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Steve’s body bucked and he groaned as if he’d experienced
the most painful pleasure. Then his legs gave way. He collapsed onto the couch,
pulling her on top of him. Steve lay quivering in rhythmic shudders and pushed
her hand off his super-sensitive dick. But she kept reaching for him and
finally he had to hold her hand away.

“Enough. It’s too sensitive right now.”

“Aw, don’t be a party pooper.”

“Jesus! Are you trying to kill me?” Steve held her wrist
tighter so she couldn’t reach him. “Give me a minute. And what the fuck, a

Her throaty laugh was the epitome of allure. “Tell me you
didn’t like it.” She pouted. “It has been a long time, hasn’t it, cowboy?”

Yup, it has and why the hell are you calling me cowboy?

He didn’t answer, enjoying the lethargy creeping through
him. That was a damn good orgasm and now he wanted to rest. Sleep.

She wasn’t going to let him and began swirling her hand over
his belly, dipping down to his thighs and around his balls. She didn’t touch
his cock though, which he was grateful for, and he enjoyed the pleasurable
sensation of her touch.

“We’ve got to get you revved up again.”

“Give me a minute.”

“Don’t worry. I have a few tricks up my sleeve.”

“I bet you do.” But he didn’t want to know what they were,
just yet anyway.

She climbed over him and wiped his cum off her with some
napkins, which he found incredibly erotic. He sighed and closed his eyes for a
few seconds, lying sprawled on the couch with his pants around his knees and
his dick getting ready for round two.

Chapter Three


Steve carried her suitcase up the stairs. It was fucking

What the hell does she have in this thing?

Clare led the way and he followed, watching her ass clad in
the sexy leather hot pants swing in front of his face. He wanted to reach out
and grab the firm globes of her butt cheeks, but let his gaze fondle her for
the time being.

Halfway up the stairs she stopped abruptly and turned
around. Standing two steps higher than him just brought their faces level.

“We’re going to have us some real fun tonight.” She leaned
in for a kiss. Steve adjusted his feet so they didn’t topple back down the
stairs when she pressed her weight on him. Her tits grazed his chest through
the shirt she’d put on and he wanted to get at them. But his hands were
occupied with the damn suitcase and holding the wall.

He opened his mouth and her tongue snaked between his lips.
Their tongues clashed and played, passion quickly building until they were both
gasping for breath. She reached between them and grabbed hold of his erection.
Her husky laugh told him she was pleased with her find. His cock sure was
enjoying all this attention tonight.

Steve groaned into her mouth, let go of the wall and scooped
her around the waist. Caveman time. She was fairly light and he got them and
her goddamn suitcase to the top of the stairs without breaking their kiss or
plummeting backward. A true fucking miracle. He bumped down the darkened hall
to his room. She clung to him, arms around his neck and her legs clamped about
his hips. His cock was in perfect, agonizing proximity to her leather-dressed

He tossed the suitcase aside so he could lay her on the bed
beneath him. As if it had a mind of its own, his dick grew and he thrust his
hips to feel the searing heat from the apex of her legs again.

She pulled her mouth from his and breathed into his ear, her
lips suckling his lobe. “Do you want to fuck me? Push your big cock inside me?”

He nodded and relaxed into the cradle of her thighs. The
core of her heat warmed him and he’d have to get off to accomplish her
question. Steve rolled aside and reached for the fly on his pants. She didn’t
argue and stood.

“I have some things we can play with.”

“More things?” Steve still lay on the bed and watched her
heft the suitcase onto the chair and flip it open. He sat up to peer inside
since it looked devoid of clothes. “What the hell?”

“What’s the matter, cowboy?” she asked, grinning at him.
“Never played before?”

His gaze ran over all the paraphernalia in the suitcase and
he shook his head, at a loss for words.

She was a sex shop on wheels. Each item was lifted out and
placed on the dresser. There was a variety of lubes, vibrators which he’d just
experienced, condoms, creams and dildos. When the strange and
clamps and rings came out a little tingle of alarm slipped up his spine. Was
she a sex freak psycho? She handled each item deftly and with care, her
movements sure and confident. Steve realized she knew what she was about and
obviously had experience where all this stuff was concerned. Curiosity took
root and he watched intently as a few more objects were revealed from the bag.
Maybe he could learn something tonight. Always game for trying things once,
that was his motto.

“You use all that stuff?” His eyes bugged out when she slapped
a paddle against her palm before laying it with the rest of the toys.

