Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection (11 page)

BOOK: Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection


As she removed her bra Mattie giggled when she remembered she would be filmed having sex with Porter tomorrow, a video that would then be viewed by thousands of Oleg’s Needful Flings subscribers. She felt her pussy growing warmer at the thought.


Porter emerged from the bathroom still fully clothed.


“I used some of your mouth wash. Hope that’s ok.”


Mattie gave Porter a smiling nod and then motioned to the left side of the bed.


“See, plenty of room!”


Porter quickly looked away, realizing he was looking directly at Mattie’s perfectly proportioned breasts. It took every bit of focus from him to keep from getting an erection.


“Uh, I can walk back to my place no problem. You don’t have to have me stay over.”


Mattie’s face fell into a pronounced pout.


“I know I don’t have to have you stay over, but the fact is, I want you to. You make everything seem more…safe.”


Porter stood motionless for several seconds before he nodded.


“Ok, I’ll stay.”


Mattie’s eyes widened slightly as she watched Porter remove his t-shirt to reveal a chest and set of abs that would have made a male runway model envious. He then paused before giving a slight shrug before he proceeded to unbutton his jeans and push them down toward the floor.


“Oh, my…”


The words were spoken in a low whisper as Mattie looked upon her sleepover guest’s manhood as it hung in front of him.  Porter appeared slightly apologetic.


“I don’t wear underwear. Is that going to be ok?”


Mattie nodded slowly, mesmerized by the sight of Porter’s incredible penis.


I promised not to rape him. I promised not to rape him…


Porter moved quickly to his side of the bed so he could get under the blanket. He made certain to keep as much space as possible between him and Mattie, a gesture Mattie quickly negated as she slid over next to him.


“Is it ok if we cuddle?”


With an uncomfortable clearing of his throat, Porter agreed.


“Yeah, no problem.”


Mattie sighed happily as she turned over and rested her right arm over the space just under Porter’s chest and nuzzled her face against his shoulder.


“Good night, Porter.”


There was a lengthy pause before a reply was finally spoken inside the small studio apartment.


“Good night, Mattie.”


In that often confounding space between sleep and waking, Porter realized he was dreaming of having sex with Mattie. It was one of those dreams where one could actually feel, hear, and taste what was happening around them. The clarity of his subconscious brought a smile to Porter’s face as he hoped the dream would continue well into what remained of the night. He could feel his hardness throbbing between his legs, like some great beast demanding a sacrifice.


Wait – I don’t think I’m dreaming!


Porter opened his eyes slowly and allowed them to adjust to the darkness that surrounded him. He was on his back as Mattie’s left hand gently stroked his erection. Her fingers expertly moved up and down his shaft, pausing to massage the head before returning slowly back down to the base of his penis and then repeating the movements over and over again.


A long satisfied moan broke through the silence of the apartment. Porter turned his head slightly to the right and saw the outline of Mattie’s body also on its back. In her right hand she held a large flesh-colored dildo which she was pushing and pulling into and out of herself as her hips moved in a slow circular motion that mirrored the sex toy’s penetration.


Just beneath the sound of her moans was also the sound of Mattie’s own wetness as the dildo entered her. It was a sound that instantly sent shivers of lusting satisfaction through Porter’s own body, causing his cock to harden even more in Mattie’s hand. This in turn caused the speed of Mattie’s stroking to increase as she realized Porter was waking.


Porter remained still, not wanting Mattie to stop her efforts on his cock, or her own pussy. He simply put his head back against the pillow and closed his eyes, enjoying the sounds of Mattie’s talented hands at work on the both of them.


Mattie’s moans grew more urgent, closer to a snarl as the thrust of her hips were almost violent in their movements while she plunged the entirety of the dildo into her with increased intensity. Her breathing was rapid and loud, her erect nipples pointing upward toward the ceiling.


“I want you to come with me. C’mon, come with me.”


Porter opened his eyes again to watch Mattie slamming the sex toy into herself with intoxicating abandon as her left hand squeezed and pulled his engorged cock. He knew there would be no turning back – his lust demanded release. He gently pushed Mattie’s hand from his penis and took over masturbating himself as Mattie then held the large dildo with both hands and pummeled herself with it while her moans continued at greater volume.


Both Mattie and Porter soon lost themselves in their own approaching climaxes, that too brief moment when all the world retreats behind the rising tide of sexual release.  Mattie came first, the dildo pushed deep inside of her with her left hand while her right hand frantically massaged her clit. Her mouth opened wide as her hips thrust upward and then she shouted triumphantly as every muscle in her body tensed, tightened, and then relaxed, momentarily exhausted by her efforts.


Porter’s own moans grew louder as well, his right hand travelling the same well-worn path it had since he first discovered the joys of masturbation as a teenaged boy.


“Yeah, fuck yeah.”


