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Praise for the Novels of Deidre Knight
Red Kiss
“This is a sensual, action-packed, steaming-hot romance! Filled with demons, gods, immortal warriors, and unique world building,
Red Kiss
will leave you begging for more.”

Armchair Interviews
“Ms. Knight did a wonderful job blending the old-world sensibilities with the modern age.”

Eye on Romance

Red Kiss
breathes life into some of history’s most amazing men, gives them new purpose, and spins a captivating web of honor, deceit, and the overwhelming power of love.”

Darque Reviews
“A sensational story that packs a ton of heat, action, and fantasy into its pages,
Red Kiss
is an enthralling read you just can’t miss!”

Romance Reviews Today
“A must-read for any romantic at heart.”

TwoLips Reviews
“The women are strong and the men are hot! Deidre Knight really knows how to steam up a cold night.”

Fallen Angel Reviews
“A terrific tale that once again will have readers believing in the Knight world, where gods and immortals intervene in the lives of expendable humans.”
—Midwest Book Review
“Just as action-packed and passion-filled as the first one. Definitely a must-read!”

Fresh Fiction
“Deidre Knight has outdone herself with
Red Kiss
, a novel that will rest on our keeper shelf.”

Single Titles (5 stars)
“Knight’s expertise at combining sensuality and pulse-pounding action is on full display. Make room for another ‘Knight’ on your keeper shelf.”
—Romantic Times
(4 stars)
Red Fire
“Knight expertly blends scorching passion, gritty danger, and a wildly creative plot in
Red Fire
, the first in an edgy new paranormal series.”
—Chicago Tribune
“Exciting . . . a fantastic series.”

Romance Junkies
“An incredible tale populated by only the most incredible characters. . . . Fast-paced, emotional, riveting . . . I promise you’ll love it!”

Romance Reviews Today
“What an exciting beginning to this new Gods of Midnight series! Very well-done by the talented Deidre Knight. I loved it!”
—Fresh Fiction
“Knight provides an intriguing new twist to both Greek mythology and legendary Spartan warriors with this searing new series.”
—Romantic Times
“Scorching-hot with a pace that never lets up.”
—New York Times
bestselling author Christina Dodd
“White-hot immortal warriors, heart-pounding romance, and thrilling action. It doesn’t get any better than this!”
—New York Times
bestselling author Gena Showalter
“Deidre Knight has created a fascinating world of gods, demons, and immortal warriors. I can’t wait for more!”
—New York Times
bestselling author Angela Knight
“Hot Gates, hot men, myth, and magic in modern day . . . sign me up for more Gods of Midnight!

—Jessica Andersen
“A fantastic and riveting new voice in paranormal fiction.”
—New York Times
bestselling author Karen Marie Moning
Parallel Desire
“[A] wonderful book . . . [an] outstanding series.”
—Affaire de Coeur
“Twists, turns, and . . . scintillating romance.”
—ParaNormal Romance
Parallel Seduction
“Intriguing . . . there’s never a dull moment in this terrific series!”
—Romantic Times
“Deep emotion, fast-paced action, characters who come alive, and a plot full of surprises.”

Romance Reviews Today
Parallel Heat
“Powerfully sensual and mind-blowing . . . a hot romance . . . a great paranormal.”
—Romance: B(u)y the Book
“Once again Knight explodes with another compelling page-turner . . . one heck of a riveting, sensual ride.”

The Best Reviews
Parallel Attraction
“This book swept me off my feet. A fantastically original, smart, and sexy adventure.”
—National bestselling author Susan Grant
“At times humorous, at others heart- wrenching, but always compelling.”
—New York Times
bestselling author Gena Showalter
Gods of Midnight
Red Fire
Red Kiss
The Midnight Warriors
Parallel Attraction
Parallel Heat
Parallel Seduction
Parallel Desire
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To Kerry Donovan, editor extraordinaire. Thank you for your talent, your wisdom, your expertise, and especially your friendship.
ig shout-outs and thanks go to Angela Zoltners for all her insights and assistance. To Pamela Harty for always guiding me wonderfully. To Christina White, such a nice Greek girl! To my new friend Kathaleen Cassedy for knowing what the Iraqi desert would be like at night and what a marine might say if he wanted someone to move quickly. And especially huge thanks go, as always, to my children and husband for their love, nurturing, and encouragement as I wrote this book.
ore than twenty-five hundred years ago there was a land where the bravest, most valiant warriors were hammered like bronze, forged into human weapons by years of rigorous training and sacrifice. These men were noble, heroic, and stalwart; they would willingly give their lives for their homeland and face down even the most terrifying enemy. Their home, called Sparta, lay nestled deep in the rocky heart of ancient Greece. Its people were private and plainspoken, their lives austere. The men made a life of war, always eager for the next battle.
Then there arose a threat of epic proportions, a Persian force numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The Spartans’ Greek neighbors to the north reported that this Persian war machine had trampled entire villages, left forests devastated, the land ravaged and scorched, and that their ranks numbered more than the stars in heaven. Unbeknownst to these mortal soldiers, a much more sinister force stood behind the enemy’s massacres. Djinn demons, on their own quest to carry darkness into the souls of mankind, drove the bloodlust of the Persian forces and influenced the outcome of the battles.
When this invading Persian army came, they seemed invincible. The Greek forces allied against them, but could not halt their advances. The Greeks were desperate for more time to plan and strategize since it was their only hope of stopping the Persian hordes. One man, King Leonidas of Sparta, announced that he would provide the necessary delay. That he would lead his three hundred most elite officers to make their stand against the invaders at the narrow spit of land known as the Hot Gates.
This pass, an opening wide enough to accommodate only a few men fighting side by side, would be the stage. There Leonidas and his Spartans would bottle up the Persian forces, using the Gates themselves as an advantage to limit the power of the Persians. They would fight to the last man in order to restrain the enemy for as long as they could—even until the very last Spartan lay dead. These three hundred would give up their lives for Sparta and Greece, for duty and loyalty, for homeland and family. And for a hero’s passage to heavenly Elysium.

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