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The meeting went by in a blur. Thankfully there were printed place names for each investor so all I had to do was match the print-outs with the place. The investors were mostly old guys with fat bellies sticking out of suits more expensive that my yearly rent. Mr
Stone was a powerful figure of youth and vitality compared to these old whales, moving about the room as he went over Stone-Black's latest plans regarding renewable energy in South America. I took notes the best I could but even I was caught up in his presentation. A way to bring renewable energy to an entire continent, provide jobs and preserve the environment? This was completely at odds of what I knew about Stone-Black and their history of environmental destruction and legal trickery. Did I have it all wrong about them?

Soon the meeting ended and all the old men waddled out of the board room, smiling at the thought of all the money they'd be making. When the last one left the room, Mr
Stone touched me briefly on the shoulder and pointed at my notes.

"Type those up and then bring them to my office in thirty minutes."

He walked off to talk to the investors while I packed up my stuff and scurried off to my desk. This time I wouldn't be caught off-guard or rushing.

I sat down at my new desk and looked down at my notes. My handwriting was doctor-level bad at the best of times. With everything that had happened today it had devolved into some prehistoric hieroglyphics. It would take a team of linguists to translate it.

With a sinking feeling I started to transcribe the scribbled mess.


About half an hour later I heard Mr
Stone shout from behind his dark mahogany doors.

"Delilah! I said thirty minutes!"

I quickly printed what I'd managed to decipher, the printer taking a million years. It finally completed its task and I hurried into Mr
Stone's office with papers and my original notepad.

He was sitting behind his desk glowering at me. Without a word he turned around a digital timer he had on his desk. It read 00:35 and was still counting upwards.

He'd actually timed me?

He held out his hand for the notes. I gave them to him and tried not to look embarrassed as he took out a black pen from his desk and started writing on them.

I glanced down at the ornate chair that sat a little to the side in front of his desk. It was black mahogany like the desk
and had
a red velvet seat. There were small pieces of gold inlaid on the legs. I'd bet that chair cost more than my entire apartment and maybe the apartments on either side of mine.
I wonder how comfy it would be...?

"Don't sit down," Mr. Stone said, not looking up.

I looked away from the chair and out the window behind him at the amazing view as though the thought of sitting in that chair had never crossed my mind. How did he know?

Mr. Stone finally finished writing and then gave the notes back to me before waving his hand to the chair for me to sit down.
I did and ... oh, comfy.

"What do you think of
?" he asked
, looking at me like he could read my soul. Maybe he could. Moving around like a ninja, reading my mind re: chair sitting.

What did I think of
? Hmm ... let's see ... environmental destruction, a horde of lawyers, sneaky tricks, probably bribery and big enough to get away with it and keep on getting away with it unless someone stopped them?

"Well, a big company being a big company," I
said, settling on the safest

"An answer that isn't an answer," he said. "What do you think of me?"

Oh no, this was getting crazy. What would I say now? I heard in my three short days in records that he fi
red people for nearly no reason? That a good half the girls in the building would slip off their skirts if he just asked them to?
(And just quietly, a few of the guys too.)

"You're a businessman. Young and in control of a growing corporation. Along with your partner, of course."

"Of course," he said, a brief flash of disgust crossing his face before vanishing. Was that for my stock answer or for
how he felt about his partner? On the subject of Matt Black, the interwebs were a little foggy. Apparently they'd formed their business in college but precisely what Mr. Black did was a bit of a mystery. There was a smattering of charity ball photographs
but it seemed he liked to keep a lower profile than even Mr. Stone.
They were certainly never photographed together.

"But what do they say?" he asked, focusing his gaze on me. "Don't lie to me."

I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach. Was this a test? Was the right answer to lie under pressure or to just tell the truth? I decided to go with the truth.

"That you're a bastard. A beautiful one, sure, but still a bastard. Perpetually unsatisfied with a crazy temper."

I tried to hold his gaze as I said it but towards the end I just couldn't. I felt like he'd erupt and leap out of the chair at any moment.

We sat there in silence for a moment and then I glanced up at his impassive face. He caught my eye and briefly smiled at me. My god he was handsome. Like he'd just stepped off a modeling shoot. But then his smile vanished and I suddenly felt I was standing at the bottom of a wall of ice a mile high.

He stood up and moved around the desk, looking at me all the while. The butterflies in my stomach went crazy and all I could imagine was him whispering in my ear that he knew all about me. That he'd always known. Then the police would burst in and drag me away to some gulag.

Mr. Stone walked around behind the chair and placed his hands on top of it. His closeness was unnerving. I felt him lean down behind me.

"Everything they say is true," he said. His lips were so close to my ear. His scent again, masculine and clean, enveloping me.
I closed my eyes and listened.

"I am deeply unsatisfied and I need you, Delilah. I want you to be my assistant."

My neck was tingling and sending signals down my body. I felt my nipples harden and rub against my blouse.
I heard what he said but it seemed certain body parts only heard
I need you, I want you...

