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Perfect Streak (10 page)

BOOK: Perfect Streak

At her own new school,
Hildy was quickly identified and made infamous as the leader of the
Paper Bag Girls whose naked exploits were well documented on
several Internet sites. But, within a week, the furor died down as
fellow students found other things on which to focus their
attention. Also, as time passed, Hildy’s own thoughts strayed in
different directions. The streak became ancient history in her
mind. It seemed so far away—so foreign to her current world. She
couldn’t believe she’d been so fixated for so long on doing that
one crazy stunt. She didn’t feel that compulsion anymore. If
nothing else, the Valefour streak got that exhibitionism thing out
of her system. Now she was at a whole new school and a whole new

* * * *

Hey, what’s up?” It was
Hildy’s new roommate, Vanessa. The girl was wearing a bathrobe and
a pair of flip-flops. She’d just returned from the dorm showers
down the hall, and her long blond hair was still dripping. “Need
another towel,” she said as she rummaged through a

Check down at the
bottom,” said Hildy.

Vanessa bent over to
inspect the closet’s lower reaches. As she did, the upper part of
her bathrobe bloused outward, giving Hildy just the view she was
hoping for. Her roomie had the biggest jugs she’d ever seen on a
skinny girl. Much bigger than Dara’s. She was certain of that
because she got a great look at Dara’s rack when the two of them
were forced to scissor each other outside Valefour’s Assembly Hall.
That was one memory Hildy couldn’t forget. The image was seared
into her brain. As if it happened just that day, she could still
picture those massive mams bouncing about. Those stiff, plump
nipples jiggling their naughty, enticing dance. The pink nips and
areolas gyrating in hypnotic circles at the tips of those soft,
puffy funbags. Those big, bountiful, bewitching, bedeviling boobies
that could make even a straight girl come just to look at them!
Hildy’s mind raced.

What do those whoppers
feel like? What would it be like to reach out and grab hold? To
squeeze them. To rub them against your own tits. To suck them. A
girl could become obsessed over a pair of tits like that. Yes, a
girl could get uncontrollably obsessive over a pair of incredible,
huge fucking tits like the set on…

Vanessa,” Hildy offered,
“you want me to wash that robe? I’m gonna do laundry this

Sure.” The roommate
slipped off the bathrobe and tossed it to Hildy.

My pleasure,” drooled
Hildy as she gazed at her roomie’s naked body. Someday she’d
experience the thrill of playing with those tantalizing
titties—just as soon as she figured out a plan.




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