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Zack pulled his legs back again and watched as Simon settled between his legs, his thighs rubbing against Zack's ass cheeks. Simon had a hold of his cock and was gently teasing it against Zack's hole, "Ready?"

"Simon… Now, goddamn it!" All the air left his lungs as Simon seated himself within Zack in one smooth hard thrust. They both moaned at the feeling of finally being joined together the way mates should be.

"So good… so full…," Zack panted as Simon started a slow and gentle thrust.

"So tight, babe… love the way you squeeze my cock. Feels like you're going to burn my dick, you're so hot."

"Harder, Simon! I won't break. Fuck me into the mattress."

"As you wish, babe." Simon leant forward and kissed him, matching his tongue thrusts to those of his cock. Zack let go of his legs and wrapped them around Simon's waist, threading his arms around Simon's neck to hold on.

Simon pulled back and left Zack panting for breath as he quickened his thrusts. Simon's hands pushed Zack's thighs back until he was just about bent double. The quick hard thrusts were forcing him up the bed. Simon was pegging his gland with every thrust and he knew his orgasm wasn't far away.

There was one thing Zack wanted above anything else at that moment and he wanted it before he came. "Bite me."

Simon seemed to pause for a moment before he continued with his rhythm. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, claim me. I want you as my mate for now and forever. Please Simon." Zack turned his head to the side, offering his mate his neck. He knew it was a submissive gesture and had no problem making it to his mate. He watched in awe as Simon lost control. Simon's eyes shifted and his teeth elongated, he could feel his claws start to lengthen as they gripped his hips.

With a loud roar, Simon jammed his cock home and bit into the base of Zack's neck as hot cum flooded his passage. The dual sensations were too much for Zack and he felt himself tip over the edge as wet heat spread between their bodies.

Zack nearly cried out again as the knot extended from Simon and latched onto his prostate. He had completely forgotten about the mating knot. Simon slowly extracted his teeth from his neck and licked the mark closed before leaning over and kissing him to within an inch of his life.

The pleasure was too much for Zack and he felt his body shudder again as he was swept away in another mind blowing orgasm, so powerful his body had no other way to cope but to surrender to the darkness.

Chapter 6


Simon woke feeling as if someone was staring at him. Opening his eyes, he blinked trying to get them to focus. Noticing the light streaming through the gaps in the curtain, he realised it must be morning. Finally able to make his brain work, Simon realised two things at once. He was still completely naked and wrapped around Zack and Hayley was standing at the side of the bed looking at him.

"Good morning, Princess. Did you sleep well?" Simon asked in a whisper while he discreetly moved the sheets to make sure both he and Zack were completely covered. The movement stirred Zack and he rolled over and snuggled deep against Simon's chest, placing a small kiss to his neck. Simon bit back his moan as he realised Hayley was still standing there watching them.

"I'm hungry." The loud voice of a two year old broke through any remaining fog that was lingering from his sleep. Zack seem to startle awake at his daughter's voice and he sat bolt upright, rubbing at his eyes.

Easy, babe. Everything's fine."
Simon couldn't believe how happy he was feeling just from communicating silently with his mate for the first time.
His mate
. He still couldn't believe he had found the man destined to be his.

Zack seemed to calm down at his voice before smiling and turning to kiss him. When he turned back to Hayley, he was wide awake. "Well hello there, Pumpkin. Did you sleep the whole night in that big bed all by yourself?"

Hayley smiled at her daddy before lifting her arms, wanting to be picked up. Zack made sure he was covered before lifting Hayley up on the bed and into his lap. Zack kissed Hayley on the cheek and Simon decided he should get in on the action as well. Scooting over he placed a big wet sloppy good morning kiss on Hayley's cheek as well.

The little girl squealed and giggled in her daddy's arms. "Scratchy," Hayley said as she rubbed at her cheek.

"So I hear you're hungry?"


"Yes, Hayley, not yep."

"Sorry, Daddy."

"It's okay. Go wait outside and Simon and I will get dressed then we can all have some breakfast."

"Okay, Daddy." Hayley said as she climbed from her daddy's lap before sliding off the bed and running for the door.

