Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection (8 page)

BOOK: Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection


Dex reached over with his left hand and cradled Peter’s ass, gently pushing the older man further into his own face as he felt Peter’s cock begin to pulsate deep in his mouth, announcing the arrival of his orgasm.


Peter cried out when he came, nearly falling over as his knees buckled beneath him.


Robert was now entirely immersed in the pleasure of fucking Dex’s ass, the white of his erection contrasting with the darkness of Dex’s own skin. Dex had swallowed every bit of Peter’s ejaculation and now stood up slowly and motioned for Robert to sit down behind him while keeping his hardened cock in his ass.


Robert happily complied with the request, his eyes glazed over by his own raging lust as Dex then moved himself up and down over the sitting man’s cock as he then began to furiously stroke his own rock-hard erection. Dex was now facing the sauna door and Porter feared his co-worker would see him looking in at the three of them, but Dex’s head was down as he fully focused on making himself cum at the same time as Robert’s cock exploded its satisfaction inside his ass.


“That’s so good, man. We’re gonna come together. That’s right, that’s right.”


Porter felt himself nearing orgasm, his right hand stroking himself furiously as he watched with fascination through the small sauna door window as Dex’s rigid cock bounced up and down in front of him as Robert fucked the younger man. Both Robert and Dex grunted loudly in time with one another, each urging the other man on to the final shared experience of mutual orgasm.


Just as Porter’s cock began to gently vibrate in his hand as the hot liquid made its way to freedom, Dex looked up and stared directly at him through the sauna window. Dex offered Porter a thin, knowing smile while he continued to stoke himself and then he closed his eyes and moved his head back to rest against Robert’s chest as both men cried out together as they neared their intensely pleasured conclusion.


Porter was unable to completely muffle his own satisfied, growling yelp as he too unleashed a torrent of pulsating cum that sprayed against the outside of the sauna door. At the very same moment Porter was coming, the young black man’s own ejaculate erupted with several powerful spurts from the tip of his dark cock and then fell gracefully to the floor inside the sauna as Robert’s pulsating flesh shaft exploded inside Dex’s ass.


Porter quickly toweled off his fluid from the sauna door and then made his way to the showers, wanting to be well away from the sauna before the three men emerged. He cleaned himself off quickly under the shower water’s powerful spray and then moved to the employee locker area that was separate from the main member’s area of the shower facility.  As soon as he finished putting on a pair of well worn, faded blue jeans and white t-shirt, his cell phone rang.


It was Oleg.


“Hello, Porter. I have news.”


He didn’t say good news.


Porter took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly before answering.


“Did she agree? The woman you mentioned, is she willing to do the three videos?”


Porter could hear Oleg saying something to someone else away from the phone and then he continued talking with Porter.


“I am with her right now in fact at my regular table at the pub. Well, she actually just left to use the restroom, but we are currently negotiating, yes. That is why I called you.”


Porter moved the phone to his other ear as he glanced back toward the showers, thinking he hears someone approaching. The hallway between the employee lockers and the main shower area remained empty though.


“What do you need?”


Oleg cleared his throat.


“The thing is, Porter, she is demanding to meet you first before committing to the agreement. She’s smart, a tough negotiator. She has already seen a sample of your work, but insists she meet you in person – just the two of you.”


Porter had never done anything like this before with any of his video partners. In fact, the idea of someone involved in what he was doing seeing his face was unnerving.


“She’ll see my face, Mr. Teplov. I thought you agreed to my wanting to remain hidden. That’s why we wear the masks.”


Porter could hear Oleg shaking his head.


“Yes, I know, but you’ll be seeing her as well, and then you will still wear the masks during the actual video so your identity remains hidden from the subscribers.”


Porter remained silent, not able to understand why this woman was demanding to meet him. Oleg continued talking.


“I am hoping you can meet her here for dinner within the hour, Porter. I’ll pay for it of course, just put it on my tab. Order whatever you like.”


“You want me to show up there now?”


Oleg cleared his throat again, his tone betraying a hint of annoyance.


“Yes, within the hour. Need I remind you, this is in preparation of you earning a great deal of money. Attending a dinner with a beautiful woman is hardly a terrible burden to have to endure when considering the potential pay-off.”


