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Susan and Dara had hairy
pussies. The other two girls were clean shaven down there. At
Valefour, about half the girls waxed or shaved off all their pubes.
The other half kept some bush, always trimmed to form a nice
triangle. The important thing, though—at least, as far as the plan
was concerned—was that a hairy or bald pussy wasn’t going to be a
distinguishing factor. The more the streakers’ bodies resembled
scores of other girls, the less anyone would be able to state with
certainty that such-and-such tits or pussy went with such-and-such

Of course, despite all
attempts to create a “sameness” about them, the girls had their
distinctions, and Hildy compared them as they undressed.

Susan had short, naturally
red hair on her head. But, fortunately, her pussy hair was dark
enough to pass for brunette, which would keep guessing people from
narrowing down the potential choices to the known redheads in
school. She was skinny and the shortest of the girls. Her
pixie-like face bordered between adorable and semi-comical. Unlike
Hildy’s firm, round, B-cup boobies, Susan’s floppy tits were
pointy. Hildy sometimes joked they looked like one-way

Even longer than Hildy’s
wavy, chestnut toned locks, Cindy’s blond hair hung straight and
framed a round face with a narrow nose and blue eyes. Her C-cup
tits were a little larger and rounder than Susan’s. She had the
largest nipples of the four girls. She was also a little plump, and
she had the biggest ass—not such that she would be considered fat,
though. Cindy was the only blonde among the four of them. Her lack
of pubic hair would not make that obvious during the

Dara was the most bosomy
of the streaker quartet. Her jugs weren’t quite D-cup, but they
were close. They hung lower than the others’, making her the most
jiggly in the group. Her curly brown hair was a conservative
shoulder length. Her face was long and angular. Her arms and legs
rather muscular for a girl. She was the best athlete of the bunch,
playing on the girls’ soccer team—with a sports bra that held her
big titties in place, of course. Streaking without that bra,
running was going to be a very bouncy event for her.

Their differences noted,
it should be said that the streakers were all of average
proportions, which put them in a rather large category of body
shapes. They had average sized areolas and nipples, and their
pussies resembled the pussies of pretty much most of the girls in
the school. In other words, without their faces or individual hair
styles, no one was going to be able to ID them from one fleeting
glimpse of their nude bodies running across a stage.

All of this was carefully
calculated by Hildy as she formulated the plan. Nothing was left to
chance. Hair was pinned up if it would extend beyond the bottom of
the paper bag. There were no piercings or tattoos that would
identifiably mark someone. The girls also had to be careful for
weeks to avoid any distinctive bruises. When Susan suggested they
could streak more sure-footed if they wore running shoes, Hildy
nixed that idea with the astute observation that, with so many
different brands and styles on the market, a person could be
identified by her shoes alone. Barefoot was the only safe choice.
And no distinctive shades of nail polish, either. That’s all it
would take—one glowing, phosphorescent shade of watermelon green
nail polish—to tag its wearer like a fingerprint.

You really think anyone’s
gonna be looking at our nails?” Susan smirked.

You wanna take the
chance?” countered Hildy. “It just takes one guy with a foot

And so it was unanimously
decided—no distinctive nail polish on hands or feet.

Even the clothes they wore
to school that day were selected for their indistinct character.
Plain whites, drab colors, and no jewelry. Nothing anyone would pay
any attention to, just in case someone at the awards ceremony
looked around the crowd and said, “Hey, I don’t see that girl who
was wearing the hot pink blouse earlier.” No hot colors today. This
was a day for the girls to be unnoticeable—that is, until the big
moment when they’d be unavoidably noticeable. Then it would be on
their own terms and under the glorious cover of sweet

At last naked, Cindy and
Dara folded their clothes into neat piles.

Put ‘em in the order
you’re gonna get dressed,” instructed Hildy, demonstrating with her
own pile.; panties on top, then bra, pants, and blouse. “The idea
is, thirty seconds after we get back: ‘
What streakers

You’ve thought of
everything,” moaned Dara.

When Hildy first proposed
the plan in March, Susan agreed to it immediately. She was
typically up for just about any stunt, especially if it would, as
Susan liked to put it, “shock their
stupid, old school
out of its
boring, old ways
.” It
was no secret Susan was there only because her parents, both
Valefour alumni, insisted she go there. A family tradition was at
stake. Susan didn’t give a shit about family traditions. Everyone
knew she was just biding her time, waiting for the day she could go
to a big school located far from parental oversight. Then
watch out!

Cindy held out about a
half hour until Susan pushed her into it by telling her that, if
she didn’t join them, Susan, who was on the tennis team with Cindy,
would use her cell phone to snap naked pictures of her friend in
the locker room. Then she’d send those pictures to everyone Cindy

You can do it anonymously
with a paper bag on your head, or…”

Cindy wasn’t convinced
Susan would follow through on the threat. But, knowing how crazy
Susan could be, the mere possibility was enough to push Cindy into
an unenthusiastic agreement.

So long as
all four of us

That left it all up to

Not surprising, Dara was
the toughest sell. She wasn’t a closet exhibitionist like Hildy, or
a perv like Susan, and she didn’t have Cindy’s fear of retaliation.
Her conservative upbringing made Dara the most reserved and most
inhibited of the foursome. The past summer, they had to employ
major convincing just to get her to buy a two-piece swimsuit.
Besides that, Dara’s younger brother also attended Valefour as a
first-year student. The idea of running naked in front of her own
brother was unthinkable.

Has your brother ever
seen you naked?” was Hildy’s pointed question to the shy

No!” remonstrated Dara.
“Whaddaya think we are?!”