Once Hayley had left the room, Zack turned to Simon. "Now, where's my good morning kiss?" Simon, still not believing he had found this man, scooted forward and laid a kiss exactly like the one he had on Hayley on Zack's cheek.

"Urgh!" Zack laughed as he pulled away from Simon."I'll get you for that."

Simon couldn't help but laugh as he jumped from the bed and ran to the bathroom. Before he could reach the door, Zack caught him and pinned him against the wall.

"Now this feels familiar." Zack's voice was a low sultry purr and Simon felt his dick get hard immediately. "Now, where is my proper good morning kiss from my mate? I'm not leaving until I get one."

"That doesn't really entice me to kiss you good morning, babe. I would be quite happy to stay right here with you all day, naked and hard." Simon punctuated his words with a thrusting of his hips.

"As much as I would love to, we have a little girl who would like some food." Simon knew this, so he gave in and kissed his mate good morning. The kiss was slow and unhurried, a gentle melding of tongues and lips. When they finally broke apart, Simon stared Zack in the eyes, as happy as he had ever been in his life.

Good morning, babe."

Zack's smile lit up his whole face.
"Good morning to you too. Now let's get dressed."

* * * *

Zack was walking on cloud nine as he made his way through Simon's house looking for Hayley. He knew he had a big goofy grin on his face but didn't care. Reaching up, he gently ran his fingers over the mark Simon had left on him last night. Zack shivered as the touch sent electric currents racing through his body.

Walking into the kitchen, Zack stopped as everyone seated around the table turned and looked at him. Zack realised he was still lightly fingering his bite mark and lowered his hand, his face heating at being caught. Strong arms wrapped around his waist from behind and he was pulled back against a hard chest.

Zack's body turned to mush and he moaned at being held in Simon's arms. Simon nuzzled into his neck and kissed his mating mark. Zack's knees gave out and, if it wasn't for Simon's arms around him, he would have ended up an embarrassing puddle on the floor.

You okay there, babe?"

"Uh huh." Simon chuckled then kissed him again before making sure he was steady on his feet and stepping away.

"Come on, time to get something to eat. Would you like some coffee?"

"Huh?" Zack was still having difficulty getting his brain to recognise any sort of higher communication as tingles still raced through his muscles.

"Coffee?" Simon asked again and laughed. "Why don't you sit down, babe?"

Sitting? Now that he could do. Zack made his way to the table and sat next to Hayley who was currently on what looked to be her second piece of toast with vegemite. The crusts were scattered over the plate and table and Zack was sure she had more vegemite on her face than in her mouth.

Looking at his daughter, Zack finally got control of his body. "Look at you. You're a mess again. Last night a tomato sauce monster and this morning a vegemite monster!" Simon placed a steaming cup of coffee in front of him and Zack took it with thanks.

"Okay guys, breakfast is ready. Can someone help me with all this?" Brian called out from the kitchen

Zack looked at Simon, wanting to know what was going on.

"Brian does most of the cooking around here as we're all pretty much hopeless at anything like that. We usually have a cooked breakfast on the weekends since we all have a little more time than we do during the week. Plus we generally get to go running and burn of all the calories."

Zack smiled wistfully at the thought of going running. He hadn't been able to let his wolf out and go for a run in at least six months if not longer. Ever since Sarah had died and her parents had started their vendetta against him, Zack hadn't trusted anyone else to look after his daughter. So he had put his needs and, those of his wolf, to the side and concentrated on raising his little girl.

"Everything okay?"
Zack couldn't believe how attuned to him Simon seemed to be already.

"Yeah, just would love to be able to go running as a wolf. It's been a while."

"How long's a while, Zack?"

mm. Over six months."

"Jesus, really?" Everyone in the room turned to look at Simon at his sudden outburst. Zack just nodded his head, too embarrassed to answer. When everyone realised nothing else was going to be forthcoming, they all turned back to what they were doing.

"Don't worry, we'll sort something out." Simon leaned in to whisper in his ear. All conversation was then stopped as the food was placed on the table and everyone dug in. Zack cut up some sausage to let it cool down and placed them in amongst all the crusts on Hayley's plate.

