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“I’ll have to wait and see,” Oz replied. “For now I thought maybe you might invite me in for dinner.”

Angela smiled and, turning her back to Oz, unlocked the front door. “Well, I’d invite you in, but to be honest, it isn’t food that I have on my mind right now.”

“That’s okay,” he said as he followed her through the open door. “I think dinner is the most overrated meal of the day.”

A word about the author...

Charlotte Copper lives in Stouffville, Ontario—that’s in Canada, eh—with her husband, daughter, and two part-time stepdaughters. When she isn’t working at her full-time job or driving her daughter around for volleyball, Charlotte likes to craft, read, go to movies, and, of course, write.

Charlotte admittedly tries to juggle far too many balls at once while working on a series of (mostly paranormal) romance stories. Charlotte hopes to have all of these stories published some day because, as a romance writer, she believes in happy endings!

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BOOK: Silver Blade
3.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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