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Oh, God!

Closing her eyes, she tried desperately to concentrate on not coming, but when Braxton groaned, her eyes popped open, and she watched as a thick load of cum filled Jordan’s mouth. He did not stop sucking on him, drinking all of his cum. The sight of the two of them was enough to set off her own orgasm as she writhed, letting her quivering pussy leak juices down onto the floor.

. Oh, baby doll, you came,” Braxton chastised, shaking his head.

Moaning as the phallus moved faster, she felt the telltale signs of another impending orgasm. Pleading with her eyes, she begged.

Braxton just smiled as the phallus stopped.

Groaning loudly, Charlotte slumped in the chair.

“Good girls get to come. Bad girls get punished,” Braxton said smugly. “Jordan, show her what happens to bad girls.”


* * * *


Jordan jumped between her legs and started licking on the sweetest pussy he’d ever tasted. He never could get enough of Charlotte’s pussy. She was so responsive, so eager, and so willing. He loved the way she moaned and purred for him. He was never going to get enough of her. Running his tongue from asshole to clit, he savored every drop. Her moans of pleasure were music to his ears as he shoved his tongue deep into her wet cunt.

He felt Braxton slip under him, running his tongue under his balls up toward his ass. At the same time, Jordan started working his fingers into Charlotte’s pussy.

Damn that wicked tongue felt so fucking good!

Jordan let out a big moan when Braxton began rimming his man pussy, his hard cock straining against the onslaught of pleasure.

Jordan pulled his finger out of Charlotte’s cunt, stood, and lined up his hard cock and pushed in deeply, extracting a moan from her lips while Braxton got into position behind him.

The flip of a cap let Jordan know Braxton was lubing up his cock. It felt good when Braxton started working the lube into his ass. A minute later, he felt the head of Braxton’s dick pushing deep into his ass.

Jordan was in fucking heaven.

His hard shaft was wrapped in the hottest pussy on the planet, while Braxton’s meat was lodged deep in his ass.

When Braxton moved, it caused Jordan to plunge deeper into Charlotte.

The deeper Braxton penetrated, the more furious he fucked her pussy. The whole time Charlotte was moaning and groaning loudly. Suddenly she let out a loud scream as her juices started flowing all around his cock. Her pussy pulsed, contracting hard.

Pumping hard in and out of her cunt, Braxton pumped harder into his ass. The fuck dance between them was intoxicating, making Jordan delirious. Never had he ever felt so loved and out of control with his own body. Braxton started working his cock faster as Jordan pistoned Charlotte’s pussy. The pace became faster and faster with every minute as Braxton fucked him while he fucked Charlotte.

Soon Jordan could feel his cum starting to boil in his balls. “I’m gonna come!” he shouted.

Braxton grunted. He was coming, too.

With that, Jordan dropped one of the largest and thickest loads of his life. At the same time he could feel Braxton’s huge cock shooting load deep in his ass as Charlotte screamed another release.

Jordan reveled in the most fantastic orgasm he had ever felt.

Sweaty and spent, Jordan held still as Braxton slipped his cock from his ass.

Kissing Charlotte one last time, he slipped from her dripping pussy and dropped to the floor, completely drained.

Looking up at the man who had captured his soul, Jordan said what he had wanted to say for weeks. “I love you, Braxton.”


* * * *


Braxton’s postorgasmic euphoria vanished like the wind as Jordan said those three words. He had waited his entire life to hear those words and never thought he would hear them from a man. He felt honored, humbled, and scared.

Looking at the man who meant everything to him, Braxton tried to assimilate his feelings. He didn’t know what to say or how to respond. He wasn’t good with all the mushy stuff. Give him a gun and a bad guy, and he knew exactly what to do. Feeling like he was grasping for straws, he just smiled at his lover, praying it was enough for now, or at least until he could figure out how to say what he truly felt.

Removing the restraints from a very sleepy Charlotte, Braxton chuckled. “Poor baby doll. You’re wiped, aren’t you?”

“Um.” She moaned softly, eyes drooping shut.

“Jordan, help me get her into bed.”

“She won’t stay there,” Jordan said, getting to his feet.

“We keep trying until she does,” he said flatly, hoping eventually she would.

Braxton moved to the side, letting Jordan gather the small, sleepy woman in his arms. As Jordan turned, Braxton touched his arm. “I feel the same about you, Jordan. I just don’t know how to say it.”

“All you have to do is say the words, lover.” Jordan smiled, leaving Braxton alone in his sanctuary.

Chapter 8


Fall had come to Treasure Cove, and the town was busy with calving season. The first calf dropped on the Quinn ranch a week ago, and once one dropped, apparently they all dropped. So with most of the ranchers and their hands busy, working hard to protect their lively hoods, the town of Treasure Cove was wonderfully quiet.

The first snowfall was expected in the early evening hours, and Charlotte couldn’t wait. She loved the snow. The fresh, clean white blanket that covered everything, making everything look new and beautiful.

She was thankful for the window in her little office as she worked researching cases and information on the Charter for Matthew. She admitted to herself that he wasn’t a limp dick like she had called him. He was actually nice and preferred the quiet confines of his office unlike that nosy redhead at the receptionist desk, Colleen.

Charlotte didn’t know what her problem was, but every time she looked at the young woman, she could have sworn the bitch was thinking of ways to disembowel her. There was no love lost between the two. They were never going to be friends, and Charlotte accepted that.

Trying to get her head back on the task at hand, she opened up her laptop to play a game of
when an alert popped up. Clicking on the flashing icon, Charlotte began reading.


* * * *


“Charlotte, you have to calm down. I don’t understand what you’re saying,” Matthew said, trying soothe the anxious woman.

