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The first kiss lasts forever...


            One kiss was not nearly enough. As soon as Colton’s lips touched hers, he had to have more. Her lips were so soft, so yielding, and damned if he hadn’t waited a lifetime to kiss her. With a growl, he deepened contact, pushing his tongue into the sweet cavern of her mouth. God, she was so warm, so malleable in his hands. He couldn’t stop touching her, even as his mouth traveled from her mouth to explore any part of her he could uncover. Tugging impatiently, he tried to get her dress off, but was stopped.

“Can we maybe go inside?” Lita asked, her eyes worried.

What the hell was this about?

“Are you afraid of someone seeing you?” He hadn’t thought of that, but he was the only one with a rooftop patio for miles. Someone would have to look through a telescope to see them.

“Umm, yeah.”

No. There was something else. Moving back, Colton took a long look at her face. Despite the darkness of her skin, he could see her face flaming with a blush as she looked everywhere but at him.

“You want to tell me what this is really about?” He was at a complete loss. At first, she had been into it as much as he was, but the second he started to take off her clothes, she started to back out.

“I just would prefer to move to the bedroom.” Her voice was so low, he had to bend forward to hear her. “I mean, the last thing you’d want is for someone to see you here with me...”

“Wait- what?” Why wouldn’t he want someone to see him with her? This was making less and less sense. “If you want to take it slower, I can do that.”

“No! That’s not what I want at all.”

In a panic, she looked up and him, and in her eyes, he could see fear clear as day. But fear of what? He wasn’t about to walk away, he’d found everything he had ever wanted in a woman in her.  He’d courted her slow, like his mama always told him real ladies liked.  It wasn’t like she hadn’t been kissing him back every bit as passionately. Where had he fucked up?

“Then tell me, Lita. What did I do?”

With a weary sigh, she touched his face, looking for all the world like she was about to cry. “It’s not you. I just-” her voice trailed off again as she focused her gaze everywhere but on him. “I’m not built like most of these California girls, you know?”

For a moment, Colton’s brain went completely blank. Not built like- wait, no way. She couldn’t possibly be referring to her figure? Where the hell had she gotten the idea he wanted a skinny stick figure in his bed?

“Lita, move your arms.” Apparently sweet talk wasn’t going to work, so he needed to take charge here. He could see it, if she was just shy about getting intimate out in the open, but this was far more serious.

“Huh?” She just stared, so he moved to his knees in front of her.

“Put your hands to the side and don’t move them unless I tell you, got it?” To demonstrate his point, he helped her do as he instructed.

As soon as she had her arms to her side, he undid the tie of the cute little wrap dress she had on. God he loved the way the material just flowed open, revealing delicate lace pink undies. Damn, he loved how unabashedly feminine Lita was. His hands were literally shaking as he reached out to touch the lace on her bra, then her panties. Loving the way her flesh trembled under his touch, he cupped her breasts, squeezing just a little.

“You are beautiful,” he breathed, loving the way she gasped, moaning softly as he kneaded the fleshy mounds. She actually mewed a little when he flicked her nipples. Interesting. “Why would you think I’d want someone else?”

When she didn’t answer, he twisted her nipples through her bra. Her hips actually bucked this time. He could make out wetness gathering between her legs. Fuck, he was hard! But it was very important Lita understood it was her he wanted. When she didn't answer him, he leaned forward to take a nipple between his teeth and lightly bit down, then sucked the little nubbin until Lita was moaning, her body arching to get closer to his.

“Well? I asked you a question,” he murmured, moving to place little bites against her neck as his hands moved down between her legs.

Soaking wet. So fucking perfect. Pressing his fingers against her slit, he rubbed up and down until she was panting, then moved away, leaning back.

“There is something you want to say?” Being apart from her heat was killing him, but her thinking she was anything less than perfect was unacceptable.

“I- umm, I don’t know. Because that is what every guy here seems to want.” Lita seemed dazed, but at least she was talking now instead trying to hide whatever she was feeling. “It’s been my experience men want to date me, even be with me, but never in public. I’m always the chick they keep on the side because they’re ashamed to be with a chubby woman.”

Colton was floored by her sudden, brutal honesty. How could she not know how gorgeous she was? She was shaped like a real woman, not some kind of doll.

“Honey, I’m not a small man. I wouldn’t want some fleshy Barbie I might break.” To emphasize his point, he pinned her to the lounge chair, laying his entire body over hers. “And as for being seen with you in public, it’s not exactly what you think. But I can show you better than I can tell you.”

Using his teeth, he pushed the cups of her bra down and feasted on her bountiful breasts. He didn't have enough hands to be all the places he wanted to be. He used his fingers to rub against her cloth covered pussy as he went from one nipple to the other, working them into sharp points by sucking feverishly. He loved the way her body moved under him, straining to run herself all over him. Without lifting his mouth from her skin, he managed to get rid of the dress entirely. God, he wanted to be inside her, but he needed her to feel as sexy as he saw her. Knowing he’d be unable to stop himself if he took off his own clothes, he spent as much time as he could exploring every inch of her with his mouth. Slowly he worked his way down until his face was between her thighs.

