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I signed up for her class during the final semester of my senior year. She didn’t know anything about me, but I knew almost everything about her, or at least I thought I did. I sat in the front row right in front of her desk so I could get as close to her as possible. I wanted to be able to study her features up close. I wanted to better define the shape of her face, the cut of her nose and the fullness of her lips.

That close,
I could get a better, prolonged look at her breasts and observe the way they sat on her delicate frame. I would note the fullness of their outside curve, and watch how they sometimes jiggle when they brush against her arms as she talked or wrote on the blackboard. From where I sat, I could stare at her ass and study its form in detail. Looking at her ass is what would usually give me an erection. I tried not to be conspicuous in class and would tuck it between my legs so no one could see.

ward the middle of the semester, I got the feeling that she was aware of me looking at her with more than a casual interest. At first, when she caught me staring at her breasts or her ass, she ignored it. However, after a few weeks, she would smile at me and continue with her lesson. Occasionally, she would smile and then glance down to see if I was aroused if she was certain that the rest of the class was not looking. I began to wonder if she was simply placating me, or could it be possible that she was returning the same harmless flirtation.

I couldn’t get my mind off
her, and as a result, my actions around her became a little more obvious. I became more aggressive with my looks by holding my gaze a bit longer when her eyes caught mine. I also spent more time around her, getting as close to her as I dare by asking hundreds of stupid questions about the subject matter.

Whenever I go
t close enough, I could smell her clean, fresh odor and a hint of her perfume. A few days later, while sitting at her desk, she noticed that I was looking at her legs. I can’t say for sure. It could have been my imagination, but it seemed to me that she was trying to help me in my quest to see her panties. She would smile knowingly, and then, almost imperceptibly, she would spread her legs just a little and rise up on her toes so that I could see further up her skirt. I would have given anything to see her panties, but I never could see quite that far up. I do know that whenever she saw my bulge after I looked up her skirt, her face and neck would flush. “She must be reacting to me on some level at least,” I mumbled quietly.

There were only a few weeks left in school
, and I knew that any further contact with her after that would be next to impossible. What excuse would I have to see her? Therefore, I decided that I would do something stupid like tell her how I felt, and how much I wanted to be with her on a more personal level. I thought that if I handled it right, she wouldn’t kill me or, worse yet, kick me out of her class and flunk me.

Finally building up my courage,
one day after class I stayed around after everyone else had left, and I told her that I had something private that I needed to talk with her about. She looked at me quizzically, and then said that she would be happy to talk with me, however, since she was a part time instructor, she didn’t have an office. We tried a couple places at school like the cafeteria and the library, but they were both crowded. Finally, in frustration, she gave me her cell number and told me to call her after school. In the end, she invited me to her house so we could have the privacy that I need to confide in her.

When I got
there she met me at the front door and invited me inside. I couldn’t believe that I was actually in her house with just the two of us there. Just that fact alone got me a little excited.

“Would you like some tea
, Nicholas?”

“That woul
d be very nice, Mrs. Jones, thank you.”

, we’re not at school now, you can call me Samantha, or Sam, if you like.” “Okay, Mrs. I mean, Samantha,” I said, nervously. She made us tea and I carried it to the family room and placed it on the coffee table. She slowly poured a cup for me, and then she slowly poured one for herself.

It seemed as though I was going ninety miles an hour, and she was only dong fifteen in a school zone. My teeth were aching and I had a major boner.

“Well, Nicholas, what is it you wanted to speak with me about?”

“It is a little embarrassing for me
, Samantha, and I don’t quite know how to start. You could call me Nick if you like?”

“Sure Nick.
Why don’t you start in the beginning as if you were telling me a story? We’re both adults, and I’m sure that we can work out what ever problem you might have,” she smiled.

, here goes, but first you have to promise me that you won’t kill me.”

,” she laughed, “I promise that I won’t kill you. Perhaps a spanking might be in order if you think I might want kill you,” she laughed, again

“I wou
ld definitely let you spank me.” I smiled.

Okay, I first saw you two years ago on campus wearing a red blouse with an emerald-green skirt, red high-heels, and a matching belt. The net of it is that, over time, I became infatuated with you,” I admitted.

“What?” she asked

, very infatuated, and over the years it has gotten worse. You are one of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen. I think about you all of the time. I dream about us being together as a couple.”

, Nick, I am twenty three years older than you. But, please know that I am very flattered that you think of me in that way. You are one of the most handsome young men in school, and I think that anyone would like to be with you. I’m … no exception.”

“Really, you would like to be with me?”

“Liking to or wanting to, versus actually being together, are two entirely different things. I would lose my job and be disgraced in a community that I have lived in all of my life if anyone were to find out,” she said.

“No one would ever have to know
if we were to have an affair.”

“Nick, who said anything about having an

’ve even wrote an erotic romance story about us.”

, let me get this straight, you have already made love to me in your mind and put it in a story? Did you use my name?”

, I didn’t use your name. I know better than to do that. I didn’t use my name or yours,” I said.

“So you fantasize about making love to me?
How often do you do this, I mean, think about having sex with me?”

“Almost every day, sometimes more,” I admitted.

“Nick, would you like something else to drink, I think that I’m going to have a glass of wine, I think that I need one,” she added.

as close as I was to her and talking about having sex, there was no way that my erection was going to go away. Especially when I could see her glancing at.

