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When she reached the small of her back, Britney scooted downward, and now her hands were on her ass. Viv glanced toward the men. Both were watching so intently, not speaking, but Gage’s expression spoke volumes. He was aroused. She could tell by his narrowed eyes and the way his nostrils flared.

As Britney rotated the globes of Viv’s ass, Viv let her own arousal build, let him see it in her quickening breaths and steady stare.

Britney moved again, slipping her knees between Viv’s legs, opening her and fondling her between her legs, gliding over her labia and then cupping her, warming her.

When two well-oiled fingers slid inside her, Viv groaned and closed her eyes. Moisture flooded her channel and wet the fingers moving inside her—just two, she thought. But then another slipped inside. And then a tongue lapped at one buttock, licking toward the center. As Britney followed the length of the crease dividing her buttocks, Viv gave another groan and a short, embarrassed laugh.

But that didn’t deter the other woman. Was she following cues from Anton or Gage? Had this been their plan? When Britney’s tongue touched her puckered hole, she couldn’t remain still. She pushed up on her elbows and tossed a glare at Gage.

He arched a brow. “Brit, sweetheart. It’s time you roll her over.”

Britney murmured what sounded like a protest, but she shifted again and urged Viv with her hands to turn, which she did, but not without some trepidation. It was one thing to bask in pleasure when you could hide your expression, but quite another to continue face-to-face. It was more intimate. Now she truly felt naked and vulnerable.

But Britney didn’t give her time to adjust and hide herself again. She dribbled oil down the center of Viv’s chest to her belly button, then continued the massage, beginning with her breasts. “I wish I had cherry-colored nipples.”

Viv couldn’t help it. Her gaze went to Britney’s nipples. “I like how puffy yours are. They look…soft.”

The other woman looked pleased, and she smiled while she took handfuls of Viv’s breasts and kneaded them, pulling off them slowly until just her fingertips tugged the tips. “Are you very sensitive?”

She’d worded the question so quietly, her gaze devoted to Viv’s, that Viv felt compelled to be honest. “I don’t know if I’m more sensitive than another woman, but I like it when they’re touched.”

Britney bent and took one nipple into her mouth.

Viv tilted her head backward and stared at the ceiling as the woman gently lapped and sucked.

When she moved away, Britney smiled. “Couldn’t resist. They were pouting for me.”

A smile tugged at the corners of Viv’s mouth. “Are you always so free?”

“Anton wouldn’t have me any other way,” she said, her expression suddenly solemn.

She was in love with her Dom. Would do anything to please him, even setting aside any personal modesty. If she had any left.

Viv remembered how it felt to love someone so much she never wanted to disappoint him.

Before Viv could form a response, Britney moved downward, smoothing her strong hands over Viv’s belly and mound. Again, the woman bent, this time spreading Viv’s folds and letting her fingertips follow the thin edges of her inner labia. Her gaze darted upward. “Do you mind?”

“If it’s what…you want…”

Britney tongued her folds then tunneled into her entrance.

Viv arched her back off the table and spread her legs wider. She could scarcely believe this was her—allowing another woman to pleasure her while two dark, attractive men watched. She felt wanton, powerful. Sexy.

“That will be enough, love,” Anton said quietly.

Britney moved instantly, climbing off the table while she wiped her mouth with the back of one hand. She stood, her hands together behind her back, her head down.

Anton’s dark stare went from Britney to Viv. “Come to us.”

Breathless now, Viv sat and swung her legs over the side of the table, but when she hopped down, she was surprised by how wobbly her knees felt. After a moment, she strode toward the men.

Anton raised a hand and circled it. “Face away from me.”

Viv turned.

His breath blew across the side of her cheek. “Brace your legs apart and bend at the waist. Then reach behind you to spread your ass.”

When she gasped, he rubbed his cheek against hers. “Did you not agree to submit?”

She nodded but couldn’t help breathing harder.

“Then do as I commanded.” He moved away.

She didn’t dare look behind her, not at asshole Anton. Not at Gage. She’d asked for this. Wanted to experience what being dominated meant. She knew this humiliation was actually mild compared to what she’d read. Closing her eyes, she widened her stance, and then bent over. When she was sure she had her balance, she reached behind her and spread her cheeks.

