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She grins up at me. “Yeah, well I think it’s time I learn how to massage one of your muscles.”

“Oh really?” I say with laughter because it’s cute to hear her call my cock a muscle.

She pulls my shirt up and over my head and gasps. “You have the sexiest body I’ve ever seen!” She glides her hands up my arms, over my pecs and down my abs. Her hand makes its way to the button of my jeans and when she gets the button undone she slips her hand inside, finding my fully erect cock waiting for her.

“Holy shit, you’re huge.”

I burst out laughing at the look on her face. “I’ll work you up to it, I promise.” She pushes me off of her and I am now kneeling on the couch in front of her. She gently slides my pants and boxers down over my hips, my cock now level with her face and her eyes grow wide. She wraps her hand around it, I gasp at the jolt that shoots through my cock from her touch. She starts sliding her hand up and down my length slowly, experiencing every inch of it. She starts to move faster and then she tightens her grip.

“My god, Patty, you’re going to make me come.” I close my eyes, enjoying the feel of her hand on my cock when I flinch from the feeling of her lips wrapping around the mushroom tip. My eyes fly open and I take a sharp breath. “If you don’t want me to come in your mouth you need to stop because this feels so good I can’t hold on.” She starts sucking me deeper and as she does I lose control and start pumping my seed into her mouth. Her tongue glides over the tip ensuring she gets every last drop.

She pulls away looking at me dead serious and says, “How was that for a massage?”

“Sweetie, that was the best damn massage I’ve ever had.” I lean down to kiss her. I mean it to be a sweet, soft kiss, but she pokes her tongue out begging for more, so I glide my tongue along hers and for the first time I can taste my release on another woman and she still tastes mighty fine.

“Sweetie, we start this again and I’m going to end up hard as a rock and I’m not sure I’ll be able to control myself.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just I haven’t felt this good in a long time.”

“Trust me, I plan on sticking around to make you feel a lot more than that.” I put my cock back in my pants and pull my shirt back on. She climbs off the couch and tells me she’ll be back because she’s going to change into a pair of more comfy pants. She bends over to pick up her jeans and literally strolls off to her room wearing a pink sweater and panties. I watch until I can’t see her anymore. Fuck me. I’m hard all over again.

She comes back out in a pair of leggings and a t-shirt. The yawn I’ve been fighting escapes me, so I get up to meet her.

“Sweetie, I know I said we’d watch a movie, but I’m going to get going. I’m really sorry. I didn’t sleep too well last night, and I’m pretty tired.” I run my knuckles across her cheek, tucking her hair behind her ear. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow around eleven?” I question as I slip my hand into her hair.

“Works for me. I had fun, thanks for coming over.”

“Thanks for dinner.”

I kiss her one more time and then head out the door.









Chapter 11





I wake Saturday morning and I feel pretty good. I slept restlessly, but I feel like I was able to keep the demons at bay. I stretch in bed before getting up to hit my home gym. I’ve started a good routine and I don’t want to mess it up now. I know having a routine is going to help me deal with my issues, I just have to keep at it. I jump out of bed, throw on my gym clothes, and head downstairs to start on the elliptical, weights, and then practice my martial arts. I’m done working out in a little over an hour and when I get back upstairs I find my mom busy in the kitchen.

“Good morning, Mom. What are you doing up already?”

“It’s eight in the morning, Carter, it isn’t that early. How was your workout?”

“It was good. I’m going to go take a shower and then I’ll come get some coffee.”

“Okay, how about some breakfast?”

“Sure, Mom, that would be great.” I run up the stairs to shower and dress in some jeans and a long sleeve shirt. I want to look good for Patty because I know she’ll look cute as hell. I shave before getting in the shower to wash away the sweat of my workout.

While I’m washing, my mind drifts to last night when she was pressed into her couch by the weight of my body. God she felt good beneath me.

My thoughts are interrupted by a knock on the door, “Yeah!”

“Your breakfast is ready,” my mother says through the door.

I love her dearly but this is why I need my own apartment, because she thinks I’m still in school.

“Thanks, Mom, be down in a second.” I sigh as I rinse the soap from my body and shut off the water, dry off, and get dressed.

I’ll miss my mom and it’s nice having her prepare meals for me but I need some space. I’ll have to have Patty start giving me cooking lessons so that I can continue to eat healthy in my own place. I’m hoping to be moved in soon, but right now all I have are the clothes in my room. Luckily for me I saved a ton of money while I was in the service.

I’m now fully dressed and ready to start my day. Hanging my towel on a hook, I open the door and run down for breakfast.

My mom has eggs, bacon, toast, and home fries set out on the table for me with coffee and juice.

