Millionaire's Society Mistress

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The Millionaire’s Society Mistress


Marie Kelly

Chapter One

The younger woman was never sure what had woken her from her fitful sleep. Whether it was the car jerking violently to the left, or the scream of the woman by her side, but her eyes had flown open catapulting her from unconsciousness to awareness in an instant. Her body had straightened in the uncomfortable passenger seat, aware of the way the other woman had let go of the steering wheel, her arms coming up defensively before her face as the car had lurched up the embankment, before in almost slow motion it had flipped, flying upside down before crashing down onto the roof. The sound of metal scraping against tarmac and splintering glass filling the air before an eerie silence had settled on the scene.

The younger woman had not even had a chance to open her mouth to scream, any sound she would have made lost as she had felt blackness flooding through her, swamping her as she had slipped back into unconsciousness once more, held securely into her seat by the belt which dug into her small body, suspending her like a limp ragdoll.

She was sleeping. Irritably she had pushed away the hand which had roughly moved her shoulder, her soft mouth murmuring incoherently that it was too early. The shaking had become more insistent as her eyes had flickered open the woman confused seeing smoke and hearing a voice…a man’s voice. With a frown of confusion the sounds had become sharper, the fuzzy comforting silence dissipating as her senses had awoken.

“Miss, miss can you hear me?” the voice full of an urgency she could not understand.

Trying to move she had groaned, the flash of pain in her arm streaking through her, hearing again the muffled voice of the same man as he had talked quickly to someone else.

“This one is alive – hurry we gotta get her out”

Hands had grabbed her, more focussed on speed than gentleness, the seatbelt cut as she had been hauled out from the side window, pain once more streaking through her from different parts of her body, the pain seeing her once more slump into unconsciousness.

She never knew how long she had been out, but as her eyes had once more opened she had smiled, her lips whispering up to the face of the handsome man who looked down on her, his eyes full of concern with a glowing light silhouetting him.

“Are you an angel?”

Seeing as his lips had twitched, a small chuckle leaving him.

“Nobody has ever called me that before”

The woman looking to the right, wincing as pain had once more coursed through her, seeing the light was actually further away, full of heat, heat generated from the burning car, its flames filling the sky.

As she had made to sit up, the unknown stranger had placed a restraining hand on her shoulder to stop her.

“You’re hurt pretty bad”, his voice kind and soothing, “Help is on its way so stay still”

Frowning she had looked around.

“The driver….” her question stalling on her tongue as her eyes had fallen on the body further from her covered by a blanket, a moan escaping her.

“Oh my God” tears springing to her eyes, “Is she dead?” Beside her the unknown man had nodded, his face becoming more somber.

“I’m sorry, who was she?”

The woman had frowned moving her arm as once more the waves of nausea had overcome her and the darkness had engulfed her, peaceful pain-free darkness.

As her eyes had once again flickered open, she had focussed on the brightly lit room so unfamiliar to her, she had groaned as pain had flashed through her small body, her look moving to the window beside her where a man had turned to smile, hearing his unfamiliar voice.

“It’s nice to see you finally awake”

The woman had given a shaky return smile to the tall stranger frowning softly as she had tried to place his face, sensing something familiar about him.

“I’m sorry…do we know each other?”

Her soft voice questioning as he had pulled up the chair by her bedside, grinning warmly.

“Wow…from angel to stranger” he had chuckled seeing her confusion, his voice becoming more gentle.

“I was one of the men who pulled you out of the car”.

She had given him a thankful smile recognising the OCP uniform he wore, his tall lean frame filling it well. Dancing sparkling blue eyes had added to his good looks, his dirty blond hair fashionably cut flicked around his handsome face.

“Thank you…I owe you my life” her voice full of genuine emotions as he had given an embarrassed half laugh before his features had become more serious.

“I’m sorry about your friend…there was nothing we could do for her”

Noticing as the woman lying in the bed had nodded softly.

She was beautiful, no stunning the policeman had thought to himself. Not even the bruises on her face and shallow cuts could hide that. Dark glossy black hair fell around her slim shoulders, her green eyes so unusual and large had watched him thoughtfully. She had been lucky. The car had collapsed on impact, with only her side remaining partially intact, although she had not escaped completely unscathed, her arm and leg broken, both encased in thick white plaster.

With his voice slightly huskier than intended he had pulled his notebook from his pocket as she had licked her lovely lips, perfect lips he had mused absently.

“I was asleep. I don’t know what happened” her lovely eyebrows knitted together as she had tried to remember. Grimacing, the police officer had nodded his head looking kindly at her.

“We have examined the scene and have a pretty good idea what happened” her eyes opening wide with both surprise and anticipation.

“It looks like the high winds we had earlier in the day blew a large branch onto the road. We assume that the driver ….Mrs Elizabeth Brown” he had stated, his voice taking on a more officious tone as he had checked his notebook, “had come around the corner, too late to avoid it. We think that she swerved into the embankment causing the car to flip…an unfortunate and unavoidable accident”

Seeing the pain on her face his voice had grown softer.

“I’m not sure if it is any consolation but we believe that she died instantly”

As the tears had slid down the woman’s face she had given a small nod “It is…thank you”

Fixing her with another look he had once more become more formal.

“We know nearly everything except one thing…who you are?”

The woman had frowned again savaging her bottom lip, her eyes haunted.

“I don’t know” she had whispered softly, her eyes pleading as they had stared at him.

