. And from the looks of it, they’d been quite
busy. Sebring’s grin was wide and a little embarrassed. The queen sat up too.
She was naked, her hair was tousled and her eyes were shadowed as if she hadn’t
slept in a long time. Her lips looked puffy from kissing and there were love
bites on her creamy skin.

“What is it you want?” she asked, a little catch in her

“Kyla is missing,” said Merlin. “I’m worried about her.”

“Oh, don’t worry, she’s not missing.” The queen pulled the
covers up over her nakedness and tried to smooth her hair. “She was bought in
an auction by one of my nobles. They needed a breeder and since you agreed to
this deal, and to help Hivernia, I told them that they could have Kyla.” She
frowned. “She is just a slave, is she not? That is what you said. Why do you
look so angry? There are hundreds of fully trained concubines in the city. I
was going to surprise you with a choice of any three you would have liked to

Merlin said in a carefully measured tone, “You could have
asked me first.”

“My nobles acted before I thought they would.” She sighed. “Being
a queen isn’t easy. I’m always caught between powerful factions. In this case
though, you had better agree. The noble who bought her is in charge of the
army. But don’t worry. He is fabulously wealthy and will spoil her most

Sebring took her hand and held it. “Willow, you can’t sell
someone’s property without asking first. You’ll have to annul the sale. I

Merlin thought the queen would protest, but she shrugged. “I
will try, but don’t count on it. I don’t see why you brought a slave here if
you didn’t want to sell her. It makes no sense to me.”

Sebring took her hand and placed it on his cock. “Because
Merlin is mad about her, that’s why. I wouldn’t want anyone taking you from me.”
He thrust and Merlin could see his cock harden.

The queen turned red. “Sebring, your brother is here!”

Merlin would have liked to watch Sebring dally with his
mistress—that is, if he had Kyla with him. But he was upset about the news that
Kyla had been sold. Sebring obviously thought it would be fun to have a
threesome though, because he motioned to Merlin to come join them.

“Sebring!” Willow protested when he tugged the covers down.

“Just once, don’t you want to feel what it’s like to make
love with two men?” Sebring lay on his back and pulled her up on top of him so
that she straddled his hips. “You don’t even need to see him. Just look at me,
or close your eyes. You’ll love this, I promise.”

Merlin couldn’t help the surge of excitement that hardened
his cock. However, he had to know about Kyla. “Where is Kyla?” he asked.

“Make love to Willow and she’ll tell you everything,” said Sebring.
He rubbed his stiff cock against Willow’s thigh. “Sit on me and lean forward.
Don’t worry, Merlin is almost as skilled as I am.”

Willow impaled herself on Sebring, and she was so aroused
her cunt made slurping sounds as she eased onto his cock. Merlin swallowed. He
hadn’t done this in ages. When Sebring met and fell in love with Holly, he’d
shared her with Merlin a few times. But once she became pregnant the games had
stopped. Now it seemed Sebring was eager to share once again.

Merlin took off his clothes and slid onto the bed behind
Willow. First he rubbed his hands on her back, sliding them to her breasts. They
were heavy and smooth, and he kneaded them, enjoying the obvious pleasure the
queen took in his ministrations. He cupped them and stroked her nipples. Then
he reached down and fingered her clit. Sebring thrust slowly in and out, and
Willow’s breathing quickened. She moaned as Merlin touched her clit and then
gave such a start she slid off Sebring’s cock.

“Come back on me,” said Sebring, his voice rough.

Willow sat back on Sebring’s cock and then leaned forward so
that Merlin could stroke her buttocks. He started to push into her with his
finger, and after a few minutes of gentle insistence her hard ring of muscle
relaxed, letting him slide in to the hilt. He couldn’t stifle a groan of
pleasure at the hot, tight fit, and Willow uttered a cry of sheer delight. He
felt Sebring’s cock through the thin wall of flesh that separated them. Sebring
held himself still as he thrust, then Merlin froze while Sebring bucked his
hips, his cock head sliding in and out to the cadence of Willow’s quick gasps.
Merlin took his own cock in his other hand and held it tightly. He wished Kyla
were here to satisfy his need.

