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Mountain Wood

BOOK: Mountain Wood
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Mountain Wood
Valerie J Aurora

Kat and Jon are tired of the rat race they live day to day and need some time to themselves away from the city. They decide to retreat to the mountains where they can have some time to themselves. They re-kindle their love lives as well and as they progress do some things they never thought they would do.

Warning: This story is for ADULTS ONLY! May be too hot to handle!

Erotika stories like this are designed for men and women. This Erotika short story is also perfect for those couples looking to re-spark the romance.

Mountain Wood



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Valerie J Aurora

Copyright 2012

Copyright © 2012
Valerie J Aurora
- All rights reserved.


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Mountain Wood


The mountains rose above them as if they went straight to the ceiling of the world, and the two drove around the curves of them until they got to a lookout point. Kat gasped and asked her husband to pull over, and she got out in awe. The mountains were vast, and seemed to surround them. The mist coming up from below shadowed the peaks so that they looked like a whole new world, something from Science Fiction, laid out below them. She could imagine hanging from one of these peaks, looking down to see wilderness below her. Trees dappled the mountains so that they looked like they had green hair spiking up, the wilderness created a longing inside of Kat.

Her husband came up behind her and put his arms around her, putting his hand a little under her shirt so that he could feel her stomach and then cup her breast with one of his hands. The other hand had taken hers so that their fingers tangled together. She sighed and then realized where his other hand was and jabbed him a little with her elbow.

“You are dirty, what if there were kids here?” she said with a smile but she kept her fingers intertwined with his until it was time to go.  They drove a little ways farther up into the mountains until they came to the cabin they had rented for the weekend. They left their cell phones in the car, they didn’t get reception anyway and this was to be a weekend just for them.

The cabin was tucked back into a clearing with a little meadow next to it. It was an idyllic looking place and they fell in love with it right away. Kat went to pick flowers for their table right away, while her husband Jon brought in some of their stuff. He noticed Kat bent over, her perfect round butt wagging as she picked the flowers from the meadow. She squatted on the ground looking at something when Jon crept up behind her and grabbed her from behind. She screamed and then laughed as he rolled her over, her blonde hair mixing with the tall brown grass. She looked up at the sky and suddenly caught her husband and rolled him over too.

They lay there touching, looking at the clouds. Kat started rolling over, little by little, until she finally was on her side. She jumped up and pinned Jon down, squatting over him like a panther over its prey. She could feel his erection growing under her and she threw back her head and laughed. She sounded like a bell when she laughed and great peals of her laughter spread over the meadow and down the mountain. She looked back at her husband, and pulled one of his stray dark hairs back from his forward and while still squatting over him, undid the buttons on her blouse, popping it open so Jon could see her bra, a white lacey number that she reached around to her back and undid. Her breasts bounced as she undid the bra and Jon could see the small freckles that danced across her boobs, and the perkiness of her nipples. It was a spring day and while sunny it was a bit mild up in the mountains.

Kat took her nipples between her fingers and squeezed them, letting out a moan as she twisted them while Jon watched. To her it felt like a much needed itch had been scratched, she hadn’t done this in a long time and the twisting feeling sent shivers down her spine.

His erection was growing so that he thought he might tear his pants out with the hardness of it. Next Kat undid the buttons on her jeans, the kind that were called “jeggings” that everybody was wearing. She had stuffed the bottoms of the jeggings into her scuffed up cowboy boots. She pulled them down just enough so that Jon could see she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He had started to sweat a little from the impatience of his need.

Suddenly he rolled her over and pulled her pants down some more, pulling them off the best he could. She helped and kicked off her boots, she needed this as much as he did. Their lives had been far too fast paced in the city and they hadn’t taken time for needs like these. Finally they both stood up, pulled their pants off, to make it quicker. Kat felt like a teenager waiting for her first time. Kat flopped down on the ground again, flattening the grass there, and Jon thrust himself inside of her until both were panting and moaning.

Kat felt the fullness of him, he filled her up and with each thrust she grew closer and closer to orgasm, a flush going up her body. Jon thrust into her, his penis feeling the rapid pulsing of her vaginal muscles, as if his penis was in a soft wet clamp. He could feel her heart beating wildly when he stopped to kiss her, and as impatient as she was she thrust with her own hips to move him deeper inside of her.

Then the orgasm came for her, she felt the flush reach her vagina and she cried out “oh!” to the world as he hit her G spot again, sending trickles of pleasure all up and down her body. She helped thrust again, eager for another when she saw that Jon couldn’t hold on any longer. She thrust her hips again and watched his face as he came. He closed his eyes and sucked in breath, moaning quietly. His penis emptied itself inside of her, ejaculating over and over, so much that it amazed Kat he had that much in him.

Jon kissed her then, his mouth smelling like the cinnamon gum he had been chewing to quit smoking, and she could smell the odor of dirt and grass around her. Jon rolled over off of her, onto the ground, his breath coming in rapid gusts from using so many muscles to please himself and his wife. She looked over at him and saw how drained he was and remembered that it had been a long time for him too and that he wasn’t used to his orgasms being quite that powerful.

