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Up and down his length I stroked him, reveling in his taste and the moans coming from his throat. I sucked hard, then softened, teasing my tongue around and over him. His hand came to rest on my head and I could feel the tension in his legs as he fought not to thrust hard into my mouth. I shoved a hand into his pants, cupping his balls and he moaned what sounded very much like my name.

His hand tugged at my hair and I knew it was a warning. I didn’t care. I wanted this, wanted him. I sucked harder, hollowing my cheeks, suctioning him into my throat. I wanted all of him and relaxed my throat until I met my goal, my mouth stretched wide enough to hurt.


The word was muffled and I was pretty sure he had his free hand in his mouth, but I didn't look up, as the warmth of his orgasm filled my mouth. I took it all, swallowing then swallowing again, gladly accepting his body into mine. I drew back slowly, letting the last of his seed spill across my tongue. When he finally slipped from between my lips, I'd made a solemn promise to do that as often as possible.

He was breathing hard as he looked at me, his eyes so black I couldn't see the difference between his pupil and iris. He reached forward and pulled me to him, crushing his mouth against mine, his tongue plundering my mouth and I knew he could taste himself there. When he broke the kiss, I expected us to be done and told the ache between my legs to wait. Instead, he pulled on my arms until I stood and then pushed up the bottom of my dress, exposing the tiny thong I wore. He pulled it aside and buried his tongue inside me. I swore softly, rocking my hips against his face as he licked me, every pass of his tongue sending me higher and higher until I danced along the edge of pleasure. He flicked his tongue across the top of my clit and I came, clutching his shoulders and pushing myself against his talented mouth. He stayed there as I rode out my orgasm, moving back only when my body stopped convulsing.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, pressing his lips against my hip.

I looked down at him, running my fingers along his cheek and down to his lips. It wasn't until he sat back and started to pull me with him that I realized he was hard again. My pussy tightened as I realized there was more to come.

I settled on his lap, holding myself just above his thick shaft until our arms were wrapped around each other, our faces barely an inch apart, and then I sank down slowly, letting myself enjoy the stretch and burn of him entering me. Skin slid against skin as my body welcomed him and my muscles began to tremble with the strain of taking him all in. When we started to move together, everything else disappeared. There was no wedding, no crying bride. No fatigue or jet-lag. We had all the time in the world and there was no one else who existed. How long we made love there, I didn't know, only that I never wanted it to end. It was perfect, and as we came together, his cock pulsing as it emptied into me, I'd never felt more complete.

I heard a gasp and raised my head. Pale blue eyes accused me and I didn't know if they were Brock's or his sister's, only that we'd been caught...

My head jerked up, almost colliding with the face of the smiling flight attendant who'd woken me.

“We're about to land in Philadelphia, Miss.” She didn't seem at all perturbed by my sudden and almost violent waking. “You need to put your seatbelt on.”

I let out a shaky breath as I buckled myself in. The remnants of my dream clung to me and I couldn't brush them off. It was far from the first sex dream I'd ever had, and not even the first one to star Reed. I'd had those before we'd slept together. But, there was something about it that disturbed me more than I'd imagined possible.

I told myself it was because I'd had it in public and I glanced around, hoping I hadn't moaned – or worse, actually climaxed. My panties were wet and sticky, but I was sincerely hoping it was just arousal. As embarrassing as it was, I knew it wasn't the reason this dream was bothering me.

The logical reasoning was because it had happened at the wedding. My subconscious made me do something to some poor girl that no woman should ever have done to her. I'd made her get left at the altar and then I’d fucked the man she was supposed to marry. Surely it made me a horrible, awful person.

That wasn't why I felt guilty though. I'd had dreams where I'd killed people, dreams where I'd stolen things, and I'd never felt guilty or disturbed. I'd also had dreams where I was flying and one particularly strange one where I'd been an ice cream sundae being chased by a giant banana. Okay, that one had some serious Freudian leanings, but for the most part, I knew that dreams were dreams. I never felt responsible for what happened in them. So what made this one different?

As the captain announced our descent, it hit me.

