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Amber stroked
Kristen’s arm, and Amber’s man stroked Amber’s leg.
Kristen wondered if she should ask what the
other guy’s name was, since he was probably about to watch her
come, but decided she didn’t care. She hunched forward, and kissed
Shane, and pushed herself against him, and wasn’t sure if now and
then she didn’t moan.

She was
getting close, but she wasn’t sure she could, like this.
She was a bit nervous, and he wasn’t touching
her quite the right way.

“I want to do more,” she said into Shane’s

“We can go somewhere,” Amber said.

I want to do
more, right here, but I don’t know if I should.
I don’t know if it’s rude, or if I’ll gross people

“Go on,” Amber said, but Kristen

The room was
fairly dim, and the couch was backed into a corner, and Kristen was
behind Amber and her boyfriend, hidden a little.
It was getting later, too. The stage of the party where
people started keeping to themselves, starting talking in smaller
groups. It probably looked like that’s what they were all doing
over here. Just whispering and talking and keeping to themselves,
sharing the space there was on the couch as best they could. A few
people had walked past while Kristen was getting fingered, and she
didn’t think they’d noticed.

Kristen sat
up, and kissed Shane, and said, “Your turn.
I’ll do you.”

“You can’t here.”

“Right here.”

He looked around, seemed nervous.

She reached
over, sat closer to reach, and slid her hand into his
He was hard. Hard and hot and
he closed his eyes when she touched him. She could reach, but not
properly. She needed more room.

Has anyone
got a coat or something?” she said.

No-one seemed
Kristen decided she didn’t care, and
undid Shane’s trousers, and pulled his shirt down to hide him as
best she could. She licked her hand, as subtly as she could, licked
her hand and kissed him and started jerking him off.

He looked
like he felt about how Kristen had a moment ago.
He closed his eyes, then opened them and looked at her,
then glanced around nervous, and then closed them again. His cock
swelled a little in her hand, and got warmer as she

She wanted
She wasn’t sure how far she was
prepared to go, but she wanted more.

She bent over, moved his shirt.

Kristen,” he
“Shit, you can’t.”

She put him
in her mouth, and he went quiet.
tasted him, felt the shape of him. She liked men. She liked their
mouths, and she liked their cocks, and she liked running her hands
all over their bodies. She liked the first feel of a new penis
inside her. She sucked hard, slid down him deep, and realized Shane
was gasping a bit.

“Shh,” she murmured, around his cock.

She was
nervous at first.
She didn’t know how
obvious this was, how well she was hidden behind the other two, how
awkward it would be if she was caught. She sucked, a bit jumpy,
planning to get it done quickly.

Amber started
stroking her back, and whispered, “You’re fine.
No-one’s looking.”

The gentle
touch, and the reassurance, calmed Kristen down a little.
She slowed down a little, sucked gently, savored
him. Savored what she was doing. She wanted to be doing this. She
didn’t quite know why, but it was hot.

She started
to relax.
She started to get turned on by
being here, doing this.

Some people
walked through the room, talking and Kristen kept sucking, made a
point of moving her head up and down to make it as obvious as she
could what she was doing.
The feet didn’t

“God,” Shane whispered, “I’m close.”

She suddenly
realized she hadn’t thought this though.
She didn’t know him. She probably shouldn’t let him come in
her mouth without a condom. Then again, she probably shouldn’t have
started if she was worried, and she probably shouldn’t be blowing
people in crowded rooms if she was that concerned about being

She glanced
No-one outside their group had
noticed them. Kristen kept sliding her hand up and down Shane’s
cock. It was in plain sight, bare and shiny with spit and twitching
slightly, no way she could be doing anything else.

She bent back down, and kept sucking.

He pushed his hips up into
Kristen’s face quite suddenly. Kristen went with him, took as much
of him as she could into her mouth, swallowed. There was a lot.
More than many guys had. It was sweet, fairly thick. She didn’t
swallow the last of it, kept it in her mouth, tasting it. She
sucked until he seemed finished, and then sat up.

She looked
up, looked at Amber and her guy and swallowed the last of it as
obviously as she could.
Then she took a
sip of beer, and wiped her mouth.

“That was fucking cool,” Amber said.

Kristen shrugged.

“You should do her,” Amber said to Shane.

“I did her for ages.”

With your
Fair’s fair.”

“I will if you want,” Shane said to

She was
She wanted head. She wanted
something. She just wasn’t sure she wanted to be as bare as she’d
need to be to do it. Getting felt up and blowing someone in a crowd
seemed okay, because she still had her clothes on. Pulling up her
dress enough to get eaten out would basically leave her

No,” she
“Maybe later.”

They all looked at her, and seemed

Kristen hesitated, “Not head, anyway.”

Sudden interest.

“I’d fuck,” she said to Shane, “If you


She still had her hand on his cock,
hidden under his shirt. It was slippery, wasn’t completely soft,
but it wasn’t hard either.

“I can in a minute,” he said.

If anyone’s
got a condom?
I don’t.”


Another silence.

Oh shit,”
Kristen said.

Amber got her
bag, looked inside.
Said, “Sorry,” after
a minute. The two guys just shook their heads.