Porter rolled his eyes as he held the phone to his ear.


Of course I’m aware of that you asshole.


“Give me about forty minutes. I’ll be there.”


Oleg’s suddenly cheerful voice communicated his appreciation.


“Wonderful, Porter! As I said, she’ll be at my regular table. She’s wearing a black sweater and matching skirt. She’ll be waiting for you. When the dinner is finished, please call me to confirm we are in fact moving forward with the videos.”


Porter sensed Oleg wanting to say something more.


“Anything else?”


Oleg Teplov’s voice was slightly different when he answered. It was lower, suggesting a darker seriousness he did not normally convey.


“Don’t fuck this up, Porter or I will be left terribly disappointed.”


The call ended.






Porter managed to make the walk from 5
Avenue up to the Capitol Hill neighborhood in just over thirty minutes from when last spoke with Oleg. The impending night air was already crisp as gathering clouds overhead threatened imminent rain. The streets and sidewalks were busy with people returning to their homes and apartments after the conclusion of another work day.


Capitol Hill was a friendly, perpetually busy area once noted for its dominantly gay community. While many gays still made “the hill” their home, it had also become a primary location for the ever hip, upwardly mobile population in a city noted for a deep appreciation of all things seemingly new and cool.


As for Tully’s Pub, Porter had been there just twice before, and only one time to meet Oleg. The Russian had mentioned he was part owner of the bar, though Porter suspected its primary purpose was to help launder his website earnings.


Standing outside the pub, Porter glanced at himself in one of the many tall windows that lined the pub’s street-side structure, hoping the woman would not consider him too casually dressed. A crowd of people moved past him into the pub entrance, clearly in the mood for some serious after-workday partying. Loud music spilled out onto the sidewalk when the door was opened, an odd mix of Celtic dance music unfamiliar to Porter whose IPod was primarily filled with pop music of the 80’s and 90’s.


Ok, let’s get this shit over with so I can get paid my $100k.


Porter pulled the door open and stepped into Tully’s Pub, pausing to let his eyes adjust to the low lighting. The hostess, a young, smiling blonde with an accent similar to Oleg greeted him.


“We’re almost full, sir. Do you want to sit at the bar?”


Porter shook his head.


“No, I’m supposed to be meeting a woman at Mr. Teplov’s table.”


The hostess’s eyes flared open as she extended her hand into the pub’s main dining area.


“Yes, we’re expecting you. Right this way please.”


As he walked behind the hostess Porter’s eyes scanned ahead of her, trying to remember the location of Oleg’s regular table at the pub so he could spot the woman before she saw him.


I think it was to the left toward the back…


Porter Voss and Mattie Martinson locked eyes on one another from across Tully’s Pub at the very same moment, each one quickly sizing up the other.


Both smiled, pleased by what they saw.


Very pleased.





End Volume Two






































Volume Three


“Mattie and Porter”





Yeah, I could definitely have some fun with that.



Mattie Martinson stood up from the table and smiled back at the handsome face belonging to the masked man from the video preview Oleg had her watch earlier.


The memory of that video caused a flush of warmth to spread out from within her lower body.


He’s looks even taller in person, and that body! It’s not fair someone this good looking was also given that amazing piece of meat between his legs!


Mattie’s eyes spied the pronounced, shifting bulge inside of the man’s faded blue jeans as he made his way toward her.


“Hi, my name is Porter. I believe we both know Oleg?”


Mattie’s smile widened as she was further pleased by the sound of Porter’s voice – not too deep, yet masculine and self-assured with just a hint of boyish charm. He had a few days growth over his smooth, lightly tanned skin, with a strong jaw and chin, medium sized nose, and friendly blue-green eyes housed underneath a slightly prominent brow. His chestnut hair was cut short, complimenting his athletic, muscular build.


“Hello, Porter my name is Mattie. It’s nice to meet you.”


Porter lightly shook Mattie’s hand while nodding once and then the both of them sat down, followed by several seconds of awkward silence.


