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Rebel Temptress (Historical Romance) (40 page)

BOOK: Rebel Temptress (Historical Romance)

He had been angry when Suzanne had told him what had occurred, and his anger toward Vanessa had not cooled now that he saw how upset Honor was.

By the time they retired to the bedroom, Honor had still said nothing. She lay down beside him and he drew her into his arms.

"Did you have a nice day, Honor?"

"Yes, it was fine."

"Did you enjoy the tea?"

"Yes, for the most part."

"Which part did you not enjoy?"

"I . . . developed a headache."

"I thought perhaps, it was your little set-to with Vanessa."

The room became deathly quiet and Honor could hear her heart beat. She raised her head and looked into Adam's eyes.

"How did you know? Did Vanessa tell you?"

"No, she would hardly be the one to tell me. Suzanne overheard your conversation. Were you not going to tell me?"

"I do not think so."

"Do you have any questions?"

"She is very beautiful."

Adam smiled. "Is she? I cannot see anyone's beauty since I have been blinded by yours." He hugged her tightly to him. He was constantly amazed by her loving nature and her deep understanding. She did not hurl accusations at him as most women would have, and he loved her all the more for it.

"Darling there was a time when I might have married Vanessa, but after I met you I did not even want to be with her."

"Adam, I would ask you one question and then we shall never talk of Vanessa again . . . Why do you like to talk to me after we have made love?"

His body shook with silent laughter. He had expected anything but that. Suzanne had told him how Vanessa had flaunted the fact in Honor's face that he had made love to her.

"Because, you beautiful, wonderful, sweet wife of mine, I love you and like to talk to you."


"Is that all you have to say?"

Honor slipped her arms around his neck and smiled. "I can afford to be forgiving with old Vanessa, because I have you and she does not."

"You think you have me just where you want me, do you not?"

She laughed. "If I do not now, I will when I tell you a bit of news I learned today. When can we return to Penrose?"

"In early spring, why?"

She looked deeply into his blue eyes. "Because I want your baby to be born where his father was."

Honor watched as joy spread over Adam's face. She watched as he tried to speak, and tears blinded her as she saw tears in his beautiful blue eyes. It was bliss as his arms tightened about her. "I am going to be a father!"

"Dr. Brady told me to tell you that you would be a father in six months' time."

His mouth covered hers with reverence and his hand stole down to her stomach. At his soft, intimate touch her body came to life. "I want to make love to you. Will it hurt the baby?"

Honor melted against him, and she whispered against his lips. "The doctor says it will do no harm."

He made love to her so tenderly that Honor cried softly. Afterwards they fell asleep in each other's arms.


Adam scowled at his brother-in-law. "You sit there as calmly as if you were at an afternoon tea. Dammit, Brad, how can you be so calm when Honor is at this very moment in pain? Maybe her very life is in danger, and you sit there humming to yourself."

Brad Hollingsworth smiled at his brother-in-law indulgently. "You forget I have been twice a father. You might say I am an old hand at it now."

Adam took a long drink of brandy. This is twice for me, too, he thought to himself, for once before he had waited for Honor to give birth, only this time it was his child he waited for.

"Should it be taking so long, Brad?"

"It has been less than six hours, Adam. Why do you not take a walk and try to relax?"

They both heard the baby cry and Adam placed his empty brandy glass on the table. He hardly dared to breathe. He was a father now. Was Honor all right? he wondered.

He spun around to Brad, who had stood up and was staring at the door. Both men watched as Suzanne walked through the door carrying a tiny bundle. She smiled at her brother. "I am an aunt now," she said proudly.

"How is Honor?"

"She is tired, but feeling great. You can see her as soon as the doctor finishes." She held out her arms. "Do you want to hold your daughter?"

Adam looked startled as Suzanne placed the tiny infant in his arms, and he pulled aside the blanket so he could see his daughter.

Black hair covered her tiny head. Adam touched the tiny hands that were so perfectly formed. "She is beautiful," he said in amazement. He held her against his face and felt the softness of her skin.

Suzanne smiled at the soft look that came into her brother's eyes. "Adam, do you remember when Mother told us how Father found out that he was the father of twins?"

He looked up and smiled broadly. "Yes, she said she had them bring you to him first and later sent me. She said Father almost collapsed from the shock of it."

"Well, get a firm grip on yourself, my brother, because Darcy is bringing you another little surprise."

Adam's eyes widened in surprise as Darcy handed him a second infant. "Your son, Master Adam," she told him proudly.

Suzanne had to look away when she saw the tears of joy in her brother's eyes. He was crying openly and unashamedly as he handed his daughter to Brad and looked at his son, who was almost a replica of his sister.


Adam, thinking Honor was sleeping, walked to her bedside quietly. She felt his presence and opened her eyes sleepily and smiled.

"Well, Papa, what do you think of your offspring?" He knelt down beside her and picked up her hand. "I feel like the only man who has ever had children. Are you feeling all right?"

"Yes, I am fine," she smiled.

He kissed her cheek softly. "Thank you for a son and a daughter."

"Most probably since they are twins it was owing more to you than me."

He grinned wickedly. "I can assure you the pleasure was all mine."

"And mine," she told him.

"Honor, are you happy?"

"I have not had anything except happiness since I became your wife."

Adam bent his dark head and kissed her softly. Honor sighed contentedly.

"You have a letter from your sister," he told her. "I brought it to you, knowing you would want to read it."

Honor took the letter from him, broke the seal, and began to read aloud:

"My dearest little sister: By the time you get this your baby should be born. How I wish I could be there with you, but I know you are in good hands. Pierre is wonderful, and I am glad to tell you that I am ecstatically happy, for I am in love. Now, before you draw the wrong conclusion, it is my husband I am in love with. Pierre is so good to me, and I am content to stay on his country estate, hardly ever going into Paris.

"I am bursting with happiness and I want to share my good news with you. I myself am with child. Pierre is so excited, and you cannot guess how he fusses over me.

"His mother, who is a fearful old woman and did not really approve of me as her son's wife at first, has finally decided she likes me well enough, since I am going to have her grandchild. I must be slipping if I can charm the cream of the rocking chair society who were always my worst critics. La, I must be getting boring.

"Pierre has promised me after the birth of the baby he will take me to Boston. So, my dear sister, I can see you, because, I must confess, I miss you terribly. I wish you would write to me more often. Oh, dear, am I not sounding domestic? The next thing you will hear is that I am knitting sweaters.

"Tell that handsome husband of yours that he had better take the proper care of you or he will have to answer to your big sister.

"I must close now. Pierre's mother's eyesight is failing and she likes it if I read the classics to her. I have to confess privately that I am enjoying reading. Love to my two favorite people,
La Comtesse de Moreau
—sounds impressive, does it not?"

Honor smiled as she folded the letter. "Meagan sounds happy. I am so glad. Perhaps now she will be content."

Adam laughed. "Perhaps for a time."

He lay down beside her and folded her into his arms. "Hurry up and recover from the birth of my son and daughter, for I have important plans for you."

"What kind of plans?" she said, nestling her head on his shoulder.

He grinned wickedly. "I always thought four children would be a nice size family."

"Do you expect me to have them all two at a time?"

"It would speed things up a bit if you could manage it."

Honor closed her eyes. Her life was now complete. She had everything a woman could want.

"I love you, my beautiful Yankee," she whispered.



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