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“Because…” Tryx sputtered, “You’re pregnant.”

“What?” She yelled. A bout of dizziness overwhelmed her and made her legs weak. She sat on the floor and lowered her head to her knees while taking deep calming breaths.

“Shhh. You’re pregnant, didn’t you know?” The surprise in Tryx’s voice shocked her even more than the question. How could she have known that unless she was a freaking clairvoyant?

“You can tell? How the hell can you tell and I can’t? How would I have known?” Something wasn’t adding up.

“Well maybe you wouldn’t have, but Chase sure would have. I mean he’s like a damned bloodhound,” she muttered under her breath. “His sense of smell is so acute he could probably tell you were pregnant the minute you conceived. The only reason I can tell is because my sense of smell is almost as good as his. Not to mention you’ve got two strong babies in there, and their scent is drifting and mingling with yours.”

Sophia shook her head in a negative while Tryx nodded gloomily.

“No, no way. Chase wouldn’t have kept that from me.”

She thought back to their conversations. He insisted it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to try to shift because they wouldn’t know how her body would react to two animals.

Always pushing for her to wait, and then he’d even made her promise not to shift… He wouldn’t have withheld from her that she had two very precious tiny lives inside…would he?

“That son of a bitch!” she growled.

What if she had attempted to shift with no one around? She had been all alone earlier, and thank goodness she hadn’t thought to try, but what if she had? She could’ve hurt her babies.

“Calm down, Sophia. Anger isn’t good for one baby much less two.”

Sophia’s head jerked up, and she peered at Tryx while she tried to piece it all together. “So do you think they’re the reason why I’ve been so hungry every couple of hours and so exhausted that I’ve slept for days?” She hoped it wasn’t anything that would put her children in danger.

Tryx smiled and nodded. “Absolutely, being a shifter can be draining when you first change until your body adjusts, but you have two animals so it’s probably even more so. Add to that the fact you now have two babies draining you more, I’m surprised you haven’t passed out and fallen on the floor yet. And yes, you should be shoveling food down your throat every few hours.”

Tryx laughed when Sophia lifted her brows in suspicion. “It’s true. We shifters eat a ton since our metabolism is much faster than that of a pure human. I’m sure you’ve noticed you’ve not gained any weight with all the extra eating you’ve been doing. But when a female is pregnant she eats even more than normal, so again to add to your case, you’ve got two babies draining your body of energy as they grow. You’d be putting yourself and them in danger if you didn’t eat enough to supply them with the nutrition they need to develop.”

Relieved, Sophia sighed. “Oh, thank God. I’m always starving, and it was starting to worry me. That being the reason, I’ve got no problem eating a horse if necessary, as long as it keeps my babies safe. You did say it was two correct?”

She and Chase were going to be parents. A growl worked its way up her throat. It was still up in the air if he would live long enough to see his children grow, but it was so exciting she felt a stupid grin working its way onto her face.

Tryx sniffed her and smiled. “Yes, a boy and a girl. Congratulations, although this is probably not the right time for this. I still can’t believe Chase let you come here in your condition.” She frowned again.

Sophia glanced down and kept her voice low, “I didn’t give him much of a choice. I told him he either cooperated or I was coming on my own. No wonder he was so angry with me.”

It made her feel better to know he wasn’t just trying to tell her what to do. He was worried for her and their offspring. It didn’t stop her from being angry with him for not telling her about her babies.

The door rattled, and the big hyena man walked back inside. Their time was up.




Chapter Ten


Seff, Chase, and a group of pack members and enforcers broke into two teams. Eight of them stayed in skin, weapons ready. The other seven shifted and took the lead. From the layout they’d gathered of the place, Chase mentioned he had a feeling Sophia and Tryx were located somewhere on the ground floor.

They swarmed the place through multiple entrances at once. Blasts of gunfire erupted when the men inside started shooting at the intruders. Seff and Chase did a full walk around the building to see if either could scent Sophia and Tryx.

When Chase moved to a side entrance, Seff’s wolf readied for combat. Down a hallway, Seff heard faint screams and quickened his steps. He scented both women and a male shifter inside the room. Using hand signals, Chase motioned for Seff to go ahead inside. Chase indicated he would go through one of the outer windows in a surprise attack.

When Seff broke down the door, he found a large hyena and rat mix shifter in between both women. The rat held a gun to Sophia’s head, and Tryx was tied down by heavy chains.