“Yep. I do.” She swung her gaze to him. “It’s lots of fun.”

“And painful.”

“Like I said, fun.”

“Sure.” And goddamn if the thrill of the unknown that lay
before him didn’t turn him on more.

“Don’t worry. We don’t have to use all this stuff. I simply
brought it along just in case. You never can tell what someone will like until
you get right down to it.”

He started to get up and she faced him. “Stay there.”

Steve halted. She was telling him what to do. Strangely
though, he didn’t seem to mind and decided he’d go with the flow. If things got
out of hand, then he’d put a stop to it. There were safe words for these sorts
of thing, he knew that much.

“Now, I’m going to get ready for you.” She slowly undid the
tiny buttons down the front of her top until she could pull the edges aside,
revealing her magnificent boobs cradled in a very sexy bra.

Steve swallowed and licked his lips.

“Do you want me to take off my top?” She turned sideways and
glanced over her shoulder at him, raising it before pushing her finger under
the collar. “Tell me. You need to answer when I ask you a question.”

Steve nodded. “Y-yes.” He hated how his voice sounded,
faltering and unsure, because he was sure. Take it off, baby!

She shrugged off the top and hooked her thumbs under the
straps of the bra, slipping them back and forth at the same time Clare swayed
her hips in time to imaginary music.
That’s what’s missing,
background music.

“Let me put on a CD.”

“Okay, cowboy.” She did a sultry little dance in front of
him, blocking his path with seductive stripper moves. He paused and let her
slink around him. Clare shimmied her shoulders, which caused her boobs to
jiggle, completely disarming him. He paused to watch their erotic dance.

Clare threw her head back and chuckled, clearly pleased with
his response. She sidled around him and ran her fingertips over his chest and
across his back until she’d completed a tight little circle. Back in front of
him, Clare rose on tiptoes to plant a kiss. She grabbed his hands and placed
them on her breasts.

“Mmm, I do like being touched.”

All thought of music gone, he slipped his fingers behind the
lace of her bra to find her stiffened nipples. She moaned into his mouth when
he pinched one between his thumb and forefinger.

“You like that, do you?”

“Oh yes.” She arched her back, pushing her tits into his
hands. “As much as I think you do.”

She reached behind her. Seconds later her bra fell away and
he held her tits in his hands. Large and heavy with the nipples pointing in the
right direction…up. Steve slid his palms down to her waist and lifted her onto
the bed. Now he had those fantastic boobs right before his face, no leaning
down for him. He could taste them at eye level. And he did.

She pushed her hands through his hair and pulled him tight
to her. Her scent, citrusy with an underlying muskiness, invaded his nostrils.
He breathed her in, sure to never forget this combination of smells, ever.
Steve brushed his lips along her soft flesh until he found a hardened, waiting
tip. Rather than pull it between his lips, he brushed against the peak. She moaned
and sagged a bit in his arms, forcing him to support her.

Steve teased her like this until he couldn’t stand it any
longer himself and pulled a nipple into his mouth. She sucked in a breath and
clutched his shoulders.

“The other one, don’t forget the other one.”

“You sure do like tit play, don’t you?” he murmured next to
her flesh on his trek to the other nipple.

“Oh yes. It’s the best.” The words came out all breathy and

“The best?”

She answered with a sexy, low chuckle, “Well, almost.”

Finally she pulled away and stood in the center of the bed.
Lucky for her she was so short and the room had high, vaulted ceilings.

“Time to get down and dirty, cowboy.” She spread her feet on
the mattress and bent her knees slightly.

He let his gaze crawl over her. She was putting on a show he
didn’t want to end. He wondered what the hell she was up to now. This woman was
a constant surprise.

“Why don’t you put that music on you were talking about?”

Steve backed to the sound system in the corner and pushed a
few buttons. Strains of Santana filled the room. Perfect and seductive.

“What a great song.” Clare smiled when
Black Magic Woman
began and started a come-hither dance on the bed. “C’mere.”

Steve took her outstretched hand. But he was growing more
impatient with the play. He wanted to get down to business now and fuck her.
Steve pulled her to him roughly and a surprised little “oh” popped out of her
mouth. He smiled. It was better to keep her off-guard for a while. Just because
he hadn’t had sex in ages didn’t mean he didn’t know how to be the master of
his domain.

“Like it a little rough, do you?” he asked when she swung
her arms around his neck.

