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Chapter 40


smile as Alain grasps the shovel with his chubby hand, giggling as he flings
sand everywhere when he picks it up.


Alain! You don’t want to get sand in your eye, baby!” I call out to him,
catching his attention only for a moment before he goes back to it.


roll my eyes, grinning at his silliness. He is going to do what he is going to
Têtu comme un mulet
, as Marie


slips in behind me, somehow fitting himself between my back and the lounge chair.
He pulls me up against him, his hands tight across my abdomen as he leans in to
kiss my cheek. I smile contently as he does.


hard to believe that a year had passed, and harder to believe that I could be
out here in public without a worry on my mind.


that, I could thank the good old boys at the FBI.


whole trip was a bit of a celebration for us. A way to put the past to bed. The
attack on Julien’s estate had been the puzzle piece the Feds needed. The man
who’d killed Angelo Verdicci had seized power over all of the families, but he
was so secretive nobody knew who he was or what he looked like.


was the only one who knew his face.


come to take care of a loose end. With me out of the picture, the entire case
against the Five Families would have fallen apart. You need evidence of
collusion and top-down management to press racketeering.


the boss dead, the police had cause to search his palatial home. They found everything
they needed. Names, numbers, drugs, they had everything they needed to crack
the whole system. The families fell apart from the top down, resulting in the
biggest crime family war since the sixties… Anyone left standing was dead or in


the end, nobody cared who I was or what I’d seen. I didn’t even have to


was over. Nobody wanted me dead, nobody even knew who I was.


Julien had taken things one step further.


smiled at our son, looking out over the waters surrounding
Réunion island. We had moved to this little
French paradise not long after the baby was born. It was Julien’s idea. We
would start our new life here, far from the troubles we left behind.


Julien’s family
was heavily invested in the island. Subsidiaries from his family’s companies
ran everything from the water treatment facilities to the airport. It gave us
some semblance of security during the trial. Anyone who wished to do us harm
would have to come in by air or sea, and Julien would have known about it long
before they arrived…


Such measures
weren’t necessary anymore, but I’d fallen in love with the place… And with
Julien’s decision to give up corporate life to spend more time with his family,
we had no reason to go home.


This was our home


And we’d brought a
few people with us.


had been given a villa of his own here on the island, but he still invited us
over for incredible dinners… There were rumors he might even start up a
restaurant of his own just off the beach… And Julien was helping to fund it.


of course… There was Marie…


was heartbroken after what had happened to her husband, and in the aftermath,
we bonded more than I ever knew we could. She threw her love into my son… Her
“little Alain”. In many ways, she became the mother I no longer had. She wasn’t
cleaning rooms anymore. Julien had set her up with a pension that would make an
accountant blush, and we lived the way I always imagined we would… As a family.


“I love you, Mr. Malveaux,” I whisper to
Julien as our son plays in the sand.


love you too.”


running. No hiding. No worrying.


We were safe and sound.


I was complete.


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Morning checklist:


#1: Take ibuprofen for my killer hangover.


#2: Never let Chandra talk me into drinking
tequila EVER again.


#3: Figure out why I was dreaming about Elvis.


I groaned, rolling over and throwing my hand
across the unfamiliar bed, still trying to keep my eyes closed against the
encroaching daylight. It fell into something much more solid than a pillow. I
forced my eyes open, risking the smallest of sleepy peeks.


4: Stare at the sexy man I slept with last night.


I’m not the kind of girl who does the
one-night-stand thing, but if I
this would be the kind of guy I would probably make an exception for... That
didn’t mean he was what I’d usually go home with. Even in my currently sleep
deprived and barely half-sober state, I could see it was a white guy. I was
going to kill Chandra for this. She’s the one who kept ordering shots. She’s
the one who was trying to push me out of my shell after I broke up with Mason.


5: Try not to stare at his incredible cock.


None of that was going to stop me from staring.
The man lay half above and half under the clean white sheets, his perfectly
sculpted body almost distracting me from his even more perfectly sculpted
erection. I’m not saying I believe every stereotype, but lets just say this
white man was a step well above ‘average’. Maybe that’s why I went to bed with
him… Based on the ache between my thighs, I’d had plenty of time to get


Whatever he was dreaming about, I wasn’t about to
stop him. My mocha toned hand lay across his muscular chest, contrasting
against his beautiful tan. I’d
went to bed with a man quite like this, and feeling his deep rhythmic breathing
was nice… I just took a minute to admire his form. I let my fingers slip
downward. So maybe I couldn’t remember everything that happened last night.
That didn’t mean I couldn’t make some new memories. I mean, if I went with him,
he must not be half bad…


The fog of last night was lifting slowly but
surely. I couldn’t remember his name, but I could absolutely remember the way
his lips tasted. He was some kind of businessman. Wealthy… His impeccable tie
was still hanging from a lamp on the far side of the room, and that little
strip of silken perfection probably cost more than my car. He was out of my
league, but that hadn’t stopped Chandra from practically forcing me to talk to


he was hot…


We’d talked about my little wedding photography
business, and how I’d come to live and work in Las Vegas. I could remember that
much at least. He talked about bringing a new children’s hospital to the area…
Sexy and noble on a scale I couldn’t really comprehend…


He was waking up. My hand had moved a bit,
slipping down from his stone-hard chest to his beautiful abs, fingers bouncing
across them lightly as I touched his tanned and sexy skin. God damn he felt
nice. The man let out the lightest of moans, his body flexing and stretching
against the bed.


