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I’d never know the truth about her. I wondered if there was maybe a picture of Eve as a smiling coed somewhere, if she had grieving parents who had lost their daughter and would never see her again. None of the other misguided men who were pawns in her game would ever know, either.

I shook my head and buried my face in my hands. I felt beaten, tired. Love. Gangsters, con men, policeman . . . it was all that any of them wanted from her and the reason they were willing to go to any lengths to please her, including theft, betrayal, even murder. Her love was supposed to save them, I guess. That is what love is supposed to do.

I had failed them, and it hurt like the old wound, because there had been so many people who needed saving: Lena and Danny; Harry and Lucinda; and even on some level, people like Eve and Lonnie—those victims who grew into the very monsters they feared. But they had failed each other, because each and every one of them had cared only about their own greed. And they had taken two innocent kids with them, one a policeman, the other an innocent victim.

There were so many like them out there yet; there would always be more of them, needing some understanding, and someone to help them save themselves. I hoped that next time I would be able to do just that.

I looked out the window. The day was almost gone. Tomorrow would be another day, and someone else’s turn to suffer.

I sat and listened to the wind.



Timothy C. Phillips was born in a small town at the foot of the Appalachians. Youngest of seven children, he attended colleges in Alabama and Louisiana, and holds degrees in English, Forensics and Political Science. He lives in Alabama, where he writes and dabbles in music.




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Song Lyrics: “Season of the Witch”

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Sunshine Superman

Released 1966



To date there are seven titles in the

Roland Longville Mystery Series:

Season of the Witch


Dead Birmingham


Lady Midnight

The Burning Day

The Devil’s Highway

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