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Ugh. I’ll call you




Saturday 18 November


I just rang Melinda and cancelled
on the Superjesus concert we were going to tonight. She sounded so
disappointed!!! My heart breaks I let her down. I’m too ill though.
I had yesterday off work.

I couldn’t face another 11, 12
hour day with no break like this. Was SO NICE to just lie in bed
all day and watch Foxtel.

Ever rang yesterday, dead on

The convo went like

Hey woman.”


Been into the
champagne already?”

No, monsieur. C’est vu

He laughed. “Is that the only
French you know?”


So what are you up


I see.”

What are you up


Wow. This conversation
rocks!!” I said sarcastically.

I’ll call you later,

What? What!

I’ll just call you
later – ”

But but…but but but –

SIGH. You’re in one of
those moods of yours that REALLY IRRITATES ME – ”

I am?? NO, YOU

Why don’t you just
come over then,” Ever said, resignedly.

Thank you! Maybe I

I want to go to the
movies, though. You up for the movies?”

I coughed. On cue. “No, I’m really


What about we get
drinks and just stay at yours?”

I REALLY want to go to
the movies.”


Since now.”

God, you’re so painful
– ”

Dan arrived home and snatched the
phone off me. “Paul! Why don’t you come over and we’ll get smashed
and play Playstation?”

I stood there, praying Dan’s magic
would work and he’d come over.

And he came!! Four hours later,
but he came!!!

He walked in the door at 8.30pm,
looking so hot I couldn’t deal, and Dan, Evvy and I played
Playstation together and drank.


(Nanna Nat was in bed, reading
Cleo mag, as her Cleo slept next to her)

Tee dropped in at 11pm, after her
shift finished, so we went out the back and sat in the dark BBQ
area and chatted over a glass of champagne.

Was so nice, outside at near
midnight, the BBQ area like a mini rainforest, the night air
perfect and summery already.

I love November nights in

It’s gotta be the most perfect
weather on the planet.

Then Tee left, and Dan crashed,
then Evvy started getting all affectionate


(after everybody left, and just as
I was whopping his butt in the game),


so we came in here and made love
and fell asleep together.

That’s the first time he’s stayed
here and slept with me.

He woke me up about 3am and made
love to me again.

Was hot.

He stayed awhile this morning,
then left, barging into my room without knocking to kiss me full on
the lips.

It’s the most boyfriendly he’s
ever been!

But I want more, I tell ya. Time
with just us two. Time together with this mates. Why couldn’t he
ask me today to do something? We never do anything on the weekend
together. He never seems to want to include me in his life. And it

But he made the effort last night.
That’s what counts.

He loves his watch. He’s always
looking at it, or talking about it, or flashing it. Makes my heart

But, I mean, what are we doing?
After everything I said and stood for Monday night, and here we
are, fallen back into this again.

I have no spine.



Well, he’s back here!

I went to the video store this
arvo, so I was halfway through ‘Troop Beverly Hills,’ when he and
Dan arrived back here after the spending the day together like a
real couple.

No kisses from him, but he’s come
in here a few times, being silly, jumping on the bed.

I feel like I can’t relax when
he’s here. Or, out there with Dan.




Sunday 19 November


Oh my God, what a great night last

So Dan and Ever pissed Nat and I
off SO BADLY yesterday arvo that we gave up the house to them, and
saw the 6.40pm session of ‘Boys and Girls’ at Carindale, which was

Freddie Prinze Jnr is a

I was so annoyed with Ever that,
ONCE AGAIN, he acted SO not like a boyfriend, that I was really
hoping he wasn’t there when we got home.

But as these things always go, not
only were Dan and Evvy at home when we returned, but they’d
MULTIPLIED. Ben, his brother and Mark were extra additions on the

So they were all planning on going
into the city, and Dan and Ever, THE BASTARDS, kept going to Nat
and I, “You two are NOT coming in, capice?”

I was all, “I don’t wanna go in

And Nat was all, “Shut your stupid
fucking face, Everard!”

(ha ha!!)

But I was VERY put out, being
told, over and over, that I couldn’t go in with them, and thought
two can play this game!!

(always up for a game, I

So I rang Tee and Richard, my two
best mates, and declared “Clubbing Night!!!!”

They happily agreed


(I love them!),


so it was a big SUCKED IN to Dan
and Ever.

Both Rich and Tee walked in, Rich
looking all big and buff and hot. He walks into a room and
dominates it, everyone hushes and wonders if he’s there to kill
them all or what.

It’s funny how tough he looks, yet
he’s a complete teddy bear under all that bravado.

Tee walked in, all 1950’s vintage
housewife innocent and declared, “Too much testosterone in here!
Give me a pretty pink drink!”

I promptly handed her a glass of
pink champagne.

Nick rang too, while Evvy was here

(I’m taking too much pleasure from

and the look on Evvy’s face, with
both Rich there and Nick ringing!!

