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Authors: Melissa Schroeder

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Surrender: A Little Harmless Military Romance (9 page)

BOOK: Surrender: A Little Harmless Military Romance
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"Take that shirt off for me."

Her fingers were shaking so badly, she wasn't sure if she could get the buttons undone. Drawing in a deep breath, she slipped each button free of the fabric then let the shirt fall to the ground.

Even in the dim light, she could see heat flare in his eyes. One side of his mouth curved. "Nice. I like that bra."

She didn't. Not now. The demi bra was all lace, and each time she moved, her nipples ached.

"What has you frowning, Amanda?"

She was embarrassed and didn't want to answer. It was insane that she was standing there half-dressed and had agreed to bed games with a freaking Seal, but she was mortified to tell him her nipples hurt.

"If you can't answer when I ask you a question, I can leave now."

That thought had panic settling in her chest.

"The lace, it rubs against my nipples."

"Ah," he said with a nod. He rose, then walked over to her. "I can see them peeking through the fabric."

Mal lifted his hand to rub his thumb over the tip. It sent a shaft of heat straight to her sex. Damn.

"Does that hurt,

She drew in a shuddering breath. "A little. But..."

"Go on."

"It also feels good."

She felt her face heat at the admission, but he didn't laugh.

"Yeah, I can see that. And there will be more of that. There’s a thin line between pleasure and pain. We will skirt it, allowing the little lash of pain to increase your arousal."

She frowned, and he smiled as he brushed his mouth against hers. While he was kissing her, he pinched her nipple.


"Yeah, you like that. So I think since it's bothering you, we will leave that bra on. Nipple clamps might be something we play with later. You might really respond to them.”

Then he turned and walked to the chair. When he straddled it this time, she could see his erection, and her eyes widened. He was definitely aroused...and well...big.

He chuckled, drawing her attention. She looked at his face. "Yeah, there is something I want to do more than take you back there and fuck you until you can't walk. But there is this part of me that enjoys this, that needs it on a level that is almost unexplainable. And watching your surrender is going to be the ultimate prize for my control."

Every word was threaded with the taste of his New Orleans' accent. It thickened the more aroused he got.

"Now, let's take off that skirt."

She reached behind her and unzipped it. He stopped her.

"Turn around. I want to see that ass when you bend over."

She did as ordered and sighed when she felt the cool air against her bare bottom.

"Nice," he said, and his voice deepened. "I love a woman who wears a thong. Of course, next time you wear that outfit around me, I'm going to expect you to be without any underwear. That makes it so much easier to touch you."

The thought had her heart thumping hard against her chest. Just how would he touch her? And, oh God, would he do it in public?

"Turn around."

She did and felt heat flare in her belly. His eyes were narrowed in concentration, and for once in her life, she felt as if she were the most important woman in the world.

"Come here."

She moved without thinking, stopping in front of him. He slid his hands to her hips, his thumbs moving against her stomach. Then he leaned forward and sniffed.

"Damn, you smell good. And you're beyond aroused. I bet you taste like heaven."

Again, her stomach muscles clenched. Her sex was wet, her panties dripping with the evidence of her arousal. He set the flat of his tongue against her belly. He licked her then started to nip and kiss her flesh. It wasn't especially arousing but for some reason, her body reacted more to that than anything else that had ever been done to her. It was like they had some kind of connection on another level. Which was silly, but when he dipped his tongue into her belly button, she groaned.

"Yeah, I like that sound," he said before giving her one last nip and pulling back. "I see it as my duty to get you to scream before the end of the night."

She had no doubt he would.

"Turn around."

She did, and she heard him sigh. It was the barest of sounds, but it feathered over her skin.

"I've been wondering what your ass looked like. God."

He took a cheek in each hand and squeezed, then slapped her lightly. Amanda felt the smack feather over her skin. Her pussy tightened.

"Yeah, you like that. That’s good because I like to give a sub a good spanking."

He gave her another slap before letting go.

"Now, take that thong off and give it to me."

She wasted no time pulling the small bit of fabric off and handing it to him. He captured her gaze as she pressed the panties in his hand.

"Damn, woman, soaking wet. I can imagine what that pussy is going to feel like while I fuck you." He rose, and now there was no way anyone could mistake his condition. He was beyond aroused, and for some reason, she felt her heart jump in anticipation. She wasn't a virgin, and while she hadn't been overly slutty, she had been with men. She had never been this turned on by her partner's arousal before.

"Yeah, you got me harder than a fucking spike. What I'm trying to decide right now is if I should let you suck me off first or not."

Her mouth went dry at the thought. She loved oral sex, especially giving it. She licked her lips.

Mal smiled as he noticed her interest in it. "Oh, so Amanda likes to have her mouth fucked?"


She should feel ashamed, and Kyle had made her feel that way. She loved to suck a man off until he came. She was one of the few women she knew who actually wanted to do that first and foremost. It was a turn-on for her.

"Well, hmm, how much do you want my cock in your mouth? What would you do for it?"

She knew he was asking a rhetorical question.

He walked around her, smacking her as he got behind her.

"Have you ever had anal sex before?"

She shook her head.

"Shame, I'd like to fuck that pretty ass, too."

She shivered. Oh God, he was like a wet dream she had created for herself

"Oh, better and better, but we can't do that the first night. You can't do anal if you aren't prepared. Turn around, baby."

She did.

"Unbutton and unzip my pants."

She didn't hesitate. Of course, he wasn't wearing underwear, and his cock sprang free once she slipped the zipper down.

