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BOOK: Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin
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All of the pieces that appear in this work have been previously published, some in different form.

Trillin, Calvin.
Quite enough of Calvin Trillin / by Calvin Trillin.
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Jacket drawing: Saul Steinberg, Looking Back, c. 1953
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The New Yorker
, December 26, 1953
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Author’s Note

These pieces have appeared in, among other places,
The New Yorker, The Nation
, a newspaper column syndicated by King Features,
The New York Times
, and various books. Some of them have been trimmed or merged or otherwise altered, but they remain in their period. Salaries have not been multiplied to account for inflation. VCR references have not been transformed into TiVo references.


“I’ve found that a lot of people say they’re from Kansas City when they aren’t. Just for the prestige.”


It’s common these days for memoirs of childhood to concentrate on some dark secret within the author’s ostensibly happy family. It’s not just common; it’s pretty much mandatory. Memoir in America is an atrocity arms race. A memoir that reveals incest is trumped by one that reveals bestiality, and that, in turn, is driven from the bestseller list by one that reveals incestuous bestiality.

When I went into the memoir game, I knew I was working at a
horrific disadvantage: As much as I would hate this getting around in literary circles in New York, the fact is that I had a happy childhood. At times, I’ve imagined how embarrassing this background would be if I found myself discussing childhoods with other memoirists late at night at some memoirist hangout.

BOOK: Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin
8.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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