“As a matter of fact I do. And…I like to be in control.”

Steve laughed, not surprised by that comment at all. “I
gather that.”

“Then you better listen to me.”

He cocked an eyebrow at her. “We might have a little power
struggle on our hands then.”

Clare smiled and disengaged herself, pulling him
off-balance. She was strong for a petite thing and it surprised him. He let himself
fall on the bed and looked up at her when she planted a foot on either side of
his hips. Steve held her ankles and appreciated the magnificent view. He slid
his hands up the black stockings and tugged at the scarlet tops, but didn’t
pull them down. He loved how they looked on her and let his gaze wander over
her firm, bare torso. Viewing the underside of her breasts was definitely a
different vantage point.

“Why don’t you get your shorts off?” Steve massaged his
fingers on the soft skin at the backs of her thighs above the stockings.

Clare closed her eyes and sucked in her lower lip. “That
might not be such a bad idea.” She reached for the front closure, slowly undid
the zipper and pushed the waist down, shimmying her hips a little. It was his
turn to suck in a breath now. She had on the sexiest thong he’d ever seen.
Sheer netting shadowed her lady parts and pewter accents glinted in the low
lighting. But it was the dusky view of her cleft from this angle that set his
cock rock-hard. She dropped the shorts and he lifted her legs one at a time to
remove the garment. She stood, straddling him. Her mound rose behind the fabric
and he could tell it was devoid of hair. His heart beat faster and he wanted to
see her bare pussy.

Steve reached up and touched her through the fabric. His
thumb found her entrance and his fingertips pressed at the top of her folds,
seeking her clit. She arched her back and thrust against his hand. The more she
swirled her hips on him the hornier he got. He pushed the fabric aside with his
thumb and she groaned when he pressed into her. Her wet, dripping heat clamped
on his thumb and he curled his fingers rhythmically until she sucked in a
breath and held it. She was going to come again.

“Don’t you…dare…stop…” She hesitated when he pressed deep
inside her, knowing he placed pressure on her clit.

Clare’s pussy walls quaked on him and he watched her thigh
and belly muscles tense. Her nipples, regretfully out of his reach, rose up and
she grasped her tits with her hands, pulling on them frantically, pumping her
hips against his hand.

“I’m going to come!”

“No shit.” He smiled and enjoyed the view above him. There
was nothing like watching a woman take pleasure in herself. Clare wasn’t shy
and had a way about her that made it all that much more exciting.

Steve was near to bursting and ached to thrust his cock in
this teasing and tantalizing woman. Seconds later she let out a keening cry and
her body tensed in a shuddering orgasm. She soaked his hand with her juices and
collapsed in a heap. He caught her on the way down and flipped her over onto
her back while she still trembled. He grabbed for a condom on the bedside table
and gave a grunt of frustration when he couldn’t find it. He needed release and
plunging into her while she was in the afterglow, all tight and wet, was what
he wanted. As much as he’d like to ride this little minx bareback, it wasn’t
something he’d ever do. So he held off.

Slowly she calmed and curled herself into his side. He
barely heard her speak, her face muffled next to his side. “Don’t worry,
cowboy. Your turn will come and you won’t regret the wait.”

Steve put his arm around her and pulled her close. “I’m
looking forward to it.” He had a hard time keeping his voice tempered, he was
so fucking horny. He gripped his penis through his pants and squeezed, trying
to take the edge off his need. It didn’t work very well.

“I’m thirsty.” She rolled onto her back. “Can you get me
some water please?”

“More? What are you, a camel?” Steve’s frustration level
peaked and his patience was wearing thin. Was he ever going to get laid
tonight? “Ya, whatever.”

He got off the bed. When she snuggled down into the sheets
he thought for sure she’d be out like a light. At least she’d given him a hand
job earlier, but that hadn’t eased his need at all. He was dying here. Steve
went down to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. Before heading back
upstairs he turned on his cell and checked messages. John had left a couple.

“What the hell,” he muttered and tried to ignore his bulging
cock. You’d think he took a little blue pill with this constant hard-on.

So did you fuck her yet?

What a nosy prick.
Not yet.

Ah shit. What’s the problem?

No problem.

Come on, buddy, don’t blow it. Or is she blowing you?

Ya that’s it.
Steve turned off the phone. He didn’t
need John’s aggravation. He was doing just fine in that department without him.

He grabbed the bottle and stomped back up the stairs.

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