“I have no idea who I am. I woke up here…and I can’t remember anything before that….nothing”

Fixing him with those large eyes she had looked hopefully back.

“I hoped you would know…maybe something in the car…a bag…driver’s licence maybe…something”

Sighing softly he had dashed the hopeful look on her face.

“We were lucky to get you out of the car. Everything inside was burnt. The whole car was destroyed…and everything in it.

“Oh” had been her only comment as she had slumped back into the pillow.

“I…I just hoped…” her voice becoming forlorn as she had once more savaged her lips, eyes full of fear.

Moving to place a comforting hand on her arm he had patted it softly.

“I spoke to the doctor, and he tells me that you have amnesia. He also said that your memories could come back to you at any time”

Another grin crossing his handsomely boyish face, “In the meantime we are checking missing persons and have run your fingerprints through our system…you will be glad to know that you are not a criminal”

Giving a wry smile back she had nodded.

“Yes, but if I was I would at least have a name”

Delving into his notebook, the policeman had pulled a sliver of paper from within, passing it to her

“This might help”

Looking at the unfamiliar scrap, she had given a soft frown reading the short contents

Alanna…let’s meet on Thursday to make it official.

“Where did that come from?” she had queried, not understanding the contents, nor recognising the handwriting. Looking closely at the officer’s name tag she had given a small smile.

“Your name is Stuart?” seeing as he had nodded

“Yes…we found that sheet in the jeans you were wearing…so perhaps your name is Alanna?”

Giving a thoughtful nod she had smiled back.

“It sounds familiar….maybe…I don’t know”

Stuart had playfully extended his hand

“Well it is a pleasure to meet you Alanna”

He had chuckled as she had shaken his hand with her unbroken one, grimacing

“Don’t suppose there was a little black book with names and addresses in there too?” enjoying the sound of his laugh.

“Nope…now wouldn’t that be too easy. You are now officially this very small town’s mystery woman”

Nodding her head she had sighed wearily

“What do you know?”

Seeing as he had grinned

“Well my amazing skills of deduction have allowed me to ascertain that you are not Canadian”

Frowning, Alanna had looked back at him with surprise

“How do you know that?”

Her tone questioning as he had smiled.

“Well I can tell a Scottish accent when I hear one…trust me my family are descendants”.

Giving a small sound of surprise, she had not even registered her accent, giving him a large warm grin, so unaware as it had caused him to moan with the way her whole features had shone. A teasing light entering her eyes “Oh yes…you are good”.

Stuart nodding his head “I thank you” his voice alive with laughter.

“So we are assuming that you came over to meet up with somebody…family or friends and that it is only a matter of time before somebody reports you missing” his voice once more taking on a serious note.

“Until then we have contacted your friend Elizabeth’s family and friends. It could be that it was she you were meeting…or she was there to pick you up for somebody else”.

Alanna had given him a more sombre nod “Thank you”.

Rising Stuart had given her a reassuring smile

“Never fear Alanna a mountie always gets his man…or in this case woman”.

All this had happened three months ago, and so much had happened in that time. Alanna had stood at the counter, her lovely eyes looking unseeing out at the wonderful rugged scenery.

Already the trees were changing from the vibrant greenery of summer to the patchwork colours of reds; gold’s and browns of Fall, the vista stunning in its beauty.

After extensive enquiries had turned up nothing on her identity and her memories had still not returned, Alanna had finally found somewhere to live. Stuart had been the one who had helped her, convincing his parents to rent out their basement apartment to the young woman, also helping to ensure that she had some money to live on.

Initially reserved and unsure about having a stranger in their home, they had all grown to become great friends. The older couple giving each other knowing smiles as they had commented on how wonderful it was to be seeing so much more of their son, his mum joking as she had playfully wondered why that would be.

As her injuries had healed, Stuart had also found her a job at the local diner, the work tiring but allowing Alanna to very quickly fit into the small community, and soon despite knowing nothing about who she was or anything about her past she had realised that she was content.

It had taken Stuart nearly a month to summon up the courage to ask her out on a date and Alanna had accepted, not sure how she felt about the handsome police officer, but knowing that she wanted to find out.

After attending the small movie hall he had finally at the end of the evening pulled her into his arms, before dropping his head to kiss her luscious lips.

Smiling softly Alanna had chuckled at the memory. How the two had pulled apart, his eyes nervously flitting over her lovely features.

“H…how was that?” his voice so unsure, as unable to stop herself she had laughed.

“Erm…it was” her brows knitting together wondering how best to put it.


Stuart had laughed out loud “No…it wasn’t…it was awful”.

Alanna nodding as she had laughed back, her eyes full of apology.

“I’m sorry Stuart…it…it’s just like…like kissing”

He had interrupted her with another chuckle

“Your brother?” he had managed as she had nodded, smiling as he had nodded back, with a sigh moving further from her “For me too”

Alanna feeling relief fill her as she had smiled back, his face comical.

“Great. Best looking woman to live here for years….and I’ve got to get brotherly on her”

After that the two had become great friends. Stuart the one she confided in about everything including her recurring dreams.

“He is waiting in front of me” she had told him after another night filled with the strange bittersweet dream, Stuart asking each time if it was the same man. Alanna nodding.

“Yes, he’s tall wearing a business suit, with black short hair”

Her eyes would grow sad as she would end “He stops…and just as he turns around I wake up…every single time. I try to see his face…but I can’t”

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