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III Act Two


Having exited the stage on
the side closest to the stage door, it was just another second
before the girls were back in the corridor. No one was there. It
had all happened too fast. In total, the streak before the audience
hadn’t even lasted fifteen seconds. No one had time to think. They
were still hooting in the Assembly Hall, a scene of pure bedlam. It
hadn’t occurred to anyone as yet to rush out the doors and give
chase to the naked girls. Hildy knew that would be the case. The
jubilant and now aroused crowd would need a few moments to collect
its thoughts and process what had just happened before it could
organize itself into action.

Meanwhile, the giddy
streakers galloped down the five steps and through the corridor as
fast as they could, their bare feet slapping the hard tiles, their
tits flopping in every which direction. With each hurried step,
their hands held tight to the paper bags so that the eyeholes
wouldn’t slide out of position. Even though it hurt a little to
feel their titties bouncing and smacking against their torsos,
there was no time for them to let go of the sacks and control those
tits. The priority was to get back to the art classroom and their
clothes. The finish line was now just twenty feet away.

They had done it! They had
streaked the school! And the best thing was that nobody would ever
know it was them! Okay, there was going to be a video they hadn’t
expected. But there was nothing to do about that now. And, besides,
the girls had kept their bags on their heads. There was nothing to
identify them. There was no evidence to link them to the streak. In
a couple of weeks, they would graduate, and the story of the paper
bag streakers would live on as a mystery, at some point mostly just
in lore. Only the girls, themselves, would know the truth, and
Hildy cherished that they could laugh about it amongst themselves
for the rest of their lives. It was, in short, the perfect

Cindy was the first to
reach the art classroom door. She grabbed the knob and gave a turn.
It didn’t move. Hildy, expecting Cindy to have the door opened by
the time she reached it, crashed into her. Dara and Susan added
their bodies to the collision.

Open the door!” panted

It’s not opening!” Cindy
frantically tried to turn the knob that would not budge.


It’s locked!”

The girls’ faces told the
story. A sudden realization came over all of them at

You locked the door!”
Susan accused Dara.

You told me to lock

Well, why didn’t

You were the last one

There was no time for a
debate. Hildy could now hear footsteps approaching from around the
corner. They were naked, they couldn’t get to their clothes, and
they were about to come face-to-face with people who'd undoubtedly
rip off their paper bags to unmask the identities of the streaker
girls. If that happened, how could Hildy face anyone she knew there
ever again? How could any of them? How could they come to class on
Monday? They’d forever be identified as the paper bag streakers.
Hildy felt the girls’ mutual panic set in.

Susan was the first to
bolt. She practically flew down the corridor in the opposite
direction of the chasing footsteps. Dara and Cindy quivered their
hands ridiculously in that way people do when they’ve no idea what
to do next. With no alternative, the three of them pointed their
naked asses toward the oncoming footsteps and darted after Susan,
Hildy—the fastest—way out in front of the other two.

There they are!” called
out an excited, youthful male voice. A second later, other voices
could be heard.

Hildy didn’t look, but she
heard the sounds of rushing feet behind her. The nudies were
already running at top speed. So they couldn’t quicken their pace.
But the urgency of escape doubled for Hildy.
Oh, shit! I’ve gotta get out of here!

Susan and Hildy reached a
fork in the road, so to speak, where the corridor branched off to
the right or continued straight ahead. To the right were some of
the specialty classrooms such as biology and chemistry labs.
Eventually, that corridor connected with yet another hallway that
led back toward the Assembly Hall’s front entrance and the
administrative offices. Straight ahead went straight for another
thirty feet, and beyond that, there was only the door leading to
the great outdoors of the city street—not a good place for a person
with no clothes to be. Hildy assumed Susan, who was only slightly
in front of her, would make the 90-degree right turn at the
junction. But, instead, Susan charged straight ahead.

What the fuck is that dumb
bitch doing?!
thought Hildy as she rounded
the corner, parting with her cohort. A moment later, Hildy heard
the metallic screech of the exit door opening.
No way!
thought Hildy, now pounding
toward the labs area.
There’s no way she
ran out onto the street naked!

But then, in a flash, a
series of thoughts rocketed through Hildy’s adrenaline pumped

Maybe she’s going to her
car! But she hasn’t got her car keys! Maybe she knows how to
hotwire it! If anyone would know how, Susan would! But she’ll need
a key to get in! Unless she didn’t lock it! That’s it! The car’s
waiting and unlocked! That bitch is gonna drive home!

There was a choice to be
made and only an instant in which to make it. The direction she was
going would just lead back to the Assembly Hall and the thousand
students she now desperately wanted to avoid. The exit to outdoors
held at least the possibility of escape, ducked down low in her
friend’s car. She couldn’t get to her clothes. She couldn’t just
stay in the building until she was caught. She couldn’t dodge into
a classroom to hide, because, devoid of their professors and
students, they were all locked. There was really only one viable
option. Hildy had to turn around and hope she could catch up to
Susan before Susan drove off.

Hildy put on the brakes
and came to a clumsy halt. She wheeled around to backtrack. It was
the wrong decision. A girl’s shriek of terror caught Hildy by
surprise and caused her to freeze in place. It was a fatal pause.
An instant later, Cindy came charging around the corner and
steamrolled right into her, knocking Hildy on her back with her
legs akimbo and her feet well above her head. Cindy staggered, but,
because she had momentum on her side, she was able to recover her
balance, and she continued sprinting down the corridor, never
looking back.

Hildy’s ungainly position
wasn’t her only problem. During the fall, her paper bag had shifted
so the eyeholes were no longer positioned over her eyes, and she
couldn’t see anything. Hearing a commotion getting close, she
frantically shifted the bag’s position on her head, looking for the
eyeholes. But, in her mad confusion, she had no idea where the
holes were.