My father comes in behind me. “Is he special or is there some for me too?”

My mother giggles and my dad grabs her for a kiss. “There’s plenty for you too, darling. Have a seat and I’ll bring some over.”

“What are you up to today, son?” my dad asks.

“I’m picking up the keys to my new place and then I’m going to show it to Patty. We’re having lunch and then she’s going to help me pick out some furniture.”

“Ah, so you and the princess have hit it off, huh?” I love that my father and are close enough that he’s comfortable busting my chops.

“Yeah, I guess we have. You were right, she’s way more like her dad than her mom. As a matter of fact, she and her mother had it out yesterday. We were supposed to talk about it, but I guess we both forgot.”

“I hate to say it, but her mother is one tough cookie. She has been trying to change that girl her entire life. That’s one of the biggest battles between Troy and Sandra. He really wants Sandra to leave Patty be, but she insists that Patty’s place is on the arm of a rich man because she’s the daughter of Sandra Fitzgerald-Carmichael.”

“I keep forgetting she isn’t Fitzgerald anymore. That’s probably why she hates me so much. I keep referring to her as Fitzgerald.”

My father laughs. “No, she hates you because you’re not snobby and we don’t flaunt our money. She swears she loves Richard, but I truly think she left Troy because he didn’t have Richard’s money. After all, he only owns the most dealerships of any one man in this part of the country. Although Richard’s a district attorney, he comes from family money, and Troy had to work hard for his.”

“You would think that would make her proud.” I’m floored at this woman’s behavior.

“I agree with you, son, but that isn’t how she thinks. I also don’t think Patty knows any of this. Their divorce was never really talked about.”

My mother places my father’s plate in front of him full of fresh food. “That woman drives me crazy,” she says. “We were friends at one point in life, but now I only tolerate her because we need to stay in the good graces of the media for business purposes.”

“I know, Mom. You have to play nice because in this world if you cause issues customers will pull out, and it’s hard to walk the line of playing nice and being fake.” I push my empty plate away and sip my coffee, looking at my watch. “Listen, I’ll probably be gone most of the day and I think I’m going to take Patty for dinner, so don’t expect me home until late.” I stand to rinse my cup and dish, placing them in the dishwasher.

I kiss my mom on the cheek and thank her again for a delicious breakfast, then run upstairs to grab a jacket, my cellphone, and put my wallet in my back pocket. Before I head out the door I send Patty a text because I’m going to be a bit early and I want to make sure she’s okay with that.


Carter: Was going to head over. Is that ok?


Patty: Sure, I’m ready for you.


Carter: Great, see you soon.


I slip my phone into the clip on my belt and go back downstairs. I shake my father’s hand and tell him I’ll see him later then I’m out the door to go see my girl. I drive straight to her house, excited to see her. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to see a girl, but her smile and her beautiful hazel eyes make me so happy.

I park in front of her place and run up to push the buzzer. She buzzes me in immediately like she was waiting for me and it makes me smile. When I get to her door, it’s already open. Upon entering I find her sitting on the couch with several wrapped boxes.

“What’s that?” I ask her.

“It’s a housewarming gift for your apartment. I went and did some shopping this morning,” she says with a shy smile.

“That’s so nice of you. You didn’t have to do that.” I close the door and take a seat next to her.

“I know I didn’t have to, I wanted to. Here open this one first,” she says, handing me a box.

I rip open the paper and find a really nice pot and pan set. “You got me cookware.” I grin.

“Yup, so I can teach you how to cook,” she says so proudly.

I lean over to kiss her. “Thank you so much, that was very sweet of you.”

“Here there are two more.” She pushes another box toward me and again I rip the paper off. This time I open a box of nice dishes. She has picked a set that is nice, but masculine too.

“Are these for us to eat the meals you’re going to teach me to cook on?”

“You got it.”

I laugh as she pushes the last box toward me. Once I start pulling the paper off I see a set of glasses and again I laugh. “Drinks to go with dinner?”

She nods and giggles at my excitement.

“I love it all, thank you so much.” I place my finger under her chin and pull her toward me, “You look gorgeous today,” I say, placing another kiss on her lips.

“Thanks. You look pretty hot yourself.”

“Are you ready to go see my new place?”

“Let me get my jacket.” She walks off to her room, and when she gets back a minute later she’s slipping on her coat. She picks up the smallest box while I grab the larger two and we head out the door to load them into my Jeep.

“What do you need for furniture?” she asks when we’re in the Jeep and buckled in.

“Everything. I left my parents’ house to join the Army and when I got out on my medical discharge I went back to their house, so I have nothing.”