Then Sebring gave a mighty thrust and Willow threw her head
back, elf song pouring from her throat as she came. Her whole body shivered and
trembled and Merlin felt the quick, hard flutter of Sebring’s seed gushed into
her body. With a harsh cry he too came, his cock pulsing madly on his hand. He
withdrew his finger from Willow and then, with a sigh, went to the basin to
wash himself.

As he washed with warm, rose-scented water, he was amazed to
find that he still only had thoughts for Kyla. Hadn’t he taken the antidote?
Shouldn’t he be over her? But no. Just the thought of Kyla made his cock
stiffen again, much to Sebring’s amusement.

“Look at you, getting hard again,” he said, pointing across
the room to where Merlin stood.

“And so are you,” he said, lifting his eyebrow. “You better
watch out, Your Majesty. I believe my brother has plans for you.”

“And so do I for him,” gasped Willow. “By Mistral!” she
cried out as Sebring flipped her over on her knees and eased into her, doggy

He saw her body convulse as his brother drove into her, and
though she didn’t sing for him, he could tell she was nearing her peak. “Oh!”
Willow cried out as Sebring picked up the pace.

Merlin’s cock hardened at the sight of them, spurred on by
thoughts of Kyla. Thoughts of Kyla excited him so much he came nearly right
away. He felt himself reaching the limit of his pleasure and he gripped his
cock tightly as he came. Willow peaked and then collapsed onto Sebring’s chest.
He looked down with a groan and ran some more water into the basin.

“Throw me a towel,” cried Sebring.

Merlin tossed him a sopping-wet towel and Sebring caught it
and laughed. “Aren’t you glad I invited Merlin to join us?” he asked Willow,
stroking her hair.

“I am.” She looked at Merlin, and he saw a flush steal
across her cheeks. “If I can do anything for you, I will. Just ask.”

“I want Kyla back.”

She sighed. “All right. It won’t be easy, but if you promise
to trade her for two of Hivernia’s courtesans, I don’t think you will have any
problems. I will give you his name and ask one of my guards to take you to his
manor. But more than that I cannot do without compromising my position.”

No problems? Merlin went back to his room and took a hot
bath before he dressed, and he successfully ignored the maid’s obvious efforts
to seduce him. He wasn’t sure that there would be “no problems” as Willow said.
For one thing, he didn’t know any courtesans in Hivernia!

* * * * *

The ride to the nobleman’s castle was interesting. Merlin saw
more signs of a society in degeneration. The fields lay fallow, the orchards
and vineyards were only partially tended. Everyone seemed well-off, but
melancholy gripped the land. It soured Merlin’s already dark mood. When the
manor came into sight his heart gave a lurch. It was a beautiful place with
tall shade trees and many sparkling fountains and pools set like precious
jewels in the impeccable gardens. Even in the royal palace he’d seldom seen
such opulence. Then he remembered that the nobleman was in charge of the army.
seems to bring wealth
, he thought bitterly, remembering his fallen

As he entered the gates, servants came running. One man took
his horse while another took his dusty cloak.

“Welcome,” said a man’s voice. “You’re early!”

“Early?” Merlin echoed.

“I haven’t seen you before. Are you a friend of my wife’s?”
The man strode forward and clasped his hand warmly. “I’m Lord Fontaine. The
party will start at sunset but you are welcome to wait until then.”

“I’m Merlin Winterhelm, and I have come to see Kyla.”

Lord Fontaine laughed. “Of course you have. Everyone is
coming to see her. But it’s to be a surprise unveiling. Until then, make
yourself comfortable in the garden. The servants will attend to you. Now, if
you’ll excuse me, I have much to do before the festivities.”

Merlin had rarely been struck speechless, but he was now.
Party? Unveiling? What was going on? It didn’t take long to find out. The
servants gossiped eagerly. As she poured his wine, a serving maid told him

“She’s ever so pretty, and even if she did give our mistress
a knock on the head, she’s very nice.”

“A knock on the head?” Merlin wondered if he’d heard

“Well, she was confused. She’d been drugged, I heard, and no
one told her that she’d been sold. Her ex-master should be horsewhipped, that’s
what I think. Selling her without even a by-your-leave!” The servant gave a
little sniff and Merlin choked on his drink.

The servant didn’t notice and continued blithely. “Everyone
adores her already. She’s so much fun. She knows all latest styles and court
dances from Hivernia, and she’s already taught the minstrels some new songs,
thank goodness. I was getting so tired of ‘Round the Moonlit Garden’.”