Fingers traced a path between her cheeks, downward, skimming folds, thrusting inside her, and swirling. “She’s wet. I want her soaked.” Anton withdrew his fingers and gave one cheek a swat. “Go to the bench and bend over it. Gage is going to spank you.”

Chapter Four

It had never happened before—this sudden surge of jealousy that shot through Gage like a hot poker thrust into his gut. Watching Britney’s sexy massage hadn’t caused him a moment’s concern. But watching Anton fingering Viviana had him tight and hard and…angry.

None of his roiling emotions were Anton’s fault. They were friends, and the Dom had trained Gage. Hell, Anton had shared his sub, Britney, on numerous occasions, letting Gage practice techniques, letting him use her sexually when rewarding Britney for good behavior with a sexy threesome—something the sexy blonde adored.

He must have given away his emotions, because while Viviana walked slowly to the bench, Anton quirked an eyebrow. “Are we playing?” he asked, a hint of laughter in his voice. For whatever reason, Anton enjoyed seeing Gage uncomfortable and seemed to go out of his way to find ways to raise more than just his cock.

Gage nodded but narrowed his gaze. His jealousy was his problem. Making the sexy author’s night memorable was the purpose of him bringing her here to Anton’s playroom. This wasn’t about him or the fact that the thought of breaking Anton’s nose was growing more appealing by the minute.

“Why don’t you go choose your tools, friend?” Anton said.

“Right.” He shook his head and walked to the cabinet, turning his back so he couldn’t watch as Anton strapped Viviana to the bench, knowing Anton would smooth his hands all over her silky soft skin once she was restrained.

Gage went straight for the soft deer-hide flogger. Something to gentle her with, since she still seemed a little jumpy and they hadn’t discussed beforehand what she wanted. When he’d tried to broach the subject in the car, even mentioning there was a questionnaire the club offered, she’d shrugged and said she’d prefer to be surprised. Which was okay with him, but still, he didn’t want to assume too much.

Then he chose a switch made of thick leather—one that shouldn’t raise much of a welt, because he wasn’t sure yet whether she was into pain. The sex they’d shared so far had been rough and raw, but fairly vanilla. They had yet to venture into anything truly kinky.

He glanced at the coil of silk rope hanging from a peg. Not yet. Not until he had her alone, because he needed time and quiet to truss her up properly. Imagining her kneeling, her arms tied behind her, her wrists covered in gleaming coils, was enough to make him so hard he could have hammered nails.

Steeling his emotions, he turned back to find Viviana prepared, her head raised as she watched him approach.

For a woman who knew the score, her expression betrayed a little worry. So he’d go easy. He wanted her to trust he’d never harm her. Still, he’d have loved to leave a few stripes on her pretty white skin.

“What do you need?” Anton asked as Gage took his place behind Viviana.

“How about you slide her glasses back up her nose and give her something to look at while I warm her up.”

“Just look?”

Gage grimaced. “Sweetheart,” he said, loud enough for Viviana to hear, “I want you to blow my friend.”

Anton grinned and rubbed his crotch. “Aren’t you afraid she’ll be impressed?”

Gage snorted. “It’s a damn good thing I like you.”

“Blow your friend?” Viviana said, her voice rising toward the end. “That’s what you said, right?”

Gage chuckled. Had that been a tinge of hysteria? She wrote this stuff. Now he wondered exactly how much firsthand knowledge of what went down in a playroom she actually had. He flicked the flogger in the air and let the flanges snap.

Her jerk was telling.

Coming closer, he ran his hand over her soft, plump bottom. “Baby, I promise I’ll be gentle…at first.”

At first?
Viv began to roll her eyes, but right at that moment, Anton stepped in front of her, and with her hands pulled downward and her wrists restrained, she couldn’t look any higher than his navel.
Oh my God.
He’s opening his pants.

When he’d shoved them partway down his hips, she couldn’t help noticing he wore no underwear. And that he shaved. Everything. Tucking his hands into his pants, he slowly drew out his cock, which was flaccid. He gripped the shaft and raised the tip, then stepped forward.

He patted her hair with his free hand. “Open.”

“No please?” she huffed.

Anton grunted. “Gage?”

A smack landed on her ass, and she jerked forward, tears stinging her eyes, but only because she’d been surprised. He’d promised gentle, but that had stung a little.

Anton came closer and nudged her mouth with his cockhead. “Open.”

