One Night with Calvin (One Night Series Book 2)

One Night with Calvin

By Eden Finley


Kindle Edition


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I did it. I actually freaking did it.

“You can’t make a living out of modelling, Hunter,” Dad would always say.

Oh really, Dad? Is that why I have a six-figure cheque sitting at home right now, along with a two-year contract with one of the biggest companies is the world? Suck on that, old man.

It wasn’t that Dad didn’t support me, but he wanted me to choose a career that didn’t have an expiry date. I understood where he was coming from—it’s why I went to uni and got a business degree. But at twenty-three years old, I didn’t need to worry about the future. Not yet. I was still young and had at least ten years left in my modelling career.

Mum on the other hand always supported me, and I was pretty sure I was still deaf from all the high-pitched squealing she did on the phone earlier when I called them with the good news.

Calvin-freaking-Klein. Me. Complete modelling campaign.

In true Garrett fashion, my brother dragged me to the nearest bar to celebrate. As I sat there by myself in a booth at a club, I watched him as he made his move on a short brunette girl at the bar. She was smiling politely but didn’t seem all that interested in him. I didn’t blame her—she was way out of his league.

Not that my brother was unfortunate in the looks department, but this girl carried herself with sophistication—a word Garrett probably didn’t even know the meaning of. Even though her ass was perfect and damn tempting in her black mini-dress that hugged her hips, she didn’t look comfortable wearing it. She fidgeted with the hem, her fingers moving to pull it down, even though it wasn’t riding up. Her outfit didn’t match the demure smile and slight blush I could see all the way from the other side of the room. The only thing she did seem comfortable in was her shoes, and I assumed it was because of her remarkably short legs. She, no doubt, had to get used to walking in heels to not be confused with a child. She was that tiny.

As fun as it was to watch my brother strike out with her, I wanted the drink he was
to be ordering me.

Bring me my drink. Bring me my drink.
The whole telepathic thing wasn’t working.

I stood from my seat, about to make my way over to them, when three of my friends walked in. I’d messaged everyone last minute when Garrett said we were going out. Spence and Blair I went to high school with, and there was some new guy we’d started hanging out with named Gage.

“Hey,” I said as I sat back down and they all piled into the booth with me.

“Congrats, bro,” Blair yelled in my ear and patted me on the shoulder.

“So you getting wasted tonight or what?” Spence asked, leaning over the table so I could hear. “What about Cole and Reece, are they coming?”

I scoffed. “You know Reece wouldn’t let him out.” The fact he was like a brother to me and this was the biggest contract I was most likely ever going to score in my entire career didn’t matter to Reece. I understood, though. They had a kid at home. They were responsible adults. Me, not so much.

My brother returned at that moment with his new friend by his side to join us.

“Where’s my drink?” I asked him.

The girl held up her glass with a devilish smile. “Sorry. I may’ve stolen it.” She held it to her lips and threw the whole tumbler back. “And now there’s nothing left. My bad.”

So much for my sophisticated theory.
But even as the words tumbled out of her mouth, it seemed like a show. A front. A way to put a wall up between us and her. Normally an attitude on a girl pissed me off, but on this girl? I found myself smiling.

I glanced at my brother. “She has too much attitude for you. You sure you can handle her?”

“Oh, there will be no handling of me tonight. From any of you.” She pointed her finger and glared at the five of us around the table. “I’m just waiting for my friend to turn up.”

“Besides, bro, she’s too young for me,” Garrett said. He was four years older than I was, and while she didn’t look as old as him, she still looked at least my age.

“How old are you?” I asked.

She bit her plump, glossy lip. “Eighteen.”

“You’re … what?” Spence stammered.

I tried to pick my jaw up off the floor.

She looked a lot older, but that might’ve had something to do with the shitload of makeup she was wearing.

“Told ya,” Garrett said. “Way too young for me. Ryan on the other hand … Sara, that’s my brother. The one I was telling you about.” He pointed to me. He was the only one in the world who called me Ryan—my actual name. Everyone else called me by my middle name.

I suddenly wished she didn’t steal my drink. I wanted to wet my parched tongue, which was only getting drier by the second at Garrett’s blatant wingman attempt. Subtlety was never his strong suit.

“He dragged me over here to congratulate you on your Calvin Klein contract,” she said to me. “He also mentioned something about me giving you a lap dance, but unfortunately it’s my night off from the strip club up the street.” She shrugged. “No such luck. Sorry, Calvin.”

She made me laugh, and I immediately liked her.

“I will let you buy me another drink, though.”

Cocking my eyebrow at her, I asked, “You’ll

“Didn’t you just get a super-important, high-paying contract? I just graduated high school. You expect me to buy
a drink?”

“Fair point,” I mumbled. I shoved Blair to let me out of the booth, and in turn, he shoved Spence out so I could head to the bar with Sara.

“So what are you drinking?” I asked.

“You don’t actually have to buy me a drink. You brother’s pretty insistent, and I figured this would get him to leave me alone.”

“I think I just fell in love with you,” I blurted.

She screwed up her face and laughed. “What?”

“It took me years to work out how to handle Garrett when he was being an ass. It took you less than fifteen minutes. I’m impressed.” I smiled. “Now, what do you want to drink?”

“Whatever was in your drink. It was good.”

“Damn, woman,” I mumbled. “Two Johnny Walker Red, on the rocks,” I said to the bartender before turning back to Sara. “I like a woman who drinks scotch.”

She averted her eyes as if she were embarrassed.

Handing over the cash, I took the drinks and handed her one.

“You don’t have to hang out with me. My friend will be here soon. You should go back to your friends and celebrate.”