The knot in my stomach, the guilt that was almost choking me, I was feeling all of it because, despite everything Reed had done, deep down I wanted him to choose me.

Chapter 3

The hotel room Brock had rented for me for the weekend was amazing. It wasn't the most expensive room the Hilton had to offer, but it was still the nicest one I'd ever stayed in. I didn't count passing out in Reed's suite.

The car he'd sent to pick me up had also been nice. The only thing that had bothered me was the driver's face was completely expressionless as he'd opened the door for me, and he hadn't said a word the entire drive to the hotel. I'd never been driven around like this before, so I hadn't known if this was professional or if the driver was just so used to escorting various women around for Brock that he didn't find the need to interact.

I'd told myself it didn't matter if Brock flew hundreds of girls in for various events. This was only a sort-of-date. He was apologizing for his behavior and giving himself a companion for the wedding at the same time. It wasn't like I expected anything of him. He wasn't my boyfriend and neither one of us was saying anything about a commitment of any kind. I had no reason nor right to be jealous.

When I'd arrived at the hotel, I'd been immediately escorted to my room, informed to call if I needed anything, no matter how small, and then left to explore the room that was almost as big as my apartment in Vegas. It was technically just one room and a bathroom, but the main room had a love-seat, table and two chairs, microwave and mini-fridge as well as the usual bedroom furniture. I could essentially live here and not need anymore space.

I put my bag down on the queen-sized bed and started to unpack, then noticed an envelope on the pillow, which my name written across the front. Curious, I opened it and found a card. Not like a greeting card but a plastic rectangle. A gift card. Also in the envelope was a note.

I recognized Brock's handwriting right away.

“Piper, I'm so pleased you agreed to join me. I hope you enjoy your room. I wasn't sure if you had something to wear to the wedding tomorrow, and since I'm busy at the rehearsal tonight, I thought you might like to have some fun. Use the card to get yourself something to eat as well as something to wear for tomorrow. I'll be at the hotel to pick you up at ten. Brock.” At the bottom was scrawled something else. “P.S. I think you'd look hot in purple.”

At least I knew what color dress he wanted me to buy. Purple was one of those colors that would look either really good or really bad on me, depending on the shade. With this card and all of downtown Philadelphia at my feet, I was sure I could find something.

When I went on my little shopping trip, it was all I could do to keep from humming Roy Orbison as I walked. Granted, I wasn't a hooker and I was definitely wearing appropriate, though inexpensive clothes, but the looks some of the saleswomen gave me said they weren't entirely sure why I was checking out pricey dresses in their stores.

After I found the one I wanted – on sale no less – I treated myself to a matching panty and bra set as well as shoes. By the time I returned to my room, I was exhausted, but happy and feeling more confident about tomorrow. The only bit of anxiety I was experiencing at the moment was concerning what would happen when I finally fell asleep. I didn't want a repeat of what had happened on the plane.

Fortunately, my sleep was dreamless and when I woke the next morning, I felt better than I had in a long time. I took my time getting ready, enjoying a shower that didn't have squeaky pipes or hot water that ran cold when the neighbor downstairs washed dishes.

By the time the knock came at my door, I was ready. Still, I gave myself a last look in the mirror. I needed to look perfect today.

I'd found the right shade of purple that complimented both my eyes and my hair, and best of all, it had been in a dress that showed off my body. Low cut, but far from trashy, and short enough to be stylish without being scandalous. I'd stayed away from the ones with the low backs. They'd made me think too much of my dream and the feeling of Reed's hand on my bare back. I kept my make-up and jewelry simple, understated. If I hadn't known anything about me, I'd never have guessed I didn't belong with rich, upper-class people.

When I opened the door, Brock let out a low whistle. “Wow, you look amazing.”

“Not so bad yourself,” I replied truthfully. When I'd first met him, I'd known he was good-looking, but I hadn't really let myself register anything specific since I'd been so hung up on Reed. Now, in his tux, I could fully appreciate just how hot my date was.

He was shorter than Reed, just under six feet, but his shoulders were broader, his chest more muscular. His features were more masculine and there was nothing soft about his mouth or eyes. He looked like the kind of guy who'd kiss you because he knew you wanted it, even if you never said a word.

