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She looked at India and then back at Travis as she replied, “I was extremely happy with parts of the deal, but the part that I don’t agree with is you trying to swindle money from me that is supposed to go to your company!”
Travis cleared his throat as he responded, “Lady Davenport...what are you insinuating...where did you get such an idea?”

I have my sources...your company had the best program and I was prepared to grant this deal to you but I received this packet last night, in it was this!”
She dropped a stack of photos of herself with numerous sexual partners doing numerous sexually explicit acts. Travis and India looked at the photos and India found several with her in them doing everything under the sun.
India looked at her and then at Travis and responded, “Where did these photos come from Travis...tell me you’re not part of this?”
He stood up, gazing at Lady Davenport and then at India as he replied, “No...I swear I had no idea that these photos existed...somebody’s out the frame me...I don’t have a clue who is responsible for this!”
Lady Davenport looked at India and asked, “I’m gonna ask you this only once...please answer me with the you know who is responsible for these pictures?”
India looked her straight in the eye as she replied, “I swear Lady Davenport...I don’t know who did this!”
Lady Davenport sat down in her leather chair as she replied, This packet was intercepted at the air carrier office by one of my assistants was on its way to the United States and it was addressed to your corporation.” “The clerk at the carrier officer said that you Mr. St. Croix were the one who requested that this particular packet be sent.”
He gazed at her flabbergasted as he replied, “I did send a packet on yesterday to the corporation but this was not in the contents...I have copies of what I sent to the board and I am prepared to present them to you if you like, Ma’am!”
India looked puzzled as she thought, “Whitney switched the packets with me, yesterday but how did they get switched again with this?” “Did Whitney screw me over and if so then what was sent to the corporation?”
India quickly stood up and said, “Ma’am...give use forty-eight hours to get to the bottom of this...I just need some time to clear this up and see who is setting us up here!”
Lady Davenport smiled as she replied, “I was hoping that you would say that...find out who’s fooling who here and if you do...I’ll change my decision and grant your company the contract!” “I’m having a celebration swaray tonight at the beach pavilion; I expect to see you both there!”
Lady Davenport quickly said, “India...let me have a word with you before you leave, please?”
Travis frowned as he left the room. Lady Davenport whispered in her ear, “My offer is still on the need to tell me what you want to do, tonight!”
India smiled as she replied, “I’ll have my decision by then.”
Meanwhile back in Kansas City, Ursula was sitting in her cubicle when the office phone on her desk rang. She without looking at the caller id answered, “This is Ursula!”

Look Ursula...please, I need to talk to you!’
She sighed as she answered, “Look Myles I really think you need to lose this number as well as any numbers you got for me...its over!”
He sighed heavily as he replied, “Why are you doing this to me...why are you acting this way?”
She looked at the phone and then replied, “Because you should have told me about you and India!”
She quickly hung up the phone, and then suddenly the phone rang again. Ursula gazed at it for a second and then she answered it, “Look, I told you to stop calling me!”’s me, everything alright?”

Oh...Marc...I’m so sorry...what’s going on...whatcha got?”

Remember that packet that India was asking about, well it just came in about twenty minutes ago...I’m going down to the mail room to pick it up and bring it over to you, okay.”
Her face lit up as she replied, “Ahhh...yeah, you bring it straight here to me.” “Don’t let it get sent to the board’s incoming mailbox!”

I’m on it...I’ll see you as soon as I get it!”

Cool...just remember to bring it straight here...okay?”
An hour passed since Marc called Ursula informing her that the infamous packet had arrived. When Marc finally came up from the mailroom with the iniquitous packet, she is filled with tremendous anticipation. Ursula spotted him stepping out of the elevator; her heart immediately skipped a couple beats. As she continued to witness him strutting toward her cubicle, she felt the intensity as the sweat drizzle down her face as if someone had poured a cup of water on her head. She thought as she watched his nonchalant approach, “What could be in that packet that’s was so important that she didn’t want the contents revealed?” Marc unhurriedly strolled toward her with the goods as she tried her best not to make it obvious that she wanted that packet and she wanted it now. She was clueless on what the contents was that and why it is so, incriminating that India wanted it concealed. The mystery of this packet had her determined to find out somehow.

When Marc finally stepped up to, her cubicle, she tried to act as if she was unconcerned about it and continued to gaze down at some documents that needed her attention.

Marc looked down at her breasts as he cleared his throat.

“Uhhh...Ursula, I have something for you!”

She looked up at him with a surprise expression as she responded, “Oh made it up here!

As he handed her the packet he replied, “Yeah...I was just wondering if you’ve heard from India today.”

Ursula was so into observing the packet that she did not hear his question so he repeated it again, “Ursula...have you spoken to India today?”

She stood up with her breasts jiggling as she replied, “No, Marc...I haven’t yet but I’m sure she’ll be calling to check on this packet’s arrival...I told you that I would put in a good word for you, so don’t worry!” “I need to put this away so I’ll talk to you, later!”

She took the packet and began to stroll down toward India’s office leaving him standing there as she thought, “I really need to see what dirt is in here!”



Later that evening India was still trying to decipher the whole mess she has found herself in as she thought, “I’ve got to find a way to get cleared from this!”
Suddenly her hotel phone rang and she looked at it for a second as she wondered if she should answer it or not. She knew it was not Lady Davenport because she would have rung her cell. She sighed as she picked up the receiver.