"I want ... I mean, I will be your assistant," I said, catching myself in time before saying
I want you too.

And then he was gone. I opened my eyes to find him back ar
ound his side of the desk again, looking at me.

"Make those corrections and send the notes to me
. I'll be gone the rest of the afternoon
. Don't forget your bag,
" he said.

I stood up and nodded, clutching the notepad like it was the only
thing holding me to the ground and walked away, feeling his gaze on me. I saw him reflected in the cabinets and I think ... I think he was looking at my ass!
I picked up my bag from where I'd left it on the side table and headed for the door.
I needed to get out of here. Before he changed his mind or I broke out into another hot flush with my imagination and body going wild.
I put my hand on the door to leave, feeling the cool wood under my palm.

"Delilah Neri?"

I turned around to see him in profile, looking at something on the computer screen.

"I do have a
temper and if you disobey
me, you will get to see it.
One more thing: you are never allowed in this room unless I am here.

I nodded and then got out of the room as fast
as I could.


Where was it!

I rummaged through my bag again and then took another look around the empty ladies room before emptying the contents out on the bench next to the basins.

My red bullet vibrator was gone. Or temporarily misplaced. Or stolen.

I'd come down here to cool off after my meeting with Mr. Stone and found my mind straying to some very hot ideas. Mr. Stone s
tanding catching me in his office
and shaking his head at me as he unzipped his pants... Mr. Stone pulling me across to him for a passionate kiss...

But no.

Cos no red bullet vibrator was anywhere to be found.

I sorted through the contents of my bag again, desperately hoping
I'd find it hidden under a screwed up five bucks or maybe hanging out next to an empty chewing gum pack. I scooped everything back into my bag and then stopped, a cold rush flooding through me as I got a sudden image of t
he vibrator sitting on the rug
under Mr. Stone's desk.

I did fall over and land on the ground. Nothing fell out of my bag but maybe I was too preoccupied with saving the papers or smearing my lipstick on his shirt.

Ok, so I didn't have it with me and that meant unless it was hiding near my desk somehow then it was probably on the floor of Mr. Stone's office.

I looked at myself in the mirror for the second time today, again trying to calm myself down. He'd just told me to never go into his office without him there but there was no way I'd let him find that bullet vibrator in there. He'd seen it that morning and knew it was mine. I didn't c
are what the consequences were. Besides, he was out of the office for the rest of the day.

"You can do this," I told my reflection.

My reflection looked back at me with raised eyebrows.


I wasn't so dumb as to just go back up there and push the doors open with some stupid excuse on my lips. I went down to the car-park first and saw that his black BMW was gone. So Mr. Stone was out of his office.

Nevertheless, outside his office I stopped and tried to make up an excuse. I ... dropped ... my ... contact lens?

I shook my head at myself and went in.

I ignored the view and the beautiful things all around me. Even the side room which I was curious about. All I was looking for was the red bullet vibrator. I checked under a few cabinets but didn't see it. I walked up to the front his desk and imagined myself falling over, holding the papers, my face heading for his chest, my bag swinging ...

I walked around the other side of his desk and knelt down to check under it. The space under the desk was big enough for three people to fit.
I crawled in, looking for the bullet. Again, no luck. I did find something else though: set into
the back wall of the
was a long golden bar
. It looked like a crazy expensive bathroom fitting. I ran my finger over it and then pulled on it. It wasn't connected to any secret drawer or anything.
It was just con
nected quiet solidly to the maho
I tapped the bar again and then heard a noise. But it was no secret compartment opening. It was the

I felt myself freeze into a block of ice as I heard footsteps cross the floor. First loud on the wood and then muffled by the carpet.

Mr. Stone was in his office and I was hiding under his desk.
Maybe he'd collect something and leave. Please just pick up something and leave. Please use the blender or whatever it was he had in that side room so I could sneak out. Please just-

He sat down in his chair as I tried not to breath while pushing myself back as far as possible.

Please just leave, please just leave, please just leave

He must have heard my thoughts because I heard him move some papers on his desk and t
hen he stood up and walked away,
his footsteps muffled by the thick rug. He was leaving, he was leaving, he was leaving!

"Come out now Ms. Neri."

I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to make myself vanish. I promised every deity that ever was to work for them if only they'd help me.

"You do not want to keep me waiting, Ms. Neri."

I opened my eyes and crawled out from under his desk. Barely half an hour after saying yes to being his assistant and he was going to fire me.
I was sure of it.

I stood up from behind the desk. Mr. Stone was watching me with a look on his face halfway between fury and ... excitement?

"I lost a contact lens," I mumbled, even though I was wearing glasses and had been all day.

"I told you not to disobey me," he said, his voice as cold as ice. He walked across the floor towards me and I felt like running, like I was being stalked. As he circled around the left side of the desk he pointed to the spot in front of his desk and I scurried around there.

"I'm going to have to punish you," he said.

He pressed his fingers on some unseen button and a wood panel slid back before a gold bar rose out of the desk and clicked into place.

