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The Maji Series:

Book 1

By P.A. Warren

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What if everything about your world was a lie?

Claire thought her life was ordinary until the day she was kidnapped and her entire world was turned upside down. How could she have known she’s more than human? When Claire discovers there’s a vampire world out there she never knew existed, she ends up used as a pawn in someone else’s game. Two powerful men strive to use her in their devious competition.

Racing against time, who will be the winner? Who will make it out alive? Will good overcome the evil? There are those who are righteous, those paid to kill, and even more who are proficient in torture along with those who are mere pawns in these games. When they all come together, will they be able to put aside their differences to take down the enemy who’s threatening Claire’s existence? Loyalties will be tested, ties will be broken, and love will face the ultimate test.

A Character List has been provided at the end of the book.


Bookworms everywhere,

to those that get lost in the story.


To my children

“I love you forever, my baby you'll be.”

― Robert Munsch, Love You Forever.

Antony Benali, King of the Vampires
Three months earlier…

The noise of the club ceases to exist as I scrutinize my target. He’s the taller of the two fighters that are in the cage battling it out. I regard the way he knocks the shorter one to the ground and watch in fascination as the two men pummel each other. I can’t help the thrill that’s coursing through me knowing I’ve made a good decision in choosing Jason, the estranged son of my known enemy.

Nodding sharply to the guy next to the cage, my eyes follow him as he jumps in and grabs the taller one, snapping his neck and ending the fight. I move off to the side as the booing of the crowd gets louder and wait for the man to bring the unknowing vampire to me. We walk in silence to my car and he unceremoniously dumps him in the trunk.

“Adam, did you spread the word about Claire like we talked about?” I shift me gaze to the man next to me. I have to get the word out for Griffin, the leader of the Western Vampire Clan, he has men everywhere…one of them will pick up the snippet Adam spread to the crowd and take it back to Griffin; I’d be willing to stake my life on it, no pun intended.

Handing him a yellow envelope, I take a small amount of pleasure knowing everything is going as planned. “Here’s the money we agreed upon.” I also slide him a small vial of royal blood that’s been poisoned, the fewer witnesses the better.

“Enjoy.” Looking at him through the window, I get a strange feeling of excitement knowing he’s about to ingest poisoned blood.

Leaving the Vampire fight club behind I check my watch. We have about thirty minutes until the vampire in the trunk wakes up, before having to deal with an angry vampire. I watch the city quickly turn into country as we drive towards an abandoned building at the city limits. I wonder why all this was necessary for a girl that’s just a pawn in a very large game. She’s a half breed Vampire; I was stupid and had an affair with a human during my early years as a vampire, before having royal responsibilities. That’s why I’m kidnapping an underground fighter.

Someone to protect her in secret for the last time, it’s all part of the plan. The crux came when Anya, my other daughter was born a year later, she is full vampire and perfect. That means that Claire, my human/half vampire daughter is in the way, but if I make everyone think she is number one to me then they will go after her rather than Anya, my true vampire daughter. Claire will never have control of this Kingdom, ever.

Stepping out of the sleek black car, I wait for the driver to shut the door and open the trunk. Staring down at the man inside, I pull my leather gloves on before grabbing the silver chains and Herbert walks up next to me.

“Tie him up to the tree over there; I don’t want him getting away until I can plead my case.” I impatiently order.

The trick is to make everyone think I care about my daughter, to have them think I’m father of the year. The driver, who also acts as a bodyguard, grabs the guy and chains him to a tree not even raising an eyebrow. My word is law. Looking down at my watch, I realize my little friend here is about to wake up, it’s time to put on the caring father act. As if on cue, he snarls and the chains start rattling with him trying to get away. Walking over to the young man, I stand in front of him.

Using my bes
authoritative voice, “Be quiet!” I say sharply as he tries to release himself from the burning chains. “Fight all you want, but there is no way to get out of those chains.” Pacing, I lower my voice, “I know who you are, and do you have any idea who I am?” The young man shakes his head no.

“You are in the presence of royalty. I am Antony Benali. In two days I will take the throne and become the ruler of the Vampire Kingdom. I’m not going to apologize for kidnapping you, since I know you wouldn’t come willingly. Correct?” I watch him nod his head angrily.

I snap my fingers and a cigar is placed into my hand, lighting it I continue, “You were winning by the way. This brings me to my next subject. I chose you for a reason, a very special reason. You are a fighter, not a just a normal fighter, but one whom I think has the talent to protect people’s lives. There’s a reason you’re here. I have a daughter, she’s half vampire and half human, only she has absolutely no idea that I’m her father or that vampires exist. I’ve watched her grow up from the time she was born until now, she is now twenty, and it’s finally time she became of use to me.”

Staring harshly at the tree line I pause, letting my words sink in.

“You might wonder why I’m telling you all this, now that I’m taking the throne, but I cannot watch her around the clock like I usually do. If people find out about her they will kill her thinking she is an anomaly, or worse they will want to use her for their own gain as there is also a possibility she possesses her grandmother's witchcraft skills. I’ve angered Griffin Dumont, and now Claire’s mother has left the area suddenly.”

Taking a deep breath, I look over at the young man.

“Your names Jason Dumont.” I throw out, blowing out smoke in his face. The man looks up startled.

“Didn’t I tell you I know everything about you? I have studied you and watched most of your fights; you even made me some money, so thank you. I know you’re Griffin’s son and I know you both have parted ways with each other, but you still worry about your brother Riley, am I right?” Watching Jason glare at me I continue.

“What I am trying to say is I’m appointing you to as the guardian of Claire, your duty now will be to watch out for her and do everything in your power to protect her, do you understand?” I ask giving him a superior look, lying through my teeth.

“What happens if I say no?” he says clenching his jaw.

“Simple, you die. It’s not that I want to kill, you but you know too much already. You can’t live if you say no. Herbert over there has a stake for your heart should you choose the wrong option.”

“You give me no choice. Obviously I accept,” he says with his jaw clenched.

“Oh good!” I clap my hands, “Put away the stake, Herbert.”

“It is of the utmost importance that you keep Claire safe, and you can’t tell her what she is until she is fully ready to know, because there is no turning back once she knows she’s a vampire.”

Jason turns his head to the man holding him prisoner, scoffing at him.

“I don’t believe you. If she’s half vampire how has she survived for this long without drinking blood?”

“You ask a good question,” I reply, rubbing my chin. “We assume it’s because she hasn’t bonded herself to her mate and once that happens the full transformation will take place.”

“Jason,” I lean in close murmuring in his ear, “Keep her safe. I have kept her safe for all these years from my enemies and now that I am being crowned I cannot do it myself. I have eyes everywhere; I’ll know whether or not you’re doing the job I gave you. I am entrusting you to take care of my girl. I’d hate to kill you if something goes awry.”

Walking to the car, I toss the cigar to the ground and nod for Herbert to let Jason go before leaning down and entering the car.

“That went well, Herbert.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you think Griffin will fall for it?”

“Sir, I think your plan is brilliant.”

“Once he finds out that we fooled him, the joke will be on him.”

Flipping my phone open, I call home anxiously listening to it ring before it’s finally picked up. “Anya, our little problem’s been taken care of. I’ve put a bug in someone’s ear about Claire and have someone guarding her, which will peak their interest. Griffin’s a fool, and this should whet his appetite and have him thinking she is important. She should be out of our hair soon so you’ll become the next Queen.”

Closing my phone, I pulled my tie away from my neck and grin

“Home, Herbert and make it fast.”

BOOK: Reluctant Storm
3.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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