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Much as I’m disappointed, his words touch me. He really has changed and he wants to prove it to all of us. I’d love to get down to it right now, to make up for all the lost time, but going out on a date and behaving like normal couples… well, that sort of sounds nice, too!

“Okay.” I agree, nodding. “Let’s do it your way then. Let’s go and see Bridgette and Lucas now.”

“Now?” He gasps, mock panicking. “I don’t think I’m ready for her to kill me yet!”

“Tough.” I announce, grabbing his wrist and pulling him towards the door. “If I have to wait too much longer, I might explode from sexual frustration.”

“Dirty girl.” He grins once more, rubbing his nose against mine. “Trust me; the wait will be worth it.”

on’t be mad
.” I tell my sister the second we walk through the door.

I’m panicking. My emotions are all over the place because I have no idea how this is going to go. If it took me a while to forgive Ax fully, then it’s going to take my sister years!

Oh God, why am I doing this?

“Mad? I’m goddamn furious!” Bridgette yells at the top of her lungs, briefly looking at Axel before pulling us all inside her house.

“I know that you want to smack me, punch me, yell at me… and I want you to. Believe me; I know that I deserve it. But please, all I ask is that you hear me out first,” Axel manages to get out.

. I beg her with my eyes.

“Okay.” Bridgette finally announces after a few agonizing moments. “I will hear you out;
for Cherie, but then I’m gonna kick your ass.”

“I don’t doubt it.” Ax smiles.

I play in the front room with Lucas and the kids, while Bridgette and Axel discuss things in the kitchen. I’m nervous, I know that it can’t be going too well – after all, Bridgette is mad as hell at him – but I also know that they both need this. If they can hash it out, then we can all move forward and have a future.

Like a real life family.

I’m exhilarated, nervous and totally afraid all at once.

“Are you okay, Cherie?” Lucas asks me, picking up on my mood. He’s holding up surprisingly well, given what happened.

“Yeah. I mean, I know it probably seems crazy to you, but I’m so glad that Ax is back.”

Lucas smiles. “I don’t think it’s crazy. I knew you two would end up finding your way back to each other.”

“Like destiny?” I tease.

“Yeah, sure. Why not.”

Lucas might be a serious, calm man, but he’s also a great person to talk to. He’s always been open and honest with me. I really respect him and his opinion, and I’m so glad that he’s with Bridgette. They are perfect together. He fits really well into our little family unit.

“This is just the start of the future now.”

“Yeah.” I smile. “Yes, it is.”


’m dead nervous
. I can’t stop pacing up and down in my apartment. I’m taking Cherie out on a date tonight – our first, real date.

Well… my first real date ever, to be really fucking honest.

I have no idea how it’s going to go, but I’m really hoping for the best. I’ve booked a nice restaurant – nothing too fancy, I know affluence won’t impress Cherie – but nice enough. On top of that, I’m suited and booted, clean shaven and looking smart. This is a little weird for me, but it’s all a part of the new me. I need her to see that I really am a changed man.

The second I found out that Ellie Rose was my daughter; it put everything into a much clearer perspective. This is it, my one shot to make everything right again, to make my family whole. I may have a lot to make up for, but I’m sure that I can do it.

I could spend my time focusing on all that I’ve missed, or I could work towards a bright and positive future for us all. I know what the old me would have done, but that’s not me anymore. I’m not that self-destructive man these days. I’m someone with something to offer the world.

“Hold it together, Axel,” I whisper to myself.

I’ve already discussed our future with Bridgette. I knew that she’d be the hardest to convince, to turn back around to me, but I’ve managed it – which bodes well for all that’s to come. I opened up, I expressed my deep regret and love for her sister and eventually, the ice queen thawed.

She will always
have an eye on me, but I don’t mind that. Anyone looking out for Cherie is alright in my books. I can’t exactly complain, she’s already given me more than I deserve.

I make the walk over to Cherie’s apartment, trying to remain cool and confident – at least on the outside. I don’t want her to discover that I’m freaking out. The restaurant isn’t too far from where she lives, so I know that she won’t mind heading there on foot, which is perfect for me. I need the walk and fresh air. Cherie is definitely not a high-maintenance woman, which is just one more thing to love about her.