Oh BAM, now that’s called a pink
comeback on his ass.

(must calm down. It can’t all be
about revenge on these stupid males)

Ever was so not

So I started drinking with the
boys soon as I’d gotten home from the movies


(you can’t beat them, join


then Tee and Rich arrived and the
rest of them all went in, but the three of us hung out together
here and drank awhile.

Then Tee left to go pick up a boy
she’s interested in, and Rich and I cabbed it into the city
together, Rich so happy and loving, cuddling me to him, teasing and
laughing with me, throwing his arms around me.

I love Rich. I really do. We just
have this easy friendship.

So Rich and I stayed upstairs at
Mary St for awhile, drinking at the bar, enjoying it just being us

I was in my silly, drunk mood,
dancing around, hanging off Rich, being stupid. Drinking two dollar
pink daiquiris and acting hypo. I tried to do this spin/twirl
thing, and ended up slamming into a group of people and knocking
drinks and people over everywhere, and Rich just laughed his ass
off for like ten minutes.

That was when we decided to go
downstairs. Once people were calling me a ‘fucking idiot’ and
‘smashed fucking Barbie.’

I actually quite like that
‘smashed fucking Barbie’ comment. I took it as a compliment, and
went to the guy who said it, “Thank you, thank you very much, you
should see me in bed,” which was when Richard really couldn’t stop
laughing and dragged my ass downstairs.

We found the guys downstairs,
taking up a whole seating area near the dance floor.

Yo HO HO,” I greeted
them, to much cheers by them.



– ”

I was dancing around madly to
N’Sync’s ‘Bye Bye Bye.’ By myself. Drink in hand. Rich was still
laughing, and told them all I had just bowled over about ten people

Ever just watched me.

He was brewing something in that
head of his.

He did not touch me in any way all

Oh, he did. Maybe I’m too harsh on
the guy. Mmmm…no.

He touched me only to grab me and
say, “Hold my seat, woman!”

So romantic I COULD

Richie soon joined in on my
drunkenness, and got SO DRUNK, and was all over me. He kept
wrapping his arms around me and grabbing me.

I found it so sweet!! I love him.
I love being in Rich’s arms. Might just be one of my favourite
spots on earth.

I could see Ever. He kept his eye
firmly on me the whole night. He just sat back and watched. I
caught his eye a few times, and could just FEEL he wanted to grab
me and be affectionate, but for some reason, he can’t.

Tee arrived with her man, this
delicious guy from her work. We had so much fun. I felt surrounded
by love and friends.


(even though it was technically
only two of them)

At least Ever got to see who cares
for me.


(so two people)


I was in my element. I was (drunk)
shining. It was my night to shine and let loose.

After the humiliation of the party
bus night, I deserved this!

We all found our way back to our


(except for Tee and her man, who
left together),


and Ben and Bro, Mark and Hoffy
(who’d met us in there) and Dan all plonked down on the couches to
drink some more and play Playstation, but Evvy went straight for my
bed and crashed, and Rich seriously cracked it.

I don’t think he knew about Evvy
and I


(I keep my non-relationships close
to my chest),


so when he watched Evvy go into my
room, he fully lost it. In front of all the boys, he’s like, “I
can’t stay here, Karina, WHILE YOU HAVE SEX WITH ANOTHER MAN,” and
“I’m in LOVE WITH YOU, KARINA, can’t you SEE THAT??”

Oh my God, you should have seen
all the guys’ faces. They were transfixed. Game paused.

(and it takes a lot to make them
pause the Playstation)

I thought it was so sweet, though.
Rich being like that. Was fucking adorable. So romantic. I totally
wanted to just grab him and run off with him

(we should have),

but I was all awkward, not knowing
what to do or say around him.

He ended up catching a cab back to
his place, which made me really sad. I hated seeing him leave like

I sighed, walking back in from
seeing Rich off at the curb, to all the boys silent, the curtains
moving, as if they’d just all sat back down after peering at us
through the window.

So,” Mark

So,” I replied. I
plonked right down with them, squished right in between

He’s really in love
with you,” Hoffy stated. All eyes were on me.

I know.”

But you’re in love
with Ever,” Mark summed it up.

I sighed. “Yeah.”

We all suddenly heard Evvy snore,
all the way from my room. We all cracked up laughing.

Speak of the devil.”
And I got up and joined Evvy in my bed.


Evvy really looked so hot last

No hot love-making during the
night. He didn’t even put an arm around me.


(then again, neither did


I laid there, curled in a ball,
sad he was giving me no love whatsoever, while a man a few short
hours ago was practically pulling his hair out over his love for

I got up first in the morning, was
in the kitchen making toast, when he just gets up and walks
straight past me!!

That pisses me off so much. That
hurts so fucking much!!

BOOK: Shampoo
5.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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