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Chapter 4


om stood there and watched as Chantal disappeared into Sky’s house. Why did he keep doing this to himself, and especially to Chantal? He was frustrated as hell, holding back his feelings for her. He was just scared about how she would react if he told her what he wanted most from her, and could never bring himself to do just that. This was the only way he could be with her, just for a few brief moments.

He hated seeing the hurt in her eyes every time he pushed her away, but there was nothing else he could do. Only a certain amount of people knew what he was, and what he did for a living, and they were close friends or colleagues. He had never told anyone else, not since he had opened up to his ex-girlfriend one night, and he really had not expected her reaction. After what she did and said in response, he decided he would never divulge his secret to anyone again, and although he wanted to tell Chantal, he knew without a doubt that she would react the same way his ex-had.

There was no way that Chantal would accept him as he was, even though deep down he hoped that she would. He had to stop doing this to himself, and to her. Maybe he should just move on. He knew that she was going to do that exact thing after the way he had treated her. This had been the last time. He could see that. She was not going to keep this little charade up with him, and there was nothing more going to happen because of his own stupidity. However, he couldn’t let it end like that between them. He still wanted to be friends, even though he wanted so much more with her. He had to let her move on and be with someone that treated her right; someone that would not hold anything back, as he had. She would meet a guy someday, get married and start a family with him. Growling to himself at the thought, he knew he couldn't imagine her with some other man—only himself.

Shaking his head, he walked towards his truck. He needed to get away from her before he went in there and did something stupid again. Unlocking his truck, he slid in, and just before he started the engine, his phone beeped. Pulling out his phone, he read the text message. Why, of all times, did Lee Anne have to call him when he was so close to having Chantal and himself naked in Skylar’s front yard? He read the message again, knowing he really didn’t want to go. All he wanted was to spend time with Chantal, but he had fucked that up, once again. Maybe when he finished, he could come back here and talk to her more, though he doubted she would even see him, let alone speak to him. He pulled away from Skylar’s house and drove towards the west side, contemplating whether it was a good idea to return later and attempt to see Chantal.


om arrived at his workplace, Elite, Inc. He pulled around back and parked close to the back door. He had to see Lee Anne to sort out several things before he went to see his last client of the day. Upon opening the door, the gorgeous brunette behind the desk greeted him.

“Hello, Dom.”

Leaning against the desk to get a better look at her slender legs that went on forever, he took in her short black skirt, which he would class as one that she probably bought at one of those adult parties. She had on a tight white blouse, and with her bust, it was ready to pop open any minute. He could just make out the black lace bra she was wearing underneath, and he noticed that her nipples were erect. He shook off the idea of her as his next bedmate. Although, it would be a fun night with her, he had work to do.

“Hi, Rachel. Is Lee Anne in her office?”

He watched as she leaned over to flick through the company diary, and then smiled back at him.

“Yes, she is. But she has a client with her,” she purred.

“Sweetheart, I need to get in there before I go and see my last client for the day,” he said in a husky tone.

Rachel reached up and started playing with her hair. Looking at his phone, he knew he only had several minutes left to meet with Lee Anne. He was ready to make her place the call, when she answered him.

“If I get you in there, what do I get, Dom?”

He had a feeling that she wanted him. Any other day he would take her up on the offer, then and there, but he couldn’t. Not right that minute. “What do you want?” he replied with a grin.

Her breathing sped up, and she pulled on her blouse and fluffed it to cool herself down, drawing his eyes to her chest.

“I want one night with you. No catches, just you,” she whispered to him.

I could do that
. Moving around the desk, he stood in front of her and placed his hands on either side of her. He leaned forward, making her recline against the desk. Running his nose lightly up her neck, he began to nibble. The little noise she made in the back of her throat was nearly his undoing, but he controlled himself. Once he was close to her ear, he whispered, “Would you be able to handle me, darling?”


achel moaned at his words, she could feel him pressing himself against her and feel the evidence of what was rumored to be behind those jeans. Grabbing his ass, she pulled him into her and wrapped her legs around him. She did not care that she was in that position on her work desk; it wasn’t like people walked in randomly. The only people allowed through the doors were appointments only, that’s all.

