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Authors: Ibraheem Abbas,Yasser Bahjatt

Somewhere! (Hunaak!) (19 page)

BOOK: Somewhere! (Hunaak!)

From the pages of third part of

HWJN and Hunaak!:



The Stealth Bomber stormed over the red sea escorted by two F-35 Lightning that was only sold to one country in the Middle East through an exclusive deal with the United States of America in 2016 where America agreed not to sell that aircraft to any other Middle Eastern country for ten years, yet that small country did not adhere to the most important condition of that contract that explicitly stated that it was not allowed to make any modifications to the aircraft. The small fleet
’s value was not limited to the cost of the aircrafts that surpassed three billion dollars; it carried what was much more important and valuable, it carried two passengers… Husam and Eyad! The Stealth Bomber that usually carried tons of explosives and atomic warheads sufficed this time with two metallic capsules fitted with jet engines on the bottom, and on the top it had a glass dome, it was stuffed with instruments and probes connected the Husam and Eyad’s bodies, the two were in miserable shape, and literally mean miserable, Husam was drowning in his blood breathing heavily while afraid to exhaust the oxygen he had suffocating him in that tight capsule. While Eyad was unconscious, as his body had an untold number of broken bones and burned skin… he was dying!

Good morning Mr. Husam and Mr. Eyad”

That voice came through the speakers inside the capsules in an Arabic language that is clearly
affected by another Mid Eastern language, Husam’s body shivered as he listened with interest as that voice went on in an annoying calmness:

This is the last stage of our tests, the capsules will launch in thirty seconds towards the depths of the sea, you have enough oxygen for a hundred and twenty seconds, the chances of Husam’s survival are 32.4%, the chances of Eyad’s survival are 7.3% while the chances of both of you surviving in 2.4%”

At that moment Husam did not care about the limited oxygen in the capsule that they had imprisoned him in, shouted in that voice
’s language:

Bin-yameen!! Stop!!”

yameen went on in the same robotic calmness… and in his language this time:

I really had hoped that we would find the book together, it was an honor working with both of you, know that your death will not be in vain… bye”

Husam shouted one last desperate shout:


Not a single cell in his body flinched as he sat with his thin body next to the Stealth Bomber
’s pilot watching the screens that surrounded him, he did not bother to fasten his seat built, put on his helmet or oxygen mast, he only had the head set on, in addition to his dark glasses that he almost never takes off while it makes a low buzzing sound whenever he turned his head. The screens were showing Husam and Eyad’s vital signs, in addition to the feed from high resolution cameras in and out of the capsules. A twenty something girl appeared on one of the screens, her features show that her DNA was in a struggle between her Caucasian and African genes, her skin rebelled against her darkness, as she retained but a hit of it, her lips where thick, her eyes wide the same color as her raging maroon hair, she wore a full military uniform that did not match her femininity nor her age; and on the contrary to Bin-yameen Elaina was very nervous when she said:

Awaiting your orders Mr. Bin-yameen...”

The mission is over… we will launch the capsules!”

Her tears froze
… she was begging Bin-yameen to change his mind; but Bin-yameen ended all discussion when he said in a commanding more assertive voice:

Launch them now!”

Right away… Mr. Bin-yameen”

Elaina turned to the central control board, and issued the launch command remotely, the rear door of the plain opened, and the jet engines fixed on the capsules ignited for a moment before it jetted towards the depths of the red sea specifically at Gulf of Aqaba, carrying with it Husam and Eyad. Only at that moment did Bin-
yameen look away from the screens, and raised his dark glasses to wipe off a lonely tear before it would flee his eye, he did not imagine that anyone could intervene to save them, not from our world at least.

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