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Authors: Kay Dee Royal

Tags: #Paranormal Erotic Romance

Savage Smoke (26 page)

BOOK: Savage Smoke
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Spindly residual threads of Smoke’s scent hung in the air, not fresh, but Chance kept running into it. So the rogue must have paid a visit.

Chance moved, his body sleek and stealth, toward the only window interrupting the darkness with a soft glowing light. He leaned against the siding and angled his head, peering inside.

His breath caught as she stepped out of a sunken bathtub. Her backside, slender and shapely, showed a dark ridge of bruising along her spine. She turned, dipping slowly, as if in pain, and retrieved a towel lying on the floor. When she rose, he saw her breasts, smallish, the size of ripe apples with his paw prints stamped above her taut rosebud nipples. A rush of blood went south and pooled into hard-lust-want.

Again, something about her beckoned him with a magnetic pull. As if she sensed his presence, she glanced toward the window. His head automatically snapped back, but not before he saw her lovely violet eyes. He closed his and her image clung, imbedded, every inch of her streamlined body and beautiful lavender eyes. His keen hearing honed in on her rushed steps, stopping at the window. He moved sideways and melted his backside against the house.

“Hey, where are you?”
Trevor slammed into his head.

“Kind of busy at the moment.”

“Well, I know it’s not with a woman, God forbid. So, you need some help. I can’t sleep and wanted a companion for a midnight run.”

“I need to sort a few things out, but wait for me. I’ll need a midnight run the way it’s going.”


After seeing Ms. Bentley, all of Ms. Bentley, Chance might even take matters into his own hands. Running would definitely help wear him out, but not the curious building urge for this woman. He heard her rustle the curtains and walk away. Chance took another peek. She’d drawn the curtains completely, blocking any view.

Damn! What the hell am I thinking, spying on a nude woman from outside her window?

His jeans remained an uncomfortable barrier against the blazing heated rod beneath. Ms. Bentley’s bare-skinned pelt embraced his brain, only making matters worse. He scanned her yard and ambled slowly around the house, sticking near the walls. By now it was midnight and definitely time for a run with Trevor.

* * * *

End of
Staring Into the Eyes of Chance
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BOOK: Savage Smoke
9.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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