The rat pushed the gun into her hair. “Come any closer, and they’re both dead.”

“Let them go. They don’t have what you want,” Seff said while scanning the windows for movement.

He turned his gaze back to the enemy. If necessary he would tear the man limb from limb. However, there was no way to ensure the women would not be hurt or killed if he attacked the rat shifter.

Seff watched the rat grab a hold of Sophia’s arm. “No. This one has what I need, and I’m taking her with me.”

He saw her wince when the rat squeezed her arm roughly. Seff growled and took a step forward only to stop when the man jerked back, holding her tight. “Stop, or I’ll shoot her and drag her out of here bleeding.”

All of a sudden, Chase jumped through the window, breaking glass and creating a loud ruckus. In an automatic reaction, the man turned to look toward the unexpected noise and in the process released Sophia’s arm long enough for her to quickly step away. Seff, who was prepared for Chase, pulled Sophia out of harm’s way.

Seff released his claws and swiped at the hand holding the gun. The sharp cuts forced the rat to release the weapon with a yelp. Seff pushed the man back with so much force it propelled him right into Chase.

Seff watched as Chase’s large canines and massive claws cut into the rat numerous times. Chase’s wolf snarled and went for the man’s neck tearing at the hands that tried to block the attack. The rat-man kicked and shoved his bloody arms, but the fight went out of him, and he fell to the ground.

Seff removed the heavy chain holding down Tryx. He watched the two women embrace and hold each other. Now that Chase had dismembered the last threat, Sophia would be safe.

Off to the side, Seff watched Chase change back into his skin and shrug into a pair of jeans. Riel walked into the room and stopped next to him. Both of them watched the alpha walk straight to Sophia and stop when she glared angrily at him.

“Sweetheart?” Chase frowned, and Seff wondered at the awkward reunion.

Curious over her obvious anger, Seff watched Sophia take a few steps to stand in front of Chase. She gave him a slow smile and then punched him hard in the stomach.

“Ow!” Chase grunted and rubbed his stomach while watching her. Sophia threw him a disgusted look. What the heck had the alpha done to his mate? Seff and Riel snickered over Chase’s woman trouble and continued to watch the show.

“That was for being such a closemouthed jerk,” she hissed and then twined her arms around Chase’s neck.

Chase stood unmoving, warily watching Sophia.

“And this is for coming to our rescue.” She yanked his head down and kissed him. Seff looked away and smiled when the other men in the group laughed, whistled, and catcalled at the make-out scene in front of them.

On their way back, Seff watched Sophia sit stiffly next to Chase. He’d never understand women. She kissed him and then refused to speak to him. Chase looked confused, and Seff did not envy him. Women were more trouble than they were worth. When Chase lifted his hands in question at Tryx, the tiny female just glared at him and turned her face away.


* * *


Sophia stepped into the house and went straight for the shower, slamming the door so hard it rocked the panel causing it to crack. She wanted to ensure he knew how pissed she was with him.

Turning the lock at the last second, she allowed herself some alone time in the bathroom while she undressed. Let him stew over that one. She took a nice warm shower and washed her hair, making sure to take twice as long as usual in the bathroom. It allowed her to release some of the tension and frustration running through her. At the end of her long shower, she massaged lotion over every part of her body. She stared at her abdomen in the bathroom mirror. She smiled, remembering her dream, and tentatively touched her belly.

She put on her robe and left the serenity of the quiet bathroom behind. Barefoot, she walked through the bedroom and out to the balcony. She took a deep breath and sat on the edge of a cushioned lounger. The night air was warm as it caressed her skin. In the distance she could see the lights from the closest neighbor’s house.

Chase’s house was not as isolated as River and Julia’s. In Chase’s case, his neighbors were close enough that she was able to look into their windows with her new shifter vision. She wondered if they could do the same back into Chase’s windows.

His scent drifted from right outside their balcony door. She knew he was probably wondering what was wrong with her, but she’d been hurt by his actions.

“You can come out here, Chase,” she said softly, knowing he heard her.

His bulky mass filled the exit and then moved to stand before her. He’d obviously showered in one of the other rooms; his hair was wet, and he smelled clean and fresh.

When her eyes roamed his sexy body, heat traveled through her and curled into a ball of arousal in the pit of her stomach. His cargo shorts and white T-shirt complemented the bronze of his muscled skin, making him look ideal for the cover of an outdoor magazine.