I knock lightly on her door, hearing the kids screaming inside. I beam to myself at that sound. They’re all so happy! I’m so glad that my daughter has had such a fulfilling life where I’ve been absent. It would have been awful if I’d found her bereft and sad. I just hope that I can add to that, to make things better for her. I don’t need to make her whole, but I hope that I can be a positive addition to her life.

“Come in!” I hear Cherie calling.

She sounds a little stressed, like she’s rushing round, not quite ready yet. I shake a little at the thought of what she might be wearing, already feeling desire for her.

I tentatively push the door open a crack.

“Mama!” Ellie Rose comes crawling over to me, throwing her arms around my legs.

“Not really mama,” I laugh as I pick her up and boop her nose. “But we’ll teach you what I am soon enough. Can you say daddy?”

I’m so glad that we’re already in a good place. She could have been shy or unsure of me, but she isn’t. I’m sure there will come a time in the future where she’ll have all sorts of questions for me, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

“All good, Axel?” Bridgette asks me knowingly. She knows this night is huge for me, and she knows that I want to get everything right. She can probably sense me freaking out.

“Yeah.” I nod. “I’m… good. Happy!”

“One minute!” Cherie shouts from the other room.

“The kids haven’t given her a second to get dressed. Do you want a drink while you wait? Beer?”

“Do you have any soft drinks?”

She eyes me suspiciously, but hands a soda over.

“No Dutch courage?”

“No, I’m good, thanks.” I don’t want to drink before going on this date. I need my mind to remain crystal clear.

I chat and laugh with Lucas for a few moments, just waiting for Cherie with my daughter in my arms. I can’t help but feel
– this is exactly where I need to be. This is where I should have been all along. Not that I’m bitter about that, at least this is where I am now.

“I’m here.” Cherie races into the front room, looking wound up and little disheveled… yet somehow drop dead stunning.

“Wow.” I drink in her appearance. Her long, blonde, wavy hair dangles down her back in its natural style and her face is free of makeup. She’s completely natural, which is just how I want her. She doesn’t need anything to intensify her beauty. I’m really glad that she’s remained herself. I want my dirty girl tonight.

She’s wearing a light blue summer dress, which hugs her every curve in the best possible way and hangs loosely from her hips. I can see a glimpse of her cleavage, but it’s nowhere near enough to be slutty. The dress matches and brightens her stunning blue eyes, making it impossible for me not to stare into them.

She has nude colored high heels on, really making the outfit. They cause her to stand confidently tall. She’s natural, graceful and elegant all at the same time. I’m already turned on, just looking at her. But tonight isn’t about sex, it’s about love.

I pass Ellie Rose to my sister in law, kissing her on the cheek. The little girl grins at me, and my heart soars. I’m a father. And I’ll be the best fucking dad Ellie Rose could wish for.

“You look nice, Ax.” Cherie smiles.

I cannot believe that I haven’t even complimented her yet; I’ve just stood here staring at her like a fool.

“You’re breathtaking, Cherie,” I manage to get out.

“Weren’t you about to leave?” Bridgette nudges me.

Cherie and I burst into laughter. “I guess that’s our hint to go!” I announce as we’re ushered out of the door.

“Have fun!” Lucas and Bridge yell after us.

We laugh and talk as we wander along, but there’s a gnawing fear inside of me that slowly starts to take over. I become increasingly quiet because of this.

“Are you okay?” Cherie finally asks.

“Yeah… yeah, sorry I know I’m being quiet. I’m just a little blown away by you.”

“Me, too,” She replies. “But I’m happy that you’re here.”

“I’m sorry that I wasn’t always…”

“Let’s just forget the past.” She jumps in. “Start from now. A fresh new start.”

“I like that plan,” I grin brightly at her. “A new future, a do-over. And on that note, here we are.” I wave my arm towards the restaurant, ready for our night to begin.

We walk in and take our seats, both starting to really relax around each other. I forget my nervousness and simply concentrate on Cherie. It’s so nice to hear her melodic voice once more, to see her expression when she gets excited and the way that she pulls on the end of her hair when she’s listening intently. She’s real, she’s really here and I will not fuck this up again.

The conversation is amazing. I’ve been so obsessed reminiscing about Cherie’s body I almost forgot what an amazing woman she really is… Not just stunningly beautiful, but funny as fuck and sweet as can be, too.

“Do you want dessert?” I ask her, after we’ve finished our main meal.

“Hell yeah!” She laughs. “I’ve been eyeing that chocolate fudge cake all night. There’s no
we’re leaving until I’ve had some.”

