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Authors: P. Dotson,Latarsha Banks

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My Bestfriend's Man

BOOK: My Bestfriend's Man
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Best Friend’s Man



Copyright ©
2014 P. Dotson

Published by
Write House Publishing under Tiece Presents

All rights
reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without prior
written consent of the publisher, excepting brief quotes used in reviews.

This is a
work of fiction. Any references or similarities to actual events, real people,
living or dead, or to the real locals are intended to give the novel a sense of
reality. Any similarity in other names, characters, places, and incidents are
entirely coincidental.






First I would like to
give honor to my Lord and Savior for his grace and mercy, for seeing me this
far in life. I may not have everything I
but I sure have everything I need.

I would like to also
thank First Lady Tiece and Write House for allowing me to join the team. I hope
to make you proud. Tiece,
you for
your words of wisdom and being patient with a
Thank you

To my best friend, my
, my boon, my
. My A1 since day 1. We shared
together I love you girl. My twin sister
. Thank you for pushing me and driving me, telling me to get
and get to writing. Thank
you for your motivation and believing in me. I believe we can take this
literary world by storm. Whether it’s you or me
they will see the last name Dotson on the New York Times best sellers list.
Keep striving girly we both will get there.

To my Big Brother
Sterling, My nephews
and Devin, Cousin Krystal, My Cousin Jessica,
Sister n law Tammy, Niece
thank you for believing in me. Thanks for the support and motivation. Thank you
for taking the time out to read my work.

Sky Grid, Karen M,
Melissa S,
C (girl I know I messed
that up)
B, thank you for your support.

To all other fans of
my work thank you for supporting. I hope I continue to put out work that you
all will enjoy.

I saved the best for
last, my beautiful Mother Ellen. You raised both me and my sister to the best
of your ability. I know it was hard starting over again at the age of forty-two
being a single
but you did it.
You always thought of us as a blessing. You always say the Lord took two from
you and gave you two more. I love you mom. Thank you for keeping me on track,
even at times when I wasn’t in the mood to hear what you had to say. You really
didn’t care whether I wanted to or not because you were going to say it anyway
(smile) I know I still have a long way to go in life but I’ll get there
eventually. I’m going to make you proud. Just sit back and watch.


This book
is dedicated to my two beautiful children Xavier and Alexis. Mommy loves you


It was hot as hell outside, but
my parents didn’t care. My father was passed out drunk and my mother couldn’t
stand the sight of me, so she sent me outside for the day. As soon as I stepped
outside, the flies attacked me. I did my best to shoo them away as I plopped
down on my front step. I looked from my right to my left. The neighborhood
looked surprisingly lonely, just like me.

My stomach was empty and it
reminded me every ten minutes when it growled like I could do something about
it. I sat on my front step bent over, slowly rocking back and forth doing all I
could to curve my hunger pains. I tried to think about the math problems we
were learning in school.

I hated school. It was the
beginning of the school year and just like last year I was the school fun
. I was the brunt of my many jokes. My
nickname was Pissy Roxie. I could see why they called me that though. That’s
what I smelled like.

I’m seven years old and I have an
embarrassing problem. I’m a bed wetter. I don’t know if it’s my nerves or what.
It seems to happen in spells. I can go many nights without wetting the bed
out of the blue I’ll wake up one morning
in my own piss and I will continue that cycle for a few days then stop.

As a
my mother would send me to school in the same clothes I
wore that night. It really didn’t make much difference anyway. My mother rarely
took the time out of her so called busy schedule to do anything for me. She
never cooked or cleaned. She’s was always too busy faking the funk for her so
... She wanted to feel
important so bad it was pathetic. She did everything under the sun from
stealing, to fucking the next woman’s man in order to keep up with the
. She just wanted to fit in with the
rich and famous. Little did she know they still talked about her trifling ass
behind her back!

My stomach
began to growl again and I bawled up tighter and rocked a little harder. The
summer heat suffocated my body making the stench I carried stronger. I hated my
life. I felt the tears as they fell from my eyes. I envied the kids at school
with their perfect lives. Why couldn’t my parents love me like I deserved to be
loved? I didn’t ask to be born. If they didn’t want me why did they have me in
the first place? I hated my parents, yet loved them at the same time.

“Pissy, pissy Roxie!”

My head bolted up. I could feel
my heart beating in my chest as I looked into the eyes of Big Tina. Her two
flunkies Rita and Rose stood behind her loudly smacking on their chewing gum.