"Hold on to it,
he said.

I looked down at the polished wood and saw my own face staring back at me. My pupils were dilated. I was breathing heavily. I wanted this ... whatever

leaned forwards and grasped the gold bar
with both hands. It was far enough back on the desk that I was now bent over with my ass sticking up in the air. My skirt wasn't coping at all and had hitched itself up. Another inch and he'd be able to see everything.

Mr. Stone walked around behind me and I felt myself tensing up. Was he going to just pull my skirt up and fuck me? Wasn't that what I wanted?

He stood directly behind me and all I could hear was the sound of his breathing. There were no reflective surfaces in this direction except the top of the polished desk. All I could see was myself, my breasts straining against my blouse, a few ringlets of hair hanging free of the tie.

"Do you trust me?"

He touched me. A single finger on my back. I heard my blood pound in my ears. Trust him? I barely knew him? But somehow ... even bent over his desk ... yes.

"I ... do ... sir."

"If you say stop, then I will stop. Do you want me to?"

I shifted position slightly, my breasts rubbing on the desktop. What was he planning? And why did I want this so much?

"I don't want you to stop."

The smack on my ass came sharp and sudden and I yelped. What had I done? Oh ...

"I don't want you to stop,

His next touch was gentle, stroking the spot he'd just hit. The pain mixed with pleasure and I felt my temperature rising. Was he going to hike my skirt up and fuck me over his desk? The thought of this man pounding into me as I looked out over the city...


I winced. He'd asked me something while I was lost in fantasy.



This one was harder than before and in the same spot. I gasped aloud
and clenched the bar with both hands.

"You must pay attention!"

He smacked me again and I yelped once more. And again. And again. The sound of his hand hitting me echoed through the long room and I felt my knees go weak. The bar was my lifeline and I clenched it as hard as I could even as I felt bruises forming on my ass.

"That was fifteen. Disappoint me again and it will be more."

pushed up my skirt and traced the tip of his finger over where he had spanked me. The skin was sore and throbbing and the light touch of his finger was part pleasure and part pain.

His finger traced across my ass, only momentarily touching my sex. I closed my eyes and knew that he'd be able to feel I was wet.

"Oh, I see," he said, his voice dangerously low. He sounded furious.

His hand came down again suddenly and smacked against my ass. I managed to hold in my gasp but without the skirt between his palm and me, it stung and brought tears to my eyes. At the same time I felt myself get wetter.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you."

It was a statement rather than a question.
heard a soft click
and then
a low humming. I suddenly knew where my bullet vibrator was.

I moaned as he pressed it against my sex.
Although small, it was powerful.
He slapped a yellow notepad down next to my face along with a pen.

"Take notes for me."

I let go of the bar with my left hand and picked up the pen. The buzz of the vibrator was zipping up through my body, down my legs, swirling across my spine.

"I will obey Mr. Stone."

I bit my lip and tried to still my breathing as I wrote
I will obey Mr. Stone
. I started well but by the end it trailed off into a scrawl. He looked over my shoulder and then smacked me on the ass, sending another burst of wetness through my pussy.

"I. Will. Obey. Mr. Stone," he repeated.

He moved the vibrator closer to my clit and I felt his fingers touch me through my wet panties.

I will...

The pen skittered across the page as my body began to go completely off the rails. There was another crack as he spanked me again and then suddenly he had his fingers inside me, pumping them back and forth. He moved the vibrator directly onto my clit, the buzz consuming my world.

"I. Will. Obey. Mr. Stone!" he said.

I tried to write but my muscles had gone weak. I scrawled
and dropped the pen at the pleasure rushing through my body. His legs were against mine, his fingers pumping into me and the bullet vibrator going crazy against my clit.
He said something else to me but I didn't hear it over my wailing. I tipped over the edge, electric fingers running down every nerve, my pussy clenching around his fingers.

"... your cock. I want ..." I found myself gasping something to him when my head stopped spinning.

I heard the bullet click off and then he dropped it on the notepad. He reached forward and grabbed the back of my neck, pressing his body against mine. I could feel his hard cock through his pants.

"What is it you want, Delilah?"

I was still spinning through the universe but
I knew better than to tell him I wanted his cock. I felt his hand tense on my ass, waiting for my response.

I swallowed and took a deep breath, trying to slow my pounding heartbeat.

"I want to obey you. Sir."

He let go of my neck and I stood up. I turned around to see him walking away, across to the room at the side of his office.

"Leave," he said, not looking at me.

He slipped into the side room and slammed the door behind him. My ears burning with shame and with tears in my eyes I picked up the notepad with my scrawled writing, my bullet vibrator, straightened my clothes and went back to my desk.

The sound of the big wooden doors closing behind me sounded like a final admonishment. I'd done something wrong. Was I meant to tell him I wanted his cock?
I thought I was playing the game but maybe I was wrong.
At least he hadn't fired me for being in his office...

BOOK: My Billionaire Boss book 1 Billionaire Bound
8.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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