Brock held out his hand and I took it, letting him lead me to the elevators. We made small talk on the way down and out to where a limo was waiting. For a moment, I nearly panicked, was terrified the entire wedding party was in there and I'd be stuck in a limo with Reed and a bunch of his friends for a very uncomfortable ride to the church. I nearly trembled with relief when Brock opened the door and I saw it was empty.

“It's technically for my family,” he explained as he followed me into the back. “But I kind of borrowed it to come get you.” He flashed me what I could only describe as a bad-boy grin. “I wanted to impress you.”

“Because a plane ticket, hotel room and dress wasn't enough to do that?” I teased. I didn't mention the other money. I'd let him approach it. I'd already gotten a gorgeous outfit out of the trip. I wasn't going to force my hand, especially if there were strings attached.

“So it worked?” He grinned at me.

“I suppose so.” I returned his smile.

“When we get there, I have to go make sure everything's cool with Reed,” Brock said. He reached over and took my hand again. “Best man duties and all, but I'll make sure the ushers keep an eye on you.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“They're my thirteen year-old cousins.” He squeezed my hand. “I'll have them put you just behind my family.” He paused, and then added, “I'll introduce you before I go, but I didn't think you'd want to sit with them.”

I shook my head. He was right.

“Meeting the family on a first date is intimidating. I figured sitting with them at the wedding would be a bit much.” He raised our hands and pressed his lips against the back of mine. “Just so you know, I told them I was bringing someone I'd met on a trip, but I was vague. I thought it might be awkward if I said you were one of the strippers we'd hired for the bachelor party. You know, with Reed being part of the family after today and all.”

“Good call.” At least I didn't have to worry about my occupation becoming known. My previous connection to the Stirling family, however, might become a topic of conversation if Rebecca decided to run her mouth. I could only hope she'd decide the wedding was too interesting to mess with me. If she did, I'd cross that bridge when I came to it. Right now, I was thinking about how Brock had said this was a first date. That implied there would be more, and I wasn't sure how I felt about that.

The church wasn't the one from my dream, but it was huge and old and very ornamental. I remembered seeing it the times I'd come into the city before I'd moved. I'd never been inside though. The architecture was just as beautiful in as it was out and I felt a twinge of envy for anyone who was able to get married in a place like this.

Brock led me over to an older couple standing by the guest book. The woman was tiny, but formidable looking. She had pale blue eyes like Brock, but the resemblance stopped there. Brock was almost identical to his father. I was willing to bet a picture of Mr. Michaels in his twenties would've been identical, save the eyes.

“Mom, Dad, this is Piper.”

I held out my hand to Mrs. Michaels first, a polite smile on my face. “It's nice to meet you.”

She looked down her nose at my hand, pursed her lips and then shook it. Mr. Michaels didn't do any of the theatrics but I could sense his reluctance as well. Neither one of them looked pleased to see me.

“This is a beautiful church.” I kept my voice pleasant, not letting them see that I knew they didn't like me.

“Yes, well, our family was one of its founding members,” Mrs. Michaels said, her tone clearly indicating I couldn't possibly understand the importance of that fact.

“So, I have to go check in with Reed.” Brock sounded a bit uncomfortable, but he didn't say anything directly to his mother.

I didn't mind. If we'd been dating for real, or this was heading into a relationship, I might've wanted him to stand up for me, but I could take a few snide comments. I was used to them.

Brock led me over to a pair of identical blond boys who had the gangly look of teens who'd hit a growth spurt and the rest of them hadn't caught up yet. “Piper, this is Jason and Jackson. I told them to keep an eye on you.” He winked at them. “Make sure no one hits on my girl.”

I laughed and hoped he meant that as lightly as it sounded. With a final squeeze to my hand, he left me with the twins and headed off. They took me into the sanctuary and, for a moment, I was confused as to why they sat me on the bride's side, but then remembered I was here as Brock's date, in spite of the fact I knew Reed. The place was only about half full, so I took advantage of the time I had before the ceremony started and looked around.

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