"Wrap your hand around it. Nice and easy, stroke me."

As she moved her hand over his hard flesh, he cupped her face with both his hands and exposed her neck to him. He nipped at her throat.

"Oh yeah, baby, that's good. You're going to be the best sub. You like making me happy, don't you?"

"Yes," she said and immediately felt guilty.

"No. Don't look that way." He made her look at him. "This isn't about anybody but us. What makes us happy, what makes us hot, and what ultimately will make you come. There is nothing to feel guilty about and nothing to be embarrassed about. Get out of your head and just feel."

She nodded but adhered to the rules.

"Good, now let go of my cock."

She didn't want to but she did. He slipped his hands to her breasts and pinched her nipples hard. It hurt because they were so sensitive, but it still felt good.

"Now, get on your knees and suck me like a good submissive does."

She did as he ordered. She lifted her hand, but he stopped her.

"Put your hands behind your back."

It wasn't easy, but she did it. He took his dick in his hand and stroked it. God, he was gorgeous. She watched avidly as his fingers moved over his hard flesh, and he groaned. She looked up at him.

"You are like a treat, and unwrapping you is probably going to kill me. Open up that mouth and just take the tip in."

When she did, he shuddered and she loved it. She wanted more, wanted to taste his come, feel him lose control. But she couldn't move very far on her knees with her hands behind her back. Mal wasn't letting her have any more than the broad head. The taste of him was enough at the moment. Salty sweet, she sucked hard, pulling a bit of his pre-come into her mouth. She swallowed it and hummed against his cock.

"Yeah, that's nice."

He lifted his cock. "Lick it, from the base on up."

She couldn't deny him that. At that moment, she would give him anything. Seeing the pleasure move over his face as she licked the shaft was almost mesmerizing. Knowing she was giving him pleasure was enough to make her come right then and there.

Soon though, he stepped back.

"Maybe we'll let you suck me dry a little later, but I think we need to move into the bedroom for what I have planned next."

She wanted to disagree, but she didn't. The excitement of not knowing what he had planned for her next had her rising from her kneeling position.

He guided her into the bedroom. Each step was excruciating. Her sex was so sensitive, and each time she moved it was like she lit up like Christmas lights.

By the time they reached her bed, she wanted to cry. She had never been this aroused before, and they had hardly scratched the surface.

He left her standing. He undressed fast, toeing off his shoes, shimmying off his pants, and slipping his shirt up and over his head. Then, apparently comfortable with his nudity, he sat down on the bed.

"Come here."

As before, she did just as he ordered. After she had been given pleasure, she was sure she would think better of it, but right now, she didn't care. She wanted what he did because she knew in the end, he would give her pleasure.

She stopped between his legs. He gripped her waist, then slipped his hand up her torso and behind her back. Finally, he undid her bra and she sighed. More than anything she wanted to press her palms against her nipples to give them some release, but he stopped her.

"Don't touch yourself unless I tell you to. I will make sure you regret it if you go against my command."

She wanted to pout, but he didn't give her a chance. He pulled her closer and took one of her nipples into his mouth. He sucked hard. The combination of pleasure and pain had her moaning his name.

"Yeah, like that, baby."

He teased her other nipple, patting it lightly, then rolling it between his fingers. All the while he sucked her other. She had never been that sensitive to someone playing with her nipples, but for some reason, this was more arousing than anything any other man had done to her. She was standing in front of him with nothing on but a pair of fuck-me heels. He was doing nothing more than teasing her nipples and she could feel her pussy dripping with need.

He leaned back and smiled at her. "You have very sensitive nipples. Have they always been that sensitive?"

She shook her head.

"I take that as a good sign. And it's a very good sign that you understand who is in charge here." He shifted his gaze to her sex. "Spread your legs. I want a taste."

She did, although it was hard to give up the sensation of having her legs against each other. He slipped a finger in first, teasing her clitoris with his thumb. Slowly, he brushed it against her, and she bit her lip to keep from coming.

Then he pulled his fingers out. "Look at me."

She lifted her eyelids and watched as he lifted his fingers to his mouth. Oh holy mother of God, he slid his tongue up and over his fingers. Then he hummed. He was no longer touching her, but she could have sworn she felt the vibrations in her pussy.

"I was right. You do taste like heaven." Then he rose, and his cock pressed against her stomach. "I think I want you on the bed. I want to feast on you."

He changed positions with her, placing her on the bed then pressing her legs apart as far as they could go. He kissed up her right thigh and she quivered. God, she couldn't wait to feel his mouth on her. Then he was there, his tongue gliding over her slit, then her labia. He sucked and teased her with his tongue, mouth, and teeth. All the quivering muscles in her stomach tightened, her body preparing for a release. Each time she felt near the edge, he pulled back. She lost track of how many times he did it to her before he moved back.

He pulled her down and devoured her mouth. And there she could taste the pungent flavor of her own arousal.

Then he slipped off her shoes and grabbed up his pants. He searched his pockets before pulling out his wallet and retrieving a condom. He ripped the package open then slowly slipped the condom over his cock. She noticed that his hands were shaking when he did it, so she felt a little satisfied that he was as affected by this as she was.

He joined her on the bed, then covered her with his body. Without hesitation, he pulled her legs apart and entered her in one swift move. She groaned. Even as aroused as she was, he was big and it had been over a year since she'd had sex.

BOOK: Surrender: A Little Harmless Military Romance
9.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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