“The friend you’re waiting for … is it a date?”

The corners of her mouth tipped up. “No. Just my friend from high school. She’s always late, so I’m used to it.”

“Then I’m not going anywhere.” I took a sip of my drink but didn’t take my eyes off her.

“Are you really an underwear model?” she asked, and I almost choked.

“I’m a model. I swear I’m only in my underwear like”—I lowered my voice and raised my glass again, mumbling as I took another sip—“ninety percent of the time.”

She laughed but then kind of flinched. “Sorry, my phone’s vibrating.” Reaching into the top of her dress, she pulled her phone out from between her cleavage to check her message.

“You keep your phone in your bra?”
Stop looking at her chest, asshole.
To be fair, she was the one who drew my attention there.

“Fucking hell,” she said in response.

My eyes flicked up to hers. “Tourette’s?”

“What? Oh, umm, no. My friend isn’t coming.” She threw back her drink and placed her glass on the bar. “Thanks for the drink … well, drinks, technically. See ya, Calvin.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, where are you going?” I stepped in her path so she couldn’t get past me and put my hand on her forearm.

Yeah, she was only eighteen, and I was twenty-three. And yeah, she had a sarcastic mouth that would probably get old really quickly. But I didn’t want her to leave yet.

“This whole year was going to be about being young and wild, you know? We just turned eighteen, I’m taking a gap year before I start uni, and she’s not even going to uni, so we’re meant to be having fun and making mistakes. But no, she doesn’t want to go out because her boyfriend says she can’t. They’ve got some serious issues.” She shook her head. “I need new friends.”

“Okay.” I dragged out the word. “Why does that mean you have to go home? Stay and hang out with us.”

She glanced over at the table of guys and then back at me. “That doesn’t sound like a smart decision. I may want to act young and wild, but that doesn’t include being reckless by drinking with five guys I don’t know. By myself.”

I nodded at her assessment. “Makes sense. That’s probably smart.” Just because I knew we were all good guys didn’t mean she did. “What if it was just you and me?” I took a step closer to her and was silently relieved when she didn’t move away.

“You’re not going to really want that lap dance, are you? Because I was totes joking about the stripper thing.” She looked up at me through her lashes, her eyes twinkling with humour and maybe a dash of fear.

“I’m not expecting a lap dance,” I said to put her at ease. “I’ll blow off the guys, and we can go do something else. Be
young and wild
,” I mocked.

She smiled. “And what exactly does that entail?”

“You tell me. You’re the one out on this mission.”

“I honestly didn’t have anything planned other than getting drunk.”

“Okay. One more drink each, then I’m cutting you off and we’re leaving.”

“How very bossy of you.”

I knew my next move would either scare her away or bring a promise of an extremely good night. Wrapping my arm around her waist, I brought my lips to her ear. “When I fuck you later, I want you buzzed, not wasted.”

you fuck me? Sure of yourself much?” She pulled away slightly, just far enough for me to see the flush making its way up her cheeks.

Pretty much the reaction I was expecting.

“What’s more young and wild than taking a stranger home?” I tried to hide my smirk, I swear I did.

“I dunno … breaking into somewhere you shouldn’t, jumping off the pier into the ocean at the headland, getting a tattoo … take your pick.”

“Done.” I signalled to the bartender and held up four fingers. “But if we’re going to do all that, I need more Dutch courage.”

“Wait, what?” Her eyes widened. “I wasn’t serious … I …”

“Come on, babe. You’re the one who wanted to be wild. And seeing as you just took sex off the table, drink up.”

Our four drinks were promptly lined up along the bar, and I handed over more cash.

Hesitantly, she reached for one of her two drinks and drank half of it in one go. “I didn’t say sex was off the table,” she mumbled as she raised her glass again and finished it off. “Just that you were full of yourself. I mean, it’s understandable. If I were a dude and looked like you, you wouldn’t be able to fit my ego in this bar. You seem to pull it off, though.”

“Is that your way of saying I’m hot?”

“You’re a model. You make money from your looks. Do you really need me to spell it out for you?” She reached for her second drink, and I realised I hadn’t even taken a sip of my first.

We drank them down quickly, and then I held my hand out, gesturing towards the door. “After you.”

My hand found the small of her back as we made our way to the exit.

I didn’t want to, but I glanced at the table of guys before walking out to let them know I was leaving. All of their eyes were on me. Garrett was grinning, new guy was shaking his head, and Blair’s and Spence’s mouths were agape in awe.

If only they knew what we were really going to get up to.

“So, which one did you want to do first?” I asked. As we stepped outside, the warm summer air hit my skin. “I vote for jumping in the ocean because it’s damn humid.”

“You seriously want to do that ludicrous list I came up with in there? Are you insane?”

“Nope. Young and wild, remember? Come on, don’t back out now. We’re doing this.”

She stopped walking. “I know why
want to do this, but why do you?”

I ran a hand through my hair and turned to her. “I just got the biggest contract of my career. I want to do something memorable so I never forget this moment—this feeling of accomplishment.”



“That was a good answer. It makes me think you’re not insane and that this is actually a good idea.” She hesitated for the briefest of moments before giving in. “Okay, where to first?”

I grinned as an idea came to me. “I know where we can kill two birds with one stone.” I grabbed her hand and headed for the nearby taxi rank.

I opened the car door for Sara, and she climbed in and slid across for me to get in after her.

“Can you take us to the marina?” I asked the cab driver, closing the door.

We could’ve walked from where we were, but I didn’t think that was a good idea in the heels Sara was wearing.

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