They lay there breathing in and out for a while, not saying anything, until both said they were hungry. Kat started to put her clothes back on, but Jon stopped her, he reasoned with her that he never got to see her naked and wanted to drink her in a little more.

So Kat gathered her clothes and ran into the cabin as the temperature was cooling even more with evening setting in. They started a fire in the fireplace and Kat put on a thin satiny robe so that she could be as close to naked as possible. Jon was just in his boxers, enjoying being able to walk around like this as everyday he had to wear a constricting suit. They unpacked their food, and as they both reached into a tall cupboard to put a snack up. Their arms touched and it sent goose bumps up their arms. Kat could see the bulge of an erection growing in Jon’s boxers. She slipped her hand in between the opening at the front of his boxers, unbuttoning the button there. She massaged his penis, feeling it grow in her hand as if a flower was blooming under her command.

Kat wet her lips with her tongue, and bent down to take his penis in her mouth. He took her face in his hands first before she had a chance and he dropped his boxers, standing there before her, wanting her. He wanted her to see his need before she pleasured him, as he knew that it would make her feel good. She smiled at him and kissed him slowly, letting her tongue flit across his tongue and over his teeth. She bit his lip playfully and he picked her up, laughing. He set her down on the couch in front of the fire and she knelt before him, putting her mouth over the soft tip of his penis. She loved to touch his penis, marveling at the softness of its skin, and the feeling of veins pulsing with the beat of his heart. She sucked at the tip of his penis, tasting the beginnings of cum, a chloric taste that she had grown used to over the years. She sucked, using the muscles of her throat and mouth to suck him into her mouth. She ran her tongue around the base of his shaft, tasting a little of herself on him, the singular scent and taste every woman has. She put his penis in the back of her throat and thrust her head forward, Jon leaning back on the sofa and moaning, letting out louder moans than normal as he didn’t have to worry about anyone hearing him. He looked down after a moment and watched as both of her breasts had come free from her robe and bounced with every thrust.

As hard as it was for him, because Kat gave great blow jobs, he beckoned for her to join him on the couch. He wanted to cum inside her again as if they did have any time at night it was usually a quick hand job or he would use a vibrator on her, but it wasn’t very often that he got to actually have physical sex with his wife. She climbed onto his lap, settling herself down on his penis, and bounced up and down so that his dick thrust in and out of her. As he finally couldn’t hold it in anymore he squirted inside of her again, his ejaculations like a gun going off. She felt full, the warmth running through her as if he had shot his cum all over inside of her body.

She got up and found a rag to clean herself up with, but thought of a better idea. While the shower situation there wasn’t the most ideal, she thought it would be fun to take a shower together. She let her satiny robe fall to the floor and took Jon’s hand to pull him towards the shower. It was small and smelled a little like mildew, but they fit together snuggly in it. Kat didn’t care; she wanted to be close to him anyway so she snuggled up while he washed her hair. Her hair was naturally a dark blonde, with lighter streaks going through it. He put her rosemary mint shampoo in her hair, drinking it in. He lightly massaged her head as he did it, and she tipped her head back, sighing from the feeling. The water ran down her throat and over her tender breasts like a satiny curtain. It rinsed away the residue of their lovemaking so that it was a happy feeling between the two of them, a memory that they would share forever.

Jon then ran the loofa they had brought with over her flat stomach, and guided it between her legs so that his cum would wash off. He used his fingers and the loofa to stroke her clit, and it was like an explosion happened in her body, her nerves fired and she gasped as the pleasure from her clit ran through her whole body. He rubbed harder and she had an orgasm and after all the sex that day it was the best because it was a buildup of all the other orgasms she had had. She leaned back against the cold porcelain of the shower wall and moaned, saying Jon’s name as she came.

After their shower they laid down a blanket in front of the fire and just looked at each other naked, glistening in the light. Jon ran circles with his fingers over Kat’s body, the tingling of her skin made her feel more alive, and she could imagine having an orgasm right now, just from his tender touch. She brought him to her then and they laid there facing each other, drinking in each other’s smiles. Kat again brushed hair away from Jon’s face and he took her hand in his intertwining their fingers.

“I love you,” he said and that was enough for both of them, as they fell asleep in front of the fire, hugging each other close.

The next morning they woke to the sounds of birds chirping and sunlight streaming through the windows. It was the perfect day to go for a hike, so Jon and Kat ate breakfast and dressed to go hike through the clean mountain air. They walked through the forest of trees, leaves muffling their footsteps as they walked around curves and bends in the trail. Jon was behind Kat, watching as Kat moved, like a dancer. She was elegant and beautiful and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on her. He had grown an erection from watching her and wanted to do something about it right there.

He grabbed Kat from behind, laughing as he rolled her onto the ground, with him squatting over her. He playfully pinned her arms over her head and kissed her, his hand wandering up her shirt. She moaned as his hand found her breast. He played with her nipple and when she squirmed to be on top he let her go and she jumped on top of him. She had her shirt off in no time and Jon hardened even more at the sight of her nipples, erect for him. He could tell how wet she was too, sitting there on top of him. She stood up quick, stripped out of her shorts and panties and stood there, like a beautiful savage explorer out on the trail.

BOOK: Mountain Wood
3.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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