Dom moved his hand down her body, slowly pulling up her skirt. The contact of his skin on hers was unbelievable. Shifting her body so that his fit perfectly between her legs, she couldn’t help the moan that she released. Gripping his shirt, she could feel the hard muscles under it and wanted to rip it off of him to see what all the talk was about. She heard so much about his abilities, in the bedroom, and wanted to see what the fuss was about firsthand. Undoing the buttons slowly on his shirt, she only got about halfway before her hands were placed above her head, making her push out her chest, right in front of his face. She wanted his mouth on her, anywhere; she didn’t care where, she just needed it.


om moved his hips against her, making the sweetest noise escape.

“Answer my question, Rachel,” he said, watching as she focused on him.

“Yes. I can handle anything you give me, Dom. You can do anything you want to me, please.” She was the sweetest thing but knew in his soul that there was no way she could handle him, not all of him anyways. Before he had a chance to say anything else, the door opened to the main office, and out walked the client.

“I would take you on the ride of your life, but I really don’t think you could handle what I would have in store for you.” Standing up, he fixed his shirt and helped her off the desk, and then moved towards the office. He took a quick glance back at Rachel and saw the pout on her face; he couldn't help but grin at the sight. Every girl thought they had a chance with him, and that they could take whatever he gave them, but he knew there were only so many that actually could. Walking into the office, he sat and waited for Lee Anne to come back.

Dom glanced at his phone again and knew that he would have to cancel the appointment with his next client; he was already running late as it was. Going through his phone for the number he needed, he was about to hit dial when Lee Anne walked in.

“I have already rang them and said you were busy with another client, and I made them a new appointment,” she informed him while taking a seat behind her desk.

Leaning his elbows against his knees, he said, “Lee Anne, we need to talk.”

She wasn’t paying any attention to him, just continued to stare at the laptop in front of her. “Lee Anne?”

“Sorry. I was just going over the catalog of new clients that we have gained. I have added several more to your list, I have it here somewhere,” she mumbled, sliding her chair from one end of the desk to the other. How the hell was she going to find anything in that mess of hers?

She finally pulled out a sheet of paper and handed it to him. Glancing over the document, he frowned when he saw he had to deal with an appointment in almost two months’ time on a weekday.

Pointing to the date, he groaned, “I can’t do this one. I’ll be working at the garage that day. I told you I can’t do weekdays. You know I work at Nate’s garage.”
This is just great

“I’m sorry, Dominic. That is the only day the client will be in town and they specifically asked for you, and I need you to do this for me. There is a large bonus in it for you, if you do.”

He rubbed a hand over his face. He did need the extra cash, although he was making plenty working at Nate’s garage, any extra cash was a blessing in his books. “How large is the bonus, if I do this on the day they want?” He couldn’t believe that he was actually considering it. He made it clear in the beginning that he would only work at certain times, or this collided with his other job. He did not need two jobs, but he had this one before he started at Nate’s, and he didn’t want to quit either of them. He loved doing both occupations.

Reading from a slip of paper, she said, “They are willing to give you three thousand dollars on top of your commission, if you can fit in this client on that preferred day.”

Well, he liked the idea of the bonus amount—making three grand extra in one day was great. He knew full well he was going to take this client on, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. “I’ll do it, but I’m telling you now, Lee Anne, this is the only time I am doing this. If someone wants me again in that same time frame, tell them no. I don’t care how much they offer, the answer is no. I can’t mix both jobs together,” he told her with a stern voice.

“Sure, sure. No worries, Dominic,” she replied rolling her eyes.

Standing up slowly, he stomped over to her desk and leaned down. “Listen carefully, if you pull this shit again, without asking me before you say yes, I will quit on the spot,” he growled.