Merlin started to wonder how he could get the chatty servant
to tell him what he really wanted to know. Was Kyla happy here? And had she
made love to Lord Fontaine yet?

As the sun set, other guests arrived. Merlin started to feel
distinctly underdressed. He’d worn his best cloak and Queen Willow had given him
a rust-colored tunic with gold embroidery. He’d thought it far too ostentatious
when he was getting dressed, but now that he saw what the South Islanders were
wearing he decided it was very plain. He stood as far in the shadows as
possible and nursed his wine.

He’d tried, of course, to see Kyla. But the servants told
him no one was allowed to enter the main house, that the party would soon
start, and would he like some more wine?

Not used to drinking, he tried to keep his intake down, but
with nothing to do but stroll around the gardens and try to peer into the
windows, he got bored. He accepted another glass and then stared at it. How
many did this make? He wondered if he should eat something. Servants were
putting lavish trays full of good things to eat on long tables. He saw bowls of
candied fruit and rich pastries, but the sight of such abundance made him feel
queasy. The tables were covered with long white cloths and gold candelabras.
Everywhere he looked were signs of wealth. Now the servants were lighting
candles in colored lamps hanging in trees and tucked into flowerbeds. The whole
garden looked more and more like a fairy palace. And that’s another thing that
struck him.

Lord Fontaine was a fairy—and so were all the servants. Kyla
was among her own kind here. She must be happy. Why would she want him to
rescue her from this paradise? He drained his glass and set it down on a table.
He must be getting drunk and his thoughts had started to whirl. How could she
be happy? He missed her! He shook his head sharply to clear it. What could he
be thinking? And to top things off, he started to feel guilty about making love
to the queen.

What was he thinking? He snagged another glass of wine from
a passing waiter and drained it. There had never been the slightest amount of
guilt before when he’d shared with his brother. So why did he suddenly hope
Kyla didn’t mind? Why should she mind? She was happily ensconced here in a
fairy castle and obviously everyone loved her.

He swallowed the last drop of wine in his cup and decided to
make his way back to the castle. No one wanted him here. He’d better disappear
before Kyla saw him.

* * * * *

Kyla had been looking forward to the party. She’d been
spoiled all day by everyone. Every little whim had been granted. She’d asked
for fancy dresses, shoes, jewelry and a white horse with a silver mane and
tail. Everything had been procured. Then she’d asked for her favorite food, and
again, everything was brought to her with hardly a delay. Everyone wanted to
meet her, to hear about Hivernia and to talk about the parties at the court and
about the clothes everyone wore and what the latest songs were. She completely
forgot about the war and talked as if Hivernia still sparkled with social
events. When she realized that, she felt awful. Then she felt angry about
feeling awful. After all, it wasn’t her fault there were no more parties. And
to keep her mind off the war and the dangers her friends and family faced, she’d
thrown herself into the preparations for this party with a vengeance.

She started to get bored with everyone treating her like a
porcelain doll though. She had the horse, but could not ride it. She had a
pool, but could only swim for a few minutes.

“Lady Kyla!” someone would say sternly. “You mustn’t do
anything that could jeopardize your ability to bear a child. It’s time to rest.
Stop doing so much work!” It was the first time someone had ever scolded her
for working, and for some reason it irked. What was wrong with her? Just a few
weeks ago she’d been moaning and complaining because she had so much work to
do. Now she was upset because people were telling her to sit down and eat
sweets? She tried to understand her feelings, but she wasn’t one for
introspection. With a sigh, she’d looked at her wardrobe again, but it didn’t
lift her spirits.

Perhaps the party would be fun. She’d looked forward to
dancing, and so she’d spent some time planning what to wear. That had kept her
busy until evening. Then Lord Fontaine came in and told her it was time to be

She’d thought Lord Fontaine was an attractive man. Not
handsome, but not horrible. She could close her eyes and think of Merlin… She
stomped her foot. No, she could not think of him! She’d taken the antidote and
she was now over him. No one would ever treat her so degradingly again. No one.
He’d tied her up, spanked her and… Why did her knees get weak and her pussy
start to swell at the thought? She took a shaky breath.

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