“I guess we have a bit of shopping to do then, don’t we?”

About fifteen minutes later we pull up to my new place. I haven’t said this to her, but I’m secretly happy that my place isn’t too far from hers. We get out of the car and walk up to the front door.

The doorman opens it for us. “Hello, Mr. Montgomery, it’s nice to see you again.”

“Thank you. This is my girlfriend, Patty, please be sure she gets let up to my place with no problems.”

He nods. “How do you do, ma’am?”

She nods back. “I’m well, thank you.”

We go inside and over to the front desk where the building manager is waiting for me. I introduce Patty to the manager and he walks us over to the elevator to go up to my new apartment. I like this place because there are only two apartments on my floor, mine and one across the hall from me.

The landlord opens the door and we walk into my huge new living room which has hardwood floors and a gas fireplace. The kitchen is to the right and it’s huge with a massive snack bar. It has all state of the art appliances, brown granite countertops, and darker brown wood cabinets. There is a short hall that has two bedrooms at the end of it. One will be for workout equipment and one will be for me to sleep. My master bedroom has a huge walk in closet and its own bathroom with a garden tub, shower, and his and her sinks.

“Carter, this place is gorgeous,” she says as she wanders around checking out every inch of the place.

The manager asks, “Do you have any questions?” I shake my head. He hands me my keys. “Welcome to the building. Let us know if you have any questions or problems.”

“Will do, thanks.” I shake his hand and he walks out the door, leaving us to ourselves. I walk over to Patty and wrap my arms around her. “Do you like it?”

“I think it’s great! Do you have any idea what you want for furniture?”

“I think something masculine, but nice and cozy.”

“Like a black leather sofa and loveseat maybe?”

“Maybe, I would have to see it. Why don’t we hit the furniture store up the street? They have furniture for every room. I’ll order my workout stuff online.”

“Sure,” she says and we head out the door.




Three hours later, we have chosen furniture for both the living room and my bedroom. For the living room we went with a nice black sofa with gray loveseat and chair. Patty convinced me to get a gray and white area rug and a nice black coffee table for accents. The top elevates to expose storage space, and also becomes a TV tray if we want to enjoy dinner while watching a movie.

For my bedroom, I went with a king size bed. All the furniture is a deep, rich brown. Although I didn’t find a dining set I liked, we did pick a set of six stools for the snack bar so we can eat there too if we want.

After hours of shopping we choose to eat at a nice Italian place nearby. When we pull up to the restaurant the place is rather quiet because it’s past lunchtime, though too early for dinner. We’re seated right away.

“Will you help me set my place up when my furniture is delivered?” I ask Patty.

“Of course I will. I can’t believe it’s all going to be delivered on Friday. As a matter of fact, if you like I can be at the apartment to accept the delivery while you’re at work. I’ll bring my laptop over and work from there.”

“Are you sure? That would be awesome, because then I can ask to leave early instead of taking the whole day. They aren’t supposed to be there until three, but if they come early I’d be screwed if I wasn’t home.”

“I don’t mind at all. Just leave when you can and we’ll do dinner and set things up when you get home.”

“Thank you so much, Patty, that’s a huge help.”

Our waitress comes over and asks if we are ready to order.

“Lunch size chicken parm please,” Patty requests.

“And you, sir?” the waitress asks.

“Spaghetti and meatballs please.”

She collects our menus, smiles, and walks away.

“How are your mom and dad?” Patty asks.

“I think my mom is bummed I’m moving out. She was up this morning and made me a big breakfast. I love her and appreciate her, but she forgets how old I am and that I need my space.”

“Yeah, that can be tough. Does your mom work? Maybe she needs something to do.”

“No. She should though because I think you’re right, she needs something to occupy her time. She was working in my dad’s office for a while but stopped when I came home so she could help me, and she never went back. Speaking of parents, what happened with you and your mom?”

She sighs deeply. “She pissed me off going on and on about Ben. I hung up on her and wouldn’t answer her calls. Then she showed up at my house to discuss the situation with me and I gave her an ultimatum. I told her that she either lets me live my life for me or she gets out of it. She wasn’t happy, but decided to leave me alone about it.”

“Wow, I’m quite proud of you for sticking up for yourself with her. I’m sure it wasn’t easy.”

“No, it wasn’t. To be honest, I’m not sure I believe it will be the last of the discussion. If it gives me a little peace, then that’s fine for now. She kills me though. She thinks because she bought me a dress for that event that means all is okay with us, and that there’s nothing more she needs to do. In reality she needs to show me that she’s really going to change and stop interfering in my life.”

BOOK: Saved By A Soldier (Love Conquers Life Book 1)
2.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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