“Okay, great.” I breathe out a sigh of relief. I have more time to compose myself for the perfect end to this wonderful evening.

As our desserts are set in front of us, I get a burst of courage and just run with it, before she even has a chance to take a bite.


“Hmmm…” She glances up at me.

“I love you.” The first time I’ve said these words to her out loud. I can’t believe that it’s taken so long! I should have said this a million times already.

“I… I…” She’s a little taken aback. “I love you, too.”

“I always have, from the very first time that I saw you in that seedy bar. I always fucking will, baby – sorry, I’ll stop cursing.” She laughs, and it makes me smile as well.

“I haven’t just spent these years apart protecting you; I’ve been planning for our future, too. I’ve been saving up, making money and setting aside a nest egg for us… and Ellie Rose, too.”

Her face is ashen, as if she has no idea where I’m going with this.

“What I’m trying to say is…” I pull a small box out of my pocket. About a year ago I made a decision that this was what I wanted, so I started working towards my plan. I bought this gorgeous, princess-cut diamond ring, and now that moment for its unveiling is here.

It’s all been building up to this… this moment, just the two of us.

I could wait for this until we’re more settled, but what’s the point? I know what I want, I’m pretty sure that Cherie wants me, too. We can figure out our life from this point forward, just as long as we’re together. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

“I want you to do me the honor of marrying me. I will love you fiercely forever, I will protect you, and I will ensure that our family is provided for. I will be the man that you deserve. Ever since you walked into my life, I’ve been a changed man. You’ve made me better. You’re stunning, sweet, kind, sexy as hell and just the perfect woman for me.”

The tears are filling my eyes, but it’s okay because they’re streaming down her cheeks, too. I finally get up from the chair, and down on one knee in front of her. We start to attract the attention of the diners, but I don’t care. This moment is all about me and Cherie.

“So, will you make me the happiest man alive and become my wife?”

Her hands slap across her mouth as the color comes flooding back into her cheeks.

“Yes. Oh my God, yes! Axel, I can’t believe it, of course!”

I pick her up and swing her around in my arms. People start cheering and clapping around us.

She said yes!

In that moment, everything becomes worth it. All of the shit that I’ve been through in my past no longer matters; it was all leading to this. Me, Cherie and Ellie Rose, starting our family for real this time. And we’re going to do it in the right way.

“Come on.” Cherie is grinning. “Let’s take this cake home and go back to your place. Bridge has the kids all night, so we’re free.”

“Sounds great to me, dirty girl.” I grin, kissing her passionately. “Let me show you how much I’ve missed you…”


s we walk back
to where Axel lives, I can’t help but keep glancing at my ring. It’s perfect – understated, pretty but glamorous. It just proves how much Axel really knows me.

And now I’m going to be his wife!

“I just can’t believe it, Ax.” I squeal. “We’re getting married!”

We’re both on a real adrenaline high, acting like crazy school kids. This is officially the best day of my life. All of the waiting, the loneliness, the stress, the single mom stuff… it all seems worth it now. It’s as if my heart refused to move on because I knew that he was coming back all along.

“Believe it, baby. Things are about to change now!”

We stagger through his front door, his lips already on mine. We’re kissing and stripping like horny teenagers, and my heart is pounding with excitement. I feel my dress leaving my body and tumbling to the ground. The feel of the material scraping my skin sends shoots of desire through me.

Axel pushes my underwear clad body against the wall. I can already feel his erection busting through his jeans and I become the sensual, passionate woman that only he can make me.

I part my mouth and tilt my head back, begging him to kiss me. Instead of responding in the way that I thought he would, he starts to press his lips along my collar bone, which makes my mouth run dry with desire.

Oh God, it’s really me and Ax once more.

Then, his fingers start to tease the waistband of my underwear and I almost lose it right there and then. I’m so wet, so desperate for him that I almost scream. He trails his fingers down, pushes my panties aside and slips a finger inside of me, giving me a little bit of what I need.

“Oh fuck, Ax!” I can no longer keep it inside anymore. “Ax, I
you. It’s been too long, I’ve missed you so damn much.”

His other hand reaches up and unhooks my bra. His thumb starts to work its way around my nipple, making my whole body feel like it’s on fire. He stares at me the entire time, allowing me to lose myself in his dark, brooding eyes.

“I love you,” he tells me, before leaning in for a hot, ferocious kiss.