Tina had the nerve to call me
but her arms smelled like a
fresh cold cut sub with extra onions. She needed a bath just as bad as I did,
but nobody dared to call her big ass out on it. She was the school bully. She’d
been held back two times and was dumber than a doorknob. She wasn’t cute at
all. She was a dusty looking, big yellow girl, with bad hair. She could barely
fit it into a ponytail. What she had
on top of her head wasn’t a
ponytail. Instead, i
kind of looked like the nub one of our school teachers, Mr. Taylor’s
who lost part of his finger when he was
cutting grass one day, with a rubber band wrapped around it.

I couldn’t stand her big ass.
Everybody in our grade was scared of her and just to stay off her of shit list
they jumped on the tease Roxie bandwagon. I wasn’t afraid of her big ass
either. If it were one on
I would
beat her ass quicker than she stole something, but she never went anywhere
without her flunkies.

“Pissy Roxie,” she said again
sucking her teeth.

We stared each other down as I
contemplated on whether or not I should make a run for it. Before I could
decide on what I wanted to
she was in
my face. She looked at me with her nose turned up. For me to smell so
she sure was invading my space. My first
instinct was to push her
but I
didn’t because I knew her two flunkies would be ready to jump if I did.

“You better get out my face
before I tell my Mama,” I said rolling my eyes.

breath smells like shit,” she said standing back up and holding
her nose. Rita and Rose laughed like it was the funniest thing they had heard
in weeks. She was right. My mom didn’t even have the decency to buy me a

“That’s just your upper lip,” I
snapped rolling my eyes. Even though it was three against one and it was clear that
I would more than likely get my ass beat, I couldn’t control the rage that
began to build on the inside of me. I wasn’t in the mood for her today. I was
hot and hungry, two combinations that don’t mix.

“You trying to be smart?” she
asked poking me in the chest.

I’m just being
honest,” I said standing up. I could tell by the
look in her eyes that she was a little
but she wouldn’t show it in front of her flunkies.

Why couldn’t she just leave me
alone? My life was already messed up and she had to add her two cents in the
mix. At that
I felt so alone. My
parents were in the
but they could
care less about what happened to me. I would give anything in the world just to
feel love or be loved. That’s all I wanted. I don’t think I’m asking too much.
I was so into my thoughts that I let my guard down. The next thing I knew I was
on my behind again staring up at the beast.

I was so mad, I jumped up before
she could say
. I pushed her ass so
hard she fell and bounced onto the ground. I started to turn and run into the
house because I knew it would only be seconds before Tina and her gang came
after my ass. Before I could
move, there was
a gush of water aimed directly at Tina. I couldn’t see where the source of
water was coming from because a big bush by our doorstep shielded my savior.

I couldn’t even contain my
laughter as Tina and her flunkies ran off my lawn. They were talking stuff the
whole time as they ran for cover. It was a rather nice day for a rain shower
anyway. The water flow finally stopped. I cautiously walked down the steps. My
voice got caught in my throat as I looked at the most beautiful chocolate girl
I’ve ever seen. She smiled at me and I could feel myself blush.

She dropped the hose beside her
and walked towards me holding out her hand. “Hi, my name is Savannah. We just
moved next door,” she said nodding her head towards the house sitting next to

“Hi,” I said after a few seconds
flew by. I didn’t know what was wrong with
but I couldn’t get it together. I couldn’t stop staring at her, she was so
beautiful. I remember seeing the movers a few days before school
but I never got a chance to see the
people who would be living there.

“I can’t stand Tina,” she said
shaking her head. “She tried to start some stuff with me the other day, but I
wasn’t having
it,” she said rolling her eyes as
she placed her hand on her hip. “What’s your name?”


“It’s nice to meet you Roxie,”
she said holding her hand out to me again. As soon as I took her hand in mine I
felt a weird feeling in between my thighs. “Well, see ya,” she said giving me
her beautiful smile.

“Wait,” I said grabbing her
arm. Then
I quickly snatched it away like I had
touched something hot. “I’m sorry,” I said putting my head down. I just didn’t
want her to leave yet.

“It’s okay,” she said placing her
hand on her hip again. “What’s up?”

“Will you be my friend?” I asked
slowly looking up at her. I braced myself for her rejection. Nothing in my life
has ever gone right, so why would it now?

“Sure,” she smiled.

BOOK: My Bestfriend's Man
10.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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