So that was how they were going to play it. She’d be punished whenever she balked. Viv swallowed and then slowly opened her mouth, feeling as though she were outside herself, watching as Anton crammed his soft cock into her mouth.
Fuck, I’m really doing this.

The next smack was gentler, merely warming the inches of skin the flanges stroked.

“Now suck it,” Anton said in softer voice as he dug his fingers into her hair.

She had to admit, she wasn’t really shocked or repulsed. With Gage beginning to slap her in slow, steady strokes, and Anton’s musk filling her nose, she was feeling…adrift…again. Floating. She firmed her lips around his base and suctioned, feathered her tongue around his shaft. When he began to give her shallow plunges, she pulled every time he withdrew, loving the way he slowly grew firm. When his cock was fully engorged, she continued to suck, loving the way he glided over her tongue to the back of her throat, enjoying the sleek skin and the hardness it enclosed.

She’d missed this too. Why hadn’t she blown Gage yet?

The lashes came down harder now, but she didn’t mind. Perhaps she was a little desensitized now, or maybe the warmth was so arousing that the subtle sting felt like a hard caress. She wanted more. Faster, harder. She murmured around the cock stuffing her mouth, moaned louder and louder, but then Anton withdrew. The lashing halted.

Viv hung her head and breathed deeply. She hadn’t realized she was starved for air.

Anton knelt beside her and lifted her face to give her a kiss. “I’m going to place clamps on your nipples. You’ll tell me when they’re too tight.”

She nodded and struggled to calm her breathing while Gage petted her warm bottom. How strange was this? To have one man filling her view, speaking to her while his cock rose between his legs and another patted her ass? Viv admitted silently that she liked it. And would like more.

Anton reached beneath her and pinched a nipple. Then something hard squeezed the tip. She held her breath as he slowly let the clamp close.

That isn’t so bad.
She gave him a small smile, but he arched a brow. Her heart took a little leap, and then the clamp slowly squeezed tighter and tighter. When it stung, she blurted, “It’s tight now. Really tight.”

But he wasn’t finished. Twice more it clamped harder, and she hissed between her teeth.

“There, it’s tight enough now.” He waggled his eyebrows, moved to the other side, and applied another clamp to the tip of her nipple.

When he was done, he squatted in front of her and held her face. “Gage is going to use a switch now. It’s going to sting. It’s all right if you make some noise.”

She widened her eyes but didn’t have time to tell him to go to hell because a lash landed on her ass, and she shouted, “Fuck!”

“Not yet, sweetheart,” Gage said, “but soon.”

As the hard, slender leather whipped her bottom, she jerked and groaned, cursing every now and then when it hit a tender spot. He’d leave marks. She wouldn’t be able to sit for week. She could end this. Just one word. He’d promised.

But she’d wanted this. She’d thought she’d needed this for her writing, but the truth was something was happening to her. Again, she felt outside herself—sure, she felt the pain, but there was something more. Her core was tight. Her pussy engorged. Fluid began to trickle from inside her. Her breasts were hardening, and the stinging tips only added another layer of pain that ratcheted up the heat zinging through her veins.

She could stop this, but she wouldn’t. Because she liked it. No, she needed it. Viv flung back her head and let loose some noise, a wail of need that stretched out.

Anton loosened the cuffs around her wrists. Gage freed her ankles and lifted her, standing her inside his arms. The tips of her nipples met his chest, and she drew a sharp inward breath. “Too much.”

Gage was breathing hard. Sweat slicked his skin. He rubbed his fingers over one clamped tip, rasping it with a callus. “I want to fuck you, Viviana—now, with Anton and Britney. Do you want to be shared?”

Viv trembled, glad he held her or she would have melted to the floor. “I’m so hot, Gage. All over. I need you inside me. Please.”

“Just me?” he asked, his narrowed gaze studying her face.

Again, she wondered what answer he’d prefer, but he’d done his work well. Every nerve in her skin, the tips of her breasts, deep in her core were firing. He didn’t have enough hands or fingers or tongues to assuage this need. “I want you all.”

He gave a curt nod and then swept her upward to carry her across the room. He stood her beside the bed and indicated to Britney, who lay sideways on the mattress, her legs dangling toward the floor.

She held out her hands. “Come, Viviana. Straddle my face.”

Viv shivered. Her pussy clenched. A slow trickle of fluid slid down her inner thigh. She joined the blonde on the bed and allowed her to position her facing the men but bent over, her hands braced on the blonde’s knees.