Porter Voss silently admitted to himself how incredibly attractive he found Mattie. Her medium length, dark hair hung just above her small shoulders, framing a soft-featured face with full red lips and eyes that were nearly as dark as her hair. Mattie’s skin was pale and nearly flawless, and she exuded an aura of confidence that was both somewhat intimidating and undeniably sexy.


Her tight black sweater did little to hide the seductive swell of firm breasts which Porter rightly assumed was well complimented by an equally shapely and firm ass ensconced within the fashionable black skirt Mattie wore.


“Hello, I am Viktor, the night shift manager here at Tully’s. Mr. Teplov asked that I make certain you enjoy your meal together. Anything you want, drinks, food, all you need do is ask.”


Both Porter and Mattie looked up at the older, wide-faced balding man standing over them. He appeared to be nearly sixty years of age, with a pronounced paunch covered by a busting at the buttons white dress shirt. A thin layer of sweat covered his forehead. Like both Oleg and the hostess, Viktor’s accent was undeniably Russian.


Mattie glanced over at Porter and then shrugged.


“Hey, it’s on Oleg’s dime so let’s enjoy ourselves, right?”


Porter nodded.


“Sure – you order up what you want and I’ll try and keep up.”


Mattie smiled again, feeling herself growing increasingly comfortable in the presence of Porter’s easy-going, soft-spoken manner.


“Tell you what, Viktor, we’d like a bottle of your best red wine, and every appetizer on the menu.”


Viktor nodded and then was gone from the table, once again leaving Mattie and Porter sitting alone as each snuck a quick glance toward the other from across the table.


“How old are you, Porter?”


Porter straightened in his seat and cleared his throat.


“Twenty-nine. I’ll be thirty in just a few more months.”


Mattie’s mouth formed a small circle, giving her the appearance of a sultry fish.


“Oh, you’re just a little baby! Now the fact I’ve asked you your age requires I tell you mine, so here you go – I’m thirty-seven.”


Porter’s brows lifted slightly over his eyes.


“Really? You look a lot younger. In fact, I thought I might be the older one here.”


Mattie reached across the table and gently squeezed Porter’s right forearm with her left hand.


“Well bless your heart, young man! A woman never tires of hearing she looks younger than her years.”


Another moment of silence ensued before it was once again broken by Viktor’s arrival with two bottles of wine.


“Each of these is considered our best wine. The first is a Californian Pinot, and the second is an Argentinian Malbec that is Mr. Teplov’s personal favorite. I thought it best I left both of them with you if that’s ok.”


Mattie nodded enthusiastically.


“Absolutely! Crack those bottles open and get out of my way, Viktor!”

Porter couldn’t help but chuckle at Mattie’s outgoing nature. She made it clear she was one who enjoyed life and wasted little time on things that really didn’t matter.


A moment later found the two of them lifting their half full wine glasses and Mattie making a toast as her dark eyes twinkled in anticipation of the possibilities they might soon share between them.


“To new friendships. Life is short – fuck hard.”


Porter’s glass paused halfway to his mouth as he considered the second half of Mattie’s toast.


“Care to elaborate on what you mean by that?”


Mattie took a sip, and then another, impressed by the Malbec’s rich, almost silky flavor.


“I won’t bullshit you, Porter and I hope you give me the same respect. Like I said, I’m thirty-seven years old. Never been married, no kids. I can’t have kids, actually. Ovaries never fully developed when I was younger and that was always fine with me. In fact, it allowed me to do a lot of things, a lot of experimentation, without the fear of getting pregnant. It helped to form the woman sitting here in front of you right now. Anyways, I’m someone who simply enjoys sex, as varied and as often as possible. I think everyone born into this world is meant to enjoy sex while we’re here, but too few are actually doing that. Everyone is so hung up on fake morality, or fear, or jealousy…whatever, and I decided a long time ago I wasn’t going to do that.”


Porter took a drink of the wine and then placed the glass slowly back onto the table.


“Life is short – fuck hard.”


Mattie nodded her head as she pointed back at Porter.