“Listen to the words coming out of my mouth! I found him. He lives here. He lives in this town.”


“The underwriter. He lives here!” she shouted.


* * * *


Braxton was enjoying his afternoon coffee when his phone rang, startling him. Spilling his coffee down his shirt, he cursed and answered the phone. “Yeah!”

“Sheriff Connelly, this is Apollo Humperdinck, the mayor of Celestial. Do you have a minute?”

“Sure, what can I do for the mayor of Celestial?” he said, rubbing the coffee from his shirt.


* * * *


Jordan was clicking away, trying to process his latest order, when the front door of the house was kicked in. The loud shouts of men storming the house had him jumping to his feet. When he turned, he was quickly thrown to the floor face-first, as a large man in an FBI jacket kneed his back. “Jordan David Whitmore, you’re under arrest for tax evasion and Internet fraud. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights as I have read them?”

“Yes,” Jordan grunted when the man slapped the cold metal cuffs tightly on his wrist, before a large fist hit him in the face, turning his world black.


* * * *


“Charlotte, are you sure?” Matthew asked as he looked over her shoulder.

“I’m positive,” she responded.

“Okay, print it out for me, and I want you to head straight over to the sheriff’s office. And Charlotte, I want you to stay there. Don’t leave. Stay with Braxton. Do you understand?” Matthew asked firmly, waiting for an answer.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good girl. Now, get out of here. I need to make some calls.”

Matthew watched as Charlotte picked up her iPad and quietly left the office. He watched as she looked both ways before crossing the street, and sighed when she entered the sheriff’s station. Turning, he walked into his office and picked up the phone and dialed a number he knew by heart.

Waiting for the call to be answered, Matthew opened the top drawer of his desk and pulled out the Colt 45. Making sure it was loaded, he laid it down on the desk when the call connected. “Hello, Matthew, what can I do for you?”

“I know who you are, you prick. Run, and run fast, asshole. You have taken your last dime from this town.” With that, Matthew let the receiver fall to the floor. He picked up his gun, grabbed his coat, and went hunting.


* * * *


Braxton was grabbing his coat when Charlotte walked in. She didn’t say anything, just walked past him and sat at his desk. She turned on her iPad and started playing a game.

“Uh, baby doll, as much as I enjoy your company, I’m kinda busy. Do you need something?”


“Okay, why are you here?”

“’Cause Matthew told me come here.”


“’Cause he said so.”

Braxton sighed. He didn’t have time for twenty questions with this woman. Though he was curious as to why she was here and not at work, the phone call he just received took precedence over the inner workings of Charlotte’s mind. So zipping up his coat, her grabbed his hat, kissed her cheek, and told her to behave as he left.

He didn’t know what the mayor of Celestial wanted with him, but with a two-hour drive ahead of him and the weather getting worse by the minute, he figured the sooner he left the faster he would get home.

It was a cryptic message. That was for sure. All he was told was that evidence had been brought to the attention of the mayor of Celestial and that a federal crime had been committed. Of course, since the sheriff of Celestial was someone whom the mayor refused to work with, he called Braxton.

Braxton knew many good men who worked for the bureau, having worked on several cases with them before, but when the mayor told him that it was someone he knew, well, Braxton figured it was best to get the information from the horse’s mouth.

He had tried calling Jordan several times, only to have his calls go straight to voice mail.

“Where the hell are you?” Braxton cursed, throwing his phone in the passenger seat. He tried not to worry about him, but since Jordan confessed his true feelings, Jordan had shied away, withdrawing into himself. Braxton understood what Jordan felt. He truly did, but just because he wasn’t ready to say the words didn’t mean Jordan had to go around sulking like a child. It was beginning to piss him off. He had enough shit on his plate with Charlotte. He did not need Jordan’s crap, too.

They were supposed to be partners, not hurt, lovesick teenagers. Yes, he loved Jordan, and he tried showing him several times, but he could not say the words, and that was exactly what Jordan needed.

“Fuck!” Braxton growled. As a dominant, it was Braxton’s job to provide all emotional support. It was his job to hold his submissives together, and if he could not give them what they needed, then he wasn’t a very good Dominant.

Everything he wanted was within his grasp, and all he had to do was reach out and grab it, yet he was still holding back. His friends, family, and the town all loved Jordan and Charlotte, and they has been nothing but supportive in the trio coming together, minus a few assholes. Charlotte was making tremendous strides. Her language was improving, and her social skills still lacked some decorum, but as long as she was with people she knew, she was wonderful. She had been spending less time in her sanctuary and more time with them. She had even slept the night through, between them for the first time last night.

When Braxton and Jordan presented her with a new collar, she eagerly accepted it, smiling, and saying they were now hers. It warmed his heart that she understood what it meant to wear his collar, and he couldn’t wait for the day when he presented her with a ring. He and Jordan had already begun shopping, and when they came across the unusual platinum band with a half-carat emerald princess stone, they knew that was the ring for her. It didn’t take long to place the order, and according to the jeweler, it would be ready in two weeks.

Braxton just hoped that when they presented the ring to Charlotte, that there wasn’t a lot of bedlam, like with the collar. Though Charlotte begrudgingly accepted her new collar, getting the damn thing on her still took some doing, cause the little hellcat decided she wanted to play, and boy did she play that night.

It was supposed to be a simple, romantic, quiet night at home. Braxton and Jordan had everything planned. Well, the one thing they didn’t plan on was Charlotte. Looking back, Braxton wouldn’t have changed a single thing about that night, and he should have expected nothing less from Charlotte.

BOOK: Rebecca Joyce
3.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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