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is a work of fiction. Names, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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Excerpt from
Bound Beneath His Pain
by Stacey Kennedy copyright © 2015 by Stacey Kennedy

Excerpt from
by Stacey Kennedy copyright © 2015 by Stacey Kennedy

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Bound Beneath His Pain
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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

People who visited Las Vegas were typically on the hunt for a wild weekend getaway. Others wanted to spend their nights in a casino. For Dmitri Pratt, Vegas was his home. He enjoyed what Vegas could offer those who visited the city, but he preferred saying,
What happens in Club Sin stays in Club Sin

His beloved BDSM club, located in the basement of his mansion, felt more like home to him than the rest of the house. Nearly six years had passed since he'd opened the exclusive dungeon, where men mastered women looking to indulge in their wildest fantasies. Years back, he had hoped his club would be as successful as it was now. But the fulfillment he felt now was greater than anything he could've anticipated.

Tonight he studied the club before him, feeling the sense of pride swelling. Club Sin members sat on the black leather couches situated around the room. They chatted among themselves or were lost in aftercare with their partners. The St. Andrew's crosses, spanking benches, and bondage stations were all in use, with submissives being taken to a higher level of pleasure. Even the waft of sex, sweat, and feminine arousal brushing through the air brought Dmitri satisfaction.

Overwhelmed by the perfectness of the moment, he shifted his focus onto the woman who'd changed his life. He'd been an empty man during his twenties, searching for something he hadn't known he was missing. Then, in his thirties, he'd met his submissive, Presley Flynn. Now his life had found an unexpected center.

He'd always worked toward a goal to make his life better—going to college, working at the casino, Aces, until he became its president—but he didn't think his life could be any better than it was at the moment.

Presley waited silently, quietly asking her Dom to pay attention to her. She stood with her legs spread wide open by a spreader bar attached to her ankles. The spanking bench resting in front of her had a vibrating wand taped onto the long wooden pole, which pressed against her swollen clit. Her hands were laced behind her head, and her body shook in the anticipation of where he'd take her next.


She'd come three times already tonight. He thought she'd climaxed enough without him. He closed the distance between them, and then he stroked the thin red welts on her shoulders and bottom. Those markings from his whip were his treat tonight.

He caressed the red lines, noting that she didn't move when he touched her. The only sign she acknowledged his arrival was the hitching of her breath. Pride straightened his spine, warmth coursing through his veins. “Look at you, beautiful,” he murmured. “You've come so far, haven't you?”

Head bowed, she asked, “Come far, sir?”

He chuckled at the softness in her voice, as her thoughts were likely hazy from the brutal buzz of the vibrator. “I have not bound you, and even with your orgasms, you still haven't moved.” He circled her, regarding her sensually. “I will say again, look how far you've come.”

She shivered. “Yes, sir.”

Christ, she was breathtaking. Presley had arrived at Club Sin nearly two years ago, a newbie to BDSM and completely uneducated in the ways of pleasing her Dom. Now he knew he could do anything he wanted and she wouldn't move unless he gave the order that she could. Before, she would've moved while the vibe assaulted her. Tonight, though, she'd been standing with her hands laced behind her head for a good hour, all because he had asked her to. She was a well-trained submissive.

“You please me, doll,” he murmured.

“I'm pleased that I do, sir.”

He swiped his finger against a small welt, and she moaned in ecstasy. His smile felt real and honest as he strode around the spanking bench to look at her face. Presley took care of herself, eating healthy and exercising five days a week, giving her a toned body. Her long dirty-blond hair was piled high on her head, leaving all of her gorgeous skin available to him. Her nose was covered in freckles, her cheeks were bright red, and her lips parted with her moans.
But her eyes, with the emerald of her irises nearly invisible because her pupils were so widely dilated, were what captivated him the most. They showed her sweet soul.

Determined to take her even higher, he leaned over the spanking bench and turned the vibrator onto the highest speed. Her breath hitched and her mouth fell open. Amusement flooded him, as did heat, pooling into his groin. “How is that cunt now, Presley?”

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. “It's…” A rough breath passed through her lips.

“Hot and wet?”

She gasped, her eyes flying open. “Yes, sir.”

“Excellent.” Pleased by the arousal he saw along her inner thighs, he moved to her side, watching her eyes follow him. While she was looking at him, she wasn't really focusing on anything. Pleasure had blinded her, and he liked her that way.

Tonight was her reward for standing so still while she was under his whip. She'd gained control over herself during his mentoring of her, and Presley was now the submissive he'd longed for. She obeyed without hesitation. Her soul was linked with his. Dmitri had never before understood the perfection of that. Not truly. But now that he'd tasted having a submissive so attuned to him, he'd never give that up.

He reached her back, seeing a crowd gathering for the show he planned to put on, and he placed a hand on her shoulder. Only when she inhaled a sharp breath did he push a little, pressing her further against the vibe.

“Fuck” wheezed from her mouth.

Dmitri chuckled.

Presley had come to him an innocent woman who'd slept with only one man. Dmitri had perfectly corrupted her into becoming a kinky woman who enjoyed the naughtier side of sex. Amused, and also pleased by that knowledge, he stroked his greedy hard cock through his black slacks, noticing her moaning growing louder.