I don’t get a chance to respond to that because I’m being swallowed by his lust and it feels so damn good.

I fumble with his trousers; wanting them gone so that I can hold him, feel him in my hand. He shrugs of his suit jacket and almost rips off his shirt. As soon as he’s naked, too, I trace my hands along his torso, noticing that his abs have become even more sculpted than I remember.

Then I slowly run my fingers down to where he wants them, grabbing his length with both hands.

“You’re so big,” I gasp into his mouth. “You feel amazing.”

I remember how huge he is from before. But holding him here, feeling it for real once more, is slightly overwhelming.

“Take me here,” I pant.

I’ll never make it from here to the bedroom, or even the couch. I want him to fuck me up against the wall in his hallway, right here, right now. This is exactly how I want our reunion to go. Hot, sexy and dirty.

Axel takes himself out of my pumping hand and angles himself at my entrance.

“You’re amazing, baby girl,” He says, slipping himself inside of me.

I groan loudly, feeling every inch of him guide his way inside. Axel is taller than me, but I still have my heels on, so it works perfectly. He’s rubbing against my clit with every single movement and it feels fucking wonderful.

“Oh fuck, Ax, I love you so much!”

He wraps his arms around me, kissing me whilst thrusting powerfully. I get lost in the rhythm of our bodies, the smell of Axel smothering me and the rising tide of bliss that’s crashing inside of me.

“I’m so close,” I pant.

“Wait.” Axel cries, pulling himself out of me.

What the fuck?

I glare at him angrily. What the hell is he trying to
to me? Does he not know how much I need this?

“I’m sorry baby, but I
you to straddle me in those heels. You look sexy as fuck.” He rubs my arm, but I throw him off. “My dirty girl.”

He grabs a hold of my hand and guides me towards his front room, giving me no choice but to follow. I take a little glance around, drinking in all of his gorgeous home. He has absolutely everything that anyone could ever want – how the hell has he managed that? Including – amazingly – a giant shag pile rug in the middle of the floor.

“Oh god!” I cry out.

My bad mood evaporates. Now that I’ve seen it, I want to do it there, too.

Axel sits down on the rug, staring up expectantly at me. I keep my gaze fixed on him while tugging my underwear down. There will be no pushing them aside for this…

“So beautiful,” I hear him murmur and I sort of feel like I agree. He’s the only man to make me ever even
that. I always thought I was plain before, definitely not something exciting to look at. How has he done this to me?

I stand over him, letting him get a very good look at all of me, before I playfully push him into a lying position. He doesn’t break focus, until I climb on top of him and push him inside. He throws his head back and closes his eyes in elation.

“Eyes open,” I growl in a similar way that he did to me all that time ago.

His gaze snaps right back up. “Yes, ma’am.” He grins before moaning in ecstasy once more as I start to move.

I love being on top and in control because I can make things amazing for both of us. This time, when the waves of pleasure start to build, they are even more intense. It’s as if the delayed gratification has made it that much better.

His hands find my hips and he grins me against him, pushing me so low his cock bumps against my cervix.

“Fuck,” I breathe out, my voice shaky and uncertain. I’ve never been brave enough to fuck like this… It’s like he pushes all the right buttons, makes me go crazy with lust and so fucking confident at the same time. “I won’t last long, baby…”

“Neither will I,” he breathes against my neck, moving along with me. We’re so lost in a world of our own, we don’t notice anything else. I focus on Axel, on my husband-to-be. His eyes are locked on mine and he’s grimacing, holding back. I lean down and kiss him lightly, making him groan my name against my lips.

“Don’t hold back,” I beg him in a shy voice. “I need you to cum now!”

“Fuck,” he curses out loud, and I grind harder. Axel can’t stop cursing, saying my name, begging me to keep riding. “Fucking keep going, baby, I’m so close.”

“Cum for me,” I whisper in his ear. “Give me another baby.”

“Fuck, Cherie!”

“I love you, Axel,” I cry out as I orgasm with him.

“Oh, fuck,” he grunts, exploding below me. I feel his cum filling me up, the warm liquid running out of me and making a mess on Axel’s lap. “I love you, too, baby girl.”

This time, as we collapse next to each other exhausted, it’s as a newly engaged couple, and that fills the room. We’re confident, comfortable, relaxed.

This is it now. Me and Ax, forever.

BOOK: Outlaw's Baby: A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance
8.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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