Hello...!” is you Mademoiselle?”
She smiled as she replied, “Jacques...what a pleasant surprise and congratulations on your company being selected for the contract!”
He laughed and he replied, “It is how you say...funny because I still do not know how we acquired it!” But I am calling because I would like to celebrate tonight with you...I know in a couple of days everyone will be flying back to their destinations and I just wanted to spend some more time with you before we go...what do you say...Mademoiselle India?”
She smiled as she thought about the time already spent with him, thinking of his thick throbbing shaft as she replied, “I would love to celebrate with you!”

Good...let us meet at the beach swaray around nine okay?”

That sounds lovely, Jacques...I will see you there!”
As she hung up the phone, she remembered that Lady Davenport wanted her to meet her at the party as well. She thought, “I will meet her but I’m spending the night with Jacques. She quickly strolled into the bedroom, removed all of her clothes, and then strolled into the bathroom to start the shower. As she stepped into the hot running water, she allowed her hair to get wet as the water sprayed down her sexy physique. As she began to lather her sexy curvy legs she thought, “I’ve got to get Lady Davenport to help me to get out of this mess...but I’d have to take the position...what do I do?”
India made it there a little early to the party as she slowly stepped into the extremely exquisite beach mansion. The place was immaculate as the cool Caribbean air and the sound of the ocean waves mingle in with the smooth jazz playing in the ambiance. India searched around to see if Danika or Travis had made it there but she did not see them anywhere. She thought, “I hope that Jacques get here so we can go walk the beach.” Before she could make her way into the main ballroom, Lady Davenport strolled into the foyer seeing her standing there waiting. India turned around slowly as their eyes made direct contact. When India saw her she immediately thought in her mind, “Damn...I was hoping to see her much later...not now...damn here she comes!”
Lady Davenport came over toward her in rapid speed as India watched her approach. It was as if she was an eagle swooping down to seize its prey as she quickly reached out and grabbed her right hand, looking her straight in the eyes as she said, “Follow me...!”
India smiled slightly as she felt a strong tingle in her sex, as she grabbed Lady Davenport’s hand and submitting to her command. They quickly strolled into the main ballroom as she tried to mingle unnoticed.
They wove through the crowd in a disjointed zigzag fashion, trying to approach some wall, any wall. The music was now blaring and the room was heating, the humid tangy scent of sweaty bodies rising up in the air. India felt some of her hair sticking to her temples and took her fingers swipe them away quickly. Her elbow bumped into a girl as Lady Davenport dragged her through the crowd. The girl turned with a glinty glare to India, who kept the cold gaze with her eyes until she stumbled and turned toward Lady Davenport again. Lady Davenport's fingers were slipping from her hand and were hard for her to grasp.. The pressure Lady Davenport was exerting to hold onto India’s hands was making her fingertips throb.
They stopped in the middle of the dance floor as the escalation of contact had begun. It began with the occasional bump of the hips, a hand resting on an arm. Lady Davenport's eyes had been sparkling as she laughed on the floor. India was more serious, staring back at the more petite girl, constantly stepping in closer. The crowd of dancing bodies moving in a wave toward her back helped by holding them in. Once you lost your moving room once, it was gone.
It was the sharp shove from behind that started it. India's hands flew out to grip onto Lady Davenport's waist as she swayed, then balanced. Her upper fingers rested on the bare flesh of Lady Davenport's waist. The skin was warm, moist with sweat. She let her thumb rub up on the bare skin. It was hard to focus on dancing, though the wild bouncing body in front of her did not seem to struggle.
India's eyes hazed over as the medium breasts bounced into her fuller ones. Her hands slipped unconsciously further around the waist, making her have to step a knee in between the other girl’s, slowing her dance.
Lady Davenport's hands rested onto the India’s shoulders as her big brown eyes looked up, startled and wide at India. Normally, India would have pulled away, but she did not this time. She was elated, but anxious.
Lady Davenport looked down at her lips, which were juicy like her own, but painted a bright red. She notices India's red parted lips. Her eyes flickered back and forth from the brown eyes to those lips. Her head did a little jerk forward, tilting... then paused to look into her eyes again. Suddenly, she dove in. India felt the sharp intake of breath in Lady Davenport's chest before she felt her lips. Her kiss was soft, tentative. She just wanted to... to feel them. She barely tugged her juicy lower lip between hers and her tongue was just moving forward for a sweep across them, to taste, when Lady Davenport jerked herself away. India braced herself for whatever expression of disgust, anger, shock that would greet her. India lowered her eyes and dragged them up slowly to look at Lady Davenport. She stared at her, strangely.
Lady Davenport was smiling! A they both stopped dancing and notice they were standing in the middle of the floor. India's arms wrapped deep around her waist as Lady Davenport's arms were up high around India's shoulders. That was when she sharply turned, grabbing India's hand, and yanking her through the crowd. India's tummy was fluttering as they finally reached the outer wall. They paced along the wall, looking for some bare space. Lady Davenport found a small hole near the back wall and turned her body to lean against it. There was only enough room for her small frame. She pulled India’s body into her by the forearms in which she went happily, melting into hers. She slipped her knee in between India's until the buckles of their pants touched. She felt just a hint of flesh against her bare tummy as she grabbed the luscious rounded face with both of her hands with fingers splaying to touch all of her skin and pulled it towards her mouth. Her tongue was not so tentative this time, but swept in between the lips to taste that mouth she had watched for weeks since they first met in the conference room. She first tasted the salt of sweat on her lips, then the sharp tang of the margaritas that they had been drinking all night.
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