Working her panties down her legs, Colton quickly dipped his head, and licked her labia. So sweet, so perfect. He was addicted at first taste. HIs tongue snaked inside her channel, fucking her as deep as he could go. The more he tasted, the more he wanted, and still it wouldn’t be enough. He didn't stop until she was unabashedly screaming, her hands pulling on his head so hard it hurt, yet to him nothing felt better.

“Does it feel like I want to be with anyone else,” he breathed out harshly, lifting only to shuck his own clothing.

“No, but-”

Colton didn't give her a chance to voice her misgivings. As soon as he was finally free of his clothing, he drove hard and fast, balls deep inside her in one stroke.

Holy shit, this was heaven. She fit him perfectly, hugging him so fucking tight he felt he might blow at any second. Gritting his teeth, he began to move slowly, determined to make her feel like the most desirable woman on earth, because for him, she was. But soon Lita began to move underneath him, her hips rising to invite him in deeper.

“Shit, baby, I can’t hold back,” he ground out, trying like hell to fight the urge to power inside her.

“Don’t. I need you. Please Colton.”

What could he do? There was no way to hold back now. HIs body responded to her plea automatically, his pelvis driving his dick inside her hard and fast. With every stroke, he felt himself getting closer. His mouth fused on her. He reveled in the scratches she made down his back, gloried in the way her thighs clasped on to his pivoting hips. She was perfect, she was everything, she would be his forever.

“Oh God, Colton!”

With a cry, her cunt tightened down on him, squeezing so tight he didn't have a choice. With a roar he came hard deep inside her, his world spinning as he hung on to her in an attempt to keep from floating away.

“Good lord, sweetheart, how the hell have I managed to live without you so long?” he groaned, meaning every word. 


            Lita had been very wrong when she thought the loving on the roof was about the best she was ever going to experience. As soon as they had both come, Colton lifted her as if she weighed nothing at all and carried her to his bedroom. With care so gentle it almost made her cry, he cleaned her up, then placed her in the middle of the bed before climbing in beside her. Did he want her to spend the night? Maybe he just liked to cuddle. She didn't know, but she didn’t want to spoil the moment by asking. Turned out, she didn’t have to much more than wait.

            “Are you sore?” Colton asked, running his hands soothingly down her back.

            Damn that felt good, he felt good. Having a big strong man hold her was one of the best feelings in the world.

            “No,” she answered. She did feel a little sore, but in a good way. Besides, the way he caressed her right now was just making her feel all needy all over again.

            “Good because I want you, again.”

            Wow, didn’t guys have to rest a while? At least, that had always been her experience. But sure enough, his cock was hard and hot against her leg. Just feeling it made her grow wet, her pussy throbbing, ready to be filled all over again.

            “Come here, baby.” Not waiting for her to comply, he lifted her on top of him, settling her down against his crotch. “You ride.”

            “I’m too heavy.” Lita tried to move, to slide off his lap, but his hands held her steady. Dang, the man was strong!

            “Lita, you are perfect for me.” His voice was low and steady, his eyes unwavering as he looked at her. There was nowhere to hide her insecurities. Her emotions were as naked before him as her body was. “You aren’t too big, you aren't too heavy. You’re fucking perfect. And nothing would make me happier than you taking what you want from me.”

            How could she possibly say no to that? Especially when Colton helpfully lifted her hips, helping her to slide down on his cock. Lita moaned as she sank down, loving the feel of every inch of him inside her. She could feel every vein, every pulsation. Her hips sank moving automatically, rotating as she slid up and down his cock.

            “You are perfect,” Colton praised, watching her avidly.

He looked at her like he meant every word, like he found her to be the most beautiful thing on earth. And under his gaze, she started to believe maybe she was. It may be crazy, but just for now, she allowed herself to believe everything his eyes told her. She
beautiful. She
sexy. And oh God, did she want him.

Moving faster, she anchored her hands on his shoulders and forgot about everything except how he was making her feel. She took all of him, giving him all she had in return. A burning pressure built up in her womb, her limbs starting to tremble. So good, he was so fucking good!

“That’s it baby,” Colton told her. “Give me everything. Come for me.”

It seemed that was all she needed. Slamming her hips down hard, she detonated, flying apart at his command.

But it seemed Colton was far from done with her. Maneuvering her easily, he managed to flip her on her back without disengaging their bodies. Holding her hips he drove deep and hard inside her, never looking away from her face. Unbelievably she felt her body climbing again as he thrust inside her relentlessly. Oh sweet heaven, she was going to come again. But then again, so was, he. She could tell by the way his face got all tight, his arms shaking just a little.

“Come with me, Lita,” he commanded her.

“Yes!” Good God, who knew she could come on command. It stole her breath away, leaving her in a boneless puddle in the middle of the bed.

She just lay there, loving the way Colton covered her with kisses, his hands running all over her body. 

“Look at me, Lita. See how much I want you? Never doubt that. Never doubt us.”

“I won’t.” Tomorrow she would worry about what she was promising. Tonight there was nothing more than the two of them and this moment.

BOOK: Quarterback Sneak
2.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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