More tequila… That’s where things started going
blank. We’d snuck away to somewhere more private. He took me back behind the
bar, away from the hustle and bustle of the night. Memory was pouring itself
back into my poor pounding head, replaying the way I’d fallen into his strong
arms, the way he’d pressed me up against a wall and forced a hand up my shirt
as he kissed me urgently.


That’s when I asked him to fuck me. Oh boy…
Sensation was pouring through my mind like water through a colander.


Sex right there in a little back room, right next
to the bar’s closed-for-the-night kitchen. It was sexy and incredible the way
his body melted into mine. He destroyed every single trace of my own self
control. I could still see the marks my fingernails had made on his neck as
he’d driven me to the wildest orgasm of my life. I could feel the way his hips
bucked into me, the way he played my body like a delicate instrument tuned for


I had no idea a man could make me feel so good…


My fingers had traced a bit further south,
hesitating as I came close to his enormous and dangerously pleasurable cock. I
couldn’t help but stare at it, remembering how it had thrilled me in ways I’d
never be able to forget. Maybe a one-night-stand was out of my comfort zone,
but the reaction my body was having just laying next to this man was making me


I could just wake him up…


Chandra had known exactly what happened when we
stumbled back into the bar with my just-fucked hairstyle. She had more tequila
waiting and a smirk on her face a mile wide.


The man’s breath caught ever so slightly as I
brushed up against his erection, my fingernails running round its base ever so
softly. My foggy mind hadn’t caught up to the rest of my body, my hand on
auto-pilot even as I felt a familiar warmth between my thighs. To hell with it…
What happens in Vegas,


I tried to pierce the veil in my mind, but
memories of the night past were more and more opaque. We had fucked again, I
was sure of that, but the memory was more feelings and emotions than visuals. I
couldn’t remember if it had happened in this bed, or the hallway leading up to
the room…


He was waking up, a smile growing on his face as I
lazily allowed my hand to run softly up and down his beautiful erection. I drew
a deep breath, the scent of sandalwood and faint hints of cologne still hanging
onto his body. Why couldn’t I think straight? I didn’t even know his name, but
I wanted to pounce on him like a cat in heat…


We’d taken a drive in something… A limo? I’d never
been in a limo before in my whole life. The closest my southern black ass had
been to a limo was music videos! Little glimpses of the past flashed in and out
of existence as I closed my eyes. I was in some kind of white building…


Elvis was there…


My eyes flashed open, staring into the most
fantastic crystal blue pools as the man caught my gaze. I’d looked into those
eyes before. Offered myself to their unrelenting gaze. Submitted to them.


What in the hell had I done?


I glanced down past his smile, down past his sexy
chest and unbelievable abs, somehow even managing to ignore his majestic cock
as I looked directly at my own left hand. My dark mocha fingers were gracefully
moving up and down of their own volition, stroking his flesh even as the
flashes of a surprisingly large diamond were glinting in the morning light.




I froze, half in panic, half in disbelief. I
couldn’t have. There was no way… I’d never seen a rock so big in my life, and
now it was wrapped cleanly around my finger! It must have cost a fortune, but
what did it mean? I couldn’t have!


Elvis’s twangy voice rang in my ears.


you take this hunka hunka man… To have and to hold baby… In sickness and in


Oh my God… My momma back home would kill me for
something like this! What in the world was I thinking? My heart raced. My whole
body flushed the brightest of red, muscles tensing up as I pulled my hand away
from him.


death do you part…”


The world was collapsing around me even as tequila
induced amnesia cleared from my mind. How in the world could I let myself be so
stupid? Why hadn’t Chandra stopped me? Who in the hell was this man? Did I
seriously marry some white guy in Vegas?!?


His voice was soft and deep, captivating me with
its rapturous tones. I could remember the way he whispered proclamations of
desire into my ear as we made love. Words wrapped around my body, goose bumps
rising suddenly on my skin. I gasped as he placed a strong hand on my bare
thigh, gripping me just as he had when his tongue explored my depths…


“Good morning, wife.”


Morning Checklist #6: Get the hell out of here!

12.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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