Then, if he doesn’t know
what you look like naked, how’s he gonna know it’s
?” The logic was
sound. Even Dara couldn’t dispute that.

Still,” sputtered, Dara.

know. And
it’d be gross.”

Despite the barrage of
tactical arguments, Dara couldn’t be cajoled, threatened, reasoned
with, or blackmailed into running naked before the whole
Not in a million years!

Well, Cindy won’t do it
unless everyone does it.” Susan shook a scolding finger at

Just great!” Hildy
sneered. “The most perfect opportunity to streak without anyone
even knowing it’s us. A memory we’d have for a lifetime! It’s the
last chance before we graduate! And we’re gonna miss

I know,” sulked Susan.
“It’d be the most fuckin’ amazing thing! Goin’ out with a bang!
But, unless Dara’s in…”

Why do
have to be in?” whined
Dara. “You wanna run around
, be my guest. You don’t
need me.”

Cindy won’t do it unless
we all do it,” was Hildy’s stern response. “And it’s not gonna be
just me and Susan out there while you two wuss out. We’re supposed
to be a team.” She turned to Cindy. “You’ll do it if Dara
does—right, Cin?”

Well…if everyone else

Yeah,” Hildy injected,
looking at Dara. “If
does it.”

It’s a fuckin’ sisterhood
thing,” added Susan.

Hildy was aware of only
one sure-fire weapon when it came to convincing Dara—the girl’s
need to
Cindy knew Dara best, and Hildy got her background out of Cindy
some time ago.

Dara had been one of the
unpopular girls in grammar school and junior high. It wasn’t until
she started high school and fell in with Cindy that she first began
to feel the joy of social acceptance. When she learned that her
high school chum was planning to go to Valefour, Dara begged her
parents to let her go there, too.

Hildy knew she could
convince Dara to do almost anything if she made it seem that their
friendship was on the line. So she began a plan of attack that
included plenty of “If you’re really one of us, you’ll join us,”
and “I guess, from now on, we’ll just have to leave Dara out of
anything we do.” Susan caught on and chimed in with similar
comments. Cindy, already cowed into agreement, offered no support
to her timid friend. So it was no surprise the tactic chipped away
at Dara’s resistance. The wine didn’t hurt, either. After close to
two hours of debate, Susan tipped the scales when she said it would
count as a “three-dares credit” for Dara the next time the girls
played Truth or Dare. Dara never seemed to have fun when they
played Truth or Dare, and it was pretty obvious she participated
only because she wanted so very much to be part of a “cool group.”
Susan and Hildy were popular, and their presence guaranteed the
coolness of the clique. The peer pressure and the “dares offer,”
finally got Dara to agree to join them on the streak—but only if
she had unconditional assurance that, absolutely,
under no circumstances
, could her identity as a
streaker ever be determined now or in the future. Hildy swore on
her own life that the plan was as secure as Fort Knox, and she
detailed the positive outcomes for every conceivable

You don’t even have to
worry about the Internet,” reminded Hildy, “because they make
everyone turn off their cells when they start the program. No

That was true. Having had
more than enough cases of cell phones going off in the midst of
academic assemblies, Dr. Zabrinski required everyone to shut off
their phones at the very beginning of the ceremony and then hold up
the phones for her to see that there were no lights still beaming
from them. The plan for the streak was to dash across the stage
before anyone had a chance to turn their cell phones back on and
snap a picture. Hildy wanted to give everyone a quick thrill, but
not one that would be captured for posterity and later studied at
length. That would increase the risk of being identified. And that
was something each of the girls wanted to avoid at all




II Bare-Pussy


The four naked girls
fidgeted bare feet on the hard classroom floor. Hildy could tell
the others were as nervous as she was. They had seen each other’s
nude bodies before, principally in gym showers and changing rooms.
But this was different. Here they were naked in a strange setting.
They giggled and made faces as if to say “Now what?”

Susan stroked her

Havin’ a good time?” was
Cindy’s facetious remark to the redhead playing with her own

Wanna give ‘em a good
show,” Susan responded. “In Vegas, they use ice. Don’t suppose
anybody’s got any ice?”

Fraid not,” answered

In that case,” Susan
mused toward her chest as she began a speedy flicking of her middle
fingers over her now hardening nipples, “wake up,

Why do you wanna be
hard?” asked Dara.

Show biz,” grinned Susan.
“Bigger is better. Besides, this isn’t the way those girls out
there usually see my tits.”

Hildy caught on right
away. It was something she, herself, hadn’t thought about, and
there was no sense in wasting a good idea. “She’s right. Anybody
sees us in the showers, our nips are usually soft. For even greater
anonymity, everybody perk up.” With that, Hildy began stimulating
her own nipples with her fingers. “C’mon,” she encouraged Cindy and
Dara. “Make your nips hard. Hard as you can. Then let ‘em try to
guess whose tits these are.”

Dara and Cindy
self-consciously obeyed Hildy's directions and played with their
own nipples.

Now we’re gettin’
somewhere,” Hildy quipped as she watched her nipples grow within
her fingers.

With a sudden burst of
inspiration, Susan said to Hildy, “I’ll do you if you do

Hildy gave it a moment’s
contemplation. “Deal.”

Susan and Hildy played
with each other’s jugs, while Cindy and Dara watched in obvious
disapproving amazement.

You two can do each
other,” Hildy instructed the other two girls.

No, thanks,” was Dara’s
instant response. “I’m good.” Then she muttered,

What a couple of

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