Kristen felt
She felt like she’d been

“You could anyway,” Amber said.

“Easy for you to say.”

“I would.”

“I don’t know,” Kristen said.

“Have either of you got anything?”

Kristen shook her heads, then Shane.

“There you go.”

Kristen sat
there, and looked at Amber. She knew it was a stupid thing to do,
but was fairly sure she was going to anyway.
“You get him hard,” she said. “And I’ll fuck

Amber hesitated.

“Well?” Kristen said.

“All right.”

looked at the guy with Amber.
“He doesn’t

“He wants to fuck you.”

“Oh,” Kristen said, a little surprised.

“He won’t care while he thinks you

Kristen grinned.

bedrooms upstairs,” Shane said.
“Maybe we

“Not yet,” Kristen said.

Amber bent
over Shane.
Kristen couldn’t really see.
Amber was being subtle, like Kristen had, bending down, barely
moving, trying to hide under her own hair.

Kristen still
had her hand on Shane’s cock, and could feel Amber’s lips bump her
hand occasionally.
She watched, and
realized she didn’t really care about watching. She wanted to be
looked at herself, not see other people fuck.

Okay,” Amber
said, and looked at Kristen.
Shane was

Kristen leaned over and whispered, “I’m going
to fuck you, but if you pull up my dress, if you take out my boob,
do anything to let anyone see any of me, I’ll slap you so hard you
can’t think and walk out of here, okay?”

Shane nodded.

climbed over.
Her dress slid up, and she
pulled it down, worried. She knelt on his lap, facing away from
him, reached backwards, found his cock and held him.

He sighed into her ear.

She pulled
her underwear to the side, and sat on him.
She was wet, and ready. She pushed down, and he slid all
the way inside her. She closed her eyes and sat there for a moment,
feeling him inside. Feeling his head, and hardness and how slippery
he was.

She could
smell herself again, or smell them both.
She wasn’t sure. She looked around the room, but no-one
seemed to have noticed.

She squeezed
herself as tight as she could, and he breathed harder like he could
feel it.
She squeezed, and moved
slightly, tried to fuck him as unobtrusively as she

Her legs were
a little way apart, a little obvious, so she pulled her dress down
and held it there with one hand pushed hard between her
She’d started doing that to hold
her dress in place, clamping it there, but she realized after a
moment she was pressing on her clit, and it actually felt quite

She fucked
him slowly, made herself keep quiet.
Amber and her boyfriend watched.

It was hot.
Kristen felt powerful, controlling.
started fucking up at her, and she squashed down with her hips,
said, “Stay still.”

He tried to reach her clit, but she pushed
him away, said, “I’m doing it.”

He kissed her
neck instead, and that worked well.
Shivering fire tingled down her body.

She looked
around the room.
She had a stranger’s
cock inside her, she was fucking him on the sofa, and no-one knew.
She liked that secret. She liked the chance that someone might look
over, and notice, and tell the whole room.

She liked that the whole room might look at

She fucked
harder, and started getting close.
was trying to grab her again, maybe her tits, not really paying
attention. She caught his arm, and held it.

She felt the flood of him, felt him
spasm inside her, and squeezed herself tight around him. His spurt
inside her made Kristen come too. She hadn’t meant to, had planned
to be the one in control to make sure neither of them made too much
noise, but it had been a long time since a stranger came inside
her, bareback. She felt him, suddenly, and glanced around and room,
and realized that seeing all the people who didn’t know what she
was doing didn’t help with her staying calm, and then she came

She was
fairly sure she moaned.
She was fairly
sure she closed her eyes and made an obvious orgasm face. She was
fairly she she’d managed to keep her dress over herself while she
did, and was glad about that. She was a little embarrassed, as she
came down from it, but not so embarrassed she regretted it. She
opened her eyes, though, glanced around and made sure no-one was

Shane was
still inside her.
She was full of him,
wet with him, and sitting on sofa in the middle of a party. She
didn’t know quite what to do now.

We should
find a bedroom,” Amber said.
“We really

looked at them.
“I think I’m

“Come on,”

She shook her head.

“You should,” Shane said behind her, and
Amber said, “After that, you can’t just stop.”

“I think I’m into this, not just the four of

Everyone looked disappointed, and Kristen
felt a bit guilty.

Shit,” she
“Maybe. But if I do, I’ll probably
just watch.”

Whatever you
want,” Amber said.
“But you have to be
there. You started this.”

She hesitated a moment, but Shane
was slipping out of her. She lifted of him quickly, squeezed her
knees together. Shane tucked himself away. Kristen realized they’d
left a little sticky smear on the sofa, and couldn’t decide if she
was turned on or horrified. Shane saw where she was looking, and
wiped it with his sleeve, and Kristen decided she needed to go, she
was suddenly embarrassed.

The went
Kristen walked with knees
squeezed together, as best the could.

Amber knocked on a couple of doors, got a
shout from one and looked in a second and said, “In here.”

They followed
her into a spare room.
A double bed, an
empty dresser.

“Perfect,” Amber said, and looked at the door
to see if it would lock.

“Leave it,” Kristen said.

Amber grinned
at her.
“Don’t you want a

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