“Exactly! We’re given so little time to enjoy this life. I mean, think about it, how many years do we have to look and feel our best? It’s not that many, is it? So why waste that time worrying about all the shit that doesn’t matter, like what so and so might think about the fact I like nothing more than a hard cock pounding me from behind while I’m going down on a beautiful wet pussy? Good fucking feels GREAT, right? It wouldn’t feel so damn good if we weren’t meant to enjoy it, so I say enjoy the hell out of it every chance you get!”


Porter noticed a group of three youngish women seated at the table nearest them peaking over as Mattie said how good fucking feels great.  It made him smile knowing the women were likely both shocked and just as likely aroused at overhearing their conversation.


“I guess I pretty much feel the same way. I mean, I’ve been hooking up since I was teenager, and never stopped enjoying trying new things with different people. It seems like it’s easier for a man to live like that though than a woman. It’s not fair, of course. Lots of people would call me a stud or whatever, but think of you as a slut.”


Mattie had already finished her first glass of wine and was pouring a second. She had always had the habit of drinking faster when genuinely interested in something – or someone.


“But that’s just it, I really don’t care what people think of me. That’s wasted time, all that negative energy bullshit. Let them complain while I’m enjoying getting off.”


Porter raised his glass and then made his own toast.


“To getting off. If more people were doing it, the world would be a far better and happier place.”

Mattie was genuinely impressed by Porter’s words.


Good looking – check. Monster cock and knows how to use it – check. And he actually has a great personality! I don’t stand a chance with this one!


“Amen to that!”


Their glasses clinked together and then Mattie’s eyes remained fixed on Porter as she took a long slow drink of the excellent wine just before Viktor arrived at their table with an assortment of appetizers.


“As the lady requested, every appetizer on the menu along with a couple extras just for you. If there is anything else you need, please don’t hesitate to ask.”


Porter looked up and said thank you, and then re-filled both his and Mattie’s wine glasses while realizing just how hungry he was. He hadn’t eaten since breakfast. One of the plates was full of lightly breaded calamari, one of his favorites. He reached down and snatched several of the delicious, bite-sized pieces and plopped them one by one into his mouth as Mattie watched, clearly amused by his appetite.


“Looks like someone is a little hungry.”


Porter nodded.


“Yeah, guess I am. Hope you don’t mind watching me eat.”


Mattie shook her head.


“Not at all. Tell me though, how’d you meet Oleg?”


Porter gulped down another large piece of calamari and then wiped his mouth with a napkin before responding.


“Where I work.”


“And where’s that?”


Porter paused, uncertain if he was ready to share that much of his private life with someone he had just met. He had always maintained a strict barrier between the work he did for Oleg Teplov and his everyday life. That barrier was now in danger of crumbling in the presence of a woman he found increasingly more attractive by the minute.


“It’s a health club. I’m on staff there, help people with their workouts, that kind of thing.”



Mattie was nibbling on a bit of lightly toasted bread that accompanied a small dish of cream-colored crab dip.


“He saw your dick, didn’t he?”


Porter shrugged, not surprised Mattie had guessed the scenario that had created the working relationship between himself and Oleg.


“Yeah, that’s pretty much it. He offered me some money, said he could keep my identity hidden, and that was that. I’ve been doing those videos off and on for just over a year now. So, how did you meet Mr. Teplov?”


Mattie dipped her bread into the crab dip and then began chewing it slowly as she glanced behind her toward the restrooms.


“Would you believe he saw me walking around the locker room with my big cock swinging from side to side knocking people over?”


Porter choked on the sip of wine he had just taken, causing Mattie to laugh.


“So you’re a cross dresser then? Yup, now that you mention it, I can definitely see a 5 o’clock shadow and the smell of testosterone. Guess we need to call this whole thing off because that’s not really my thing.”


Mattie’s eyes narrowed as she pretended to be angry.


“Watch it big dick, no jokes about my facial hair.  As for how I met Oleg, it was at this table. He called me over after I just got done with a girlfriend’s face buried in my hot box in the women’s bathroom. Oh, and there was another guy involved but I wasn’t into him and he finished up pretty quick.”


Porter waited to see if Mattie was again joking, but she simply took another drink from her wine glass and waited for him to reply.


“Seriously, you had sex in the bathroom of this restaurant and that’s how Oleg met you?”

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