Then Gage moved in front of her. His cock was already engorged and he gave himself a stroke before locking his gaze with hers. She knew what he wanted. Bending downward, she took him into her mouth.

A moment later, Britney spread Viv’s folds and stroked from her clit to her opening with her tongue, then thrust the point inside her. The bed eased to one side of her, but she couldn’t see. She could only feel the bristles of the spiked ends of Anton’s hair as he slid beneath her, tickling her abdomen as he lowered his head toward Britney’s pussy.

A moan gusted against her own pussy, and Viv drowned in the sound and touch as all four fell into a single, undulating rhythm.

Gage dug his fingers into her hair and pulled. But she didn’t need any coaxing. She sucked hard on his cock as it filled her mouth, his length gliding over her tongue to the back of her throat. She eased open, letting him in deeper, and concentrated on breathing through her nose as he fucked her mouth in smooth, steady motions.

Britney withdrew her tongue. She latched her mouth around Viv’s clit and plunged her fingers into Viv’s cunt.

Viv groaned and widened her stance, pressing against Britney’s mouth in short pulses. She no longer worried about what would happen next, whether she could take it. She was already taking them—in her mouth, in her pussy. Then a slender finger pushed past her tight rosette and swirled.

Now it was too much. Her mouth hardened, her teeth scraped Gage’s cock. She wanted to buck, to jerk, to come all over Britney’s face, but they were all moving again, coming out of her, leaving her empty and shuddering. Gage lifted her. She wound herself around his body. His hands guided her, sinking her on his cock, then he turned and sat on the edge of the mattress to move her up and down…up and down. He filled her sight, her body, and when hands cupped her ass, she didn’t care, everything she wanted was right in front of her.

Gage fell backward, taking them both to the mattress. She slid her knees snug against his flanks. When something broad nudged her asshole, she took a deep breath and eased the constriction of her tight muscles, and then Anton was sliding up inside her ass.

Now the Dom controlled the motions, the rhythm. His strokes rocked her on Gage’s cock. The sensations, the fullness, were overwhelming. Consuming. Tears filled her eyes, and she let them fall unheeded, throwing back her head as Gage palmed her breasts.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” he murmured. “You’re so beautiful. Let go, baby. Let go.”

Only she wanted to hold on to the moment. Wanted this to last. She was rising steadily upward, her core beginning to quiver and convulse. And then Britney was beside her, turning her head, kissing her, sliding her tongue inside her mouth. Her minty taste and soft mouth were just another layer of pure pleasure she could hardly endure.

Gage pinched her nipple. She tweaked Britney’s puffy cones. Britney fingered herself rapidly, her body twitching and quivering.

When the other woman gasped and her mouth went lax, Viv bent and took one nipple into her mouth and drew hard, tightening her body around both cocks as the men moved faster and faster.

At last, she couldn’t resist any longer. Her orgasm bloomed, exploding outward from her core to tremble through her belly and her limbs.

Then Britney cried out and clutched Viv’s hair, holding Viv against her breast as she shivered.

Gage shouted and pounded upward, moving both Viv and Anton with his powerful thrusts.

Anton held her hips and kept locked deep inside her, hissing into her ear until they all slowed their movements, just their ragged breaths jerking their chests and bellies.

Slowly, Anton pulled free. Britney released her hold on Viv’s hair and moved away.

Which left Viv to fold over Gage, crouched over his hips. The sound of a door opening and closing told her they were alone.

Gage nuzzled the side of her cheek. “Are you okay?”

Viv wasn’t ready to talk. Hell, she couldn’t form words. She nodded against his cheek and sank her face into the corner of his shoulder. To hide.

“When were you going to tell me you’ve never been inside a club like this before?”

Viv swallowed and stilled. “You could tell?”

He snorted. “I’ve seen newbies look less wide-eyed strolling through the salon. And you yelped like a fox with that first stroke of Anton’s softest flogger. But I didn’t really know until you stood there, quivering head to toe and said you wanted us all.”

She lifted her head. “I don’t understand.”

His smile tilted only the corners of his mouth. “You looked scared to death, but like you’d die if you didn’t get every hole filled that second. I doubt anyone’s ever worked you into a fever pitch like that.”

BOOK: Rapid Entry: Firehouse 69, Book 3
7.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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