She felt a hand on her
upper arm pulling her back up to her feet.
Thank God! Cindy came back for her!
Then she felt a second hand. This one took hold of her left
Ow! What the…?!

Raucous sounds, in
addition to a third, a fourth, a fifth, and a sixth hand groping
her tits, ass, and crotch, brought to light the horrible
realization that it wasn’t Cindy who had lifted her off the floor.
She was being mauled by her pursuers who had caught up to

Hildy let fly a piercing
scream that stunned her marauders for a second.

Let’s see who it is!”
called out a male voice. Other voices applauded the suggestion.
Hildy knew what was coming next. Her hands flew to the sides of the
paper bag to clutch it more tightly than she had ever held anything
before. And then it happened. The last fragment of her perfect plan
came undone with one horrifying sound.


Between the fingers of
both her clenched hands there remained two tiny nubs of brown
paper. The paper bag was off.

Hildy shrieked and
collapsed to the floor in a trembling lump. She tightened her body
into a ball, trying as best she could to cover her nakedness with
her arms and legs. Around her stood a half-dozen boys who appeared
to be highly enthralled. Some of them, she recognized as
classmates. Among those she recognized was Danny Astor, a
fleet-footed jock who played on the Valefour basketball team. She
knew him because of his local celebrity. She suspected he had seen
her around the school but had no knowledge of who she was. Up till
now, he'd shown no interest.

Anybody know this cunt?”
Danny asked his friends.

A boy bent over to get a
better look at the face of the naked girl on the floor. It was
Victor Sherman, a boy from her advanced calculus class.

It’s Hildy Bowlers,”
Victor announced.

I’ve got Hildy’s
!” exclaimed a
blond headed boy as he reached in and grabbed hold of both her
tits. The act drew shouts and applause while Hildy

Get away from me! Leave
me alone!” Hildy kicked her feet and slid her bare ass backwards
over the floor tiles in a futile attempt to put some distance
between her and the others. A moment later, the boys were all
around her again.

What the fuck’s with this
bitch?” said Danny with a haughty tone. “First she wants everyone
to see. Now she’s

Maybe she’s only shy
around small groups,” winked a chubby boy. “Maybe Nudie Girl likes
big audiences.”

That it, Nudie Girl?”
taunted Danny. “You only show your tits if there’s a lotta people
‘round to see?”

Well, we can help there!”
guffawed the chubby boy. “Let’s take ‘er back to the Assembly

A unanimous exultation
from the boys brought instant approval to that proposal.

No, no!” whimpered

A second later, strong
arms, possibly inspired by an even stronger sense of “mission,”
hauled the girl up by her shaven armpits.

Don’t! Don’t!” Hildy
writhed as she tried to pull free. “Let me go!”

Victor and the chubby boy
had a secure grasp on the arms of a bare-ass naked babe. If they
had anything to say about it, she wasn’t going anywhere.

Don’t make me! Don’t make
me!” yelled the captive nudist. In a brazen attempt to launch one
last major offensive, she kicked a foot toward Danny’s

Danny’s reflexes were
quick. He wasn’t on the basketball team for nothing. He not only
averted the kick to his balls, but he managed to grab hold of
Hildy’s outstretched leg. He held her ankle while the girl
struggled unsuccessfully to extricate her suspended limb and
balance herself on the one foot that remained on the

Oh!” Danny grinned,
“Nudie Girl likes to play rough!”

She’s just anxious to get
back to her fan club!” Victor had a devilish grin.

Well, let’s not keep them
waiting!” was Danny’s response. “Grab ‘er other leg!”

Before she knew what was
happening, the blond boy took hold of her other leg, and a
screaming Hildy was suspended in mid air by four boys each holding
a different wriggling limb. Try as she might, her strength was no
match for the boys, all of whom were athletes. They had full
control of her and could manipulate her however and wherever they

The boys spread her legs
far apart, causing her pussy lips to separate.

I always thought that
stuck-up bitch needed to air out her pussy,” quipped

Well, let’s make sure it
gets a good airing out,” said a short boy, whom Hildy recognized as
Jimmy Jordash, a fellow classmate she detested for his crudeness.
Jimmy dove between the girl’s uplifted legs, put his face right
into her splayed snatch, and rubbed her pussy with his nubby
fingers. “She’s openin’ up like a garage door!” Jimmy proudly

Dr. Jordash, we’re at two
centimeters,” laughed a tall boy.

Let’s check!” And, with
that, Jimmy prodded his fingers deep into Hildy’s cunt hole. Hildy
let out a guttural sound of disgust, but she could sense her pussy
reacting to the stimulation in a way she wished it would not.
“We’re definitely on the right track!” said Jimmy. “Someone get my
picture with her!”

A cell phone camera was
already out and focused.

Say cheese,” said the boy
with the camera.

!” said the chubby

grinned Jimmy as the photo was taken.

Me next!” jumped in the
next in line.

The boys took turns being
photographed with the girl whose naked body was now a plaything in
their hands. Hildy could feel her cunt lips engorging, swelling,
opening wider, wider,
! There was nothing she could do
about it. When a boy wasn’t playing with her pussy, he was groping
her tits or smacking her ass. Those sensations made it worse for
her. She was now fully aroused, but also struggling and
suffering—utterly embarrassed and humiliated. What could be worse
for her but better for the boys than for them to get this kind of
up-close-and-personal nudie show from a girl who was so obviously
reluctant? Hildy believed that, for the boys, it was like being a
peeping Tom—only the peeped-on girl knows you’re doing it and can’t
do a thing about it no matter how hard she tries.

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