“I thought that yo
u only did that to me in class,” she laughed.

“I get one every time I think about you
, Samantha.”

As she was coming out of the wine cellar, she accident
ally brushed her breast across my chest because it was so tight in there. I turned toward her, and looked down into her beautiful green eyes. I was only inches away from her lips as both of us froze for a brief moment. She was about to move away when I grabbed her, and kissed her tenderly on the lips. I wasn’t forceful or demanding. It was a gentle, tender kiss.

was caught off guard, parted her lips slightly and kissed me back as I wrapped my arms around her slender frame.

, we really shouldn’t do this,” she whispered.

“I want you more than anything.
I have for over two years, and I promise, no one will ever know,” I said with conviction.

“Yea, that’s what they all say just before they have to tell someone
like their best friend,” she said earnestly.

antha, I’m not even going to tell anyone that I met you here today, in your house, because it wouldn’t look good for you. I understand the difficulties, but God, do I ever want to be with you,” I said, as I pressed my body up against hers and kissed her again.

, it’s not that I wouldn’t like to. God knows, I haven’t had sex for three years. It’s just that we shouldn’t.”

“Why not, I want you
, and I felt from our flirting during class the last few days that you were interested in me, as well, Samantha.”

“I know
we shouldn’t have done that but we did. Oh, God, Nicholas, you must know that I want you, I’m human but we just can’t. Let’s get out of here so I can open the wine,” she said. As she began to move on past me, her breasts, once more, slid across my chest. I kissed her neck as she tried to get by. She sighed, and leaned into me for a moment, her breasts pressed fully against my chest.

“Let’s go out on the veranda where we can get some fresh air,” she said
, as she opened the wine. We went out to the veranda and sat close to each other as she sipped her wine. I was more turned on now than I had ever been before in my life because I, just moments ago, kissed the woman of my dreams.

She looked at the bulge in his pants an
d smiled. “It looks bigger now than it ever did in class but then I can’t get a very good look at it in class,” she laughed, as she went in to pour herself another glass of wine. I followed her inside, and as she poured the wine I embraced her in my arms from behind, pressing my cock into her butt as I leaned down to kiss her the back of her neck.”

, Nick, we mustn’t.”

“I know you want to
, Samantha, I know you do. I won’t be a problem for you, Samantha. I’ll respect you and be faithful to you. You won’t have to worry about catching anything from me, and I will only be here when you want me. Please, let me be your perfect, secret lover,” I begged with what had to be puppy dog eyes.

“You seem to have all of the answers.
Nick, it isn’t that I don’t want to, and I can’t believe that I’m admitting to it to you, but it goes against everything that I ever thought was right. A teacher should never have an affair with a student, Nicholas,” she insisted, as she turned toward me to make a point. When she was fully turned around, she was just inches away from my lips and looking up. Her eyes locked on mine. Neither of us moved as we felt that first, deep, emotional connection flow between us, and I knew that our next kiss was inevitable.

leaned down toward her upturned lips and gently kissed her. She closed her eyes and slowly parted her lips accepting me. She leaned into me, moaning with desire as I drew her tighter into my body. Our lips fused, deepening our emotional connection and apparently easing some of her resistance. I brushed my tongue along her lips, and she responded by sliding hers between mine gently flicking it around my tingling mouth. Our passion deepened as we explored each other for the first time.

Her lips w
ere incredibly soft and moist. She moaned, accepting me deep within her mouth as she slid her tongue hungrily over and around my flesh. I groaned when she gently bit my lower lip as she looked vulnerably up into my eyes. The chemistry between us was obvious and undeniable. The bond I felt that was created by that one kiss was almost spiritual and unbreakable as I felt our emotional need deepen.

, I don’t know if I can resist much longer, and it frightens me. Nicholas, we need to stop,” she whispered.

However, her words were just that, words. S
he was not willing to release her grip or pull away. My hands held her face as I peppered her lips and the corners of her mouth with soft, tender, little kisses.

, I’m not going to stop unless you force me to, and then I will, but God, I don’t want to,” I said, as I placed my hands around her waist pulling her into me. I bent my knees, lowering myself so my shaft could nestle under her crotch whereI pressed into her soft, delicate folds. She gasped, and then moaned as she matched my movements by thrusting her hips gently upwards against my cock.

, God, Samantha, you feel so good in my arms,” I moaned. I could only pray that she wouldn’t make me stop now. I knew that she was trying to get her mind focused on what the right thing to do was. I was just praying that her body’s need was so great that she could not bring herself to pull away from me.

, hold me, and promise me that you won’t do anything to hurt me,” she said, with tears beginning to puddle in her eyes.

“I could never hurt you
, Samantha, I care too deeply for you to ever cause you the slightest harm, I…I,”

“Don’t say it
, Nicholas, don’t. Just kiss me.”

I held her tight in my
arms as she placed hers around my neck pulling me to her lips. Our lips touched as our tongues began to explore each other eagerly and unapologetically as I felt that she was going to give herself to me. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and gently explore me in ways that I had only dreamt of before. She slid her tongue across the surface of my lips as she pushed her mons gently into my erection. Our tongues darted and flicked across and through each other’s mouth in a molten caldron of lust and desire causing our passion to explode into a wanton need for more.

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