The color drained from her face, she gulped and nodded. “It won’t happen again, I promise,” she whispered.

“Good. I’m heading back over to Nate’s. Text me when the next client is available and where I need to meet them.”

“I will let you know as soon as I do, Dominic.,” she whispered again.

Not waiting around anymore, he stormed out of the office and towards the back entrance. He couldn’t help but be rude. He had to make his point clear to her. This was the only way he could see the clients that requested him, and work at Nate’s garage. He splits between them. Nate knew of this job, and was understanding about it. If he had to leave early or have a day off, Nate never had a problem with it as long as he gave him a heads up. He didn’t want to leave Nate short on days when they were busy, which is why he made sure his work for Elite Inc., was scheduled after he finished up at the garage.

Walking past the main desk, he expected Rachel to start up another conversation with him, but was relieved to see her sitting at her desk. Waving towards her instead of saying goodbye, he moved out the door and stalked to his truck. He needed to inform Nate of the date he needed off so he could see the client that had specifically asked for him. There weren’t that many clients that requested him, but he never turned any of them down when they did. Out of everyone that worked at Elite Inc., his clientele list was the largest. Maybe he should hand some of them over to Marcus, his colleague. He needed to talk to him and find out if he could handle taking on extra clients. Flicking through his phone, he found his number, and dialed. Placing his keys in the ignition, he started his truck.


“Marcus, its Dominic.”

“Hey, Dom. What’s up?”

“Are you home? I need to have a chat with you about some clients that I need you to take on,” Dom asked.

“Sure, mate, I’m home. Not doing anything till later tonight,” Marcus replied.

“Thanks. I’ll see you soon.” Dom hung up and pulled on his seatbelt. Reversing out, he turned out of the parking bay and drove towards Greens View, going over what clients he could hand over to Marcus.

Chapter 5


kylar sat at her desk, looking out into the backyard. The sun was starting to set, and the view was magical. The sky was a mixture of yellow, orange and red. If she had her camera close, she’d take a photo, and then frame it for her office to stare at it at every opportunity. It was so relaxing, not even a sound was coming from outside; no birds chirping, no dogs barking, or even a car driving down her street. Next door was even quite. Looking over at her clock, she realized it was 5:39p.m.
Why was it so quite over there?
Usually Nate and Dom would still be working this late, they did every other day. The noise level was usually louder at the end of the day, as she has seen and heard. They would start to close up shop, making a racket and laughing at what one said to the other, and before they would leave the shop, several cars or bikes would rock up, and then it just got louder.

Did they ever consider the other people living on this street
? Probably not. The last couple of nights, it had been so loud she had been on the verge of storming over there and telling them to keep it down. But she never did. She had no clue as to who was over at his place, and didn’t exactly want to find out, either. She didn’t care; he could do what he wanted. Or did she?

Shaking the thought aside, she glanced down at the paperwork in front of her. She was so excited that she was going into business with Chantal. She had always wanted her own shop, but it never went past that. Just the thought was as far as she got.

First thing in the morning, she would contact the bank and talk to them about a mortgage on her place. Reaching for her drawing pad, she started on a design that would suit Chantal’s shop. Although she knew her best friend too well, she wanted several designs for her to pick from. She had paint cards, fabric swabs, and pictures of furniture cut out and stuck to each design, giving the illusion of what it would actually look like. Thinking of giving Chantal a call, she glanced at the clock and noticed it was 10:15p.m.
She had been at it for over four hours.

Leaving her work where it was, she made her way into the kitchen to grab a drink. As soon as she was in there, she heard a noise coming from the side of her house.
What the hell was that?
Tiptoeing carefully towards the sink, she saw a shadow cross past the window just above it. Her hands started to shake and her breathing grew labored. Pressing her back against the wall, she stood there and waited. She couldn’t hear any noises whatsoever.

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