Mattie instantly responded to Porter’s words by sitting up with the dildo still inserted deeply inside of her. As Porter’s climax approached, she leaned over him and opened her mouth wide while grinding the sex toy against the bed and herself in much the same way she would do if riding a man. The sensation, as well as the sight of Porter’s pulsating cock preparing to come brought her considerable pleasure as she realized another orgasm was quickly arriving behind the first.


Porter clenched his teeth and grimaced as a particularly large amount of cum shot out in multiple bursts from the head of his penis. Mattie’s mouth opened wider and her tongue extended outward as she leaned down further to make certain she swallowed every bit of Porter’s ejaculate.


Seconds later both lay tired but content in the bed, their heavy breathing the only sound in the apartment. Mattie placed her dildo on the floor and turned over to once again rest herself against Porter’s body.


Mattie then unleashed a long, satisfied sigh as she ran her hand along the contours of Porter’s upper body.


“Now we’ll both rest better.”


Before sleep finally took him completely, Porter recalled the toast he had made with Mattie earlier that night.


To love, may it find us when we least expect it.







Mattie awoke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and just made toast.  She experienced a momentary jolt of panic as she sat up in bed wondering what time it was. Porter was in the studio’s small kitchen nook smiling back at her as he poured a small glass of orange juice and then walked toward her with the juice and two aspirin.


“Thought you might need something to help clear your head. It’s just past seven. I figure you need to be to work by nine, right?”


Mattie tried to blink the sleep from her eyes and then reached out to take the orange juice and aspirin from Porter, who somehow appeared no worse for wear from last night’s drinking.


“Thank you. How long have you been up?”


Porter turned back to the kitchen area and then began pouring two cups of coffee.


“Oh, about an hour or so. I don’t sleep much, a few hours at best. You take cream or sugar?”


Mattie washed down the aspirin with the orange juice and then looked back at Porter.


“Just a little cream, thanks.”


She watched Porter, who was dressed in just his jeans, pour a dab of cream into her coffee cup.


I don’t think I’ve ever had a man be this nice to me.


Mattie wrapped the blanket around her and then walked toward Porter, uncertain of what to do or say besides take the coffee he had just poured her. Porter smiled again as he handed her the cup and then moved toward the bathroom.


“I’ll put my shirt on and get out of here so you can get ready for work. I don’t have to be to the health club for my shift until ten.”


Mattie took a grateful sip of coffee and then started to say something but lost her courage and remained silent as Porter closed the bathroom door behind him.


Get a grip, Mattie. You’re acting like a stupid school girl with a crush. What the hell is wrong with me?


The memories of last night’s meeting at the pub, and then what happened later in her apartment brought a faint smile to Mattie’s face, though also a stab of uncertainty and fear.


I can’t fall for him – not this quickly. Maybe I should call off the video thing. After last night, it just doesn’t seem right. Or would that hurt him in some way? I don’t want to hurt him, but then again, would he be interested in me after I allow myself to be filmed with him?


Mattie’s mind continued to bombard her with a series of unanswered questions as Porter opened the door and stepped out fully dressed. He flashed the now familiar smile again only increased Mattie’s uncertainty regarding how she should act toward him.


“Thank you again, Mattie. Is everything ok?”


Mattie hesitated, holding the coffee cup between her hands as she looked up at Porter.


“Yeah, everything is ok, and everything isn’t ok.”


Porter’s mouth dropped downward into a temporary frown.


“What do you mean?”


Mattie put the coffee cup down on the narrow, white-tiled kitchen counter as she tried to muster the courage to share with Porter how deeply her feelings already were for him.


“Porter, uh, I really enjoyed last night. I mean, I enjoyed everything about last night.”


Porter put his right hand on Mattie’s left shoulder and gently squeezed it.


“Me too. In fact, I’d love to do it again soon. Maybe after we finish up the video-taping tonight we can go out to celebrate?”


Mattie took a step back, causing Porter’s hand to fall away from her shoulder and drop to his side.


“About that…I’m thinking maybe I don’t want to do it anymore.”


Porter’s eyes narrowed slightly as his head tilted to the right.


“What do you mean? Is it something I did?”


Mattie shook her head and tried to smile, though it looked far more like a grimace.


“No! It’s just, uh, I think right now I might not want you to think of me as someone who would do something like that.”


Mattie took a deep breath and then plunged ahead with her explanation, silently praying she wasn’t about to have her heart broken.


“I like you, Porter. I like you a lot. I want to keep spending time with you, getting to know you better, and I’m hoping you might be feeling the same about me.”


Porter slowly put his right hand over his mouth while his eyes blinked several times as he digested what Mattie had just told him.


Oh my god, he thinks I’m some stupid freak!


Mattie began to wave her right hand in the air in an attempt to dismiss what she had just said.

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