"I don't think I can eat this." Brian said suddenly.

"Baby, are you okay?" Marcus asked. Zack looked up and noticed Brian was looking rather pale. Brian shook his head before covering his mouth quickly and running from the room. Marcus swiftly followed behind him.

Zack wondered what was wrong with him; being a werewolf they very rarely got sick as their bodies were immune to most human diseases. Wondering if he should ask, he noticed every head at the table looking at the door that Brian and Marcus had just gone through.

"Is everything okay with Brian?" Zack decided it couldn't hurt to ask.

"I'm not sure, babe." Simon answered his question and wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

Breakfast after that was a quiet affair; Brian and Marcus didn't rejoin them. Once everyone had eaten at least half their plates and downed god knows how much coffee, they all seemed to regain a little vibrancy.

"So Simon, it's your turn today." Alex said with a little too much enjoyment for Zack's liking.

Simon groaned next to him and seemed to deflate in his seat a little. What the hell were these people talking about? Simon saw the obvious confusion on his face and explained.

"I already told you Brian does the cooking here." Zack nodded and Simon continued "Since Brian does all the cooking, we now have the problem of grocery shopping, and none of us like doing it. So to make things fair, there's a list on the fridge. You write whatever is needed and we take it in turns to do the shopping. This way, we each only have to do the shopping once a month which isn't too bad, but as Alex and Jason did it last week, he thought he would rub it in that he's done for another three weeks and it's my turn."

Zack laughed at what his mate had said. Seriously, they used a schedule for doing the shopping? How the hell had they survived before Brian arrived? He couldn't believe four huge strapping brothers were so hopeless when it came to household chores. He'd been doing his own cooking, cleaning and ironing since he moved out of home and in with Sarah.

Zack was still chuckling when he leant over and gave Simon a kiss on the cheek. "Don't worry, Hayley and I will go with you so the big bad supermarket doesn't scare you."

Simon's cheeks heated and everyone else at the table laughed before going back to their breakfasts.

"You'll pay for that, but thank you." Simon growled in his ear before kissing him.

Things definitely wouldn't be dull around here that was sure, Zack though before he picked up his knife and fork and finished his breakfast.

Chapter 7


Simon hated shopping with a capital H. But he had to admit it was a hell of a lot nicer doing the dreaded chore with Zack and Hayley than it was by himself. Hayley sat in the front of the trolley chattering away to herself while Simon pushed and Zack consulted the shopping list they had been given. Hayley constantly pointed things out on the shelves she wanted and every so often Simon would sneak one of the items into the trolley when Zack wasn't looking, much to Hayley's delight.

Simon had an uneasy feeling ever since they'd left home this morning. The back of his neck was tickling like he could feel someone watching, but he'd been unable to see anyone who looked suspicious. He didn't want to alarm Zack yet, after everything he'd been through, he deserved a break.

Turning around when he felt like daggers were being stared at him, he just caught someone ducking around the end of the aisle. Not sure if the person was simply another shopper, Simon wasn't going to take that chance and leave Zack and Hayley by themselves. He would mention his feelings and thoughts to Alex when his brother got home from work this afternoon.

They finally finished and were loading the groceries into the back of Zack's car when he felt it again. Looking around he noticed a couple in their early fifties driving down the street, staring straight at him and not at the road. They sped off before Simon had a chance to ask Zack if he knew who they were. Simon didn't like this one bit. He had a feeling he knew exactly who the couple was. He would have to ask Zack what the Stewarts looked liked.

Once they were home and the groceries were put away, they inquired about Brian. Today was one of Marcus's rare Saturdays off and Simon was thankful for that since he couldn't help but think Marcus would be driving himself sick with worry if he'd had to go to work while his mate was ill.

Marcus informed them Brian was in bed and resting. He was feeling extremely nauseous and was having trouble keeping anything down so Marcus had tucked him in and told him to try and get some sleep. Simon could hear the worry in his brother's voice. Hopefully it would sort itself out soon and Brian would be his normal happy self again.

BOOK: Protective Mate
5.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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