Done with teasing them both, he placed his hand between her shoulders and positioned her arms to rest on the spanking bench, ensuring her clit stayed in contact with the vibe. Then he grasped her hips, angling her slick slit out to him. She wouldn't come again on that vibe. He craved for her to come on his hard cock, which he'd suffered for the last hour in her presence. Determined to see his needs met, he reached for his belt.

With a few jerky movements, he had his pants and boxer briefs down to his ankles. The spreader bar left her wide open, showing off her pretty cunt to the Club Sin members. He relished in sharing her, showing how perfect she was, and presenting her in a way that made others envious that he got to touch her and that she belonged to him.

With the crowd growing restless behind him, he stepped in behind the spreader bar at her ankles. His cock throbbed in his hand as he began to rub his dick up and down, swirling the thick head, feeling the veins protruding at the sides. Her sexy body lay there waiting for him, all sweaty and perfect, and possessiveness stormed into him.

She is mine!

He held his cock at the base, running the tip against her soaked slit, and groaning as her warmth spread across him. While she had been pleasured, he'd been teased. “This is going to be quick and hard, doll.” He grasped her slender hips and entered her while pressing her down against the vibe.

Now it wasn't about them making love, nor was it about bringing them closer together. Tonight was about a release to unite them as one—emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Their sex was about bodies thrusting together in wild euphoria, allowing Presley to feel how crazed she made him. He told her, without words, that he wanted her. Madly.

Every punishing thrust indicated that she'd driven him to a state of primal need that made him ravish her. He grunted with the force of each stroke inside her slick inner walls. His cock had been tempted all night, and with the tight squeeze of her body against his, and the wetness he sensed dripping along his sack, the sensation was too incredible to ignore.

His needs, too, would not be ignored.

Not any longer.

She began to quiver and jerk around his shaft, indicating the rise of her orgasm, and he gave in to his own pleasure. A burning sizzled up his spine and centered in his sack. Passion and love drove him deep inside her as his cum shot from his body, marking her as his.

He heard her screams. His roars echoed them.

When his cock stopped throbbing inside her, he withdrew. His legs were wobbling as he took a step back, and he exhaled, his chest rising and falling. He pulled her with him, removing her from the vibe, and helped her lean sideways over the spanking bench.

“Thank you for that, sir,” she whispered.

He chuckled, slapping her ass. “I suspect those legs might not be working so well at the moment.”

“You'd be right.” She laughed in the sweet way that brought him so much joy. “They don't.”

He brushed his hand over her face, moving the strands of hair off to see her better. “How was that for you?”

“Amazing. My God!” Her smile was dozy, her eyelids were lowered, and her cheeks were flushed. “You increased the intensity with the whip tonight, didn't you?”

“I did.” He grinned, loving the glorious twinkle in her eyes. “And you liked it.”

“I sure as hell did.”

He took the measure of her, resting his soft dick against the crease of her bottom. She looked well fucked and satisfied. “I love you, doll.”

“I love you, too.” She lifted up and angled her head to steal a kiss.

Nothing but adoration filled him as he allowed her to take his mouth. He liked that she knew him so well. The closeness they had was the one thing he hadn't counted on when he lived a bachelor life. There was a difference between a casual submissive and what he had with Presley. She knew when she could take from him and when he'd allow it. Like now, in the afterglow of his orgasm. And she, being a clever woman, used it to her full advantage. She'd often steal kisses, and he thought she liked to because it made her feel special. Only she could do that to him.

As he straightened to remove the spreader bar, he heard a voice next to him say, “I need to speak with you, sir.”

Dmitri turned, and at the shock of the interruption, he snapped, “On your knees, sub!”

The young Club Sin submissive Sarah, who had turned twenty-three a few days ago, dropped to the ground in a heartbeat. Her head was bowed to the ground and her hands were twined together. “Explain yourself,” he growled at her. “And do it

“I'm sorry for interrupting you and Presley, sir.” Her head lifted, revealing terrified brown eyes. “But it's important.”

Interrupting a scene between a Dom and sub in Club Sin was the greatest offense. Knowing that, Dmitri took consideration over Sarah, spotting the fear in her expression. He suppressed his further reprimand. “What do you need to say, Sarah?”

She lifted her hand, offering him an envelope. “I have something to show you. It can't wait.”

“Show me.”

She shook her head, looking everywhere but at him. “Not here. Believe me, it's private.”

Something fearful passed in her expression, raising Dmitri's alarms. “Sarah, look at me.” When she stared into his eyes, he added in a dry voice, “My cock is soaked with Presley's cum and is hanging out for all to see. You've also just interrupted our scene. Show me whatever you have to. I will
repeat myself again.”

She hesitated, giving Presley a pained look, then turned to Dmitri again. “Okay, sir.” With shaky hands, she opened the envelope and handed Dmitri a stack of pictures.

He kept one hand on Presley's back, telling her to stay put as he looked at the photos. In that very second, he knew his life would never be the same again.

And that Club Sin was in grave danger.

BOOK: Mine
8.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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