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One of the Guys (40 page)

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I watched my gorgeous girlfriend as
our friends complimented her on her dress. I felt so proud of her
and how much she had grown over the past six months.

Sure, it had been my fault that
we’d fallen out, but Chase assured me that if we hadn’t, she
wouldn’t have made friends with the girls, and we probably wouldn’t
be where we were today. Even though it was a painful time for me,
Chase was right.


Holding onto her, I felt my heart
swell so much. I felt so happy and blessed to be standing by her
side, her hand in mine, knowing that she felt the same about me
that I felt about her.


What I needed now, was to have my
girl to myself and hold her tight.

Our first dance


I’d been stupid not to ask her in
the past, but having her alone, away from everybody was what I
thought, at the time, better.

I was wrong. Now, I wanted to show
everybody that Chase is mine and that she belonged by my


Leading her to the center of the
dance floor, I lifted her hands to wrap them around my neck, and I
wrapped mine around her waist.

Holding her tight to my body, I
felt the warmth of her skin through our clothes.

I dropped my head to kiss her bare
shoulder, the sparks flowing through me at the simple


Inhaling her flowery perfume, I
kissed up her neck, to her ear.

I love you.” I whispered, feeling
the goosebumps breaking out from my breath on her skin.

I love you too.” She replied, her
eyes sparkling under the star-like twinkling lights in the

Good.” I smiled.


Releasing one hand, I felt for the
small box in my left pocket, smiling wider when I thought about my
plans for the evening ahead.

Chase, my beautiful, special Chase,
was going to have a night she wouldn’t forget.



The End.

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BOOK: One of the Guys
13.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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