Sitting down on the seat next to her, he pulled one of her hands into his grasp and lifted dark anxious eyes to her face. “What did I do? Tell me. I swear I’ll fix it.”

She raised a hand to his face, cupped his cheek, and glanced away. “I’m not sure it’s something you can fix. You either trust me, or you don’t.” He could claim they were mates all he wanted, but trust was more important to her than any animal attraction linking them together.

“I trust you, Sophia.”

He said the words with so much conviction, she wondered if she’d been wrong.

Wanting to believe him, she peered at him from under her lashes. “Why didn’t you tell me I was pregnant? Tryx said you knew from the moment of conception, and you didn’t think it was important to tell me? What if I would have decided to ignore my promise to you and shifted?” Her voice wobbled, and she blinked back tears.

“I’m sorry, love. I never meant for you to feel like I don’t trust you. I wanted to give your brain a chance to adjust to being a shifter before you had to deal with the fact that you’re going to be a mother. I just thought it might have been too much to handle in one shot.”

He crouched down in front of her and gave her a sorrowful look. He lifted her hands to his lips, kissed them, and then placed them over his heart. “I swear to you I will never keep anything important from you again, sweetheart. Just please don’t…don’t go,” he pleaded softly, his voice full of emotion.

She saw the sincerity in his eyes. Sliding off the lounger, she sat on the floor with him.

Her hands cupped his face, and she smiled. “We’ll start fresh… No withholding of anything between us, because if you ever do that again I may have to kill you.”

“Never.” He moved his head down to lock his lips with hers.

She threaded her fingers into his hair and held him in place while their tongues mated. His hand moved to caress her cheek, her jaw, and then curl around her neck.

She smiled and hugged him tightly. “We’re going to have two babies, Chase. Can you believe it?”

He smiled and moved a hand to settle it over her abdomen. “Yes, we are. You up for it?”

When she blew a raspberry, he laughed. “Are you kidding me? I’m going to be a fantastic mother. I excel at everything I do,” she boasted.

“That you do. You’re already perfect, there’s nothing you can’t do.” Both got up from the floor and stood in front of each other. Once on their feet, he pulled on the satin tie holding her robe together.

Their gazes locked, and he removed the robe. His clothes came next. Then he proceeded to kiss her neck. His lips traveled down her collarbone to her breasts and stopped to lavish nips and kisses on her nipples. Her eyes lifted to look at the stars, and the warm night air caressed her overheated skin.

She grabbed his hands and pushed him to sit back on the lounger. Once he was seated, she straddled his thighs. She rocked her body over him in a sensuous slide of skin on skin and licked the shell of his ear.

“Chase, I can’t wait to have you inside me.” She nipped the lobe. He groaned, and she ground her hips into his cock. “I want you to fuck me hard and fast. Right here, right now.”

“Baby. You’re making me lose my mind,” he growled.

She scored his shoulders with her nails and licked the soft area behind his ear, causing him to shiver. He became more forceful, his hands squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. She whimpered.

“Oh, please, Chase, fuck me already.” Her body burned with the need to be filled by him.

“Whatever my mate desires.” He lifted her body up and placed the head of his heavy shaft at her entrance.

She slammed her body down, allowing him to fill her in one smooth thrust. They groaned in pleasure. She rode him hard and fast, his hands lifting and lowering her body on him repeatedly.

Moaning loudly, she pleaded for him to make her come. Rocking her hips, she felt him stiffen. He moved his fingers between her thighs to flick on her sensitive clit while his lips latched on to her breast and sucked mercilessly on the taut tip. He bit down and pinched at the same time. Tension coiled at the pit of her womb. Her movements became jerky, and his hands tightened around her. He continued to slam her body over him again and again until she tensed. Pleasure exploded, and a scream tore out of her. He gripped her hips tightly, gave a purely male groan of satisfaction, and warm semen filled her womb when he came.

She lay draped limply over him, her head tucked into his neck. He massaged her back in slow circular motions, and she purred in contentment. Lifting her into his arms, he carried her inside.

Belatedly she remembered the open windows and lighted rooms from across the way where the occupants may have seen and heard what was going on. Oh well, now she was an exhibitionist too. She smiled at the thought that Chase had turned her from a geek into a full-blown, sex-starved nymphomaniac.

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