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* * *

Bordok's spell was nearly complete—he only needed one more life. There was no fear in his victim's eyes as he approached, although he'd seen the others die.

"There are none here who can withstand my power," Bordok smiled, displaying sharp, bloody teeth as he raised his knife. The scream never passed his lips as lightning consumed him.

* * *

Pheran wanted to shout as we were bathed in lightning. There was no time to tell him that this was a way for Saa Thalarr to travel on and off worlds, where Ra'Ak watched every expenditure of power with suspicion—lightning was natural and hid our power signature well enough—we merely had to gauge it carefully so it wouldn't be too much.

I wasn't held to those limitations here as I resheathed my blades and grasped Pheran's hand so he'd be protected—lightning would never harm one of my kind. When the mountains moved beneath our feet and fell, covering the army beneath us, I turned to smile at Pheran.

Come with me
, I sent.
A better life awaits you

* * *

Two eight-days later

"Tell me." The Dragon Warlord paced angrily before Gray, who wanted to tremble in the Warlord's presence.

"She was a mage. We didn't know until it became necessary for her to reveal it," Gray said, lowering his eyes. "The raiders were only the vanguard for an army of fifteen thousand, camped on the other side of Needle Pass. They were prepared to come through and take Heatherfield first, before moving through Falchan."

"You say they had a blood warlock?" Dragon's eyes narrowed.

"Yes. He killed to get blood for his spells. He took their minds and Devin said they would never be the same afterward. They were as animals when they fought."

"So the enemy thought to take Falchan from that end. Trap me between two armies and destroy us as winter fell."

"That is what Pheran thought."

"What happened?"

"We were positioned down the mountain, so we might take any enemy that came through the pass," Gray said. "Pheran and Devin traveled to the top of the cliffs overlooking the pass."


"She could move us about easily," Gray said. "I know not how it was accomplished. She moved Pheran to the cliff, where we could no longer see. Dark clouds filled the sky and cold rain began to fall. All of us felt the hair on our necks begin to rise—something terrible was about to happen—we all knew it."

"And what happened?"

"Lightning. The sky was filled with lightning such as I've never seen. It hit the top of the pass and we watched as the mountain exploded. No enemy came down the mountain after, so in the morning, we went up. The mountain melted, Warlord, burying our enemies and Pheran and Devin with them."

The Dragon Warlord screamed out his grief while Gray cowered.

* * *

Seven months later

Kent, England

"I don't want to do that again. Ever," I muttered before blinking my eyes open.

"I think Drake and Drew are hungry," Joey's face appeared in my vision.

"I intend to beat Dragon when he gets back from assignment," I muttered. "He gets me pregnant while he's still Warlord, and then his current self stays gone for twelve months so he can miss every bit of this." I swept out a hand. I was exhausted, the twins were a day old and I still felt the effects of birthing them.

"Pheran went out on assignment today," Joey grinned. "So you accomplished a lot while Dragon was gone. I'll go get the boys."

"No need."

I stared—Dragon walked in carrying his sons—one in each arm. He grinned like a fool when he looked up at me, too. Well, one less thing to worry about, I suppose—I'd been concerned that he'd have a fit that I'd fooled around with him in Falchan's past, while he was still mortal.

"Joey, I'd like to take care of this if you don't mind," Dragon nodded curtly to Joey, who disappeared without a word. Then, I watched as Dragon laid the twins on the bed, uncovered my breasts and placed a hungry baby at each of them before leaning in to kiss me.

"Thank you—for Pheran and for this," he said softly before kissing me again.


The End


* * * * * * *


About the Author:

Connie Suttle lives in Oklahoma with her patient, long-suffering husband and three cats. For information on forthcoming titles, please visit Connie's website at www.subtledemon.com, her blog at subtledemon.blogspot.com or find her on Facebook—Connie Suttle Author. She is also on twitter: @subtledemon.

BOOK: Other Worldly Ways (Anthology 1)
10.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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